3mm Acrylic Sheet

In the first place, Weprofab is a professional supplier and manufacturer of acrylic sheet. We can deliver the different size of acrylic sheet to anywhere in the world through our excellent customer relationship and impeccable services. We can manufacture a 3mm acrylic sheet depending on customers’ requirements. Send us your ideal 3mm acrylic sheet and we are glad to deliver all your acrylic sheet needs.

Get WeProFab 3mm Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of a 3mm acrylic sheet fit for your acrylic business and any related business. We have all the types of 3mm acrylic sheet that may offer to our clients.

Acrylic Plastic Sheet

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of acrylic sheets in China for over 20 years. We are manufacturing acrylic plastic sheets in different sizes and colors.

Acrylic Sheet For Furniture

Not just the acrylic plastic sheet, WeProFab is also manufacturing acrylic sheets for furniture. We are experts in manufacturing acrylic sheets.

Cast Acrylic Sheet

For over 20 years, WeProfab is a professional manufacturer of acrylic sheets. We are manufacturing different types of acrylic sheets such as clear, plastic, and cast acrylic sheets.

Clear Acrylic Sheet Circle Perspex Plexiglass

WeProfab is also manufacturing Clear Acrylic Sheet Circle Perspex Plexiglass. We can manufacture them in different sizes and colors.

Clear Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab also manufactures clear acrylic sheets in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We offer them based on a competitive price.

Heat Resistant Plastic Acrylic Sheet

As a professional manufacturer, we designed a plastic acrylic sheet that is heat-resistant. WeProFab can satisfy your needs.

WeProFab: Your Leading 3mm Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

Being a fast-growing company in supplying acrylic sheets, you can choose our wide range of acrylic sheet products such as our 3mm acrylic sheet that you may need for your business.

We have the ability and experience in serving customers in the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. We guarantee excellent quality and innovative 3mm acrylic sheet products.

Send us an inquiry now, we will sure to answer you immediately.

Custom 3mm Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Sheet White

WeProFab manufactures acrylic sheets in different colors such as white, blue, green, and more. We also supply them in different sizes at competitive prices.

White Acrylic Board

As one of the best acrylic sheet manufacturer, WeProFab also manufactures white acrylic board. We supply them with different sizes and colors.

Metallic Silver Acrylic Sheet

For more than 20 years, WeProfab is an expert in manufacturing acrylic sheets. We supply metallic silver acrylic sheets in various shapes based on a competitive price.

High-Strength Acrylic Sheet 3MM

High-strength acrylic sheet 3mm is widely used in numerous applications. They are known for their optical transparency, excellent strength, and rigidity. They also offer extreme weathering characteristics.

3MM Acrylic Sheet for Laser Cutting Machine

3MM acrylic sheet for laser cutting machine has excellent brilliance, clarity, and lucidity. They have glass-like standard, but they are more unbreakable, can last longer, and offers better impact resistance than glass.

3MM Acrylic Sheet with Protective Paper

3MM acrylic sheet with protective paper provides extreme tensile strength. Unlike other transparent sheets, they are way stronger. They have leak-proof properties which make them popular in the market.

3MM Acrylic Sheet for Counter Use

3MM acrylic sheet for counter use is totally unbreakable. They possess superior stiffness and toughness. And also, they can’t easily be broken. Useful outdoor because they have high UV resistance.

Moldable 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Moldable 3mm acrylic sheet is a lightweight transparent material. Their durability makes them useful for producing various products. This may include signage, tabletops, and many more.

Ease to Cut 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Ease to cut 3mm acrylic sheet is provided to fit your specific projects. Compared to glass, they are more rigid and stronger. Their precise cuts make them popular for making picture frames.

Acrylic Iridescent/Radiant Sheet

Acrylic iridescent/radiant sheet in 3mm size is very lightweight yet high strength. They come in the perfect rainbow finish which makes them the best alternative to glass.

High-End 3MM Clear Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab provides a high-end 3mm clear acrylic sheet with light and durability features. They are also cheaper, fire-resistant, and more secure to use than glass.

Water-Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Water-resistant acrylic sheets can last up to many decades when preferred. At the same time, they are UV-stable, scratch-free, impact-resistant, glossy, and easy to cut.

Smoke Black 3MM Acrylic Sheet

A smoke black 3mm acrylic sheet is provided with protective film on each side. This film can help the product prevent any damages. The sheeting itself is durable and high-quality.

Green Acrylic Sheet 3MM

Green acrylic sheet 3mm offers an outstanding glossy finish. They are widely used for commercial and homes establishments. Also, they are UV-protected, highly durable, and rigid material.

UV-Resistant Acrylic Sheet

UV-resistant acrylic sheets can be used in numerous projects. They are stylish when used as a splashback for bathrooms and kitchens. They also works tough if used for presentation displays.

3MM Anti-Fingerprint Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 3mm anti-fingerprint acrylic sheets are long-lasting sheets used in various projects. They also come in different colors and sizes to fit your intended applications.

3MM Anti-Static Acrylic Sheet

High strength and excellent anti-static performance make our 3mm anti-static acrylic sheet popular in the market. Their quality is enough for creating lightboxes, signs, design projects, crafts and arts.

Frosted Matte Acrylic Sheet

Frosted matte acrylic sheet is best used for outdoor signs. They provide excellent weathering characteristics than glass. However, they are UV stable, highly durable, and rigid.

Black Gloss 3MM Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab black gloss 3mm acrylic sheet offers good chemical resistance. For that reason, they are widely preferred for homes establishments and commercial projects.

Cast Acrylic Sheet 3MM

Cast acrylic sheet 3mm is great when applied for food applications. They are BPA-free, FDA graded, and non-toxic making them suitable in making food storage and containers.

Rectangular Acrylic Sheet

Rectangular acrylic sheet also provides antimicrobial characteristics. This sheet is composed of silver ion antimicrobial technology that secures them from microorganism growth.

Anti-Scratch Acrylic Sheet

Anti-scratch acrylic sheet provides superior strength, rigidity, and multiple times the shatter resistance of glass. They are long-lasting and could last more than 5 years of use.

Red Textured Acrylic Sheet 3MM

Compared to glass, red textured acrylic sheet 3mm are multiple times the shock absorbing. They are also easy to manufacture, easy to cut, thermoform, and easy to work with.

3MM Fire Resistant Acrylic Plates Sheet

Weprofab 3mm fire-resistant acrylic plates sheet comes in multiple colors and sizes. They offer glass-like standards and 50% weight of glass.

3MM Shatterproof Acrylic Sheet

3MM shatterproof acrylic sheet comes with higher clarity and transparency. They are one of the best-selling sheets because of their extreme versatility. They are used for practical or artistic uses.

Wear-Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Wear-resistant acrylic sheet is more lightweight and safer to use over the glass. They are often used as a unique and attractive splashback in bathrooms and kitchens.

Perspex Colored Acrylic Sheet

Thanks to great transparency and shatter-resistance, perspex colored acrylic sheets become more popular in the market. Particular uses of this sheet include LCD screens, industrial window glazing, furniture, and more.

3MM Cast Neon Acrylic Sheet

We provide a 3mm cast neon acrylic sheet with resistance to weathering and damaging UV rays. Their quality makes them suitable for acrylic nails applications, security barriers, LCD screens, medical devices, etc.

Glossy Marble Acrylic Sheet

Glossy marble acrylic sheet is recognized due to their unique appearance and colors. Impact resistance and natural transparency are their top 2 properties. This makes them useful for different applications.

Opal Acrylic Sheet 3MM

Opal acrylic sheet 3mm is available at a lower cost. This sheet is easy to maintain, easy to clean, and easily fabricated. Their UV stability also secures final products from discoloration.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

We offer acrylic mirror sheets which are stronger and more shatter-resistant than glass. They also provide excellent chemical resistance features, making them suitable for various purposes.

Acrylic Milky Sheet 3MM

Our acrylic milky sheet 3mm offers incredible thermal insulation. They are also provided with safety films, placed on both sheet sides. They are cost-effective and high-quality sheet options.

3MM Multi-Color Acrylic Sheet

3MM multi-color acrylic sheet is impact-resistant and break-resistant. They are also highly resistant to aging, weathering, chemicals, heat, and color discoloration.

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Why Weprofab 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is the leading manufacturer of acrylic sheet. We can produce and distribute a variety of acrylic sheets in different sizes. In our factory, we have a 2mm acrylic sheet, 3mm acrylic sheet, 5mm acrylic sheet, and so much more.

Weprofab 3mm acrylic sheet is the most flexible and valuable plastic material in the world that has exceptional strength and an alternative for glass.

Weprofab 3mm acrylic sheet is widely used in different industries. It can be used for the transportation industry, electrical, signage, framing and mounting, recreation, and more.

It is ideal for a wide variety of applications, preferably for POS displays and signs, brochure holders, kiosks, glazing, office screens and dividers, electrical enclosures, and more.

Weprofab 3mm acrylic sheet is well known for its transparency, light transmission, impact resistance, and weatherproof properties.

You can use our Weprofab 3mm acrylic sheet in both outdoor and indoor applications.

Our 3mm acrylic sheet is best suited to fill the needs of your business regarding with acrylic sheet.

It has a transparent color that offers a dazzling look carrying full capacity like polycarbonate that has the toughest material.

In China, Weprofab is one of the largest manufacturers when it comes to a 3mm acrylic sheet.

As one of the top 3mm acrylic manufacturer in China, we provide different standard sizes, colors, and thickness for our customers.

At Weprofab, we can produce and model design to meet the exact needs of our valued customers.

We build up together professionally with our satisfied customers to achieve our success.

We eagerly help you supply your needs in regards to the 3mm acrylic sheets.

Nowadays, it is hard to decide which is the right acrylic sheet that fits your business or project. However, we ensure that we will guide you to choose your ideal 3mm acrylic sheet products for your business.

If you are interested in our 3mm acrylic sheet, don’t hesitate to contact us we will answer promptly and give the best product for you.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To 3mm Acrylic Sheet

As one of the most preferred and valuable plastic sheets in the world, the 3mm acrylic sheet is also the most flexible and widely used acrylic sheet.

Right from POS displays and signs, kiosks, and brochure holders to glazing, electrical enclosures, office dividers and screens, you will find this 3mm acrylic sheet fulfills all your indoor and outdoor acrylic business needs.

If you ever had a question about 3mm acrylic sheets, read on to find out everything you need to know about this topic.

How Is The Cast 3mm Acrylic Sheet Different From The Extruded 3mm Acrylic Sheet?

Cast And Extruded 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Cast And Extruded 3mm Acrylic Sheet

· Method Of Manufacture

You use different manufacturing processes to make cast and extruded acrylic sheets.

The 3mm acrylic sheet casting process involves shaping the liquid MMA (Methyl Methacrylate monomer) in a mold enclosed by two glass sheets.

3mm Acrylic Sheet Casting Process

3mm Acrylic Sheet Casting Process

The curing process then separates the cast acrylic sheet from the glass panes by submerging the mold with the shaped monomer in warm water.

The 3mm acrylic sheet extrusion method is a continuous process that feeds acrylic pellets contained in a silo into the extrusion line through a hopper.

3mm Acrylic Sheet Extrusion Process

3mm Acrylic Sheet Extruding Process

A single or twin-screw auger system then drives these acrylic pellets through an extrusion barrel.

There are heated chambers within this extrusion barrel that melt the acrylic pellets.

You then pass the melted acrylic through a feed pipe regulated by the breaker plate.

The continuous band of molten acrylic then enters the die set at a thickness slightly more than 3mm.

This 3mm acrylic sheet passes through several cooling rollers.

Here is where the pattern or finish you choose is embossed into the acrylic sheet.

The cooling process produces a smooth, finished sheet.

Next, you trim the edges to remove any unevenness.

3mm acrylic sheets are cut to required custom lengths, coated with a protective PE film, and then readied for shipping.

You can watch this video to find out the extrusion process for 3mm acrylic sheet.

· Thickness Tolerance

The casting process performs with a 30% tolerance limit on the 3mm acrylic sheet thickness.

You will find that the extrusion process performs better with a 10% tolerance limit on an acrylic sheet with the same thickness.

· Colored Sheet Capability

Since the 3mm acrylic sheet was molded or cast to a fixed size between two glass panes, it has a much smoother surface and can be colored into innumerable color combinations using masterbatch pigments.

The 3mm extruded acrylic sheet goes through a continuous process that makes it easier for the manufacturer to draw clear, black, and opal standard sheets.

· Shipment Size

Production runs are usually 3 to 5 tons in the case of extruded 3mm acrylic sheets, while you can get custom sizes in limited quantities for cast acrylic sheets.

· Ease Of Fabrication

Whether the cast 3mm acrylic sheet is cut with a conventional saw or laser machine, it acquires a better polished edge than an extruded sheet with similar thickness.

You need less time to fabricate this cast acrylic sheet.

Also, cast acrylic sheets are more pliable and malleable than extruded acrylic sheets when they are thermoformed, hot line bent, or draped.

· Properties Affecting Cost

Cast 3mm acrylic sheets are costlier than 3mm extruded acrylic sheets, as they have better thermal stability, better chemical resistance to solvents, and excellent optical clarity.

Though the 3mm extruded sheet is cheaper, it is softer and easier to chemically bond and glue.

Also, it has better thickness consistency.

Consider these differences to make an informed decision on whether you need a cast or extruded 3mm acrylic sheet for your OEM/ODM acrylic business.

What Are The Different Types Of 3mm Acrylic Sheets?

· 3mm Acrylic Sheet For Furniture

3mm Acrylic Sheet For Furniture

3mm Acrylic Sheet For Furniture

Widely used to make different types of furniture, the 3mm acrylic sheet for furniture offers a dazzling look with excellent load-bearing capacity.

You can use a combination of colored sheets to make different kinds of furniture.

Custom shape and mold the 3mm acrylic sheet into high impact-resistant furniture.

With low water absorption of 1.5% to 3.5%, it can be converted into outdoor molded furniture with excellent weatherproof capacities.

· 3mm Clear Perspex/Plexiglass Circular Acrylic Sheet

3mm Clear Perspex-Plexiglass Circular Acrylic Sheet

3mm Clear Perspex/Plexiglass Circular Acrylic Sheet

Manufactured in different colors and sizes, the 3mm clear Perspex/Plexiglass circular acrylic sheet is a perfect laser-cut acrylic sheet available in different diameters.

Use it as a glass window, in lighting applications, outdoor signs, or as a lightweight fish-bowl cover.

You can cut this 3mm clear Perspex/Plexiglass circular acrylic sheet using a plastic saw.

Also, drill holes for custom applications using a drill bit meant for plastic and lubricated with WD40 coolant.

· Clear 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Clear 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Clear 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Ideal for DIY projects, the clear 3mm acrylic sheet comes in 12 X 12 inch and custom sizes for varied indoor and outdoor applications.

With excellent resistance to weathering, this easy-to-use acrylic sheet can be formed, routed, sawed, cemented, bent, and drilled to meet your application requirements.

You will find that this clear 3mm acrylic sheet comes with a protective film to prevent it from developing scratches.

Design acrylic products, experiment with arts and crafts projects, DIY construction and educational model-making projects.

· Heat Resistant 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Heat-Resistant 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Heat-Resistant 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Made of cast acrylic material, the heat-resistant 3mm acrylic sheet is available in 12 X 12 inch and other custom sizes.

Lightweight and highly transparent, this acrylic sheet is stronger than glass and offers high resistance to harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Easy to join and fabricate, the 3mm acrylic sheet is laser cut for a smooth finish on its edges.

You can drill holes into this cheap and durable acrylic sheet without damaging or breaking it.

· White 3mm Acrylic Sheet

White 3mm Acrylic Sheet

White 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Available in different sizes at competitive prices, the white 3mm acrylic sheet is an opaque sheet that allows only diffused light to pass through.

Cut this highly flexible acrylic sheet into desired shapes using an acrylic sheet cutter.

Drill in on to the ceiling to create a unique false ceiling.

Coated with protective layers on both sides, the white 3mm acrylic sheet comes to you as a strong, smooth sheet that is highly resistant to scratches.

You can get this acrylic sheet in 12 X 12-inch one-piece offers or ask for custom prices for your OEM/ODM projects.

· White 3mm Acrylic Board

White 3mm Acrylic Board

White 3mm Acrylic Board

Frosted on one side or both sides, the white 3mm acrylic board is made to your requirements in fine, medium, and coarse sand qualities.

Also available in matte finish, this white acrylic board is widely used in advertising signs, decorations, furniture, demonstration and display items.

The white 3mm acrylic board is made of cast acrylic using 100% virgin acrylic material that does not yellow over time.

Get them in 1250 x 2450mm standard size or in custom sizes ranging up to 2130 X 3130mm or as per your manufacturer’s acrylic sizing capacity.

· Metallic Silver Mirrored 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Metallic Silver 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Metallic Silver Mirrored 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Made of non-toxic and non-polluting material, the metallic silver mirrored 3mm acrylic sheet is unbreakable, lightweight, and absolutely safe to use in varied applications.

This sheet is made of high-quality PMMA material that confirms to international standards.

Available in standard 1830 X 1220mm, 2440 X 1220mm, and custom sizes, the metallic silver mirrored 3mm acrylic sheet is widely used in the manufacture of wall decorations, lady’s handbags, pocket mirrors, and toys.

· Smoke 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Smoke 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Smoke 3mm Acrylic Sheet

If you need a durable and high-quality acrylic sheet, then the smoke 3mm acrylic sheet offers you a recyclable, insulated, and chemically stable product with over 92% transparency rates.

Choose from red, blue, opal, green, clear, and other colored sheets that can be fabricated and cleaned with ease.

Easy to mold, this non-toxic acrylic sheet is used in silk-screen printing, vacuuming, processing, polishing, engraving, and other applications.

The smoke 3mm acrylic sheet is made of MMA monomer that is highly processable and very stable.

· Cast 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Cast 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Cast 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Used for applications like museum casings and aircraft windscreens, the cast 3mm acrylic sheet is made from high-quality MMA raw material.

It conforms to international environmental protection standards and is available in more than 200 colors.

You can get the cast 3mm acrylic sheet in 1020 X 2020 to 2050 X 3050mm sizes or custom sizes with the same thickness.

It is shatterproof, durable, and easy to clean.

This versatile sheet can also be used in acrylic aquariums, structural glazing, display shelves, and sporting equipment.

· Scratch-Resistant 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Scratch-Resistant 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Scratch-Resistant 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Laser cut to specific sizes, the scratch-resistant 3mm acrylic sheet has an additional layer that offers stronger resistance against scratches than that offered by an uncoated acrylic surface.

You can easily thermoform, cut, fabricate, drill, and polish just like a standard acrylic sheet.

The only precaution you need to consider is to avoid bending this sheet with the application of heat.

Use the scratch-resistant 3mm acrylic sheet in a domestic or commercial environment to provide cost-effective and eye-pleasing solutions for your applications.

Whether you need a retail display or door panel, the professional plastic fabricator will offer you a range of scratch-resistant and defect-free acrylic sheets for your diverse application needs.

· Metallic 3mm Acrylic Sheet

3mm Metallic Acrylic Sheet

3mm Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Made in innumerable custom metallic colors, the metallic 3mm acrylic sheet is designed to appear in natural metallic shades.

This acrylic sheet comes in eye-catching designs, is durable, and is offered at very affordable prices.

Choose from various transparency grades, surface coatings, light-transmission, and diffusing properties to create unique and custom display stands, trophies, and illuminated signage.

Save fabrication costs, as the metallic 3mm acrylic sheet does not need polishing, riveting, and welding.

It can be printed, engraved with laser, heat formed, glued, and assembled easily.

· Matte Glass 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Matte 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Matte Glass 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Manufactured with functional aspects including enhanced electrical insulation, light diffusion, and heat deflection, the matte glass 3mm acrylic sheet is offered in cut-to-size and specially priced pre-cut sizes.

You can thermoform, cut, and fabricate these acrylic sheets for use in lighting signs, privacy screens, photography, and other applications.

The professional acrylic sheet manufacturer offers matte glass 3mm acrylic sheets that exceed industry standards like CE, RoHs, ISO9001, and UL.

· Holographic 3mm Acrylic Sheet

3mm Holographic Acrylic Sheet

3mm Holographic Acrylic Sheet

Stocked in fabricated high-grade finishes, the holographic 3mm acrylic sheet is available in gold and other colors, as glittering and light-diffusing sheets.

Used as acrylic splash backs, motorcycle windshields, doors, windows, and in greenhouses, this holographic sheet comes in standard and custom sizes.

You will find that professional acrylic sheet producers can deliver more than 5000 holographic 3mm acrylic sheets as per your specifications every day.

Design your unique acrylic holographic tray box or choose other holographic acrylic sheet designs for your accessories and other applications.

· Non-Glare 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Non Glare 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Non-Glare 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Different kinds of non-glare 3mm acrylic sheets are available in the market that minimize or reduce light reflections from different angles to reduce unwanted glare.

With its high impact resistance, excellent optical properties, and rigidity, this sheet can be easily fabricated into point-of-purchase displays, silk screens, and other signage items.

You can get the non-glare 3mm acrylic sheet in special grades like non-glare Plexiglass, Optix non-glare acrylic, reflective or anti-reflective sheets.

· Laminated 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Laminated 3mm Acrylic Sheet

 Laminated 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Reinforced to resist wear and tear, the laminated 3mm acrylic sheet is the ideal sheet to prevent attacks from termites and borers.

You can use this sheet to create interior decoration items like bathroom and kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and other furnishings as it is easily installed and maintained.

Available in multiple colors and finishes, the laminated 3mm acrylic sheet meets ISO, Reach, RoHs, and UL standards.

CNC machining and laser cutting are just some of the full fabrication capabilities available with acrylic sheet manufacturers to design customized laminated 3mm acrylic sheets.

How Do You Cut A 3mm Acrylic Sheet?

You can use a scoring knife of Dremel to cut the 3mm acrylic sheet.

You can watch this video to find out how to cut the 3mm acrylic sheet.

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