Acrylic Bar Cart

Acrylic Bar Cart

For serving liquor and other bar essentials, acrylic bar carts are the best solution. Acrylic bar carts are attractive trolleys that can add elegance to any bar or room. They are the perfect option for serving wine, cocktails, dishes, and other items elegantly.

Choose WeProFab Acrylic Bar Cart to Grow Your Business

WeProFab aims to provide the best quality acrylic bar carts at competitive prices to help your business skyrocket. We can also provide you with our customization services to meet your exact project needs. All our acrylic bar carts can be customized to any size, shape, or design you specifically need.

Clear Acrylic Bar Cart

The clear acrylic bar carts feature smooth and glossy surfaces. They have high transparency which makes them suitable for any space.

2-Tier Gold Acrylic Bar Cart

The 2-tier gold acrylic bar carts will surely exude luxury and a modern touch due to the gold and transparent combination.

Acrylic Grey Bar Cart

The acrylic grey bar carts will add a modern charm to any bar. They can also be used for cafes, restaurants, and other events.

Acrylic Gold Oval Bar Cart

The acrylic gold oval bar carts have an elegant appearance. They are widely used in hotels, bars, clubs, and other areas.

2-Tier Acrylic Rectangular Bar Cart

The 2-tier acrylic rectangular bar carts provide ample space for wine bottles, ice buckets, and other bar essentials.

3-Tier Acrylic Small Bar Cart

The 3-tier acrylic small bar carts are designed with fenced edges so the items will not fall. They are ideal for small spaces.

Acrylic Bar Cart with Glass Holder

The acrylic bar carts with glass holders are designed with stemware holders so you can hang wine glasses and other stemware.

Acrylic Round Bar Cart

The acrylic round bar carts have a lightweight and luxurious design. They can be moved easily and smoothly.

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Variety of Usages

The acrylic bar carts are multifunctional.

They are widely used in bars, hotels, restaurants, and cafes for serving food and beverages. However, you can also use them as drink carts, coffee carts, and kitchen carts.

Moreover, the acrylic bar carts have removable wheels. Therefore, they can be used as bar stands, tables, or organizers in various spaces.

Variety of Usages
Features of Acrylic Bar Cart

Features of Acrylic Bar Cart

Easy to Move

The acrylic bar carts have caster wheels that can rotate 360° smoothly. They will also not scratch the floor.

Elegant Look

Due to the glass-like transparency of acrylic bar carts, they look elegant and modern. They can contribute to the overall aesthetics of any bar.

Large Weight Capacity

The acrylic bar carts have enough durability to hold bar essentials. They are available in various maximum-weight capacities.

WeProFab – Your Professional Acrylic Bar Cart Manufacturer in China

Your Professional Acrylic Bar Cart Manufacturer in China
Your Professional Acrylic Bar Cart Manufacturer in China

WeProFab manufactures acrylic bar carts that are suitable for holding wine bottles, drink trays, drinkware, shot glasses, ice buckets, and other bar items. Our acrylic bar carts are made from highly transparent, most durable, and finest quality acrylic material. The raw materials and finished acrylic bar carts have been tested rigorously. Because of that, be assured that our acrylic bar carts are strong enough to hold many items and can withstand daily use.

What are the Components of an Acrylic Bar Cart?

The acrylic bar carts have many components. Their components also have their functions. Below are some of the examples. However, some parts are optional. They can be added as required.

Pulling Handle – To easily control the direction of the cart.

Baffles, Rail Bars, or Fenced Edges – To prevent the items from falling.

Compartment or Shelf – For additional storage.

Towel Handles – For hanging the towels.

Stemware holder – For holding stemware glasses.

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