ABS Fabrication

Weprofab offers plastic fabrication services for ABS, acrylic, and acetal. Capabilities include bending, CNC machining, heating, bonding, welding, and vacuum forming. More services include engraving, assembly, non-marring surfaces, etching for reverse and acrylic engineering.

Get WeProFab ABS Fabrication to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is a leading manufacturer of all types of plastic sheets in China for more than 20 years. We can supply high-graded ABS fabrication based on each customer`s standard specifications. Great ABS sheet tolerance is included in all WeProFab fabrications.

ABS Plastic Sheets

The Weprofab ABS Plastic Sheets is fabricated using high-quality materials through our advanced machinery.

12 x 12 ABS Plastic

If you need a 12 x 12 ABS Plastic for your business, you can rely on Weprofab. We have a wide array of 12 x 12 ABS Plastic to fit your application needs.

ABS Black Plastic Sheet

At Weprofab, we can manufacture your ideal ABS Black Plastic Sheet based on your layouts.

ABS Textured Plastic Sheet

We have a skilled and expert team to produce an excellent quality ABS Textured Plastic Sheet in accordance with your specifications.

Black HDPE Sheets

At Weprofab, we have a standard and customized Black HDPE Sheets according to your specifications guaranteed by our top-notch engineers.

HDPE Sheets

Always rely on Weprofab as your biggest manufacturer and supplier of various types of HDPE Sheets.

WeProFab: Your Leading ABS Fabrication Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication.

Weprofab offers a full line of abs fabrication for you. Weprofab ABS sheet offers endless possibilities in architectural applications.

As a leading plastic sheet manufacturer, Weprofab could offer you an ABS sheet in various colors. We have common colors such as white abs plastic sheets and black abs plastic sheets.

As one of the professional plastic sheet manufacturers, Weprofab can offer you the best full abs sheet with your own brand. We are capable to manufacture abs sheet to give you a one-stop solution.

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Custom ABS Fabrication to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom ABS Fabrication

Always count on Weprofab company when looking for the right Custom ABS Fabrication. We are equipped with an expert and skilled team to produce an excellent quality Custom ABS Fabrication.

White Textured ABS Sheet

The Weprofab White Textured ABS Sheet can be customized as per clients’ specifications.

Acrylic Black Sheet

The Weprofab Acrylic Black Sheet is available in different specifications and various sizes. Don’t forget to rely on Weprofab when looking for the right solution for Acrylic Black Sheet.

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Why Weprofab Abs Fabrication

Weprofab does lots of ABS fabrication. We are experts in all plastic sheet fabrication for more than 20 years.

We could offer you plastic fabrication services for abs sheet, acrylic, and acetal.

We are experts in CNC machining, bonding, bending, vacuum forming, welding, and heating.

Additional services include engraving, assembly, etching, non-marring surfaces for reverse and acrylic engineering.

Weprofab abs fabrication capabilities include profiling, tapping, reaming, knurling, thread milling, and countersinking.

ABS has a lot of advantages to offer. It has excellent impact strength, high strength and stiffness, good machinability, and FDA compliant for food contact.

Weprofab serves abs fabrication to most industries such as sewage, food and water treatment, automotive, agricultural, transportation, energy, medical, marine, government, military, and pharmaceutical industries.

ABS is an economical engineering plastic that is widely used for preproduction prototypes.

Because it has excellent dimensional stability and is easy to fabricate, machine, paint, and glue.

Weprofab abs fabrication produces into different products such as valves, shafts, pins, bushing, and standoffs.

Our ABS fabrication provides exceptional metal and steel fabrication services in China.

Through years of industry experience, Weprofab ensures that all of our clients can get the best services and advice in the right place.

We endeavor to offer you the most cutting-edge solutions and quality workmanship in plastic fabrication.

Weprofab company is an expert in all plastic machining. We have extensive CNC routing, CNC milling, and CNC turning capabilities.

It enables us to produce custom-machined, high precision ABS parts to meet your exact design requirements.

Additionally, we have rich experience in CNC machines that bespoke plastic parts and abs parts to customer specifications, drawings, or samples.

Our plastic CNC machine shop can cater to all industrial engineering plastic materials.

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