• 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is your leading manufacturer and a supplier of high-quality 20mm polycarbonate sheets. This sheet is solid, clear, and transparent, providing almost 200 times more impact protection. You can surely enjoy the benefits of choosing a polycarbonate sheet from us. It has a wide variety of utilization, considering its high-performance features. Some typical applications include glazing, roofing, protective screening, and fabrication uses. 

Get WeProFab 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is an incomparable manufacturer that can fully provide you with high-performance polycarbonate sheets, especially with 20mm thickness. Getting or purchasing products from us can surely satisfy your customers’ desires. We manufacture products with high standard materials and compositions. You can indeed receive the exact type of sheet according to your applications. Weprofab assures you constant supplies for your improving business.

20mm Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

This multi-wall sheet is practical to apply in as skylight, greenhouse, carport, etc. We design it with 100% polycarbonate to make it more durable.

20mm Polycarbonate Hollow Roofing Sheet

This type of polycarbonate sheet is available in clear, blue, green, and many other colors you like to install on your roofs. You can have it at the lowest cost.

20mm Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab avails this valuable type of polycarbonate sheet with broad applications. You can select your desired color for the best of your utilization.

High-Transmittance 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weproface manufacture this type of polycarbonate sheet with high-quality materials and compositions. It is effective on walling and machine applications.

Honeycomb 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

We design this high-quality honeycomb type of polycarbonate sheet with eco-friendly materials. You can purchase your desire color and sizes for any of your applications.

Plastic Board 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The plastic board type of polycarbonate sheet is helpful for office buildings, department stores, or hotel applications. Buy it on Weprofab now!

WeProFab: Your Trusted 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is your trusted supplier of sheets with various dimensions, colors, and even sizes that suits your applications. Our offered polycarbonate sheet with about 20mm thickness is accessible in both standard and UV grades. We also conduct a free cutting service of your desired sheets for your particular installation.

Our experienced sales team is willing to assist you from choosing the best one to delivering it safely. Weprofab is your reliable and consistent supplier that helps your business grows to the highest level. You can only find the most inexpensive polycarbonate sheet with lasting performance in Weprofab.

Custom 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Impact Resistance 20mm Polycrbonate Sheet

We offer this certified type of polycarbonate sheet with lasting effectiveness. It applies to covering overpasses, parks, and many other specific area applications.

20mm Roof Tiles Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab manufactures this sheet with contemporary design and style. It is best for covering the particular area at the park. You can also select your desire color.

20mm Fire Proof Polycarbonate Sheet

This fireproof sheet helps preserve heat. You can indeed in a safe place is when you use this type of polycarbonate sheet. We also form it with a high-glossy surface.

20mm Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

You can have this corrugated sheet type with about 2100*5800mm,1220*2440mm, or custom size. You can usually use a courtyard, greenhouse skylight, etc.

Monolithic 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

We form this high-quality sheet with 100% virgin polycarbonate materials. You can indeed be satisfied with its long time performance.

Roof Light 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

This modern design type of sheet has extended applications. Weprofab provides a video guide for the straightforward installation of the said sheet.

Colored 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

We create this type of polycarbonate product with embossed and sun sheet type of sheet. You can choose the best color that fits your applications.

20mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

This twin wall type of polycarbonate sheet is 100% tested. You can have it with your desire color or length for your application or business.

Prismatic Coated 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab manufactures this prismatic coated sheet with about 87% light transmittance. You can surely benefit from its outstanding performance for an extended period. 

UV-Coated 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The UV-coated 20mm polycarbonate sheets are designed for various usages, like commercial curtain walls, billboards, highways, carports, etc. They have a rectangular structure with high impact strengths and excellent thermal insulation efficiency. 

Tinted Honeycomb 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Tinted honeycomb 20mm polycarbonate sheets are applicable for villas, awnings, greenhouses, etc. Various colors and sizes are customizable, according to customers’ requests. These sheets have outstanding weather abilities, ease of installation, and good light transmittance.

Flexible Colored 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The flexible colored 20mm polycarbonate sheets are lightweight and have high impact resistance with good heat sustainability. They are practical for hotel roofings and awnings applications. Their flexibility makes them easy to process and customize according to orders.

Eco-Friendly 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The eco-friendly 20mm polycarbonate sheets are available in multiple structures, such as twinwall, triple walls, four walls, honeycomb, etc. They feature anti-wind pressure, fireproof, and snow resistance effects, making them endure for a long time.

Transparent Colored 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Transparent colored 20mm polycarbonate sheets come in various colors with high transparency. They are commonly installed for sports venues, hospitals, apartments, courtyards, workshops, parks, office buildings, etc. These sheets have both UV protection.

X-Structure 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The X-structure 20mm polycarbonate sheets are available in lake blue, opal, blue, clear, brown, etc. They have modern designs, perfect for sports gyms, transportation airlines, advertising boards, swimming pool covers, etc. Their rigid structure makes them handle heavy load capacities.

Luxury 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Luxury style 20mm polycarbonate sheets are bendable, energy-saving, lightweight, eco-friendly, etc. They are suitable for security protection items, awnings, highway sound insulators, and building curtainwalls. These sheets are protected with PE films to prevent scratches. 

Anti-Fog 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-fog 20mm polycarbonate sheets are available in various surface types, such as embossed, flat, colorful, hardened, etc. They are customized into different items, like masks, basketball boards, eye protection, and sunroom roofings. There are multiple hues selections.

20mm Scratch Solution Polycarbonate Sheet

The 20mm scratch solution polycarbonate sheets are applicable for construction projects. They have limitless lengths to cut for customization specifications. These sheets last for a long time without color fading and not easy yellowing under the sun.

Non-Toxic 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The non-toxic 20mm polycarbonate sheets have glossy surfaces that maintain a glassy look over the years. These sheets are coated with anti-glare, mirror, anti-static, or hardened treatments. They come with numerous color and size options to suit specific usages.

Flat Solid 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Flat solid 20mm polycarbonate sheets are in demand for advertising applications where lighting is involved. They are a lightweight and affordable replacements for glass utilization. Using these sheets will save more energy yet provides suitable light.

Frosted 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The frosted 20mm polycarbonate sheets are high-quality materials with anti-yellowing strengths. They come with protective films that are thicker and easy to remove without glue left. These sheets are odorless when laser cutting. Also, they are easy to bend and form.

Recycled 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Recycled 20mm polycarbonate sheets have about 50 micron UV layers, anti-fog, and heat-resistant surfaces. Different structures are available with numerous colors and dimension options. These recyclable polycarbonate sheets are more rigid and durable due to their thickness.

Drip-Proof 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The drip-proof 20mm polycarbonate sheets have high-protected layers to last for a long time without fading. These polycarbonate sheets are for hotel walls, partitions, and awnings applications. They provide appropriate light transmittance, depending on color choices.

Unbreakable 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The unbreakable 20mm polycarbonate sheets have heat insulation, UV resistance, and noise reduction features. Their lighter weight property makes them more convenient to handle, install, and maintain. They are applicable for exterior designing, carports, etc.

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Why WeProFab 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is your certified provider of all high-standard quality products, including our polycarbonate sheets in different thicknesses. You can indeed have your ideal polycarbonate sheet for every part of your application area.

In Weprofab, you can have continuous stocks, for we have a large production volume in China. We indeed make possible the safest ways to deliver such valuable sheets. Our offered polycarbonate sheet surely helps your customer’s application fully achieve. 

Considering this sheet to the lists of your business products enhance your sales because of its wide applications and advantages. Your customers indeed liked the quality of your selling polycarbonate sheet from Weprofab.

Advantages of 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet:

  • Lightweight
  • High-durability
  • Rust-proof
  • Outstanding light transmission
  • Great impact capacity
  • UV resistant
  • Environment friendly
  • Formed flexibility

Weprofab polycarbonate sheets with 20mm thickness are available in three types useful in roof glazing applications. It can be a transparent plain compact sheet, embossed sheet, or multi-wall sheet. It is a perfect cladding material with exceptional properties and service. 

This sheet type is ideal for having a roof that gives natural light for pathways, canopies, greenhouses, and many other applications. It is also practical to use on industrial, commercial, leisure segments, etc. Below are the different applications of our high-quality 20mm polycarbonate sheet. 

20mm Polycarbonate Sheet Applications:

  • Garage
  • North light
  • Dones and canopies
  • Verandahs
  • Stadium 
  • Walkways and porches
  • Partition and window glazing
  • Industrial roof
  • Stadium
  • Parking area

Weprofab is probably the best associate you could have for your business. We assign knowledgeable employees to provide exact information for your preferred type of polycarbonate sheet. Expect instant replies to your calls and emails.

On the other hand, choosing us as your partner is the best way to help your business develop more. Please let us know your choice, and we will do our best to provide everything for you. Our broad experience assures you a smooth way of processing your orders.

Purchasing more of our offered 20mm polycarbonate sheet gives you more negotiable prices. Our products are perfect for business nowadays. We also provide after-sales service to ensure your benefit from our offered products. We are 24/7 open for your anytime orders and inquiries.

Contact or email us right here for more orders and information about our 20mm polycarbonate sheet!

What is a 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

The 20mm polycarbonate sheets are used for roofing, glazing, and sun shading.

It is used for both exterior and interior purposes.

The 20mm polycarbonate sheet has broad series in industry applications.

What are the Colors or Shading of a 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet Colors

There are several colors of 20mm polycarbonate sheet;

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Clear

What are the Features of a 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The following are the features of the 20mm polycarbonate sheet.

The 20mm polycarbonate sheet has about 85% transmission.

It resists impact 80 times than glass and 15 times for acrylic.

The polycarbonate sheet with 20mm thickness has about -40 – +120A C temperature range.

They are also effective even sun exposure over time.

20mm polycarbonate never gets yellow due to aging.

Polycarbonate sheets with 20mm thickness are easy to install and transport.

These 20mm sheets made with polycarbonate have self-extinguishing features.

It stays strong due to any weather conditions.

Where Can We Use the 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

20mm Polycarbonate Sheet

 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet Application

There are many applications of a 20mm polycarbonate sheet.

  1. Stadium
  2. Industrial and commercial roofing
  3. Indoor partition
  4. Subway roofing.
  5. Porches  
  6. Walkways
  7. Parking shed
  8. Canopies
  9. Office partitions
  10. Pool Enclosures

What are the Main Advantages of a 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

  • The  20mm polycarbonate sheet can stand heavy loads such as snow loads and strong winds.
  • A 20mm polycarbonate sheet can resist shock and hail.
  • It can be used as an emergency light.
  • The sheet has good insulating properties and low thermal resistance.
  • About 50% reduced energy consumption.
  • It insulates the sound or noise barrier.
  • Excellent for sound absorption than for a single layer design.
  • Perfect for motorways and subway barriers due to the product capability.

What are the Types or Design of a 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

There are different types and designs of 20mm polycarbonate sheets.

Clear transparent polycarbonate sheet

Hollow polycarbonate sheet 

Embossed polycarbonate sheet

Honey hollow polycarbonate sheet 

X structure polycarbonate sheet. 

U-lock polycarbonate sheet

Are the 20mm Polycarbonate Sheets Certified Approved?

Yes, the 20mm polycarbonate sheets are ISO9001: 2008 certified approved.

How to Maintain a 20mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

These maintenances are generally applicable in different polycarbonate sheets sizes, including 20mm(multiple wall types).


Stock the polycarbonate sheet in place secured from sun and rain.

It avoided heat accumulation and condensation.


Always install the sheet outward with UV protected layer.

Take off the films after installation.

Installation Safety

Walking upon the sheets is prohibited.

Always follow safety instructions and installation methods.

Drilling and Cutting

Cut the sheet by cutter or hacksawing machine.

Use adhesive aluminum tape to seal the open side.

Make sure the drilled holes are broader than the screw gauge.


Polycarbonate sheet curving is done with fluted direction.

Level it with the least curving radius.

Cell Sealing

Sealing the cell prevents dust and condensation.

Use Thermo sealed or taped for such operation.

Product Cleaning

Always use suitable silicone for sealing.

Clean the sheet with water and mild detergent.


The 20mm polycarbonate sheets are favorable and efficient used in extended applications.

The above knowledgeable information surely helps you choose or maintain your 20mm polycarbonate sheet.

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