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Acrylic Aluminum Case

Acrylic aluminum cases are made of a combination of plastic and metal. They offer durable and fashionable designs that protect products from dust and water. Weprofab acrylic cases are perfect for storing cosmetic tools and makeups, electronic devices, barber tools, etc. It can be built with additional handles, locks, and hinges.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Aluminum Case to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab acrylic aluminum cases are dustproof, water-resistant, and fire-resistant. It is ideal for storage, carrying, traveling, and organizing containers for every actual merchandise. The portable and lightweight design of the acrylic aluminum case makes it a great storage solution.

Black Acrylic Display Case

Black acrylic display cases are made of durable acrylic. It’s ideal for saving space and emphasizing favorite objects. With attached hardware, it mounts to the wall quickly and simply.

Pink Transparent Aluminum Acrylic Case

Weprofab pink transparent aluminum acrylic case features a robust hinge, chrome metal corner, and handles. It is impact and scratch-resistant.

Two Door Acrylic Aluminum Case

This two-door acrylic aluminum case has top-grade construction. It also comes with a sturdy handle that adds to the comfort and grip

Clear Acrylic Aluminum Frame Eyelash Makeup Case

This case is made of eco-friendly material waterproof construction. It has an extra-durable aluminum finish with strengthened steel edges.

OEM Portable Transparent Acrylic Aluminum Makeup Case

Weprofab offers OEM portable transparent acrylic aluminum makeup cases perfect for professionals, households, traveling, salons, etc.

Aluminum Acrylic Makeup Display Case

The aluminum acrylic makeup display case has a vital lock to improve security. Additional features include a hinge, chrome metal corner, and handle.

Wholesale Acrylic Makeup Train Aluminum Cosmetic Case

Wholesale acrylic makeup train aluminum cosmetic cases are high-quality and long-lasting. It can be used for a long time. Ideal for personal and professional use.

Multi-function Acrylic Lockable Aluminum Case with Handle

Weprofab multi-function acrylic lockable aluminum case with handle is dustproof, waterproof, and fireproof. Perfect for travel, storage, organizing, and carrying.

Aluminum Acrylic Beauty Storage Display Case

Aluminum acrylic beauty storage display cases are multi-functional. They are lightweight and portable, making them easier to handle and transport.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Aluminum Case Manufacturer

As the name implies, the acrylic aluminum cases utilize aluminum frames and acrylic material to design them. Using laser cutting sheets of acrylic, the case can form it into its desired shape. The recommended thickness of sheets is about 4-5mm to attain the desired rigidity and strength.

Weprofab will choose the suitable manufacturing process for your acrylic aluminum case. Considering required thickness, colors, materials, and other options. Add-on unique features like handles, locks, hinges, etc., can be input. A one-stop solution for your acrylic aluminum case is sure with Weprofab.

Custom Acrylic Aluminum Case to Boost Your Business

Acrylic Black Aluminum Case with Six Trays

Acrylic black aluminum cases with six trays are crystal clear, impact-resistant, and have anti-scratch. It has six extendable accordion trays with a spacious interior.

Transparent Acrylic Beauty Vanity Case

A transparent acrylic beauty vanity case features two secure, easy close latches with key locks. The structure is made of high-quality aluminum and acrylic.

Clear Acrylic Aluminum Carrying Case

Transparent acrylic aluminum carrying case safeguards makeup and skincare products against spilling, leakage, or damage.

Silver Aluminum Transparent Acrylic Case

Weprofab silver aluminum transparent acrylic case protects valuable record collection and makes it easy to use. Comfortable to transport.

Custom-Made Aluminum Acrylic Case

Weprofab can custom-made aluminum acrylic cases are built to be long-lasting, light, and fashionable. It offers a high-tech appearance.

Heavy-Duty Acrylic Aluminum Case

The heavy-duty acrylic aluminum case is designed and built to the highest possible standards. Utilize best materials, heavy-duty solid steel base, and easy to carry.

Acrylic Aluminum Jewelry Case

The acrylic aluminum jewelry case surface is an acrylic panel and aluminum frame. Available accessories include locks, handles, and hinges. It has a simple, generous design.

Acrylic Aluminum Watch Display Case

Weprofab acrylic aluminum watches display case has a transparent acrylic panel on top easy to show. It features a metal handle with two locks.

Acrylic Aluminum Lockable Makeup Case

Acrylic aluminum lockable makeup case has transparent acrylic on top easy to show when case closed. Aluminum and acrylic panels are materials used in construction.

Locking Acrylic Index Card Box Aluminum Case

This locking acrylic index card box aluminum case is made of top-grade material. It has robust aluminum edges and shiny corners.

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Acrylic Aluminum Case: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What Are Acrylic Aluminum Case Used For?

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Acrylic Aluminum Cases

Acrylic aluminum cases offer a convenient place for storing and organizing different tools.

It also protects them from dust, water, and other elements. Thus, it prevents from damages when not in use or while being transported.

This case can accommodate different types of hand-carry tools, such as:

  • Electronic Devices;
  • Barber Tools;
  • Cosmetic Tools;
  • Jewelry;
  • Poker Chip;
  • Paintings and Drawing Tools, and so on.

Acrylic aluminum cases are suitable in various settings – either professional or personal.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Aluminum Case over Glass Units?

Acrylic has been the best alternative to glass in all terms.

The acrylic aluminum case is an excellent container for storing various tools.

Acrylic Aluminum Case China

The popularity of acrylic aluminum cases has grown steadily in recent years.

Admittedly, these units have pros and cons for displaying materials. However, they do have several advantages over glass units.

  • Clearer Appearance; more translucent than glass, making it a better choice for a display that provides visual clarity.
  • Safer to use; if the worst happens and an accident occurs, the case is less likely to be damaged.
  • Tougher; withstand harsh impacts without breaking. It has a sizeable load-bearing capacity.
  • Lightweight; relatively simple to carry and set up; it is less expensive to ship.
  • Versatility; can be used for different purposes in multiple settings.
  • Easy to clean and maintain; nearly 100% dustproof and clean up with a moist cloth.

If you’re looking for a neat and safe way to store goods, this acrylic aluminum case is your ideal choice.

How are Acrylic Aluminum Case Made?

There are several manufacturing processes to make acrylic aluminum case. These processes involve laser cutting, bonding, silk screening, assembly, and more. Let’s take into detail:


Laser cutting the acrylic sheet into the shape of your acrylic case is machining.

Acrylic Aluminum Case Machining

Acrylic Aluminum Case Machining


This procedure entails taking many acrylic sheets and bonding them with a unique adhesive.

The goal is to provide strength to the acrylic case and survive various situations.

Additionally, each edge is bonded with an aluminum frame forming a robust structure. Hinges are added for a better locking system.

Screening printing

In this stage, you can easily print a logo or any form of drawings on the surface of the acrylic aluminum case.

There are various printing methods available based on your exact needs and demands.

The choice of the method will depend on the cost, the design you want your acrylic sign to have, and the effect of your engraving method.

Of course, no acrylic aluminum case manufacturing process is complete without a quality examination of the end product.

Acrylic sheets and aluminum panels are the primary material used for the case.

Other materials include ABS/fireproof plate, PVC, MDF, etc.

These materials are tested first to guarantee quality. If passed, it then proceeds to the production department. Then the following process take follows.

Are Acrylic Aluminum Case Available in Different Colors?

Yes. There are over 53 different colors available. You can find suitable colors for acrylic aluminum cases and brands.

We have:

Pink transparent acrylic aluminum case
Black acrylic display box with aluminum frame
Two-door open, clear acrylic aluminum case
Blue acrylic aluminum cosmetic case
Rose Gold aluminum acrylic beauty case
Small acrylic aluminum case orange

And so much more.

In addition, we can also customize the acrylic aluminum case according to your desired colors. However, minimum order requirements may apply.

Acrylic Aluminum Case Should Conform to Which Standard?

Among the quality standards, the acrylic aluminum case should comply with are ISO, ROHS, REACH, and UL.

  • ISO means ISO 9001, which lays out the specifications for a specific quality management system.
  • ROHS subject on mitigating environmental and health impacts.
  • REACH; focuses on the manufacture and use of chemical components, potential consequences for persons, and the environment.
  • UL means Underwriters Laboratory; establishes precise standards for several product categories.

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