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WeProFab is your leading 12mm acrylic sheet manufacturer in China. We provide the superior quality acrylic sheet to skyrocket your business. Our company has the full capability to offer custom solutions to meet your requirements. These are widely sold due to their great features and advantages to any application. Request a quote now!

Get WeProFab 12mm Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has 20+ years of 12mm acrylic sheet manufacturing experience. We fabricate the industry’s widest range of acrylic sheet products. Over the years, we continue developing new technologies, formulations, and solutions. We consider the best quality, technical support, and reliable service to gain trust from customers globally. Custom 12mm acrylic sheet with Weprofab!

12mm Clear Acrylic Sheets

Our range f 12mm clear acrylic sheets are 50% lighter than glass. It has a transparency rate of 94% and is cheaper than traditional glass.

12mm Custom Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab manufacture 12mm custom acrylic sheet which is highly durable, shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, etc.

12mm White Acrylic Sheets

Avail versatile 12mm white acrylic sheets to skyrocket your business. It is lightweight and easy to transport. Here at Weprofab, all 12mm white acrylic sheets are cost-effective.

Colored 12mm Acrylic Sheet

You can choose the best color of 12mm Acrylic Sheet according to your needs and applications. It is designed from the highest quality resin that qualifies for great clarity and superior strength.

High-gloss 12mm Acrylic Sheet

Our high-gloss 12mm Acrylic Sheet provides an elegant and shiny appearance. It is lightweight, weather resistant, and easy to manufacture. We can cut all sizes and shapes of 12mm acrylic sheet precisely.

Ribbed 12mm Acrylic Sheet

This product is a perfect material for your crafting projects, greenhouses, decks, roofing, and added protection, etc. It has an attractive pattern. It looks crystal clear and produces a specific light obstruction effect.

WeProFab: Your Premier 12mm Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer in China

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We are a professional in the acrylic sheet industry for more than 20 years. Our company supports OEM and ODM services to boom your brands.

In China, Weprofab is famous for delivering superior products in the market. Our own sophisticated manufacturing equipment and mature technology allow us to manufacture all kinds of acrylic sheet thicknesses, sizes, shapes, features, and finishes. Before the moving process, we rest assured to follow strict inspection to guarantee 100% defect-free and long-lasting goods.

Along with our experienced R&D team, engineer, and design team, we pride ourselves on bringing the best services to you. Please don’t hesitate to message us directly. We are available 24/7 to cater to your needs.


Custom 12mm Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

12mm Black Acrylic Sheet

Made from top-quality acrylic, 12mm black acrylic sheet has an amazing finish with no cloudiness or scratches. Weprofab is a premier supplier that can meet your demands.

12mm Blue Acrylic Sheet

You’ll love this durable 12mm blue acrylic sheet. Due to its high-strength and high-impact features, this is a perfect material for your crafting projects, business signage, canopies, windshields, ets.

12mm Decorative Acrylic Sheet

Get an affordable 12mm decorative acrylic sheet for your business. It is durable, weather and UV-resistant. Our team provides custom services to all types of 12mm decorative acrylic sheet.

12mm Red Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 12mm red acrylic sheet is a premium plastic sheet that comes in a range of sizes and shapes. You can request a bespoke 2mm red acrylic sheet according to your applications.

12mm Yellow Acrylic Sheet

Our series of 12mm yellow acrylic sheets are available in rectangle, disc, square shapes, and more. It delivers excellent surface hardness and durability. This sheet offers superb chemical resistance compared to other plastics.

Anti-Glare 12mm Acrylic Sheet

The anti-glare 12mm acrylic sheet is easy to clean and maintain. It is supplied with protective film on both sides for protection.

Anti-Static 12mm Acrylic Sheet

Anti-Static 12mm acrylic sheet reduces the natural attraction of dust and dirt. This sheet will add complementation to the current style and décor of any place.

UV-Resistance 12mm Acrylic Sheet

Aside from superior versatility, our 12mm acrylic sheet is UV coated to prevent degradation, and promote longevity usage. It has high optical clarity and 98% UV resistance.

Wholesale 12mm Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab can supply wholesale 12mm acrylic sheets for your project. Our products are stronger than glass panels. It can be used in any location that requires safe, shatterproof plastic sheets with the translucency of glass.

12mm Twin wall Acrylic Sheet

12mm twin-wall acrylic sheet is known to be the most cost-efficient solution in any roofing application. Made with lightweight, high-impact, and UV-resistant acrylic. Widely used for both residential and commercial purposes.

12mm Solid Acrylic Sheet

12mm solid acrylic sheet is available in a variety of colors and textures. Perfect for an urban environment especially when paired with natural features. Engineered using a hard-wearing and solid acrylic material.

Shatter Proof 12mm Acrylic Sheet

Shatterproof 12mm acrylic sheet offers high light transmission and excellent sheet thickness. Designed with high tolerance with greater impact resistance than any other material. Easy to clean and maintain.

Bulletproof 12mm Acrylic Sheet

Bulletproof 12mm acrylic sheet is primarily built with excellent impact resistance and double strength. A general-purpose acrylic material that offers admirable ballistic protection against bullets.

Extruded Acrylic 12mm Sheet

Extruded acrylic 12mm sheet has greater flexibility and is more rigid than any other material. Commonly used in grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, and much more. Offers excellent dissipation of heat.

Milky White 12mm Acrylic Sheet

Milky white 12mm acrylic sheet is known for its perfect transparency and high light transmittance. Very light in weight with a milky white surface coating. Widely used in construction and advertisement purposes.

High Transparent 12mm Acrylic Sheet

A high transparent 12mm acrylic sheet can be cut, drilled, shaped, and machined easily according to your needs. Primarily built to stabilize UV and offers optimal impact resistance. Perfect solution for the majority of applications.

Smash Resistant 12mm Acrylic Sheet

Smash-resistant 12mm acrylic sheet arrives with outstanding designs making it perfect for architectural applications. Designed with high strength and smash resistance. Capable to be thermoformed and cut easily.

Textured 12mm Acrylic Sheet

A Textured 12mm acrylic sheet is available with the customization and has an innovative design. Made with superior raw acrylic material using advanced machines. Arrives with a textured surface which makes it ideal for decorative purposes.

12mm Patterned Acrylic Sheet

12mm patterned acrylic sheet is built with a lightweight and hard-wearing material. Widely used for photography and many other creative applications. Accessible in a range of sizes or pre-cut sizes.

12mm Acrylic Marble Sheet

12mm acrylic marble sheet is a perfect choice to cover enclosing walls and to produce a stunning stone entrance. Offers high resistance to discoloration and aging. Easy to shape into creative designs.

Frosted 12mm Acrylic Sheet

A frosted 12mm acrylic sheet is made of a hygienic and abrasion-resistant material. Features good resistance to hazardous chemicals and weathering. Comes with a frosted appearance and is fully recyclable.

12mm Black Acrylic Sheet

12mm black acrylic sheet is designed with plenty of Ultra-violet protection. Guarantees to last 10 years or more and it will not discolor easily. Available in black color and can resist scratches and damages.

Translucent 12mm Acrylic Sheet

A translucent 12mm acrylic sheet is commonly used as a safety glazing material. Comes with a clear and colorless appearance with high light transmittance. Characterizes strong surface hardness and high plasticity.

12mm Light Diffuser Acrylic Sheet

12mm light diffuser acrylic sheet features excellent electrical insulation and good weather resisting property. Diffuses light perfectly and makes processing and shaping easier. Offers beautiful color and is easy to clean.

Glitters Acrylic 12mm Sheet

Glitters acrylic 12mm sheet is beneficial in sign making, displays, glazing, light boxes, and in-store fitting. Designed to offer high break resistance with excellent clarity and lustrous color. Guarantees a shining and shimmering surface.

High Gloss 12mm Acrylic Sheet

A high gloss 12mm acrylic sheet is typically applied in telephone booths, show windows, doors, and partition boards in the workplace. Ensures natural clarity, and high strength, and is designed to last a long time.

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Why Weprofab 12mm Acrylic Sheet

For your 12mm acrylic sheet needs, trust Weprofab! We are a professional manufacturer in China that provides a one-stop-shop solution for any acrylic sheet requirements. Our team is skilled enough to guide you in all acrylic sheet development and production stage.

Our range of 12mm acrylic sheets is made from 100% high-quality resin. It is a versatile enough material that many customers prefer to substitute for glass. This product is designed UV-resistance stable guarantee the products will not discolor, offer good weather ability and prolonged sunlight exposure. It is a great investment that gives satisfying results.

Weprofab 12mm acrylic sheet can be cut, bent, laser-cut, molded, drilled, shaped, router cut, and machined to your right requirements. Just send your complete specifications and we will handle the manufacturing process.

Weprofab 12mm Acrylic Sheet Features

  • Cost-effective
  • Offer natural transparency
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Impact-resistant
  • Stronger than glass
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing chemical resistance
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Supply with a protective film on both sides of the sheet
  • Available in various colors and shapes

Weprofab 12mm Acrylic Sheet Applications

The 12mm acrylic sheet is one of the popular sheets best for various applications. Several industries prefer Weprofab products to boom their business. Below are some applications for 12mm acrylic sheets.

  • Display cases
  • Signs,
  • Lenses
  • acrylic nails
  • paint
  • security barriers
  • medical devices
  • LCD screens
  • furniture
  • Plaques
  • Awards
  • Boat and motorcycle windows
  • Acrylic splashbacks
  • Greenhouse glazing
  • Secondary glazing
  • Exhibition stands
  • Point of sale
  • safety shields
  • inspection window
  • machine covers, etc.


Our company is a specialist willing to support your business. If you want to obtain a top-selling acrylic sheet product, Weprofab got you covered. You can place your small or large orders here. Our enthusiast staff is always ready to guide you to fulfill your needs.

With Weprofab, you will improve your sales and gain customers’ trust. Our products are 100% defect-free, certified, and long-lasting.

As a professional acrylic sheet manufacturer, we never let you be disappointed. You can enjoy the benefits of our products in a long run. We offer hassle-free order arrangements, fast delivery, and excellent aftersales services. Your product is safe with us!

Aside from 12mm acrylic sheets, we also offer:

  • 10mm Acrylic Sheet
  • 15mm Acrylic Sheet
  • 16mm Acrylic Sheet
  • 18mm Acrylic Sheet
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For more details, please get in touch today!

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