• 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet

28mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is a trustable manufacturer and supplier for all kinds of polycarbonate sheet products. We primarily produce 28mm polycarbonate sheets, and other customize thicknesses. As an expert manufacturer, Weprofab can create extraordinary and awesome products. Whether you need any polycarbonate sheet for your business, we can be your best partner. We can meet your 28mm polycarbonate sheet wishes!

Get WeProFab 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

In China, Weprofab is a well-known manufacturer and provider of high-quality 28mm polycarbonate sheets. You can encounter superior products from Weprofab, which can impress your customers. If you decide to include a 28mm polycarbonate sheet for your start-up and running business, ask Weprofab to deliver!

28mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

The 28mm clear polycarbonate sheet is ISO and CE certified. It features lightweight, good heat preservation, strong impact resistance, and is high-reliable.

28mm Anti-UV Polycarbonate Sheet

The 28mm anti0UV polycarbonate sheet is suitable for various applications such as outdoor, hotel, greenhouse, skylight, carport, roofing, and more.

28mm Weather-Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

The 28mm weather-resistant polycarbonate sheet can be customized with different colors. It comes in colors blue, red, yellow, clear, and many more.

28mm Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 28mm transparent polycarbonate sheet features high transparency and light transmission. Applicable for construction, sign, display, shield, and other applications.

28mm Lexan Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 28mm Lexan solid polycarbonate sheet has excellent impact resistance, lightweight, and fire resistance characteristics. They are easy to cut and customize.

28mm High-Strength Polycarbonate Sheet

This kind of polycarbonate sheet has a stable color and is good for sound insulation. 28mm high-strength polycarbonate sheets are sturdy and durable.

WeProFab: Your Leading 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is your legit source for all kinds of polycarbonate sheets. We can customize different colors, thicknesses, dimensions, and features of polycarbonate sheets. One of our business fields is fabricating an excellent and reliable 28mm polycarbonate sheet. We professionally manufacture products using the finest raw materials.

Along with our professional team and complete production line, we can provide a functional polycarbonate sheet. We also offer OEM and ODM services. Weprofab can give you a 28mm polycarbonate sheet with your logo, designs, and other specifications. You can send us your ideal and full details of the 28mm polycarbonate sheet now!

Custom 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

28mm Colored Polycarbonate Sheet

The 28mm colored polycarbonate sheet blocks harmful UV radiations and other harmful flashes of lightning. They are available in colors blue, yellow, white, and more.

28mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 28mm solid polycarbonate sheet features lightweight, fire-resistant, sound insulation, heat insulation, and weather-resistant, making them an ideal polycarbonate sheet.

28mm Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

A 28mm hollow polycarbonate sheet comes with different dimensions, designs, and styles. These kinds of polycarbonate sheets are great for any outdoor and indoor applications.

28mm Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet

The 28mm anti-glare polycarbonate sheet is available at an affordable price. They can be customized according to customers’ ideas and specifications. 

28mm Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab manufactures 28mm tinted polycarbonate sheets with different colors and outlooks. We also offer OEM and ODM services to meet your standards.

28mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

A 28mm multiwall polycarbonate sheet is suitable for construction and other fields. They have a great and reliable function during the applications.

28mm Hard-Coated Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 28mm hard-coated polycarbonate sheets are easy to handle and install. It is versatile, formable, and high-quality. It is made from superior polycarbonate materials.

28mm Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate Sheet

This kind of polycarbonate sheet is not easy to scratch, which can withstand undesirable and harsh weather conditions. Suitable for various applications and purposes.

28mm Yellow Polycarbonate Sheet

The 28mm yellow polycarbonate sheet has a professional and attractive appearance. It is a kind of polycarbonate sheet that can function as decorative sheets or protective sheets.

28mm Custom Shape Polycarbonate Sheet

An extensive selection of sizes and thicknesses are available for 28mm Custom Shape Polycarbonate Sheet. It is easy to use from any angle, offers decent light control, and light softening.

28mm Waterproof Polycarbonate Sheet

28mm Waterproof Polycarbonate Sheet features higher temperature resistance, a weatherproof design, and is fireproof. It is available in many different sizes with variations in length, thickness, width, and even color.

28mm Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

A solid choice for a wide variety of temperatures, 28mm Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet offers greater weathering properties than other polymers.

28mm Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet

28mm Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet is additionally available in sign-grade white polycarbonate sheets. They clearly outperform glass in terms of safety and security due to their nearly impenetrable nature.

28mm Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet

For menu boards, neon signs, LED signs, channel letters, digital billboards, neon signs, and other nonelectric signage, 28mm Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet is a popular option.

28mm Black Polycarbonate Sheet

Black polycarbonate sheets measuring 28 mm thick are heat and fire-resistant and have superior temperature resistance. The sun can be scattered by it.

28mm Light Diffusing Polycarbonate Sheet

For lighting effects and color correction, including additive and subtractive color, color mixing, color transmission, absorption, and filtering of various light wavelengths, 28mm Light Diffusing Polycarbonate Sheet are utilized.

28mm Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Similar to glass in clarity, brilliance, transparency, and translucency, 28mm Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet weighs half as much and has ten times the impact resistance.

28mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

 28mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet can be cut to the required size and fastened to wooden or metal frames. Additionally, it features additional safeguards to prevent joints from leaking.

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Why WeProFab 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is the leading 28mm polycarbonate sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. Along with our rich experience, we can offer and export our products nationwide. We continuously study, develop, and improve our manufacturing capabilities. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted manufacturer, Weprofan is the right place for you.

Weprofab 28mm polycarbonate sheet is constructed from sturdy and high-quality polycarbonate materials. They are popular in constriction, optical, and other industries. In addition, this kind of polycarbonate sheet is great for outdoor and indoor applications. 

Features and Advantages of Weprofab 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet

  • High-durability
  • Professional appearance
  • Safe and reliable
  • UV-Resistant
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-fog
  • Flame retardant
  • Long-lasting
  • It won’t be easy to damage
  • Sustainable
  • Eco-friendly
  • High hardness

Weprofan 28mm polycarbonate sheet is manufactured with skilled and well-trained workers. It comes in different colors. Due to its great characteristics and appearance, it can function as decorative or protective sheets. Moreover, the Weprofab 28mm polycarbonate sheets offer excellent and outstanding performance for any application.

Different Colors of Weprofab 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Clear
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Transparent
  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Opal

Weprofab is one of the professional and experienced manufacturers in China. We offer different polycarbonate sheet products such as polycarbonate hollow sheets, flat polycarbonate sheets, bronze polycarbonate sheets, fluted polycarbonate sheets, and many more.

If you wish to have a long-lasting polycarbonate sheet, then purchase with Weprofab. We offer affordable and competitive rates of 28mm polycarbonate sheets. Outstanding products and excellent services are your assurance once you choose Weprofab.

Here in Weprofab, your inquiries are always prioritized. We also consider your idea in manufacturing our polycarbonate sheet. And as of that, you can expect a professional and on-time solution from us.

Whether you need a wonderful 28mm polycarbonate sheet, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We will accommodate your inquiries, and we can give you a fast response.

Contact us now!

What is a 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The 28mm polycarbonate sheet is a very strong material used for many applications.

It is made of a durable thermoplastic polymer.

Because of its thickness, the 28mm polycarbonate sheet is the most popular choice for:

  • conservatories
  • high-end canopies
  • commercial projects

The 28mm polycarbonate sheet also comes in various types, colors, designs, and shapes.

28mm Polycarbonate Sheet

What are the Types of 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

There are many types of 28mm polycarbonate sheets such as:

  • 28mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet
  • 28mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet
  • 28mm Colored/Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • 28mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet
  • 28mm Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet
  • 28mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

What are the Applications of 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The 28mm polycarbonate sheet has many uses such as:

  • shed windows
  • greenhouse glazing
  • protective screens
  • vertical glazing
  • bus shelter roofing
  • windows and doors
  • train windows
  • riot shields
  • skylight
  • room divider
  • carport roofing
  • canopies
  • conservatory roofing
  • canopies
  • vertical glazing
  • industrial and curved rooflights
  • signage
  • atriums & orangeries
  • covered walkways
  • sound barrier
  • cladding
  • swimming pool covers

28mm Polycarbonate Sheet

What are the Features of 28mm Polycarbonate Sheet?

The 28mm polycarbonate sheet has a lot of features such as:

  • High Impact Strength
  • UV Protection
  • Flame Resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Sound Insulation
  • Flexible
  • Shatter Resistance
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Weather Resistance
  • Saving Energy
  • Fire Retardant
  • Extremely Durable
  • Thermally Insulating
  • Vandal Resistance
  • Soft and Diffused Lighting Effect


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