• 16mm Acrylic Sheet

16mm Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab manufactures 16mm acrylic sheets for multiple purposes. The acrylic sheet with 16mm thickness is robust and durable. Many suppliers prefer 16mm acrylic sheets from WeProfab due to their low cost and advantages. It is a type of sheet that can be shaped, cut, drilled, machine, and fabricated. You can create and sell many products using 16mm acrylic sheets.

Get WeProFab 16mm Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is your ultimate 16mm acrylic sheet manufacturer in China. We can be your provider constantly. Purchasing more acrylic sheets from WeProFab surely delight your customers. All our acrylic sheet products, especially 16mm thick, are well-formed and polished. We also provide OEM orders and services.

Colorized 16mm Acrylic Sheet

This colorized acrylic sheet has waterproof, stable, and printable features. They are ideal for advertising, windows, and furniture applications.

Clear Cast 16mm Acrylic Sheet

The clear cast acrylic sheet is lightweight. It is perfect for roofing, skylight, greenhouse, and other applications. You can request your required width.

Pearl 16mm Acrylic Sheet

This WeProFab pearl acrylic sheet is available in various colors. It can be cut or molded. This sheet is ISO9001:2008 certified approved.

Metallic Stone 16mm Acrylic Sheet

Be satisfied with excellent decoration using metallic stone acrylic sheets. They are manufactured with lasting and no yellowing features.

Frosted 16mm Acrylic Sheet

This frosted acrylic sheet guarantees five to ten years of nonfading quality. WeProFab provides customization of your required sheet specifications.

Wood Grain 16mm Acrylic Sheet

The acrylic sheet with wood grain design is eco-friendly and cost-effective. You can order your desired colors or patterns. It is designed with a clean and smooth surface.

WeProFab: Your Expert 16mm Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer in China

WeProFab is your well-trained manufacturer based in China. We have been in the manufacturing industry for a long time. Also, WeProFab assures high-quality 16mm acrylic sheets for you and your customers. We also have experience supplying clients worldwide.

So if you are looking for a beneficial, high-feature yet low-cost 16mm acrylic sheet, WeProFab is the answer. You can always count on our gratifying services and assistance. Select your suitable acrylic sheet from our list. Hence, you can also tell us your required specifications for customization.

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Custom 16mm Acrylic Sheet to Popularize Your Brand

16mm Laminated Acrylic Sheet

This acrylic sheet is perfect for promotional, advertising, decoration, displays, and many other applications. WeProFab provides OEM orders.

High Density 16mm Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab manufactures this 16mm acrylic sheet with customized colors. It has waterproof and sturdy features. Perfect for printing your approved logos. 

Non-Toxic 16mm Acrylic Sheet

This non-toxic acrylic sheet features high-strength impact resistance. It is also available in various colors and sizes, including 16mm thickness.

Mirror 16mm Acrylic Sheet

Purchase this printable, lasting, and waterproof sheet for advertising your business. It is also used as a display rack or product holder.

16mm Glossy Acrylic Sheet

This glossy acrylic sheet is accessible in clear, red, white, yellow, or black colors. This sheet applies to industry, canteen, building, hospital, and school utilization.

16mm Anti-Scratch Acrylic Sheet

16mm anti-scratch acrylic sheets with glitters are perfect for room, office, building decoration, and advertising business. WeProFab offers them at an affordable price.

16mm Extruded Acrylic Sheet

This extruded sheet has environmentally friendly acrylic material. It is ideal for construction, furniture, crafts, and sign applications. 

16mm Smoke Acrylic Sheet

The smoke acrylic sheet with 16mm thickness is perfect for the laser cutting process. WeProFab offers them at an economical cost.

16mm Rectangular Acrylic Sheet

A rectangular acrylic sheet has wear-resistant features. It has about 93% light transmittance. These acrylic sheets are also available in various colors.

16mm Dark Color Acrylic Sheet

16mm dark color acrylic sheet has high transparency, good light transmittance, and high-temperature resistance. Easy to use and suitable for most home decoration. Offers excellent weather resistance that can be used for a long time.

16mm Embossed Acrylic Sheet

16mm embossed acrylic sheet is made of high-quality material which is durable in use. A practical tool for both professional and amateur applications. Features high tensile strength and transparency.

16mm Glitters Acrylic Sheet

16mm glitters acrylic sheet is durable and long-lasting. Can be applied to photo frames, light stands, and other objects. Constructed using acrylic material and has excellent mechanical properties.

16mm Marble Acrylic Sheet

16mm marble acrylic sheet adopts a high-grade material that is suitable for all glass surfaces. Perfect for DIY home projects, such as the design of windows, mirrors, and tiles. Offers greater strength and stiffness than others.

16mm Matte Acrylic Sheet

A 16mm matte acrylic sheet is ideal for various purposes. Available in differing sizes, thicknesses, and textures. A cost-effective product for use on a variety of outdoor glazing and cladding projects.

16mm Multiwall Acrylic Sheet

16mm multiwall acrylic sheet serves to protect against dust, dirt, and other impurities. Available in colored as well as transparent versions. Features a high-impact acrylic multiwall sheet that is light transmitting.

16mm Shatter Resistant Acrylic Sheet

16mm shatter-resistant acrylic sheet is available in flexible and thin variants, as well as hard and rigid options. Heat insulating and highly weather resistant. Made from impact-modified acrylic material.

16mm Textured Acrylic Sheet

16mm textured acrylic sheet is used mainly as glazing for sloped roofs and vertical applications. Designed with exceptional impact resistance, hail resistance, and toughness. Offers extraordinary clarity with UV resistance.

Bulletproof 16mm Acrylic Sheet

Bulletproof 16mm acrylic sheet provides greater impact resistance during transportation, handling, and installation. Maintains optimal transparency even in bad weather. Easily customizable with stock lengths available.

Frosted 16mm Acrylic Sheet

A frosted 16mm acrylic sheet is ideal for situations that require a high load-carrying. Features a long-lasting, glazing material combined with easy installation. Offers protection against excessive amounts of UV radiation.

Heat Resistant 16mm Acrylic Sheet

Heat resistant 16mm acrylic sheet is suitable for sloped, curved, and vertical applications. Guarantees a very pleasant and cool environment beneath the glazing. Can be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Light Diffuser 16mm Acrylic Sheet

Light diffuser 16mm acrylic sheet is widely applicable for canopies, clerestory glazing, pool enclosures, patio covers, and sunrooms. A lightweight, durable plastic that provides more thermal insulation than glass.

Patterned 16mm Acrylic Sheet

The patterned 16mm acrylic sheet is UV resistant, weather resistant, and virtually unbreakable. Frequently used in retail greenhouses, carports, and skylights. Lightweight and durable with high impact strength.

Solid 16mm Acrylic Sheet

A solid 16mm acrylic sheet is ideal for greenhouses, skylights, and other outdoor applications. Ensures significant stiffness, high clarity, and light transmission. Ideal for exposure to impact stress and barrel vaults.

Transparent Color 16mm Acrylic Sheet

Transparent color 16mm acrylic sheet features excellent UV resistance that can be easily machined and fabricated. Arrives with a transparent color making it ideal for the construction and architecture industries.

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Why WeProFab 16mm Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is your trusted 16mm acrylic sheet business source. Choosing us as your constant partner surely helps improve your starting business. We can supply you with enough stocks for your customer’s wide selections. Our service team is responsible for providing what you are requested. 

We assure well-inspected products, mainly acrylic sheets, before being released. WeProFab 16mm acrylic sheets are available in various colors and lengths. Additionally, our offered acrylic sheets are ISO 9001 certified approved.

WeProFab maintains excellent performance and gratifies our loyal customer’s desires. With extraordinary qualities and product effectiveness, your business is indeed more productive.

These 16mm acrylic sheets are manufactured to provide numerous advantages, including:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Can withstand even harsh weather conditions
  • High light transmittance
  • Durable
  • Not east to break
  • 200 times stronger than glass
  • Lightweight


You will surely not regret purchasing our 16mm acrylic sheet. All our manufacturers are professional and skilled. We have complete pieces of equipment to achieve satisfying results. WeProFab can guide you in selecting the most suitable one.

We maintain our good name by constantly manufacturing high-featured and profitable products. You can choose your choice from our products listed above. You can guarantee lasting 16mm acrylic sheets from WeProFab. Purchased them at competitive costs!

Our accessible acrylic sheet products are applicable in various industries. We provide certain 16mm acrylic sheet types according to your applications. Please send us your requirement details, and we will do the rest of the order processes. 

Here are some applications for 16mm acrylic sheets;

  • Decorations
  • School
  • Signs
  • Displays
  • Advertising
  • Hospitals
  • Industry
  • Building
  • and more


We are willing to share our expertise in marketing 16mm acrylic sheets. WeProFab is your complete guide to achieving a successful business. We care about your benefits and satisfaction. As your reputable manufacturer, we keep providing only high-quality products for our clients.

Including our offered high-quality 16mm acrylic sheet in your business indeed heighten your sales. Your customers will surely keep on buying acrylic sheets at your stores. Knowing they are well-manufactured and in the best condition.

Expect secured packaging and on-time delivering your orders. We utilize high-standard materials on packaging to ensure the quality of the sheets. WeProFab is expert enough to handle such exhaustive negotiations.

WeProFab has active sales staff to entertain your call and emails. We always intend to provide you with quick and satisfying responses. Our services are open 24/7 for your orders anytime. Don’t hesitate to drop here your requests and concerns.

Please feel free to communicate with us right here!

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