• 18mm Acrylic Sheet

18mm Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab 18mm acrylic sheets are available in various sizes and colors. It has half the weight of glass. This acrylic sheet is the perfect alternative for glass products. We manufacture them with high-quality features and for a wide variety of applications. WeProFab allows customers requests and OEM orders. Please let us know your needed 18mm acrylic sheet types, and we will provide you with the most suitable one. 

Get WeProFab 18mm Acrylic Sheet to Satisfy Your Customer

WeProFab is your reliable 18mm acrylic sheet manufacturer in China. We are your professional provider that surely grants all your needs. You can purchase more supplies for your starting business. WeProFab has been in manufacturing work for a long time. We already have an understanding of how to achieve productive business with you. Choose WeProFab high-quality products, especially 18mm acrylic sheets now!

Cast 18mm Acrylic Sheet

These cast type 18mm acrylic sheets have UV light-resistant features. They are applicable for printing, cutting, and polishing processes.

Sweet Pastel 18mm Acrylic Sheet

A sweet pastel acrylic sheet is manufactured for advertising, displays, lighting, signage, and more. They are available in various colors.

18mm Tinted Acrylic Sheet

These 18mm tinted acrylic sheets are perfect for medical, public goods, construction, industry, and more applications. They are SGS and ROHS certified.

Matte Black 18mm Acrylic Sheet

The matte black acrylic sheets are available in rectangular and square shapes. They are ideal for outdoor and indoor utilization.

18mm Flexible Acrylic Sheet

This flexible acrylic sheet is easy to bend and has a non-fading feature. It has about a 94% transmittance rate. Various colors are also available.

Smooth 18mm Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab delivers smooth acrylic sheets at competitive costs. It is perfect for furniture, windows, crafts, doors, and many other usages.

WeProFab: Your Top 18mm Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer in China

WeProFab is your leading business manufacturer and provider. We also successfully supply our clients worldwide. We are your ideal business partner that surely satisfies your customers’ needs. We assure our products are all certified and approved. We conduct high-standard product quality inspections before releasing them. 

So if you are seeking a responsible manufacturer that offers high-featured acrylic sheets, rely on WeProFab. We have a good standing on manufacturing affordable 18mm acrylic sheets. You can select your preferred 18mm acrylic sheet types on our list. Please feel free to send us your applications, and we will guide you to the perfect one.

Custom 18mm Acrylic Sheet to Elevate Your Brand

Frosted 18mm Acrylic Sheet

This certified frosted acrylic sheet is ideal for windows, doors, furniture, and many other applications. We provide free samples for quality testing.

18mm High Gloss Acrylic Sheet

High-gloss acrylic sheets are eco-friendly. You can request your required colors and length. WeProFab manufactures the sheet for decorations.

18mm Opaque Acrylic Sheet

These opaque acrylic sheets with 18mm thickness are perfect for molding and cutting processes. It offers a high-transparency feature.

Customizable 18mm Acrylic Sheet

Purchase this customizable acrylic sheet at competitive costs. It is about 6 to 7 times stronger than glass properties. WeProFab provides your customized orders. 

Transparent Colored 18mm Acrylic Sheet

This acrylic sheet is printable, durable, and waterproof. Transparent acrylic sheets are ideal for displaying rack, advertising, and holder. 

18mm Multifunctional Acrylic Sheet

The multifunctional acrylic sheet is a frost-type sheet applicable in various industries. WeProFab assures safe packaging and acrylic sheet delivery.

Recyclable 18mm Acrylic Sheet

This recyclable acrylic sheet is practical for public places, outdoor, and household applications. You can request your needed and suitable sizes and colors.

18mm Transparent Acrylic Sheet

A transparent acrylic sheet from WeProFab has about 100% light transmittance. It is perfect for engraving and advertising business.

18mm Modern Acrylic Sheet

These modern acrylic sheets are designed with high-quality yet low-cost features. It is perfect for bending, cutting, and molding processes.

18mm Orange Acrylic Sheet
18mm Black Acrylic Sheet
18mm Matte Acrylic Sheets
18mm Milky White Acrylic Sheet
Black Textured 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Clear Patterned 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Frosted 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Opaque 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Patterned 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Red Glossy 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Scratch Proof 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Smoked 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Solid Pastel Color 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Textured 18mm Acrylic Sheet
Translucent 18mm Acrylic Sheet
White Glossy 18mm Acrylic Sheet
25 Products Found.

Why WeProFab 18mm Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is your excellent 18mm acrylic sheet manufacturer in China. We provide one solution for your designs. All our workers are well-trained and experts. We can guide all levels of processing your orders. Our immense 18mm acrylic sheet production assures you constant business supplies. 

Our professional employees are always ready to give satisfying services. WeProFab 18mm acrylic sheets are in-demand due to their multiple purposes. Many customers prefer to use an acrylic sheet with 18mm thickness as a substitute for glass.  

Hence, we have complete equipment to achieve the best-finished acrylic sheet products. We can do a lot of processes to manufacture your requested 18mm acrylic sheets. WeProFab can mold, extrude, CNC cut, machine, die-cut, thermoform, and many other services for you.

Choosing WeProFab 18mm acrylic sheet has numerous features, which includes:

  • Excellent mechanical operations
  • Crack-resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Resists high-strength impact
  • Can endure any weather conditions
  • High-durability and convenient
  • UV rays protection
  • Non-color fading over the years
  • Perfect electrical insulation
  • Outstanding transparency


WeProFab can provide the whole sheet and even the finished acrylic products you need. As your constant source, we maintain the packaging security and transportations. We ensure satisfying 18mm acrylic sheets quality when you receive them.

The 18mm acrylic sheet is one of the chosen sheets. WeProFab manufactures such sheets for extended applications. Many industries purchase them for their business. 

Below are some applications for 18mm acrylic sheets.

  • Kitchen applications
  • Window covers
  • Door covers
  • Signboards
  • Product designs
  • Furniture
  • Home
  • Offices
  • Decorations


If you desire to achieve a productive acrylic sheet business, WeProFab is perfect for you. We are open 24/7 for your anytime order and inquiries. Our professional sales staff are always ready to give quick responses. Your calls and emails are highly accommodated.

WeProFab is your complete guide. We are willing to share ideas on marketing acrylic sheet products. Including them in your business surely improves your sales and customers.

Trust WeProFab 18mm acrylic sheet, and enjoy the benefits for your business. We provide a no-hassle order process. Our enthusiastic service team assures quick delivery and safe packaging of your orders. Please let us know your choice, and we will do the rest of the procedures.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with us right here for more information!

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