2 Way Acrylic Mirror

WeProFab manufactures an awesome and unique 2 way acrylic mirror. We can create different features and sizes according to your business demands. We have high-grade materials for high-quality fabrication. You can send your layout so you can get your ideal 2 way acrylic mirror.

Get WeProFab 2 Way Acrylic Mirror to Delight Your Customers

We can meet your demands with our outstanding offers for your 2 way acrylic mirror orders. We professionally checked all product quality at the same time.

2 Way Acrylic Mirror Cut-to-size

WeProFab has plenty of offers for 2 way acrylic mirror cut-to-size. Accessible in any characteristics suitable to your requirements.

2 Way Acrylic Mirror Machine

Our high tech machines are the reason why WeProFab are popular in making quality plastic and metal products.

2 Way Acrylic Mirror Manufacturer

If you need to find a provider urgently, WeProFab is the best choice. We can provide complete information for your satisfaction and convenient purchasing.

Decorative 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

We can create many decorations to provide excellent production. We prioritize the client’s demands with the help of our team.

Double Sided 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

WeProFab did great research to make a double-sided 2 way acrylic mirror. Standard 2 ways acrylic mirrors fabricated at affordable cost.

Semi Transparent 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

You can always choose your desired products. We have plenty of options to offer whether you have your own layout.

WeProFab: Your Leading 2 Way Acrylic Mirror Manufacturer

The best solutions provided by WeProFab are beneficial and convenient. We are a joint-venture company between WeeTech Material and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer in China.

We can offer different features, sizes, and many more for your orders just to satisfy your needs. We have complete facilities to make it more perfect and fabricate the safest process.

In the manufacturing industry, we have plenty of experience from many struggles up to making it perfect. We’ve been certified and received a lot of international certifications because of our dedication.

Get your unique 2 way acrylic mirror now and expect your great profits.

Custom 2 Way Acrylic Mirror to Expand Your Brand

Clear 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

We effectively supply a clear 2 way acrylic mirror. Any volume of an order you want, we can surely provide.

Colored 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

You’re free to select your desired color for any application you need. You can send your fixed layout according to your project.

See Through 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

There are many uses when using 2 way acrylic mirrors. It can be your home security, surveillance, and office monitors.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Mirror

Impact-resistant acrylic mirror is a great addition to any room. Arrives with a highly reflective surface and a shiny surface coating. Guarantees a high degree of safety and is often used in a commercial or industrial setting.

2mm 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

2mm 2-way acrylic mirror is typically applied as a smart mirror and in other theatrical applications. A shatter-resistant and slightly bendable material. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Rose Gold 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

Rose gold 2-way acrylic mirror exhibits excellent clarity, brilliance, and transparency. Tinted with a rose gold color and can work under extremely high temperatures. Incredibly durable and has superior weathering properties.

Flexible 2-Way Acrylic Mirror

A flexible 2-way acrylic mirror is a popular product that provides privacy and allows clear viewing. Known due to its high strength and unimaginable flexibility. Ideal for clinical observation as smart mirrors.

Modern Creative Acrylic Mirror

Modern creative acrylic mirror is lightweight and easy to install. Characterizes good mirror effect and is fashion personalized for distinct commercial applications. Includes an innovative and modern appearance.

0.12 Inch 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

0.12-inch 2-way acrylic mirror is coated with a transparent layer of acrylic. Provides a mirrored surface that allows light to reflect equally in both directions. Offers a 2-way configuration with 0.12-inch thickness.

Silver 2-Way Acrylic Mirror

Silver 2-way acrylic mirror features a highly reflective surface and is widely used as a conventional mirror. Remarkably durable and can be used for store fixtures and displays. Easy to laser-cut and polish.

Shatterproof 2-Way Acrylic Mirror

A shatterproof 2-way acrylic mirror arrives with a protective film on both sides. Engineered using shatter-resistant and slightly bendable acrylic. Accessible in a vast range of shapes, thicknesses, and sizes.

Custom Shape 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

Custom shape 2-way acrylic mirror is ideal for various purposes. Provided with unique characteristics with drilled hole options. The shape is highly customized depending on the specific requirements.

2 Way Acrylic Mirror Room Partitions

2-way acrylic mirror room partitions are an ideal choice for surveillance and special use. A two-way mirror that is specifically engineered for use in demanding applications. Designed to function for a long time.

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Why WeProFab 2 Way Acrylic Mirror

WeProFab 2 way acrylic mirror are also known as see-thru mirror. We have designed this type of mirror with plenty benefits. There are many uses for office monitors, hiding valuables, commercial surveillance, and many more for securities.

For home security, you can select any features and color that can be fitted to your theme. If you need this 2 way acrylic mirror for your business and valuables, we suggested this type of mirror.

For commercial surveillance, commonly department stores offices, showrooms, and different banks use this 2 way acrylic mirrors. It can surely provide the best protection whatever your application desired. 2 way acrylic mirrors can be able to hold cameras or hidden cameras. This is also good for monitoring employees.

It is also useful to all police stations when handling investigations. We have plenty experience in supplying 2 way acrylic mirrors in different stations. We received great feedbacks which helps many to build their great relationship with us.

Protecting your family, valuables, and business is so much important. WeProFab can help you secure all of yours. We can support your business security all the time. Our team from engineering can ensure its classifications.

WeProFab 2 way acrylic mirrors has transparent side and reflective on the other side. Easily withstand. That was the acrylic mirror capability. It has a close match with many mirrors out there.

We are dedicated as your one-stop solution provider. We manufactured cheaper rates for 2 way acrylic mirrors. From assembling to moving products, we are capable to handle all the process.

Our competitive and lower rated products are the reason why our clients chooses WeProFab. We have plenty long term relationships that built. We have wide range of 2 way acrylic mirror available in the market.

It is not easy when running a business. You have to choose a supplier who will guide and help your processes.

WeProFab helped many people in business to be a successful handler. You can also one of them. We can guide with the help of our expert team from assembling, packing, to customer service.

Deal easily with us and get your ideal 2 way acrylic mirrors. Send your questions for more information.

2 Way Acrylic Mirror: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you want to import or learn more about 2 way acrylic mirrors, you should read this guide.

It answers all questions you have about 2 way acrylic mirrors.

Take a look:

What is 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

2 way acrylic mirror

 2 way acrylic mirror

It refers to a type of acrylic sheet designed using a semi-transparent layer or film.

Besides, it permits a small amount of incident light to pass through it and reflecting the rest.

In simple words, it an acrylic material, which is reflective on one side and relatively clear on the other one.

So this makes it easy for it to provide the impression of a mirror to the people seeing the reflection.

But on the other side, it allows people to see through it just like at a window.

In most instances, with appropriate lighting conditions, it is often used as a mirror and window in several applications.

What are the Benefits of 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

This component is essential in numerous applications where it is installed since it offers unmatched benefits.

Some of these benefits, which make it a suitable investment worth your money include the following;

  • It reflects and at the same time allows light to pass through it in equal measures.

This is vital since it offers two solutions simultaneously without affecting the functionality or efficiency of the specific application.

  • It is easy to clean and maintain.

The surface material is designed purely from acrylic thermoplastic, which needs limited attentions as far as cleaning and maintenance are concerned.

  • It is comparatively a lightweight material.

The advantage of this is it reduces inconveniences and costs arising from transportation, handling and installation.

You won’t necessarily require significant support when considering these aspects.

  • It is exceptionally durable material.

Acrylic is one of the strongest thermoplastic components you can ever find.

The benefit of this is it gives you value for your money since you’ll save on replacement and possible repair costs.

  • It offers two core functions in one.

In essence, you can see through this component when you are on the darker side.

But when you are on the other side, with more light, it reflects it.

It is vital in this case especially for security, surveillance or privacy solutions.

  • It is easy to fabricate it since the surface material is relatively pliable.

This is vital because it makes it possible for you to mold it into different designs, which suit your project requirements.

Where can you use 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Acrylic mirror in washroom

Acrylic mirror in washroom

2 way acrylic mirror is arguably one of the popular material in several industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

The core element of this type of mirror is to offer security within a specific vicinity.

Some of the ways you can use this component include the following;

Commercial surveillance – It is a common element in commercial and retail settings since it offers enhanced surveillance.

This is vital since commercial scrutiny a fundamental aspect in your business, valuables and customers.

It helps in getting a bigger picture of the various happenings of the business rather than over-relying on security cameras.

Hiding valuables – You can use it to hide different valuables within your house such as TV set just as security cameras are hidden behind framed mirrors.

Smart mirrors – You can as well use it to create unique smart mirrors by using old tablets behind acrylic sheeting.

Residential security – It is an ideal component for protecting your family and valuables.

You can use this mirror to hide security cameras behind it to disguise as an ordinary mirror.

It helps in monitoring movements of nannies, cleaning staff, gardeners and other people within your residence.

Animal enclosures – It is also used in several zoos and other animal conservation centers as enclosures, especially for dangerous wild animals.

Bank surveillance – You can also use this type of mirror in banks to monitor the movement and activities of different people visiting the station. In essence, it helps to enhance security of the bank.

Observation and assessment – There are institutions, which install 2 way acrylic mirrors on their premises for observation and assessment purposes.

It enables them to evaluate different aspects regarding a particular candidate or person without their knowledge.

What are the Features of 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Unquestionably, 2 way acrylic mirror is somewhat popular in various applications as a result of its intrinsic features.

Of course, such properties guarantees efficiency, quality and functionality of this component and they include the following;

  • It has a relatively high reflectance level ranging from 60% to 75% see-through.
  • It has a light transmission rate of between 5% and 20%
  • It is comparatively lightweight, approximately 50% less than a glass of similar dimensions.
  • It is highly amorphous hence can be shaped easily without deforming or degrading.
  • It is resistant to impact
  • It is shatterproof

How does 2 Way Acrylic Mirror compare with 2 Gay Glass Mirror?

Essentially, 2 way acrylic mirror has mindboggling features, making it one of the best materials to use in many applications, which require such solutions.

2 way glass mirror has been in use for a long time due to its suitable solutions too.

However, in comparison 2 way acrylic comes out as a better option between the two in terms of quality, features and general efficiency.

For instance, when it comes to weight, acrylic seems to be somewhat half of glass.

And of course in modern construction or any application for the same, lightweight material is preferable due to the convenience it offers.

Another comparison in regards to durability, 2 way acrylic mirror exhibits better resilience than 2 way glass mirror.

The former can withstand any form of impact without breaking, UV radiations, high temperatures, and corrosive elements.

Also, the latter, however, can only withstand such elements up to a specific level.

And when it gets to extreme ends it cracks, breaks, shatters, distorts or degrades.

When it comes to optical clarity, 2 way acrylic mirror stands out as a better alternative compared to 2 way glass mirror.

Even so, when it comes to scratch resistance, 2 way glass mirror seems to be a better option than 2 way acrylic mirror.

The surface material of glass is, of course, is a bit harder compared to acrylic’s, which is relatively soft.

Can you bend 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Curved acrylic mirror

Curved acrylic mirror

Absolutely yes!

It is quite easy to bend any design of 2 way acrylic mirror irrespective of the thickness.

The most important element to consider in such an instance is making sure you work out the heat and time required for bending.

The trick in attaining best results when bending this type of acrylic mirror is ensuring you apply heat evenly on the material.

What is the Cost of 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

The price for purchasing any 2 way acrylic mirror design varies substantially based on different elements.

One of the factors, which determine the cost here is the actual design of the mirror.

They are always available in numerous designs, both standard and custom-made.

And in many cases, the customized designs will be a bit pricey, also depending on the extent of personalization.

Another determinant aspect of the cost of 2 way acrylic mirror is the grade of material used.

Acrylic, ideally come in different grades based on the overall quality they exhibit.

Therefore, a highly rated grade will definitely be somewhat more expensive than relatively low-grade material.

Also, the brand you are purchasing is seemingly the other core factor determining price of 2 way acrylic mirror.

Various manufacturers often price their products differently depending on a wide range of elements.

Such elements might include cost of production as well as brand positioning in the market.

So in a nutshell, the cost of 2 way acrylic mirror is not fixed.

It is influenced by quite a lot of prevailing factors.

How do you Detect a 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Since the market is flooded by many imitations, at times, it can be a bit difficult to distinguish between an actual and regular mirror component.

However, for 2 way acrylic mirror, here is how you can easily detect a genuine one, especially when it is you are a first-time buyer;

  • Place your fingernail against the surface material of this particular component
  • The outcome possibilities are only two in this case; your fingernail will touch the reflection directly. This is a clear indication the material is 2 way acrylic mirror. However, if there is a gap between your fingernail and the surface material, it shows it is a regular mirror.

What is the Suitable Thickness for 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

The suitable thickness for 2 way acrylic mirror is dependent on its specific application.

Some would require relatively thick sheets whereas others require a somehow thin sheet of this component.

It is thus necessary to evaluate the needs of your application as an ideal way of determining whether or not a particular thickness suits it.

But in general, though, the least thickness for most applications revolving around this component is 3mm.

But with some exceptions, you can find those, which use lesser thickness of the recommended size but still offer desirable results.

How do you Install 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Acrylic mirror sheet

Acrylic mirror sheet

For ultimate best results when using 2 way acrylic mirror, it must be mounted appropriately.

And given the surface material of 2 way acrylic material is somewhat flexible, it might end up conforming to the irregularities of the surface.

Therefore, you have to ensure the surface for mounting this component is as even as possible.

The reason here is non-smooth surface can cause localized bending of the mirrored panel.

And this may result in distortion of the reflected image.

When installing this component, ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from powdery paint.

The most common technique for installing this sheet is normally using adhesive.

So you need to ensure you also prepare the surface appropriately to allow for better bonding when you finally apply the glue.

Then you will apply a reflective film on the backside of the acrylic mirror sheet followed by paint to protect the reflective side.

Now apply adhesive in vertical beads 5-6” away from each other, starting about 3” from the edge.

Then mount the mirror in about 10 minutes after applying the adhesive.

Use mirror clips to support the sheet mechanically as the adhesive cures.

Once it cures and the bond becomes strong, remove the clips and start using your 2 way acrylic mirror.

What Design Options are available for 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Ideally, they are quite several, depending on your specific requirements.

This is to imply you can find both standard and custom-made designs.

Of course, this important since it enables you to broaden your options when buying acrylic mirror.

Nevertheless, the specific design option for this component is significantly dependent on the manufacturer.

And it is the reason it would always be advisable to inquire from the supplier if they can produce the specific design you are looking for.

At WeProFab for instance, some of the available design options for 2 way acrylic mirror include the following;

  • Decorative 2 way acrylic mirror
  • Semi-transparent 2 way acrylic mirror
  • Double sides 2 way acrylic mirror
  • Colored 2 way acrylic mirror
  • Clear 2 way acrylic mirror
  • See-through 2 way acrylic mirror
  • Smoked 2 way acrylic mirror
  • Bullet resistant 2 way acrylic mirror

How do you Shape 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

You can use several techniques to shape 2 way acrylic mirror.

And the most suitable method is entirely dependent on what you want to attain after the process.

Generally, some of the common ways you can use to shape this component include the following;

Cutting to size – It entails use of different tools and equipment to reduce the dimensions of the component to the required size.

Also, it helps in shaping the mirror to fit the particular framing where it is installed.

Welding – It refers to joining two pieces of 2 way acrylic mirror together or with different compatible materials.

Thermoforming – It is a shaping technique, which entails heating of the component to pliable forming temperature to facilitate easy molding.

CNC machining – It involves the use of preprogrammed computer software to shape the 2 way acrylic mirror into an ideal design.

Besides, it is a relatively fast technique and provides accurate results with finer finishes.

Can 2 Way Acrylic Mirror break?

Not necessarily but to some extent, it can break.

Essentially, acrylic is a hardy material, which can withstand any form of pressure or impact.

Under ordinary circumstances, 2 way acrylic mirror can never break irrespective of the impact.

However, under special conditions, 2 way acrylic mirror might break, especially when subjected to deliberate impact.

And this hardly happens under normal conditions. Even so, it can never shatter even when it cracks.

What must you consider when Buying 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

2 way acrylic mirror

2 Way acrylic mirror

It is always imperative to have basic knowledge of what a 2 way acrylic mirror entails.

The essence of this it makes it easy for you to make an informed choice when buying this particular component.

Some of the things you must consider when looking for this component include the following;

Application – You ought to but a 2way acrylic mirror based on the actual use.

The reason here is each acrylic mirror is designed to suit the needs of particular application uniquely.

Color – This component comes in different color hues.

Therefore, you need to purchase one, which complements other aspects of the application as far as color shade is concerned.

Thickness – The necessity of considering thickness when purchasing this component is it allows you to pick the most appropriate one ideal for the particular needs.

Customization – It would also be essential to consider the extent of customization you need and the capacity of the supplier to offer the same.

Cost – The cost of this component, of course, varies depending on several factors surrounding it.

Therefore, you need to figure out how much your preferable unit cost from a particular supplier before making the final decision.

Warranty – It is an important aspect since it outlines the terms and policies of course of action should you find the component faulty, distorted or below the expected standards.

Is 2 Way Acrylic Mirror Eco-friendly?

Generally, acrylic, which is the primary material for this particular 2 way mirror, does not react with any component in solid-state.

It also does not emit any type of toxic fumes in a finished element.

Therefore, it is quite clear this component is friendly to the environment even when in exposed to chemical compounds for prolonged period.

However, it is not easily recyclable since most of the molecules and other building units of acrylic are non-biodegradable.

Can UV effect 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Not necessarily. Most of the manufacturers of 2 way acrylic materials nowadays ensure they incorporate several useful additives to counter UV radiation.

And it is the reason why you will possibly find this component is manufactured with a protective layer on both sides.

Of course, this is to prevent the UV rays from attacking and penetrating the surface material, especially if subjected to direct sunlight for extended period.

How do you Clean 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Cleaning 2 way acrylic mirror is incredibly easy.

For better results, it is always recommended to clean both sides of this mirror, given each plays a unique and fundamental role.

All you need in this case is to use little soap, preferably liquid, warm water and a soft cloth.

Basically, you’ll dampen the soft cloth in a mixture of warm water, and liquid soap then rub gently but continuously on both surfaces of this mirror.

You will then need to take clean water and another piece of soft cloth to rinse the surface of this component.

Then allow the mirror to dry, naturally.

While at it, you should never use any aggressive chemicals as detergents when cleaning 2 way acrylic mirror.

Can you get Custom-made 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Absolutely correct!

Many of the designs most of the manufacturers produce nowadays are made-to-order.

The essence of this is different clients have varied needs with specific requirements to suit their applications.

So this has necessitated the need for customized designs as a way of meeting the demands.

Even so, it is always advisable before you make an order for your custom-made 2 way acrylic mirror to inquire if the manufacturer can manufacture it.

Remember, not all of the available suppliers can effectively produce a perfect customized design of 2 way acrylic mirror for various prevailing reasons.

Can you Polish 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Definitely 100% yes!

Polished 2 way acrylic mirror

Polished 2 way acrylic mirror

Acrylic material is one of the materials, which is quite easy and responds well to polishing.

You can use several techniques to polish the surface material of this component depending on your preference and application as well.

Vapor polishing is one of the alternatives you can use on 2 way acrylic mirror.

It involves use of a volatile gas, which is incredibly reactive with surface chemistry of this type of thermoplastic material.

All you need, in this case, is merely spraying the gas over the surface material.

Buffing is the other element you may consider to use when polishing 2 way acrylic mirror.

It entails using a relatively abrasive component and work-wheel with paste to scrub on the surface of this mirror.

Also, it helps to eliminate the residue and also restoring the glossiness of the material.

How do you remove Scratches from 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

The specific technique for removing scratches from a2 way acrylic mirror is dependent on the nature or cause of the mark.

If the scratches are light, a basic DIY process, which involves using a regular toothpaste, soft piece of cloth and lukewarm water.

So all you ought to do is applying a smaller portion of toothpaste on the surface of this material and scrub it in a circular motion for about 20-30 seconds.

Allow it to cure and then dampen the soft cloth on warm water and use it to wipe off the paste from the surface material of this component.

Allow it to dry, and you’ll eventually have a spotless 2 way acrylic mirror surface.

However, when the scratch is a bit deep, you may consider a rather involving approach.

In this case, you’ll need to drill small holes at both ends of the scratch.

Apply aesthetic from the rear side and allow it to cure.

Once it dries, fill in the tiny drilled holes and buff the surface.

Can you Paint 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Yes, you can paint this component.

However, it has to be on the darker end, which acts as a mirror.

Otherwise, if you paint the side, which acts as window, it will certainly lose its essence or purpose of being 2 way.

Where can you buy 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

You can find several dealers, suppliers, and manufacturers in different platforms selling this particular type of acrylic component.

Most of them have established online platforms.

Therefore, a basic search can lead you to their specific websites and subsequently guide you on how to proceed with the process.

Also, when looking for 2 way acrylic mirror, you may consider seeking WeProFab.

This is a leading and reliable manufacturer dealing in different types of plastic fabrication.

It manufactures, stocks, and supplies different designs of 2 way acrylic mirrors.

Are there any Disadvantages of 2 Way Acrylic Mirror?

Yes, it has a few shortcomings, which include the following;

  • It is comparatively expensive than other materials, which offer similar solutions
  • It is susceptible to scratches hence not appropriate in high traffic areas.

Does 2 Way Acrylic Mirror conform to any Quality Standards?

Of course, yes!

Some of the highly rated and reliable quality standards this product has to conform to include the following;

  • ASTM
  • SGS
  • UL
  • CE
  • ISO 900

At WeProFab, we manufacture a range of plastic mirrors such as polycarbonate mirror and acrylic mirrors.

Whether you want cut to size, or custom 2 way acrylic mirror, we will offer a cost effective alternative.

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