• Acrylic Balcony Panels

Acrylic Balcony Panels

WeProFab acrylic balcony panels significantly improve the aesthetics of a balcony, and you can quickly achieve the desired effect by selecting from a variety of acrylic sheet options. A balcony is a lovely addition to any home, but its usability is dependent on location and weather. On the other hand, a balcony panel can significantly improve your balcony’s usability and comfort. Our sophisticated production line and workshop can design adaptable and durable items.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Balcony Panel to Satisfy Your Customers

As a reputable manufacturer of acrylic balcony panels, WeProFab is committed to producing genuine, high-quality acrylic balcony panels. Balcony panels are available in various shapes, materials, and sizes. WeProFab is capable of providing you with the most professional service.

Laminated Acrylic Balcony Panels

Weprofab Laminated Acrylic Balcony Panels is a modern design style. It has a safety fence function and can be mounted on the floor. It is ideal for an office building.

Indoor Railing Acrylic Balcony Panels

Weprofab Indoor Railing Acrylic Balcony Panels is perfect for villa application. It features a polished surface treatment and indoor usage.

Frosted Acrylic Balcony Panels Sheet

Weprofab Frosted Acrylic Balcony Panels Sheet features a 1.2g/cm3 density and 100% virgin material of cast acrylic sheet. It is also applicable for balconies, decorations, displays, etc.

Decorative Bubble Acrylic Panels Balcony

Weprofab Decorative Bubble Acrylic Panels Balcony is a floor-standing design idea and sea life theme. It features a wireless remote controller.

Acrylic Metal Wood Panel Balcony

Weprofab Acrylic Metal Wood Panel Balcony is a heat pressure treated wood type and not coated frame finishing. It is ideal for outdoor floor applications.

Clear Transparent Acrylic Balcony Panels

Clear Transparent Acrylic Balcony Panels have high transparency, corrosion resistance, stain resistance, ease of production, and an attractive style. They are usually employed in the building, furniture, and entertainment industries.

Acrylic Balcony Railings Panels

Acrylic Balcony Railings Panels are easy to install, all fixed by screws, and can also be installed with inexperienced workers. It’s polished, brushed, and has a titanium gold finishing with 8-12 mm glass size.

Acrylic Single Leaf Balcony Panels

It has a finished surface with a European-style UPVC door. Acrylic Single Leaf Balcony Panels are available in clear or gray, brown-tinted, and green colors.

Double Sliding Door Acrylic Balcony Panels

Double Sliding Door Acrylic Balcony Panels has an eco-friendly glass glue for sealing. It’s applied in residential, commercial, industrial, and villa with a manual opening method.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Balcony Panel Manufacturer

For over 15 years, WeProFab has been manufacturing acrylic balcony panels and is unmatched in the industry. We can assist you with your business because we have extensive experience and expertise. We are dedicated to providing you with superior products and dependable customer service.

A balcony panel made of WeProFab’s acrylic sheets is durable, lightweight, and weatherproof, and not only that acrylic sheet is easily thermoformed and adheres well to adhesives and solvents. 

Whether cold, wet, hot, or light your balcony is, an acrylic balcony panel will make it a comfortable place to relax.

Please let us know if you need a supplier for customized acrylic balcony panel parts; we would be happy to be your first choice.

Custom Acrylic Balcony Panel to Boost Your Business

Acrylic LED Ceiling Balcony Panel

Acrylic Led Ceiling Balcony Panel is applicable in entertainment venues, bedrooms, restaurants, bars, living rooms, and hotel places with 40w power. It has a lighting and circuitry design that has 50,000 hours of lifespan.

Acrylic Fence Railing Balcony Panel

Acrylic Fence Railing Balcony Panel is inspired by European fashion, possesses inherent charm, and has an intrinsic honor that exposes incredible wealth. It is applied in hospitals, hotels, home, bar, and villa; it also accepts OEM and ODM.

Acrylic Balustrade Glass Balcony Panel

It features high transparency, good glossiness, injection-molded technology, and the bubble inside emphasizes the delicacy of beauty. Its design style is modern and is applied in a villa.

Modern Tra-Thin LED Acrylic Balcony Panel

Its working time and lifespan can go up to 50,000 hours with a working temperature of -30-50℃. It has a modern design style with CE, RoHS, and FCC certification. 

Line Textures Acrylic Balcony Panel

You can select a selection of Pantone color cards with acrylic, plywood, and aluminum composite panel platforms. Its texture is customizable, and the project’s scope determines its dimensions.

Decorative Wall Pillar Balcony Panel

Weprofab Decorative Wall Pillar Balcony Panel is ideal for building decoration applications. It is a European classic or modern type with fire retardant, easy installation, and lightweight.

Ultra-Thin Round Acrylic Balcony Panel

Weprofab Ultra-Thin Round Acrylic Balcony Panel is a modern design balcony panel that features -20℃ to 50℃ working temperature. It has a round shape that is ideal for indoor application.

Round Balcony Panel Acrylic Ceiling Light

Weprofab Round Balcony Panel Acrylic Ceiling Light features a 10℃ to 100℃ working temperature and modern style. It is a surface-mounted install style.

Acrylic Backyard Pool Balcony Panels

Weprofab Acrylic Backyard Pool Balcony Panels have high hardness, glossy surface, and excellent weather resistance. It features a 95% light transmission.

Waterproof Acrylic Balcony Panels

Weprofab Waterproof Acrylic Balcony Panels is a fencing, gates, and trellis type. It is an environmentally friendly product made from recycled plastics and non-virgin wood.

Clear Cast Acrylic Balcony Panel

Clear cast acrylic balcony panel is a lightweight, rigid, and weather-resistant material. Often used as a shatter-resistant replacement for glass and used in a wide range of industries. Offered with cut-to-size options.

Colored Acrylic Balcony Panel

A colored acrylic balcony panel is available in a wide spectrum of thicknesses and finishes. Frequently applied as balustrades, noise reduction, and safety barriers. Comes in a spectacular range of colors.

Custom Color Acrylic Balcony Panel

Custom color acrylic balcony panel features solid, durable, and strong attributes. Offers numerous fascinating applications with amazing aesthetics and durability. Guarantees augmented strength and easy customizability.

Customized Acrylic Balcony Panel

A customized acrylic balcony panel is optically clearer than glass and has excellent sound-proofing characteristics. Remains alive under heat and pressure with a built-in ultraviolet filter. Highly customized and chemical resistant.

Cut To Size Acrylic Balcony Panel

Cut to size acrylic balcony panel is durable and relatively shatter-proof. Sold in predetermined sizes and made from sturdy acrylic sheets. Capable to resist scratches and other damage. Ensures easier transport and handling.

Frosted Clear Acrylic Balcony Panel

Frosted clear acrylic balcony panel offers better weather and heat resistance than any other material. Guarantees outstanding insulation properties and has a cool, frosted surface. Resistant to scratching and solvents.

Green Edge Acrylic Balcony Panel

Green edge acrylic balcony panel diffuses light to enhance the design options. Features a smooth surface that resists fingerprints and is easy to clean. Arrives with a crystal ice appearance and has a green edge.

Matte Acrylic Balcony Panel

Matte acrylic balcony panel is ideal for various purposes. Remains longer than any other plastic sheet material. Offers high levels of clarity and is practically very easy to clean. Comes with excellent resistance to the elements.

Tinted Grey Acrylic Balcony Panel

The tinted grey acrylic balcony panel is delivered with excellent optical clarity and a high gloss finish. Easy to work with and fabricate. Available with its attractive aesthetics. Structured using hard-wearing acrylic.

White Opal Acrylic Balcony Panel

The white opal acrylic balcony panel is a premium-performing product that is virtually unbreakable. Features up to 90% light transmission, long-term weather, and UV resistance. Lightweight and easy to install.

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Acrylic Balcony Panel: A Complete FAQ Guide

What are the Acrylic Balcony Panel's Properties?

WeProFab has over 15 years of satisfied customers and the industry’s best prices, quality, images, and turnaround time!

Choosing the right design and material for your balcony panel can completely transform its appearance.

With so many acrylic sheet options available, you can quickly achieve the desired effect.

A simple panel that matches your home or environment can instantly transform a drab balcony into a modern and comfortable seating area.

One of them makes use of acrylic sheets, which are a common and versatile material.  Acrylic is a versatile material because of its resistance to the elements, durability, clarity, and ease of recycling.

Acrylic sheets come in various colors, tints, and textures, including frost and non-reflective.

  • 20x more potent than regular glass
  • Easy to fabricate, drill, and polish
  • Outstanding optical properties
  • Recyclable
  • Lightweight
  • UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance

To ensure that you receive a high-quality balcony panel, our staff inspects and tests each one thoroughly. Our quality management system allows us to provide superior acrylic balcony panels.

Which Acrylic Types will be Use to Make Balcony Panels?

We would be happy to explain the various kinds of acrylic and their finishes.

With acrylic balcony panels, always choose cast over extruded. Cast acrylic is more durable and easier to work with than extruded acrylic.

Transparent Acrylic

  • Perfect for enjoying the view while blocking the wind. Additionally, UV-resistant heat-retaining acrylic is available. 
  • You can clean this one with gentle household cleaning products like other acrylic sheets.

Matte Acrylic Sheet

  • 100% transparency and confidentiality. You can keep a view while remaining invisible to your neighbors by combining transparent and matt acrylic.
  • This elegant solution for balconies with bars allows light into the house while keeping you hidden from passers-by.

Tinted Acrylic Sheet

  • Acrylic comes in various shades and colors—acetate in shades of grey and brown. Tinted acrylic is UV resistant, making it ideal for summer balconies.
  • Also, tinted acrylic provides privacy while allowing a better sight inside to outside.

Coloured Acrylic Sheet

  • You can match your home/business paint colors. Your balcony panel will utilize colored acrylic sheets.
  • Transparent acrylic is available in green, blue, and red. They have a pearly appearance. It colored acrylic sheets that blend in better.
  • This allows you to mix transparent and opal finish sheets to achieve the desired transparency.

We also provide complimentary acrylic balcony panel samples to new customers to ensure product quality. To ensure the quality of the acrylic balcony panel, WeProFab created physical product samples for your inspection.

What are the Specifications for the Acrylic Balcony Panels?

Our in-house acrylic balcony panel manufacturing plant can quickly design and tool your requirements. We can create high-precision balcony panel prototypes for your brand using CNC machining and other advanced technology.

Sizes (mm): 

  • 2440 x 1220
  • 2490 x 1580 
  • 2490 x 1880 
  •  3050 x 2030 

Only available in clear and opal.

Thickness (mm): 

  • 1.5 
  • 2.8 
  • 3
  • 4.5 
  • 6
  • 10 
  • 12 
  • 15 
  • 20 
  • 25 
  • 30 
  • 40
  • 50


  • Above are clear acrylic thicknesses. Acrylic is stocked in 3mm and 10mm tinted acrylic.
  • Clear acrylic blocks up to 150mm thick are available.
  • Color matching is available for special projects with a minimum order quantity.


  • Clear
  • Opal
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Red (Tint 3C01)
  • Blue (Tint 5C01)
  • Green
  • Amber
  • Orange
  • Ivory
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Brown
  • Bronze
  • Grey
  • Silver Mirror

Our dedicated team will respond as soon as possible if you have any questions or need more information.

Is it possible to Customize the Acrylic Balcony Paneling?


WeProFab is a significant manufacturer of acrylic balcony panels in China. We provide an unmatched level of service and a highly skilled team to assist you with your business.

WeProFab has developed a high level of expertise, breadth of knowledge, and in-depth knowledge of this industry. 

WeProFab ensures a higher product quality standard.

Kindly contact us if you require specific sizes, colors, or designs. We’ll take care of the production!

We prioritize customer requests to meet their specific needs. Weprofab acrylic balcony panel will help you excel and please customers.

How Do I Care for My Acrylic Balcony Panel?

Cleaning and maintaining acrylic is critical to extending its life.

Acrylic is a safer and more durable alternative to glass and other plastics, but it requires proper care.

The following are some tips for properly caring for acrylic sheeting due to its vulnerability to such cleaners and risks:

  • Abrasive solvents and cleaners can damage acrylic sheeting. Use a commercial plastic cleaner or mild soap and water to clean plastic.
  • Apply cleaner with a non-abrasive microfiber cloth to avoid scratches in the surface area.
  • Remove tough grease, oil, or tar residues with commercial hexane or kerosene. Cleaning up solvents with clean water helps reduce and prevent water spots.
  • Never clean acrylic sheeting with ammonia, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, or gasoline.
  • Solvents like these can cause cracks in acrylic sheeting and frosted surfaces.

Kindly contact us here for additional information!

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