• 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is one of the entrusted 18mm polycarbonate sheet fabricators in China. We offer different types of polycarbonate sheet products that will suit your construction and decoration applications. You can choose your designs and material options here at WeProFab.

Get WeProFab 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Our 18mm polycarbonate sheet offers UV protection, scratch-resistant, noise barriers, and more. It is perfect for outdoor use. You can have our high-quality, high durability, and affordable price here at WeProFab.

18mm clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 18mm polycarbonate sheet is clear which provides high visibility and used for larger garage and conservatories. WeProFab will provide you high-quality yet affordable for your construction material.

18mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is an entrusted 18mm polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range selection of 18mm polycarbonate sheet products that will suit your construction or building material demand.

18mm UV protection Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab 18mm polycarbonate sheet has UV protection which is best for outdoor use that offers excellent weathering resistance. We can provide you the best solution for your building material needs.

Noise Barrier 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 18mm polycarbonate sheet is ideal for along highly attended motorways and railways since WeProFab offers a noise barrier that reduces the noise level. You can purchase it here at WeProFab.

Scratch Resistant 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab 18mm polycarbonate sheet has a scratch-resistant feature that protects against scraping and scratching. We offer you a long-lasting use of building material here at WeProFab at a guaranteed low price.

Virgin 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 18mm polycarbonate sheet is made of 100% virgin material which is perfect for your building material or any requirement and WeProFab provides a wide range selection of 18mm polycarbonate sheet material.

WeProFab: Your Leading 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture between Chinese local fabrication and WeeTect Limited Material. We are glad to offer you a great solution for plastic and metal production. We also provide you the best solution for your construction or building material needs. Our 18mm polycarbonate sheet is in demand material since it has unique characteristics.

WeProFab offers clear, UV protection, scratch-resistant, twin-wall, solid, smooth, patterned, corrugated, noise barrier, and virgin 18mm polycarbonate sheet. If you’re looking for an 18mm polycarbonate sheet, WeProFab is your best manufacturer for that.

We do the production process in our fabrication such as thermoforming, laser-cut, bending, and many more. As an ISO 9001 certified, WeProFab manages the quality of the products and provide customers with good quality and high standard 18mm polycarbonate sheet product.

Custom 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Grow Your Business

Corrugated 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Want to have a durable perfect material for roofing? WeProFab offers a corrugated 18mm polycarbonate sheet that has unique features, high-impact strength, and high-quality products.

Patterned 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

If you want to have a patterned design for your 18mm polycarbonate sheet, WeProFab is your best choice for having a durable and affordable patterned 18mm polycarbonate sheet.

Smooth 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

If you want to have a smooth surface 18mm polycarbonate sheet for your building and construction material needs, WeProFab is your best manufacturer and guaranteed at a very low price.

Solid 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab solid 18mm polycarbonate sheet is ideal to use in project solution and application. We can offer you different types of styles that will suit your construction demand.

Twin-wall 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Our twin-wall 18mm polycarbonate sheet is designed for a wide variety of applications. WeProFab will provide you a high-quality, durable, and affordable price.

2mm frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

2mm frosted polycarbonate sheet can be drilled and cold-formed without breakage. Offers a low level of flammability and superior impact strength. Easily decorated, thermoformed, and fabricated.

18mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

18mm clear polycarbonate sheet is commonly used for pop displays, face shields, and indoor and outdoor signs. Available in numerous colors, thicknesses, and widths. A great choice for oversized jobs.

18mm Embossed Partition Polycarbonate Sheet

18mm embossed partition polycarbonate sheet is used in many applications such as for greenhouses, interior decoration, and large signage. Features superior impact strength and enhanced UV resistance.

18mm Flat High Gloss Polycarbonate Sheet

18mm flat high gloss polycarbonate sheet is available in white, off-white, and clear colors. Can be easily fabricated, decorated, and thermoformed. Guarantees less risk from breakage and vandalism.

18mm Marble Polycarbonate Sheet

18mm marble polycarbonate sheet is available with several features with high impact resistance. Arrives with tiny embossed and marble patterns on one side. Can be easy cold bend processed.

18mm Ribbed Polycarbonate Sheet

18mm ribbed polycarbonate sheet is lightweight, UV resistant, and self-extinguishable. Offers a unique combination of material properties. An ideal product for roofing, glazing, and fabrication. Superior to other thermoplastic materials.

18mm Textured Polycarbonate Sheet

18mm textured polycarbonate sheet features high clarity and good performance for any application. Delivered with high light transmittance and excellent flexibility. Built for longevity and enhanced UV resistance.

Colored Polycarbonate 18mm Sheet

Colored polycarbonate 18mm sheet is a perfect material choice if you want extended service life and color-shifting resistance. Perfect for withstanding harsh environments. Protects property from vandalism and intentional breakage.

Flat Transparent Black Tinted

A flat transparent black tinted polycarbonate sheet features high performance and good visibility. Commonly used for colored walkways and thermoformed skylights. Capable to endure harsh environmental conditions.

Frosted 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Frosted 18mm polycarbonate sheet offers color-shifting resistance and extended service life. Features UV resistance on both sides of the sheet with a frosted and glazed surface. Offers the ability to be cut or formed.

Greenhouse Polycarbonate 18mm Sheet

Greenhouse polycarbonate 18mm sheet is an exceptional choice for machine guards and freight doors. Possesses the clarity of glass and the strength to hold up in even the most brutal environments.

Impact Resistant 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Impact resistant 18mm polycarbonate sheet is often applied for automotive, dentistry, cosmetic, and correctional industries. A resilient and flexible product that offers a scratch-free surface for years to come.

Multiwall 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Multiwall 18mm polycarbonate sheet is ideal for schools, hospitals, and correctional facilities. An anti-static sheeting coated with an exceptional mixture that boosts its tremendous impact and chemical resistance.

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Why WeProFab 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is your one-stop-shop for any type of building and construction material demand. For over 20 years in the industry, we fabricated plenty, and also we have plenty of experiences. We are the leading fabricator in China. Our 18mm polycarbonate sheet is one of the in-demand material because of its characteristics.

We offer plenty of various types in our 18mm polycarbonate that will meet your demand. We have a scratch-resistant 18mm polycarbonate sheet, UV protection 18mm polycarbonate sheet, noise barrier 18mm polycarbonate sheet, virgin 18mm polycarbonate sheet, 18mm clear polycarbonate sheet, and many more.

18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 18mm polycarbonate sheet has a wide variety of building and construction applications such as structural components, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, villas, department stores, schools, highways, covered walkways, entertainment centers, motorways, railways, expressways, and so on.

We can assure you that our 18mm polycarbonate sheet will suit your demand and also perfect for outdoor use since it offers high-impact resistance, excellent weathering resistance, excellent noise barriers, high visibility, excellent scratch-resistant, and guaranteed at a low price. Using our 18mm polycarbonate sheet you can assure to have long-lasting, durable, and high-quality material.

Our 18mm polycarbonate sheet has UV protection which protects against the sun rays and also it has excellent noise barriers which reduce the noise level along the highway and an urban elevated road. We offer different styles for your 18mm polycarbonate sheet that also perfect for decoration applications that include twin-wall, corrugated, smooth, solid, and patterned 18mm polycarbonate sheet.

18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

We can assure you that our 18mm polycarbonate sheet is your perfect choice for construction, building, and decoration since we offer 100% virgin material and high-quality material for fabrication. WeProFab also does the production process to meet your requirement such as thermoforming, laser-cut, and so on.

As WeProFab is a CE certified company, we strictly manage the quality of products and provide our clients and customers with good quality and high standard 18mm polycarbonate sheet products. If you want to have an 18mm polycarbonate sheet for your construction and decoration use, WeProFab is your best manufacturer for that. For further questions with regards to our 18mm polycarbonate sheet product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

18mm Polycarbonate Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for high quality 18mm Polycarbonate sheet.

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about these polycarbonate sheets.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

An 18mm polycarbonate sheet is a particular type of plastic with superior qualities to regular plastic sheets.

Its main characteristic is it is 18mm in thickness, making it suitable for various applications.

An 18mm polycarbonate sheet has various advantages over the other types of sheets.

Such benefits include its lightweight nature that allows for easy installation.

It is also durable and gives you value for your money since you won’t have to replace these sheets frequently.

 18mm polycarbonate sheet

18mm polycarbonate sheet

Where Can You Use An 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The use of these sheets is common in applications like

  • Windows for buildings and vehicles
  • Roofing sheets for buildings
  • Machinery guards
  • 3D printed models
  • Applications that require light while reducing the level of transparency.
  • Enclosures are typical in animal parks for displays.
  • Display enclosures for products.

What Are The Benefits of An 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Using an 18mm polycarbonate sheet has the following benefits:

Durability Of 18mmm Polycarbonate Sheets

18mm polycarbonate sheet

18mm  polycarbonate sheet

An 18mm polycarbonate sheet does not easily break when you subject it to harsh environmental factors.

These sheets are not easily affected by environmental factors, making them suitable for extreme environmental conditions.

This durability aspect assures you of longevity and value for your money when using these sheets.

Ease Of Machining 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

There are different machining techniques you can apply on your 18mm polycarbonate sheets without affecting their functioning.

This is vital when you are working on your application.

Such machining works include drilling, cutting, and joining of these sheets.

Fire Resistance

The fire resistivity of these materials makes them ideal for use in fire-prone applications.

This is because it helps in reducing the overall operating cost while enhancing their efficient use.

UV Protection

Ultra-violet light is harmful to our health since it can cause various ailments.

However, 18mm polycarbonate sheets can block this light from reaching us, thereby offering protection.

Aesthetic Appeal

The high visual appeal of these sheets can increase your profit margins as individuals draw closure for its amazing structure.

The transparency aspects allow for clear visibility, thereby allowing people to see the content within the sheets.

You can apply different surface finishing on these sheets, which increases their aesthetic appeal.


The price of these sheets is relatively lower than the price of other alternatives.

This allows you to select this material for your use to reduce the expenditure.

The overall operating cost is also lower, which helps you to save when using these machines.

Such cost includes machining, painting, and surface finishing.

What Are The Features Of 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets?

The main features you should consider when selecting an 18mm polycarbonate sheet are:

18mm Polycarbonate Sheets Heat Resistance

The heat resistance properties of 18mm polycarbonate sheets make them ideal for use in extreme conditions.

For instance, you can use these sheets for roofing in applications with high temperatures, such as kitchen roofing.

Machining Properties Of 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets

The manufacturing process of 18mm polycarbonate sheets takes into consideration further processing that you may deem necessary.

Such processing includes cutting and surface finishing.

This is not possible with other types of sheets since most of them break or lose their properties during the process.

The advantage of machining is you can customize these sheets to fit your specification.

Transparency Nature Of 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets

Most 18mm polycarbonate sheets are transparent to allow for maximum transmission of light.

This is a vital property of these sheets when in use for display or roofing purposes.

Transparency allows for easy viewing of the contents within the display.

Strength of 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets

It is difficult to break or damage these sheets even in extreme conditions.

This feature allows for the utilization of these sheets in areas prone to activities that can damage your sheets.

Lightweight Properties Of 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets

The lightweight nature of these sheets facilitates their carrying and installation in various applications. This makes it the better option to use compared to using other types of sheets.

How Much Does An 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet Cost?

The actual cost of an 18mm polycarbonate sheet depends on the following factors:

Length Of An 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The higher the length of your 18mm polycarbonate sheet, the higher the price you will pay.

It is therefore vital that you specify the size you want for you to get the accurate price.

Customization Effect Of Your Polycarbonate

Customizing has the effect of personalizing your 18mm polycarbonate sheet.

This makes it have a unique appearance and better qualities.

A customized 18mm polycarbonate sheet is pricey compared to a regular polycarbonate of the same size.

 customized 18mm polycarbonate sheet

Customized 18mm  polycarbonate sheet

Manufacturer Of 18mm Polycarbonate

We have different manufacturers of 18mm polycarbonate who operate under different parameters. These parameters affect the final pricing of the polycarbonates.

Cost of raw materials and government regulations are the key actors that affect the pricing of your 18mm polycarbonate.

You must select a manufacturer who has all the relevant certificates to produce these sheets.

Minimum Order Quantity Of 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets

The higher the order quantity you purchase of your 18mm polycarbonate sheets, the lower the price you will pay.

This is due to the incentives that some manufacturers offer to their customers.

Such incentives are in the form of low discounts or extra 18mm polycarbonate sheets for free.

You need to check with your manufacturer if these incentives are available before purchasing your 18mm polycarbonate sheets.

Is 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet Better Than A PVC sheet?

The answer to this depends on the comparison of the different properties of the two materials.

Such properties include weight, durability, cost, and application.

18mm polycarbonate sheet

18mm polycarbonate sheet

The weight of an 18mm polycarbonate sheet is lighter than that of a PVC sheet due to the fabrication process.

While both are types of plastic, forming a polycarbonate involves a chemical reaction that removes part of its mass.

An 18mm polycarbonate has a higher strength than a PVC sheet.

This allows an 18mm polycarbonate sheet to withstand various external factors without deforming.

Using an 18mm polycarbonate in a harsh environment assures you of value for your money.

This is because you save on the operating cost since you won’t replace the sheet often.

An 18mm polycarbonate allows for easy fabrication such as cutting and drilling without affecting the performance.

Further fabrication of our PVC sheet has an effect on its performance hence reducing its quality.

The superior individual properties of an 18mm polycarbonate make it an ideal option for use in a wide range of applications.

Such properties include surface finishing and panting.

The use of a PVC sheet is limited, meaning you have to spend on other options when using it. This increases the operating cost.

The cost of buying an 18mm polycarbonate is lower than purchasing a PVC sheet.

You, therefore, save more when purchasing an 18mm polycarbonate sheet than a PVC sheet.

 PVC sheet

PVC sheet

What Are The Limitations Of Using An 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

You can experience the following limitations when using an 18mm polycarbonate sheet:

Susceptible To Scratching

An 18mm polycarbonate sheets are prone to scratching which reduces their quality.

This can have a negative effect if you are using these sheets for display or roofing purposes.

However, you can overcome this disadvantage by coating this sheet with an anti-scratch layer.

18mm Polycarbonate Sheet Expands

You need to take into consideration the expansion capability of your 18mm polycarbonate when using it.

The expansion property causes the sheet to increase in size.

If the space for this expansion is not available can result in cracking of the sheet, which negatively impacts your application.

Negative Impact On The Environment

An 18mm polycarbonate is not easy to recycle.

This poses a challenge since these sheets constitute harmful chemicals that affect the environment negatively.

Finding recyclable materials that are safe for the environment can offer a solution to using these sheets in the long term.

How Durable Are 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets?

18mm polycarbonate sheets are highly durable. However, this durability depends on several factors.

For instance, the area of application and exposure risk of these sheets affect their durability.

Areas that are prone to damages reduces the durability level of your 18mm polycarbonate sheets.

You also have to consider the maintenance level of your 18mm polycarbonate sheets.

Failure to regularly maintain these sheets by either cleaning or removing debris on top of the sheets reduces their durability.

The reason for this is such debris can reduce the visual appeal and functioning of the sheets.

It is also possible that the debris can cause the sheets to crack.

How Do You Clean 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets?

There are several aspects you should consider when cleaning your 18mm polycarbonate sheets.

This is to help in maintaining the quality and surface finish of these sheets.

Using a gentle detergent and warm water prevents particles from scratching the surface of your 18mm polycarbonate sheet.

Remember to use a microfiber cloth when washing your 18mm polycarbonate sheet.

Cleaning these sheets should be a regular exercise.

This is to prevent stains and the growth of molds on the surface of your sheet.

Sufficient cleaning of your sheets involves ensuring they are scorched.

What Are The Considerations When Selecting 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets?

The vital consideration when selecting your 18mm polycarbonate sheets are:

Area Of Application

You have to get the dimensions of the area where you will use your 18mm polycarbonate sheets.

This includes the width and length of the area.

The area of application helps in understanding which type of 18mm polycarbonate sheet to use.

For instance, tinted 18mm polycarbonate sheets are suitable for privacy areas.

Type Of 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

We have different types of 18mmm polycarbonate sheets for various purposes.

For instance, coated sheets are suitable for adverse applications, while bulletproof polycarbonate enhances security.

Price Of 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet

We have different prices for these sheets depending on various factors.

These factors include the type of polycarbonate sheet and manufacturer.

You, therefore, have to consider these factors for you to get an exact price for your 18mm polycarbonate sheet.

Can I Customize My 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Yes. You can customize your 18mm polycarbonate sheets in different perspectives to march your expectations.

Such perspectives include surface finishing, labeling, and marking these sheets. You can also expect.

 customized 18mm polycarbonate sheet

customized 18mm polycarbonate sheet

How Do I Install My 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Getting the correct measurements is critical before installing your 18mm polycarbonate sheets.

You need to have the measurement for the space you are applying and the appropriate size of your 18mm polycarbonate sheet.

The use of a tape measure is vital when measuring this length.

Once you have the size, you need to cut it appropriately using either a circular saw or a jigsaw.

The cutting procedure involves the use of either a jig or circular saw.

You also need to use a clamp and a flat surface when cutting these sheets.

This is to prevent irregular cutting of your polycarbonate sheet, thereby affecting its quality and performance.

Depending on its application, you need either an adhesive or a drilling machine to join the various parts.

An adhesive is ideal for smaller 18mm polycarbonate sheets which you can use to create display enclosures.

However, it would help if you had a drilling machine for large pieces of your sheet, especially when fabricating a roof.

A drilling machine helps to create holes on your 18mm polycarbonate sheet.

Once you have these holes, you can use screws to tighten the sheets into place.

Which Types Of 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets Are Available?

The following types are available for your 18mm polycarbonate sheets:

Transparent 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets

This type of sheet features a transparent outlook which allows for maximum light transmission.

It is an ideal type for use in display or roofing applications.

Clear 18mm polycarbonate sheets can replace glass windows in specific applications like the ones that require displays.

This reduces the installation pricing for your application.

Tinted 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets

This type allows for visibility while reducing the transparency level of your sheets.

This is due to the taint, which offers some level of privacy.

It also enhances the visual appeal of your sheets.

The advantage of these polycarbonate sheets is they allow for the application of further surface finishing.

This increases the visual appeal of your sheets.

The use of these sheets is common in applications such as cars and roofs.

Mirrored 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets

This type of 18mm polycarbonate involves polishing them so that it has a mirror-like appearance.

It is an ideal material to replace traditional mirrors.

This is due to the individual properties of the polycarbonates, like strength and ease of working on it.

It is also a cheaper alternative than traditional mirrors in terms of purchasing and installing.

Abrasion Resistance 18mmm Polycarbonate Sheet

This type of polishing goes through polishing and additional protective layers to make it scratch-free. Abrasion resistance makes your sheet ideal for use in applications that experience high abrasion and friction.

How Do You Maintain An 18mm Polycarbonate Sheets?

Maintaining your 18mm polycarbonate sheet involves undertaking activities that enhance its durability. Such activities ensure you get value for your money and reduces damages to your sheets.

For instance, you need to frequently clean these sheets.

Cleaning removes dirt and other debris, which can impact the visual appeal of your 18mm polycarbonate sheets.

When cleaning your polycarbonate sheets, you need to use the approved cleaning procedure by your manufacturer.

It is also vital that you check on your sheet for any signs of crack or objects that can cause the sheets to crack or break.

During installation, there is a need to use those machines which your manufacturer approves.

This is to avoid damaging the sheets, which affect their performance.

Can You Cut An 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Yes. You can cut your 18mm polycarbonate sheets using a variety of tools and machines.

However, the two standard machines that you can use to cut polycarbonate sheets are a jigsaw and a circular saw.

The advantage of using a circular saw is you can cut large pieces of your polycarbonate sheets.

This is without affecting the individual properties of the sheets.

When using a jigsaw, you have to place the polycarbonate on a flat surface and tighten it using a clamp. This minimizes having rough and unequal edges.

After cutting, you have to sand the edges and, if possible, apply the necessary surface finishing.

Which Surface Finishing Can You Apply On An 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The main surface finish you can have for your 18mm polycarbonate sheet are:

The main surface finishing you can apply on your 18mm polycarbonate sheet are:


Painting increases the visual appeal of your 18mm polycarbonate sheets.

There are different types of paints for applying on your polycarbonate sheets.

Common painting methods available for your 18mm polycarbonate sheets are spray painting and hand painting.


coating makes your 18mm polycarbonate sheet strong to withstand several external effects.

For instance, a coating can prevent cracking due to exposing your sheets to excessive heat and temperature.


You can label your 18mm polycarbonate sheets differently depending on your specifications.

Labeling helps in identifying the manufacturer of the 18mm polycarbonate sheets and the total weight.

You can also include other information which you deem relevant when labeling your polycarbonate sheets.

What Drilling Bits Should I Use To Drill 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

You can drill your 18mm polycarbonate sheets using regular drilling bits.

The size of the hole you want to drill determines which drill bit to use.

It would help if you were careful when drilling the holes to avoid cracking the 18mm polycarbonate sheets.

Is 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet Noise proof?

Yes. An 18mm polycarbonate sheet is noise-proof.

You can also customize these sheets to make them soundproof by adding a layer of soundproof material.

Which Coating Can You Add On 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

You can apply any coating that you desire on your 18mm polycarbonate sheet.

The choice of which coating to use depends on several aspects, such as cost and your expectations.

Is 18mm Polycarbonate Sheet UV Resistant?

Yes. An 18mm polycarbonate has excellent properties that act as UV resistance.

UV resistance helps in blocking the harmful UV light rays from affecting human health.

For all your 18mm polycarbonate sheets from China, contact us now.

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