• 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet

25mm Polycarbonate Sheet

There are lots of uses when we talk about polycarbonate. Anything you can see that is plastic commonly is polycarbonate with different sizes and capabilities. WeProFab polycarbonate sheets are impact resistant that helps a lot of business.

Get WeProFab 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

In this industry, WeProFab is a professional in supplying 25mm polycarbonate sheets. This is popular in plenty of fabrications that make products more advantageous. We are an expert in terms of delighting customers.

25mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

As a leading producer of polycarbonate sheets worldwide, WeProFab has plenty of clear polycarbonate sheets with 25mm size. It is affordable to select.

25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

In China, the best manufacturer always has full support, especially for business purposes. We help customers gain a great cost from their 25mm polycarbonate orders.

25mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

We have solid polycarbonate sheets in 25mm size that suit for partition and many other panel applications. All of this can be accessible at a lower cost.

Hollow 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet

This type of polycarbonate sheet is suitable for roofing installations, dividers, decorations, and so on. We have plenty of 25mm polycarbonate sheets available.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

For different applications, WeProFab has different types of 25mm polycarbonate sheets which is an advantage than any materials because of the impact-resistant abilities.

UV Resistance Polycarbonate Sheet

Aside from impact-resistant, our 25mm polycarbonate sheets are also UV or weather-resistant. It helps polycarbonate sheets from color fading.

WeProFab: Your Leading 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

We are the joint venture company of WeeTect Material Limited that ensures to offer a one-stop solution to all customers especially for you. We are also with a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer that sustains customer’s demand in more than 20 years now in service.

As a certified supplier of 25mm polycarbonate sheets with ISO 9001, we are capable to follow all the fabrication standards. We follow RoHS, REACH, UL, and many more for what you demand.

As a professional manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets, WeProFab proudly presents the complete facilities and advanced technology machines that help our fabrication processes. We are able to do a lot of processes like CNC machining, thermoforming, molding, engraving, laser cutting, and a lot more useful processes. Through this, we provide full satisfaction to customers all the time.

Custom 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Expand Your Brand

25mm Blue Polycarbonate Sheet

We have a unique color for 25mm polycarbonate sheets for you. It offers a lower cost that saves the budget. We can custom your desired sizes and types of orders.

25mm Bronze Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab also has bronze for 25mm polycarbonate sheets. You are free to demand your desired volume of orders. We are pleased to fulfill the requirements.

Colored 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet

When searching for 25mm polycarbonate sheets, WeProFab has a unique and elegant color. Just send your orders at WeProFab since we are trusted to provide a satisfying product.

Multi-wall 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Multi-wall of 25mm polycarbonate sheets are durable and commonly installed at roofs, panels, and more. It is a lightweight material that keeps all safety.

Triple Wall 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet

If twin-wall or multi-wall are durable, count on triple wall polycarbonate sheets. This is more durable and negotiable because of unbreakable and triple-walled abilities.

25mm Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet
25mm Polycarbonate Glitter Sheet
25mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet
25mm UV Block Polycarbonate Sheet
Black Tinted 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet
Light Diffuser 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet
Scratch Proof 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet
Smoked Polycarbonate 25mm Sheet
Translucent 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet
Transparent Polycarbonate 25mm Sheet
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Why WeProFab 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet

When using polycarbonate sheets, the sizes depend on you. You can choose any sizes of polycarbonate sheets for windows, panels, partitions, walling, roofing, and so on.

WeProFab 25mm polycarbonate sheets are also amazing applications for roofing since it has an impact and UV resistance capabilities. Also, 25mm of polycarbonate sheets are suitable for walling partitions since polycarbonate sheets are not easy to break from any disaster. It is also a bullet-resistant sheet that many homes and building owners first choice.

WeProFab 25mm polycarbonate sheets are an amazing choice that can add to building materials. We have lots of sizes for polycarbonate sheets like 25mm to supply and offered it in amazing rates you deserve.

25mm Polycarbonate Sheet

If you handle a business like branding, manufacturing, supplying, or any personal business you handled, WeProFab is a great choice to count on.

If your business top priority is to have this 25mm size of polycarbonate sheets, we always have a lot of stocks that ready to ship. Our stocks can be perfect for a little urgent order for our dear customer.

WeProFab 25mm polycarbonate sheets are applicable for sliding doors, tables, and many other products. Polycarbonate sheets are perfect material for products like chairs, tables, display cases, boxes, and more. Its unbreakable ability makes it popular and negotiable that helps business and personal business owners generate a great cost.

25mm Polycarbonate Sheet

In terms of supplying 25mm polycarbonate sheets and many other products, we strictly check all the products from the quality, price, and many other great offers.

Finding a partner is not easy. In China, WeProFab is one of the trusted 25mm polycarbonate sheet suppliers. WeProFab is the right for your demands. We have 25mm size of polycarbonate sheets that suits for a lot of purposes.

If you deal with us, we assure the safety, fast, and smooth sailing processes. We have a lot of staff to make all of this will be possible.

Whether you need a fast operation, WeProFab always fulfills the needs of clients. Send us your inquiries!

25mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before importing a 25mm solid polycarbonate sheet from China, you should read this guide.

It has all information you need about polycarbonate sheets, such as features, uses, benefits, color options to testing quality, to mention a few.

So, keep reading to learn more.

How Does 25mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Compare To 25mm Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet?

A 25mm solid polycarbonate sheet is a plain sheet made of one layer. It is used for making structures more so for roofing purposes.

It is available in all colors and could be used to construct awnings, pergolas, stadium roofing, skywalks, amongst others.

The most basic colors are clear, opal, bronze, and grey opal—alternative colors like green, blue, grey, etc.

They are also available depending on your preferred request.

On the other hand, a 25mm hollow polycarbonate sheet refers to a multi-layered piece of sheet, usually stacked over one other, leaving space in between.

The spaces are necessary for thermal and sound insulation reasons.

These are some of the primary functions.

Structures with this kind of insulation include airport roofing, railway station roofing, stadium roofing, etc.

They give an enhanced visual appeal.

25mm solid polycarbonate sheet

25mm solid polycarbonate sheet

Where Can You Use 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

A 25 mm polycarbonate is ideal for large applications like Industrial roofing, atriums, canopies, conservatories, amongst others.

A sunroom or greenhouse version; that is more spacious. In most cases, their roofs are made of polycarbonate, a 25mm polycarbonate to be precise.

The obvious reason for this particular specification is their strength and durability.

Moreover, its excellent thermal resistance and excellent light transmission make them the perfect choice for this application.

Industrial roofing- A 25 mm Polycarbonate is very strong and durable despite being a lightweight material.

Its ability to withstand high or low temperatures makes it an ideal material for industrial application. With a 25mm polycarbonate, you are guaranteed a solid and durable roof.

Atrium- An open space or hall, usually covered with an open-air roof.

Roofing is best done with the help of a 25 mm polycarbonate sheet or could be any other depends on how you want it.

Polycarbonate roofs are the most popular and widely used because of their incredible thermal, visual, and lighting performance.

Canopies- Refers to a structure constructed with polycarbonate, metal, or fabric roofing and is used to provide shelter or shade.

A 25 mm polycarbonate sheet is a lifesaver when weather conditions are too harsh to bear, e.g., rainy and sunny seasons.

A 25mm Polycarbonate forms visually attractive structures which could best serve you at building entrances or otherwise in walkaways for connecting buildings.

 Green house with solidp polycarbonate sheet

Greenhouse with solid polycarbonate sheet

Are 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Thermally Efficient?


Although 25mm polycarbonate sheets are lightweight, their thermal efficiency is superior compared to the glass counterpart.

One of the reasons it makes good insulators is because of its ability to retain heat. For this reason, they are used in Koi ponds during the winter season.

A 25mm polycarbonate sheet is 200 times stronger than glass. Besides, it has a UV coating on one side, making it efficient for conservatories.

In addition, you could use the sheet in canopies, industrial roofs, pergolas, etc.

Which Color Options Do 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Come In?

We have several colors for 25mm polycarbonate sheets.

These include blue, green, yellow, brown, etc.

The most popular primary colors are listed below.

Clear 25mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

One of the most popular 25mm polycarbonates takes the lead in supply.

It is more popular because of its high performance in light transmission.

For this reason, it is the most preferred for conservatories.

The transparency of this sheet suggests more on why it gives maximum light transmission besides being good thermal insulation.

Opal 25mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

One of the most known polycarbonate sheets used.

It is also good in light transmission, but it is not better than transparent sheets.

It offers privacy at the highest level because of its tinted appearance.

The sheet also exhibits good light, sound, and thermal conservation properties.

Bronze 25mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Its light transmission capability is relatively low as compared to the first two.

It could serve you well in places where less light is required.

In addition, it makes an excellent thermal insulator, therefore, a perfect suit for extreme temperatures.

Bronze Opal 25mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

The inner surface is opal.

On the other hand, the outer surface has a bronze coating layer.

It is actually for this reason that it is referred to as a double extruded polycarbonate sheet.

The properties it portrays in terms of heat insulation, UV protection make it ideal for hot areas.

It is because the material can withstand extreme temperatures.

Grey Opal 25mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

It is said to be double-extruded because of its mechanism of construction.

It possesses an inner opal and outer grey surface, one of its unique features.

Its ability to conserve build-up heat and perfection in UV protection makes it ideal for constructing structures in hot and sunny areas.

Can You Machine And Fabricate 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Yes, you can.

It is a durable and robust material.

Besides, it is very flexible with incredible stability when it comes to dimensions.

Machining and fabrication of polycarbonate sheet are done to achieve resilient designs and sizes.

The process is done by removing some sections through cutting, milling, and drilling.

Alternatively, you could change the structure by thermoforming or molding. The sheet can be cut in all sizes as requested.

Are 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Durable?

Yes, you are guaranteed durability of a 25mm polycarbonate sheet.

The sheet is very strong and has a high resistance capability amounting to over 200 times better than glass.

For this reason, it can serve you for at least ten years or more before you consider doing a replacement.

Red 25mm solid polycarbonate sheet

Red 25mm solid polycarbonate sheet

How Much Light Does 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Transmit?

A 25mm polycarbonate sheet comes in different colors. Light transmission varies depending on color.

They transmit light from as low as 7% to a maximum of 62%. The highest light transmitter is transparent, while the lowest is a solar guard.

Clear 25mm polycarbonate sheet has a 62% light transmission capability.

Bronze 25mm polycarbonate sheet transmits light up to 11%.

Opal 25mm polycarbonate sheet light has a transmission capability is 28%.

Bronze/Opal 25mm polycarbonate sheet light has a transmission capability of  8%.

Solarguard 25mm polycarbonate sheet has the least light transmission of 7%.

 Light transmission of polycarbonate

Light transmission of polycarbonate

How Much Does 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Cost?

Prices for 25mm polycarbonate sheets vary for several reasons.

Quality is one of the top features that is used to determine the price.

Good quality polycarbonates cost more than those of low quality.

Prices range from 1.90-6.55 $ per square meter with a minimum order of 1000 meters.

How Can You Test Quality Of 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The quality of this size of polycarbonate can be tested by looking at the light transmission properties. We have different light transmission strengths for various colors.

For instance, if you prefer your polycarbonate sheet clear, the transmission light should be 65% and not lesser.

Another factor you would consider is the uniformity of thickness as well as the sheet stub.

Usually, thickness is always uniform all around with a vertical sheet stub.

Pricing also is a factor on its own.

Good quality polycarbonate tends to be way expensive.

Of course, low-quality or counterfeit 25mm solid polycarbonate sheets are very cheap.

Is 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Better Than Glass Sheet?

When it comes to impact resistance, this size of polycarbonate is stronger.

It is more resistant to breakages as compared to glass.

It assures you of maximum security since its strength is known to be 200times that of glass despite being a lightweight material.

Glass is heavyweight but not safe for security and safety because they break easily regardless of their weight.

A 25 mm Polycarbonate is good in resisting heat and can withstand high or low temperatures making it ideal for all uses.

Glass, on the other hand, is sensitive to heat.

When you expose it to extreme temperatures, breakages or cracking are likely to occur.

Glass is prone to breakages and could cost you more when it comes to replacements.

Therefore, this gives polycarbonate an advantage of a longer lifespan over the glass.

Despite being expensive, replacement costs over a short period are not expected as it is less prone to risks leading to damage.

A 25 mm solid polycarbonate sheet makes a good insulator, which is why it is multi-purpose.

Glass, on the other hand, does not exhibit insulation properties despite having excellent light transmission aspects.

Blue 25mm solid polycarbonate sheet

 Blue 25mm solid polycarbonate sheet

25mm glass sheet

25mm solid glass

Glass is more transparent; therefore, its light transmission capability is way better off than polycarbonate.

It perfectly lights up your room compared to a 25mm polycarbonate, whose light transmission offers a soft glow.

This size of polycarbonate is flexible and can be molded into different shapes as compared to glass.

This nature makes it easy to cut and mill, making installation easy and quick since less material is used.

The 25mm polycarbonate is manufactured with a UV protective coating which helps in reflecting away sun rays.

Glass has no such property; therefore not a perfect UV protector.

For that reason, polycarbonate makes a good insulator because of its ability to conserve heat within the roof.

The polycarbonate size comes in a variety of colors, which gives an excellent visual appeal.

On the other hand, glass has a limited number of colors since most of the material is transparent.

Does 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Offer Perfect Insulation?

Yes, the sheet is known to possess magnificent insulating properties.

One of the reasons why it’s preferred for conservatories.

The R-value for a 25mm polycarbonate is approximately 1.79.

What Are The Benefits Of a 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Some of the benefits of a 25mm polycarbonate sheet include:

  • Stronger with an impact strength of up to 200 times better than glass
  • High UV resistance, which helps to cut down on yellowing
  • Has a high thermal efficiency
  • It’s a lightweight material
  • Perfect light transmission capability
  • It is resistant to heat and can withstand extreme temperatures
  • 25mm solid polycarbonate sheet is visually appealing
  • Its durability is incomparable.

Do 25mm Polycarbonate Sheets Have Heat Guard?

Yes, they are made with a heat guard.

The heat guard is usually built on the upper side of the 25mm polycarbonate sheet.

The purpose of this is to help minimize the heat that is likely to build up in the roof.

The sun rays are reflected away, and temperature is maintained to at least 50%.

Is 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Noise Proof?


It is popular and commonly used as a noise barrier, especially at railway stations and stadiums.

The material is perfect for sound and noise insulation hence minimizing noise pollution.

It is also used in partitioning offices because of its ability to conserve sound and noise.

Does 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Offer UV Protection?


It is one of the fundamental aspects to consider during the manufacturing process.

The material comes with built-in Ultra-Violet protection, making it thermally resistant to damages brought about by the sun.

Besides, it will not degrade quickly on exposure to the sun.

Does 25mm Polycarbonate Sheets Have Limitations?

Yes, even though the advantages outweigh the limitations.

The only known limitation of this particular type of sheet is cost.

25 mm polycarbonate sheets tend to cost more than other materials such as acrylic and glass.

The manufacturing process is also expensive, which adds up to why it costs more.

Is 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Flexible?

Yes, it has a flexible nature despite the features it portrays in terms of strength and durability.

The structure of this sheet can be molded into different shapes and sizes of your preference.

Therefore, this is an advantage over the sheet made of glass as it works best with flat or sloped roofs.

How Do You Check Quality Of 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

Several factors determine the quality of a 25mm polycarbonate sheet.

Amongst them, we have a thickness, light transmission strength, weight, and sheet stub.

Consider going for a sheet with uniform thickness and a vertical stub.

In addition to this, you should ensure that it is lightweight with a high light transmission of 65% for a transparent 25mm polycarbonate sheet.

For all your 25mm solid polycarbonate sheets, contact us now.

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