• 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is your great 16mm polycarbonate sheet manufacturer supplier in China. We have immense selections of various types of polycarbonate with about 16mm thickness. This product is convenient for carports and canopies. We offer you this cost-effective valuable sheet as an alternative for 25mm polycarbonate sheets. In weprofab, you can avail high-quality and durable polycarbonate sheet products for your application or even for your business.

Get WeProFab 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is your ideal supplier or provider for your developing business. We offer high-featured polycarbonate sheet products at negotiable costs. There’s no other manufacturer you can trust regarding the reliability and lasting quality of products other than Weprofab. Choosing us as your constant supplier surely helps your business sales and customers increase. Just let us know your choice, and we will do its customization and operate its shorten time delivery.

16mm Flat Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

We manufacture this flat clear type of sheet with 100% virgin polycarbonate. It has extra strength as impact-resistant. We can also provide the color you want. 

16mm Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab provides clear, brown, blue, green, or even your requested color that fits your applications. It is best for greenhouse buildings and skylight roofing.

16mm Polycarbonate Cellular Sheet

This cellular type of polycarbonate sheet is an eco-friendly product from Weprofab. It is usually the best in hotel applications. We have about 2100*5800mm/1220*2440mm sizes available.

16mm Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

This hollow polycarbonate sheet is helpful for outdoor applications. We provide multiple colors of the said sheet, depending on your requests and orders. 

16mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

This twin wall type of polycarbonate is perfect for buildings you want to have natural lights. We design it with 100% virgin Bayer.

16mm Waterproof Polycarbonate Sheet

This waterproof featured polycarbonate sheet is widely valuable for farmhouses, skylight carports, and greenhouses. We manufacture it with high-quality materials.

WeProFab: Your Premier 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is your qualified manufacturer and fabricator of different beneficial products, including 16mm polycarbonate sheet. You can select on our wide selections your preferred type of polycarbonate sheet according to your applications. Weprofab is also willing to give you full assistance in choosing the best one for you.

As your experienced partner, we assure you no hassle processing of orders. We also know to provide you with secure packaging and transporting such fragile products. You can indeed receive an undamaged and sturdy polycarbonate sheet. We also offer quick solutions for unintentional complications during delivery.

Custom 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Customize Solid 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

You can also order customized solid polycarbonate sheets on Weprofab. We usually use acrylic material to manufacture them. You can choose the best one for your specific application.

Smooth 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

This type of polycarbonate sheet has about 50-micron thickness of layer with UV resistance. We offer clear, bronze, opal, and many other standard colors available.

Triple-Layer 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

We manufacture this triple-layered sheet with about 2100*5800mm/6000mm/11800mm/12000mm in size. You can have it with colors your desire to install.

16mm Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

This frosted polycarbonate sheet has about 50%-87% light transmittance. We design it with UV protection layers for the best of your applications.

High Strength 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab freely provides samples for you to check its quality for your specific applications.  It is usually ideal for farmhouses.

16mm Heat Resistance Polycarbonate Sheet

We manufacture this type of polycarbonate sheet to protect you or any other stuff from sunlight. It gives you more astonishing surroundings. It has about 2100mm in width.

Modern 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

We manufacture this modern polycarbonate sheet with colorful tints. It is practical to us in school pathways or walkways. You can have your desired measurements of the sheet. 

16mm Clear and Polarized Polycarbonate Sheet

This polycarbonate sheet is helpful in hotels, roofs, sheds, and even in advertising billboards. It filters about 99% of ultraviolet rays.

16mm U Lock Polycarbonate Sheet

This polycarbonate with U lock also designs like a honeycomb. Weprofab provides you with high-quality and lasting effectiveness with the said sheet.

Textured 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The textured 16mm polycarbonate sheets are designed with multiple layers, making them more substantial. Various unique colors are available to provide necessary light transmittance. They have UV-protected layers and heat-resistant surfaces.

Insulation Honeycomb 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Insulation honeycomb 16mm polycarbonate sheets are suitable for sheds, garages, greenhouses, and skylight applications. They feature flame retardant, high-impact resistance, weather resistance, etc. Their hues are customizable to suit particular usages.

Contemporary 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The contemporary design 16mm polycarbonate sheets are ideal for sunroom and outdoor roofing applications. They come with various structures, including twin, triple, four, x-structure, etc. Milky white, bluish-gray, tawny, royal blue, grass green, and more colors are also available.

Commercial 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Commercial 16mm polycarbonate sheets are practical for billboards, highway sound insulation, commercial curtain walls, security protections, etc. They have double walls with different customizable hues and sizes. These sheets can endure temperature changes.

Polished 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The 16mm polycarbonate sheets with polished surfaces are perfect for apartments, hospitals, sports venues, and office building applications. Their flexible feature makes them easy to process and customize according to requests. They are easy to install and clean.

Architectural 16mm Polycarbonate Sheets

The architectural 16mm polycarbonate sheets are for farmhouses, building roofings, greenhouses, awnings, etc. Light architectural projects are suitable with 16mm polycarbonate sheet materials. There are also customizable colors and dimensions available.

16mm Lexan Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

The 16mm Lexan solid polycarbonate sheets are practical for various usages, including carports, roofings, farmhouses, etc. They provide good light transmittance that plants need. Their excellent sound insulation performance makes them ideal for partitions. 

16mm Double-Coated Polycarbonate Sheet

16mm double-coated polycarbonate sheets are suitable for airport canopies, greenhouses, etc. Multiple colors are available with customizable sizes. These sheets feature anti-aging, UV-protected, and endurance from low and high-temperature effects.

16mm Outdoor Polycarbonate Sheet

The 16mm outdoor polycarbonate sheets are more substantial. They have traditional designs with different hues and size options. These polycarbonate sheets are easy to install, perfect highway barriers, public places partitions, building walls, etc.

Flexible 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The flexible 16mm polycarbonate sheets are perfect for industrial applications, including gyms, skylights, large buildings, warehouses, etc. Different dimensions, colors, and surface textures are available to achieve the desirable utilizations.

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet for Agricultural Plant

The 16mm polycarbonate sheets for agricultural plants have limitless lengths that are easy to cut for customization. They provide suitable light transmittance, depending on preferred colors. These sheets also give natural light and protect plants from insects.

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Why WeProFab 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is your trusted provider of high-class yet affordable polycarbonate sheets. You can find the product’s most suitable design and color that perfectly fit your applications on our lists. We follow our high-standard qualities and excellent services rules for the best of our customers. 

The polycarbonate sheet with about 16mm thickness can easily be cut to the size of your applications and taped at both ends. This type of sheet has excellent optical clarity and the best fire resistance. It has a strong capacity and durability. 

The said sheet can operate well contrary to vandalism and accidental occurrence. We also manufacture this type of polycarbonate sheet with a layer of UV protection. It also can protect the sheet from discoloration. Because of the said layer, it helps prevent the sheet from brittleness and has long life instead.

Benefits of 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Grants high-level natural light
  • Moderate weight
  • Easy to handle compared to glass
  • Gives thermal insulation
  • Secured from damages
  • Lasting life
  • UV resistant
  • Ten years guarantee

Choosing Weprofab polycarbonate sheet products, especially with 16mm thickness, can surely heighten the number of your customers. We make sure that all of our offered polycarbonate sheets perform well in exact applications. 

We have various colors in 16mm polycarbonate sheets, including clear, opal, and bronze tints. You can quickly tell us your preference, and we will look for it from our standard stocks or customize it.

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet Applications:

  • Unheated conservatories
  • Canopies
  • Carports
  • Walkway covers
  • Pergolas
  • Trolley bays
  • Smoking shelters
  • Koi pond covers

Weprofab always prioritizes your requests. We can be the best partners on business related to polycarbonate sheets. Purchasing more types of polycarbonate sheets from us can help your customer select more according to their needs. You can trust our satisfying assistance.  

Polycarbonate sheet with 16mm thickness from Weprofab can indeed satisfy your customers and make them keep on coming back to your stores. We are professional enough to handle negotiations and marketing such in-demand products.

Choose your desires from our lists above. We guarantee you an immediate response and deliver your orders. We have professional sales staff to entertain your anytime inquiries and calls. You can rely on Weprofab’s all-out services.

Please feel free to communicate with us right here! 

What is a 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

A 16mm polycarbonate sheet is ideal for construction or commonly in a big project.

It is also perfect for designing indoor and outdoor due to its different design, color, etc.

The 16mm polycarbonate sheet is more rigid than the 10mm polycarbonate sheet. 

What are the Types of a 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

There are several types of a 16mm polycarbonate sheet;

-Triple wall 16mm polycarbonate Sheet

-MultiwallEnergy-saving 16mm polycarbonate sheet

-Hollow clear 16mm polycarbonate sheet

-Honeycomb 16mm polycarbonate sheet

What are the Applications of a 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet Application

A16mm polycarbonate has many applications such as;

  1. Windows
  2. False ceilings
  3. Roofs
  4. Room partition
  5. Wall
  6. Billboard
  7. Shield
  8. Conservatory roof

What are the Benefits or Advantages of a 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

There are many advantages of using a 16mm polycarbonate sheet including:

  • High impact resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Non-flammable
  • Anti-drip
  • Anti-ultraviolet
  • Sound barrier
  • Energy-saving
  • Lightweight
  • Impact strength
  • Aging resistance
  • Flame retardant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy installation

What are the Accessories Needed for the Installation of the 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Polycarbonate Aluminum tape

Polycarbonate Breather tape

End Closure brown or white

Fixing Buttons (10PK)white or brown

What are the Range Length and Width of a 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The 16mm polycarbonate sheet has a range length of 2m-7m.

The Width of 16mm polycarbonate sheet are 690,840,1050,1250,1400,1700 and 2100.

What are the Main Features of a 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Light transmission 

It can transmit up to 89% light, depending on color.

-The Clear can transmit 76% light.

-The Opal can transmit 48% light.

-The Bronze can transmit 35% light.

Energy savings

-Using a 16mm polycarbonate sheet has energy savings of 1.5 to 1.7 times the same as glass.

Aging resistance

-It contains UV-resistant properties on the surface and also weather resistance.

-The 16mm polycarbonate sheet offers performance or quality consistency 

-Results color stability and durability

Flame retardant

-It has the rate of Class B1 according to national gb8629-2012.

How strong does a 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The 16mm polycarbonate sheet is excellent for fire resistance and an extreme street.

It can resist accidental damage and vandalism.

What is the Processing Equipment of a 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet

16mm Polycarbonate Sheet Bending

There are several pieces of equipment for 16mm polycarbonate sheet such as;

Thermoforming machines

Bending or cutting machines.

Engraving machines

Punching machines

Board punching or iron edge machines 

Humidity drying & constant temperature equipment.

How do you Cut the 16mm Polycarbonate sheet?

For the more extensive lengths, the circular saw tool is the best in cutting.

The jigsaw is used as an alternate tool.

What are the Differences Between a 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet to other Polycarbonate Sheets?

The 16mm polycarbonate sheet is more rigid than the 10mm polycarbonate sheet.

A 16mm polycarbonate sheet has an ideal balance between cost and strength.

This 16mm polycarbonate sheet is commonly used on carports, canopies, and any small projects.

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