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Custom Acrylic Bell Jars

Acrylic bell jars are transparent, dome-shaped containers, which are often used for display, protection, or experimentation purposes. They can maximize visibility and provide easy access to items inside. In addition, they are suitable for a variety of applications because of their durability and resistance to breakage. Acrylic can be easily molded and fabricated, so we can customize acrylic bell jars in different sizes and thicknesses for different applications.

Types of Acrylic Bell Jars

Why Is Acrylic Bell Jar So Popular?

Acrylic is more shatter-resistant and durable than glass, making acrylic bell jar a safer choice, especially in environments where breakage is a concern. And acrylic is lighter than glass and easier to handle and transport.  Furthermore, acrylic’s resistance to a diverse array of chemicals renders the acrylic bell jar suitable for an array of laboratory and industrial uses. Crucially, acrylic maintains its optical clarity over time and remains resistant to yellowing, even when subjected to sunlight and harsh environmental conditions.

Overall, acrylic bell jars are widely used in scientific research, educational and industrial environments due to their transparency, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Why Is Acrylic Bell Jar So Popular
Various Uses of Acrylic Bell Jars

Various Uses of Acrylic Bell Jars

Acrylic bell jars have a variety of practical and decorative uses. They can be used as display cases, which are used in jewelry stores to showcase and protect delicate or valuable items such as collectibles, antiques, jewelry, or memorabilia. Pastry chefs use them to display and preserve pastries, desserts and other food items. Teachers also use them for science experiments because the acrylic bell jar creates a vacuum chamber to demonstrate scientific principles. What’s more, artists and crafters will use them to create miniature scenes, dioramas, or glass containers. They are also great for creating decorative flower arrangements or preserving and displaying plant and flower specimens.

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