• 1mm polycarbonate sheet

1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is known with full capabilities in manufacturing 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet. We are mainly operating in China, and become a reliable provider of any plastic-molded finishes. So, if you need a manufacturer for your next purchase intentions, we can deal with you!

Get WeProFab 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab can offer excellent designs of a 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet. Here are some of the products we basically offer. Choose what fits your applications.

1mm Clear Frosted Polycarbonate sheet

For your business to boom unexpectedly, a 1mm clear frosted polycarbonate sheet from Weprofab can contribute. We have countless sheet sources for your deliberate sheeting applications.

1mm Solid Polycarbonate sheet

Do you need a 1mm solid polycarbonate sheet for business booming intentions? Weprofab offers the right sheeting material for you. We are an excellent provider based in China.

1mm Colored Polycarbonate sheet

Weprofab has skillful manufacturing representatives of 1mm colored polycarbonate sheets. With our wide range of selections, you`ll be able to find the perfect sheets for all your fitting needs.

1mm Custom Polycarbonate sheet

Wondering with a custom 1mm polycarbonate sheet? Then you run to an equitable manufacturer. Weprofab has fully equipped manufacturers for your projects’ important fulfillments.

1mm Cut-to-size Polycarbonate sheet

If you need a cut-to-size 1mm polycarbonate sheet, Weprofab can cut them for you. Just send us specific sizes to follow then we’re good to go!

1mm Heat Insulation Polycarbonate sheet

Weprofab can offer large-ranging designs of 1mm heat insulation polycarbonate sheets. With the selections provided, you can select your ideal designs freely!

WeProFab: Your Leading 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is engaged and fully committed to all manufacturing services for 20+ years now. Since we are founded, the Weprofab company’s mission is to provide quality-ensured plastic sheets.

You can visit our local agency locations and shop directly. But if you`re not able to, we have an online networking capacity. We are also staffed with an intelligent and experienced team.

Send now your prior inquiries and get instant quotes!

Custom 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Thermal Insulation 1mm Polycarbonate sheet

Do you need the right thermal insulation 1mm polycarbonate sheet, Weprofab can be your leading source. Shop now and get the latest price.

UV-protected 1mm Polycarbonate sheet

Need a range of UV-protected 1mm polycarbonate sheets? Weprofab offers a complete range of polycarbonate sheeting. Different sizes are available to fit your applications.

Unbreakable 1mm Polycarbonate sheet

Weprofab can provide unbreakable 1mm polycarbonate sheeting. We made them 2X durable for long-term applications.

1mm Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

1mm corrugated polycarbonate sheet is made with the durable and light material. Often applied for aquarium tanks and custom computer cases. Features strong, impact resistant, and crystal-clear structure.

1mm Decorative Polycarbonate Sheet

1mm decorative polycarbonate sheet is a superior alternative to bulletproof glass. Widely used in many applications from hobbies and crafts. Commonly favored due to its versatility, durability, and reliability.

1mm Polycarbonate Crack Proof Sheet

1mm polycarbonate crack proof sheet is widely used to replace glass in all industries. A smart and cost-effective solution for both home improvement projects and upgrades. Comes with a thickness of 1mm.

1mm Polycarbonate Light Diffuser Sheet

1mm polycarbonate light diffuser sheet is beneficial for hundreds of commercial and residential applications. Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. A popular option for decorative applications.

1mm Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet

1mm tinted polycarbonate sheet is frequently used for building and glazing applications. Durable and shatter-resistant. Provides high light transmission with its textured and tinted surface.

Bendable Clear 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

A bendable clear 1mm polycarbonate sheet is ideal for finishing patio table tops, glazed windows, and so much more. Features a bendable, moisture-proof, transparent, and versatile structure.

Black Matte 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

A black matte 1mm polycarbonate sheet is widely favored by any professional designer and an avid DIY enthusiast. Applicable in all kinds of light partition plates, shower doors, partitions, and privacy panels.

Bulletproof 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Bulletproof 1mm polycarbonate sheet is an ideal material for protection against forced entry and from heavy automatic firearms. Manufactured using bulletproof and military-grade materials.

Embossed 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The embossed 1mm polycarbonate sheet arrives with a protective layer and offers superior visual clarity. Made of high-quality polycarbonate material with multiple uses such as a party decoration, display board, and poster frame.

Impact Resistant 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Impact resistant 1mm polycarbonate sheet can be used for photo frame glass replacement and to make various handicrafts. Strong, highly durable, easy to work with, and maintain their finish in high use.

Patterned 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Patterned 1mm polycarbonate is typically used by architects, designers, and interior decorators. Offers unique textures, colors, and finishes. Features high-end design and unparalleled light diffusion.

Shatter Proof 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

A shatterproof 1mm polycarbonate sheet is designed to create innovative furniture and decorative pieces. Perfect for indoor applications and is constructed using a furniture-grade polycarbonate material.

Textured 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Textured 1mm polycarbonate sheet is primarily built to create show-stopping displays and signage. Available with vibrant colors and styles. Ideal for various purposes and come in rolls for easy transport.

Transparent Color 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Textured 1mm polycarbonate sheet is primarily built to create show-stopping displays and signage. Available with vibrant colors and styles. Ideal for various purposes and come in rolls for easy transport.

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Why WeProFab 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

If you are searching the most fitted 1mm polycarbonate sheets, then you bump to the right place.

Weprofab is a leading plastic and metal thermoformed provider in mainland China.

We have a high capacity on producing any design of a 1mm polycarbonate sheet with different features and characteristics.

We can help you to skyrocket your business with the help of our 1mm polycarbonate finishes!

1mm Polycarbonate sheet

Weprofab 1mm polycarbonate sheet is manufactured with both clear protective films on each sheet portions.

The other types available include a frosted 1mm polycarbonate sheet and a clear 1mm polycarbonate sheet.

Weprofab is a leading manufacturer of any acrylic or polycarbonate sheeting. As a provider, we made them strongly resist temperature in low/high capacities.

Our range of 1mm polycarbonate sheet can easily fit on any intended sheeting applications.

1mm Solid Polycarbonate sheet

They cannot easily break within the fitting process. Plus! They work so great mostly in indoor applications. To fit them safely and trouble-free, Weprofab provides them with prior economic protections.

With the economical protections given, strong intrusion and break-proof advantage surely await.

Unlike other sheeting, a 1mm polycarbonate sheet has 84 to 87% reliable thicknesses and brings outstanding light transmission capabilities.

Additionally, the 1mm polycarbonate sheet weprofab presenting has great fire behavior.

We manufacture them strengthened and fire-protected as well.

1mm Polycarbonate sheet

You can use a 1mm polycarbonate sheet with different varying applications like decals, backlit displays, medical, scales, coating, graphic panels, and more suited applications.

Weprofab 1mm polycarbonate sheet is functional on every mentioned fitting application.

So, for a satisfying 1mm polycarbonate thermoforming and cut-to-size, let us work to it.

Better send now inquiries and expect swift replies!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

1mm polycarbonate sheets are a popular material used in a variety of applications including commercial or household uses.

These are much lighter in weight and yet durable with good resistance to cracks or tears.

If you have a question about 1mm polycarbonate sheets, you have come to the right place.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about 1mm polycarbonate sheets.

Why Is The Current Demand For 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets So High?

Given its quality and affordability, 1mm polycarbonate sheets are used widely for industrial and household uses.

Initially, it was used solely by those in the commercial sector such as the construction industry.

Some of the main areas where it is common to see 1mm polycarbonate sheets being used include high end cafes, offices, restaurants, and lounges.

It was highly-priced earlier due to its low demand and minimal supply.

Nonetheless, a shift in these two economic factors led to increased supply and lower prices.

It is now used extensively as construction companies also find the 1mm polycarbonate sheet useful in residential construction.

You will find that it makes the ideal material for doors, showers, swimming pools, windows, and many others.

It is now preferred over other materials such as glass and acrylic.

Can The 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet Withstand Harmful UV?

A major concern among upcoming homeowners and professional builders is the capability of the 1mm polycarbonate sheet to withstand UV radiation.

You can ask your manufacturer for a UV resistant coating to be applied on your 1mm polycarbonate sheet to ensure maximum UV protection.

The thin sheets allow maximum light to come through while at the same time helps shield against harmful radiation.

This makes them a good choice for you to use to build small greenhouses.

 A Greenhouse

 A Greenhouse

1mm Polycarbonate Sheets Are So Thin, Doesn’t This Counter Its Effectiveness?

These sheets are extremely thin and it is tempting to perceive that 1mm polycarbonate sheets as ineffective.

Fortunately, that is not the case.

The sheets may be thin and lightweight but it retains the useful properties of polycarbonate such that its impact resistance, strength and durability.

The sheets being highly versatile mean they are strong and flexible.

A second feature of these thin sheets is the ability to resist impact and damage.

You can utilize these materials in areas where stone, snow, hail, rain, and wind are a norm with harsh weather conditions.

 Polycarbonate Roofed Residential House

Polycarbonate Roofed Residential House

Can The 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets Be Used For Partitioning?

A factor that has made the 1mm polycarbonate sheet so popular for modern office settings is its ability to block sound.

It is common to see the material in use in conference rooms, office cubicles, cabins, meeting rooms, and CEO spaces where soundproofing is needed.

It makes the ideal choice for you to use in areas where the ultimate goal is privacy.

 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

 Polycarbonate Sheet

Is The 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet Affordable?

The 1mm polycarbonate sheet tends to be much cheaper than its alternatives. With the material being lightweight, handling and transportation costs become substantially lower.

This means the cost pushed to the final consumer is much lower in the end.

However, if you compare the price of polycarbonate to other plastics such as acrylic, you will find the 1mm polycarbonate sheet to be more expensive.

What Are Some Popular Applications For 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

1mm polycarbonate sheets are highly versatile.

Its unique properties make it useful in many sectors.

Some of its major applications include roof domes, glazing, street furniture, lighting, automotive and aircraft components, vending machines, construction, security components, and signage.

 Bulletproof Polycarbonate

 Bulletproof Polycarbonate

What Makes 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets So Unique?

Here are some of the factors that make 1mm polycarbonate sheets unique.

· Recyclable

The increased concern to keep the environment free from pollution has resulted in more people seeking solutions that conserve the environment.

Polycarbonate sheets are fully recyclable, which means it can be sorted, shredded, washed before being turned into granulate to be manufactured.

- Recycled Polycarbonate

 Recycled Polycarbonate

· Resistance to Impact

Very few materials can compare to the 1mm polycarbonate sheet when it comes to impact resistance.

It is 200 times stronger than glass and yet half the weight of glass.

You will find that it offers top-notch safety and security features making it useful for most applications.

· Fire Resistance

The 1mm polycarbonate sheet has a fire rating of B1 in most regions and that makes it one of the best materials for the construction of public facilities.

· Weather Resistance

Some of the factors that affect the durability of building materials are weather factors as harsh weather conditions can shorten their life.

Any material that can counter adverse weather elements such as the 1mm polycarbonate sheets are therefore much needed.

Polycarbonate is build to withstand harsh weather and performs well in outdoor uses.

On average, you will find that the material remains intact for about 10 years without any notable changes.

Is The 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet Easy To Work With?

You can easily clean, machine and cut the 1mm polycarbonate sheet but they do require due care and proper handling.

· Cleaning 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets

Cleaning is necessary before and after fabrication.

For example, if you need to print the product then you will have to clean it using isopropyl alcohol and a soft cotton cloth.

An alternative to this is a cloth made of 100% cotton used alongside water and a mild detergent.

Avoid any cleaning agents that contain ammonia since it will damage the polycarbonate material.

In case of residue buildup, make use of commercial spray cleaners that contain solvents and waxes to clear these.

·  Machining

Even though the 1mm polycarbonate sheets are easy to machine, caution should be exercised while doing this.

You will need to employ light machining and whenever high speeds are required, stop periodically while machining so as to allow the material to cool.

You might also require cooling in case temperatures go beyond 130°C. At this level, the 1mm polycarbonate will soften, and the heat and friction may cause stress.

· Routing

The 1mm polycarbonate works well with any fixed head, moving head or any standard woodworking router.

It will require the same cutter speeds as wood and dry routing can still work.

You should however keep the cutter cool.

You may direct compressed air into the workpiece and cutter.

· Sawing

These sheets work well with most saws, preferably powered saws with beveled alternate teeth as for aluminum.

You can use fret saws, band saws, or even jig saws on the 1mm polycarbonate sheets.

You can watch this video to find out how to cut your 1mm polycarbonate sheets.


· Guillotining

You can shear cut using a guillotine the 1mm polycarbonate sheet.

However, anything above 4mm in thickness makes it impossible since the cut edge becomes rough and distorted.

Ensure your 1mm sheets are well clamped and worked under room temperature, especially more than 15°C.

· Cutting With Lasers

You can laser cut your 1mm polycarbonate sheets but this may result in internal stress.

The cuts may also look burnt.

If you have to use a laser then a short annealing cycle at a temperature of 130°C for about 1 to 2 hours is necessary.

·  Drilling

You can use conventional twist drills on the 1mm polycarbonate sheet.

It also works well with hole-saws in case you need to drill holes with a diameter greater than 12mm.

Exercise caution while drilling. Re-grind twist drills so as to give it a zero rake.

While drilling, begin with a small pilot hole and if possible support the work with a backstop made of wood or polycarbonate to prevent the exit hole from splintering.

You will also require air or water for cooling if deep drilling.

· Finishing

Any marks on your 1mm polycarbonate sheet can easily be removed using a sharp blade set at 90° or through sanding.

You can use portable or belt sanders while applying light pressure.

If any surface decoration or bonding is required then it will be necessary to anneal the work after sanding.

What Types Of 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets Are There?

1mm polycarbonate sheets come in various forms such as multiwall polycarbonate sheets and solid polycarbonate sheets.

The multiwall polycarbonate sheet is mostly used in conservatories and other areas.

It is made up of various layers and thus offers the best insulation.

The second choice is the solid polycarbonate sheet which is lightweight given its width and is made up of a single layer.

You can find solid polycarbonate sheets in other thicknesses as well from 2mm to about 12mm.

Finally, the corrugated polycarbonate sheets have a width of between 0.8mm to 1mm.

Corrugated polycarbonate sheets are highly durable and are available in clear form.

They can also be available in various widths and lengths and you can check with your manufacturer to find out the choices and customization options they have available.

 Transparent Polycarbonate

Transparent Polycarbonate

What Is The Overall Impact Of a 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet On Energy Cost?

The 1mm polycarbonate sheets are widely used in commercial properties and residential areas since it helps reduce energy costs substantially.

It is transparent and insulates better than glass.

It is also sound resistant meaning it can amplify sound within enclosed settings without letting it out.

This will eliminate the need for sound amplifying systems in meeting settings and also allows natural lighting during the day.

The ultimate impact of all these is reduced energy cost.

 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet For Use

1mm Polycarbonate Sheet For Use

Is the 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet Bulletproof?

Polycarbonate sheets boast the ability to withstand extreme pressure or force.

They are almost unbreakable despite being lightweight.

Other varieties of polycarbonate are bullet-resistant and are used for making police shields.

The fact that the sheet is lightweight makes it even more desirable since it becomes easier to carry around.

You can watch this video to find out more about how the bulletproof quality of the 1mm polycarbonate sheet compares with other materials.


Does the 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet Expand and Contract Due to Temperature Changes?

If you are concerned about thermal expansion and contraction then it is important to point out that polycarbonate is subject to this.

It usually expands in hot weather and will contract when cold.

The expected change would be about 1/32″ per foot for 100° changes in temperature.

The greatest movement will occur during fall and spring seasons due to the large temperature fluctuations.

Is It Necessary To Acclimate 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets To Room Temperature Prior To Installation Indoors?

The answer to this is yes.

Panels should be placed flat and uncovered within the room where they are to be installed.

The sheets should then be left to acclimate for at least 48 hours prior to installation.

This is so you can install them with the right dimensions before the sheets expand or contract.

Is Pre-drilling Necessary Before 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet Installation?

The 1mm polycarbonate sheets should never be nailed into place. This will not allow for thermal expansion and contraction.

You should instead pre-drill the panels so as to avoid warping or cracking later on as a result of expansion and contraction.

How Do I Bond Two Pieces Of 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets?

You can use an adhesive or solvent bonding to join 2 sheets of 1mm polycarbonate sheets.

If optics is not a concern, then the recommended adhesive is the GE Silicone RTV108.

You may also use GE Silicone Construction Grade 1200.

Alternatively, you can use urethane laminating film if optics is a concern.

 Colored 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

 Colored 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Can You Walk Over The 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets While Installing Them?

Never attempt to walk over these sheets since they are not designed to withstand human weight.

You should instead place crawling boards over the panels or use a stepping ladder as a path for walking.

Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate Sheets

What Happens To 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets In Case Of A Fire?

This material is self-extinguishing and burns at a slower rate than other plastics.

It also has a low flammability rate and never releases toxic fumes. That may explain why it is preferred for construction of public facilities.

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