• Acrylic Bird Cage

Acrylic Bird Cage

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Special Clear Acrylic Bird Cage

Werpofab shows professionalism in every acrylic bird cage fabrications. We offer special clear acrylic bird cages for affordable prices.

Transparent Acrylic Travel Bird Cage

As an expert in fabricating any acrylic-formed products, Weprofab produces transparent acrylic travel birdcage to satisfy your needs.

Custom Acrylic Bird Cage

Order your ideal design of the acrylic birdcage only here at Weprofab! It secures and provides a comfy living for the birds.

Acrylic Large Parrot Bird Cage

Acrylic large parrot birdcage from Weprofab is most popular to use for special parrots. It is available in custom designs, depending on your demands.

Acrylic Brown Bird Cage Manufacturer

Weprofab is operating in China, providing trusted services for each and every client. We are proud to offer our acrylic brown birdcage with satisfying figures.

Acrylic Bird Cage Portable Machine

Find your ideal acrylic bid cage here at Weprofab. You can feel ease in searching your most desired acrylic bird cage portable machine designs.

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Weprofab is a company in combination with WeeTect Material Limited & Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We highly present one-stop acrylic bird cage solutions for anyone.

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Custom Acrylic Bird Cage to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Bird Feeder Cage

In Weprofab, you could only find the best acrylic bird feeder cages. They are available in custom figures and styles.

Acrylic Travel Bird Cage

Weprofab is the best supplier of an acrylic travel birdcage in China. Send your own layouts and we`ll make precise fabrications.

Hanging Acrylic Bird Cage

When you feel difficulties in searching for an outstanding hanging acrylic birdcage, no worries! Weprofab offers no-hassle services for fantastic rates.

Mini Acrylic Bird Cage

If you are in need of mini acrylic birdcage, you find the right manufacturer to guide you! Weprofab has expertise in all fabrications.

Tabletop Acrylic Bird Cage

Are you lacking tabletop acrylic birdcage for business? Weprofab provides not only the best but also unique acrylic birdcage for you.

Acrylic Large Bird Cages

Both safety and comfort are provided by the acrylic large bird cages. Utilize highly durable material to create the cage to assure animals are safe from any outside influence.

Dust-proof Acrylic Bird Cages

Weprofab dust-proof acrylic bird cages have well-built constructions. They are also designed with features that make them exceedingly easy to operate. It can be put together without the use of any special tools or skills.

Acrylic Bird Cage with Standing Bar

Acrylic birdcage with a vertical bar is breathable and sustainable. Available in standard sizes or can be customized and the material, style, application, pattern, closure type, etc.

Acrylic Bird Hamster Cage

Manufactured using high-quality, environmentally friendly acrylic materials, acrylic bird hamster cages can be used for more years to come. Ideal for supermarkets, souvenir stores, and gift stores.

Transparent Ornamental Acrylic Bird Cage

Weprofab transparent ornamental acrylic birdcage has a simple and elegant design. Available in pure colors make, it is suitable for the birds’ environment. It’s easy to install.

Acrylic Corner Bird Cages

Acrylic corner bird cages are solid and long-lasting. Besides, they are also beautiful. Every cage has a unique design that makes it stand out and attracts the attention of everyone in the room.

Hanging Acrylic Bird Cage with Trays

We design hanging acrylic birdcages with trays as excellent material for durability and practical use. It’s safe, long-lasting, and healthy, and birds will enjoy it. It’s a great gift idea for friends and so much more.

Portable Acrylic Bird Cage Outdoor

This portable acrylic birdcage for outdoor use is constructed of high acrylic material that is both sturdy and functional. It has excellent and smooth construction so that you can use it confidently. It is appropriate for use at home or in a pet store.

Rectangle Acrylic Decorative Bird Cages

Our rectangle acrylic decorative bird cages are perfect for parrots, hamsters, squirrels, rabbits, and other small birds. It is a great way to give the cage a sense of security.

60CM Acrylic Bird Cages

We offer 60cm acrylic bird cages with acrylic doors for better viewing. The large door facilitates cleaning. Castor wheels features provide your cage more mobility as you push it from point to point.

Wall Mount Acrylic Bird with Suckers

Wall-mount acrylic birds with suckers are made of quality material and are easy to install. It has 100% clear thick premium acrylic providing a beautiful view of the wild birds. The pattern hole allows water to drain quickly on rainy days.

Wholesale Custom Clear Acrylic Bird Cage

Custom your ideal clear acrylic bird cage comes in various choices like material, size, style, and features. You can wholesale these cages at more competitive prices.

Pink Acrylic Bird Cages

The pink acrylic birdcage is made of high-quality materials at a reasonable price. The heavy-duty push-button lock keeps your bird safely within its cage when playing is ended, and the cage top play stand keeps your bird amused and pleased.

Mini Square Acrylic Bird Cages

This mini square acrylic bird cage is included with two wood perches, four stainless steel, and a catered platform for transportation. The drawers and the bottom grille can be removed for easy cleaning, and the rounded corner seed guards keep the cage clean.

Indoor Clear Acrylic Bird Cages

Our indoor clear acrylic bird cages are available in Lexan, polycarbonate, and Plexiglas. They are suitable for small cockatiels to big macaws. They are simple to clean and have a heavy-duty structure that ensures their longevity.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Bird Cage

Globally, Weprofab is distributing high-quality acrylic bird cages to satisfy you and your valued customers` needs. Weprofab is committed to the success of your business projects. And to effectively gain profits, our team, Weprofab can help you by providing our unique and functional acrylic bird cages. We are your trusted providers of acrylic bird cage not only in China but also in any part of the world.

Acrylic Bird Cage

Weprofab Acrylic birdcage are available in specific customizations you needed.  Whatever you want to use an acrylic birdcage, we are here to support your projects completely. By providing your needed products, we are glad to help you the best as we can.

Weprofab acrylic bird cage is obviously used as a bird`s house. These should be built amazingly so that the birds live comfortably. And it`s our duty to make an amazing acrylic birdcage for you. Well, there are a lot of options you can pick from our given selections. But if you have your own layout of the acrylic birdcage, let our designers familiarized first to achieve 100% satisfying finish.

Acrylic Bird Cage

Our acrylic birdcage has uncommon designs and perfect glorious looks. It is also available in different designs and dimensions to meet accurately to your demands. At the same time, as a trusted source of an acrylic birdcage, Weprofab acrylic bird cage featured durable, impact-resistant and made to remain intact for a long period of time.

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Acrylic Bird Cage

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Acrylic Bird Cage: The Ultimate Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about acrylic bird cage – from design, size, uses, material grade, to color options, amongst others.

So, before you invest in a new acrylic bird cage, read this guide.

What is an Acrylic Bird Cage?

An acrylic bird cage is an alternative bird enclosure used for rearing birds indoors.

This structure keeps the birds from flying around in a room by keeping them in one place.

It also protects them from harm by keeping predators out.

Acrylic bird cages are a classy option compared to traditional wooden or metal cages.

They keep the birds happier and have a unique aesthetic appeal.

 acrylic birrd cage

Acrylic bird cage

What are the Components of an Acrylic Bird Cage?

These are the parts that make a functional acrylic bird cage;

  • The base is the foundation of the structure as it is what the entire cage stands on.

It can be made from acrylic or another material, depending on your preference.

  • The sidewalls of the cage make up the height and length of the structure.

For an acrylic bird cage, these walls are solid sheet walls that run from the bottom of the cage to the top.

  • The top of the cage is a covering that keeps the birds in.
  • Ventilation holes must be present in an acrylic bird cage, or else the birds will suffocate.
  • Feeding and water troughs are added to the inside of the cage for the birds’ nutrition.
  • An acrylic bird cage has perches inserted within. They create a tree-like environment and help the birds move about the cage.

Which is the Best Material Grade for Acrylic Bird Cage?

The best acrylic to use for making bird cages depends on the properties you require.

Different types of acrylic materials can be used for this project, each with different benefits over the others.

Here is a list comparing these features;

Cast Acrylic

These acrylic sheets have the highest quality.

They offer the best in strength, impact resistance, and clarity.

They also come in a variety of thicknesses giving you several options.

Cast acrylic is the best for large acrylic bird cages, as it is extremely strong.

If you need colored sheets for the acrylic bird cage, this is also the best option.

continous acrylic cast sheets

Cast acrylic sheets

Continuous Cast Acrylic

This grade of acrylic closely resembles cast acrylic.

Since it is produced using a continuous cooling and heating process to control curing, it has some additional properties.

It has better clarity and is shatterproof compared to other types of acrylic.

Continuous cast acrylic is the best option for making bird cages meant for public display.

extruded acrylic sheets

Continuous acrylic cast sheets

Extruded Acrylic

If you want a beautiful acrylic bird cage on a budget, extruded acrylic is the way to go.

This type of acrylic is cheaper to produce, so its products are also cheaper.

DIY bird cages can be made using this acrylic grade as it is readily available at affordable prices.

Its downside is it has lower quality and only offers limited thickness options.

However, it is still strong and extremely easy to work with.

extruded acrylic sheets

Extruded acrylic sheets

What is the Ideal Thickness for an Acrylic Bird Cage?

When making an acrylic bird cage, the ideal thickness is flexible.

Birds are light creatures, so a reinforced strength with these structures should not be a major concern.

A thickness of anywhere between ¼ inch to 3/8 inch would be appropriate.

However, you can get thicker sheets if you need reinforcement for any reason.

For instance, you may be keeping rare birds that need extra security.

You might also need to soundproof the cage as some birds can be quite noisy.

Are there Size Limitations for an Acrylic Bird Cage?


The right size for an acrylic bird cage depends on several factors. These include the following

  • The preference of the client
  • The space available for keeping the bird cage
  • The number of birds the cage will house
  • The size of the birds the cage will house

Bottom line, just pick a size that is manageable in terms of maintenance and suits your needs.

What Design Options are Available for an Acrylic Bird Cage?

There is no shortage of design options for acrylic bird cages since different people have varying tastes.

Popular designs are based on any one of the following parameters.


An acrylic bird cage can come in various shapes, including squares, rectangles, hexagons, cylinders, and circles.

They can even be a combination of different shapes.

Plain or Hybrid

A plain acrylic bird cage is made purely from acrylic sheets.

Hybrid cages have acrylic combines with other materials such as wood, metal, or ceramic.

Stand-alone or with a Stand

Some acrylic bird cages are stand-alone, especially if they are large and placed on the floor.

There are also smaller cages that are stand-alone and are placed on counters.

Alternatively, an acrylic bird cage can have a stand.


An acrylic bird cage can be built on a stand with wheels so that it can be moved from one place to another.

Others are fixed and remain where they are installed.

Can You Customize an Acrylic Bird Cage?

customized acrylic bird cage

Customized acrylic bird cage


Customization gives the cage unique features that personalize it for specific clients.

There are several ways to do this where you can add any of the following features;

  • Labels
  • Soundproofing
  • Adding protective coating
  • Using colored acrylic sheets
  • Adding accessories and decorations
  • Combining acrylic with other materials to build the cage

How do You Clean Acrylic Bird Cage?

Cleaning an acrylic bird cage can seem hectic, especially since you must clean the cage inside and outside.

However, if you establish a routine based on several steps, it becomes very easy.

Here are some steps you can use in your routine.

However, feel free to add more depending on the particular needs of your bird cage.

i. Remove the birds from the cage as it makes it easier to clean. You can place them in a box or a portable cage as you clean.

ii. Clean out the droppings and food particles on the floor of the cage.

Shavings are usually placed on the floor of the cage to catch the droppings.

Clean these out and any stains on the floor.

iii. Wash the cage with disinfectant soap and water.

You can leave the disinfectant on for a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing to kill all the bacteria.

Make sure you get the edges as dirt and microorganisms can hide there. You can take out any non-fixed accessories and feeders to wash them separately.

iv. Rinse out the cage and allow air drying.

v. Place fresh shavings, replace food and water, replace all accessories, and return the birds to the cage.

Here are some additional tips to protect your birds and their cage from harm.

  • Always use non-toxic cleaners
  • Invest in a microfiber cloth to minimize scratching on the acrylic
  • Ensure cleaners are safe for use on plastic surfaces.
  • Clean out droppings and food particles daily to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Do a thorough cleaning every week

Are there Disadvantages of Using Acrylic Bird Cage?

Despite its numerous advantages, an acrylic bird cage has some shortcomings. They are

It is Expensive;

Acrylic bird cages are relatively more costly than those made from metal and wood.

This feature may discourage you from buying them, especially if you are on a budget.

It Scratches Easily

It is one of the disadvantages of using acrylic to make cages and can be expensive to repair.

Considering that birds have somewhat sharp claws, they may scratch the acrylic as they fly around.

Nevertheless, the pros of an acrylic bird cage greatly outweigh its cons.

Which is the Ideal Position to Place Acrylic Bird Cage?

It is important to choose the right position to place an acrylic bird cage as birds need a good environment to thrive.

Consider the following factors:

  • Proximity to sunlight
  • Is the area dark enough at night to allow them to sleep? You can opt to cover the cage at night with a black-out cloth instead.
  • The stand should be stable to avoid the stress of being constantly wobbled and the danger of getting knocked over.
  • The cage must be out of the reach for other pets, particularly cats, to avoid possible predation.
  • The birds should be kept away from extremely noisy places, such as near a stereo. You can invest in a soundproofed cage instead if this is unavoidable.
  • If purely for aesthetic, the cage should be placed somewhere visible when people walk into a room.

What is the Best Way to Install Acrylic Bird Cage?

The best way to do this depends on the size of the cage.

For a small cage, you can attach it to a wall using a bracket or hang it from the ceiling using chains.

Larger structures are best placed on a stable stand or the floor.

The most important thing is to ensure that the cage is stable and safe from being knocked over.

How do You Choose the Right Acrylic Bird Cage?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the ideal acrylic bird cage.

They include the following.


An acrylic bird cage usually costs more than traditional cages.

You must be ready to spend more on it, but the advantages are worth it.

Air Circulation

Since acrylic bird cages do not have bars like traditional ones, you must ensure that the cage you buy has circulation.

This is achieved in acrylic by including multiple ventilation holes on the panels.


There are several designs that an acrylic bird cage can come in.

Ensure you select one that suits your preference, décor, and needs.


The best acrylic bird cage should fit in the space available for it in your home.

Space determines size and design as well.


An acrylic bird cage does not have anywhere the birds can perch on within the structure.

The ideal cage should include such accessories to help the bird move about in the cage.

How Much Does Acrylic Bird Cage Cost?

The price of an acrylic bird cage varies, but you can expect to spend upward of $50 for this purchase.

Some of the factors that affect the cost for this item include the following.


The bigger the cage, the more it is priced due to the cost of its production.

Customized Features

You have to pay extra for custom features in an acrylic bird cage since they must be applied individually.

Personalized cages will cost more due to this.

Brand or Manufacturer

Some brands price their products higher than others even if they cost the same to manufacturers.

Always consider different brands before you pick one.

Type of Acrylic Used

Different types of acrylic are sold at different prices, which affects the cost of their end product.

For instance, acrylic bird cages made from extruded acrylic cost way less than those made from cast acrylic sheets.

Does Acrylic Bird Cage Scratch Easily?


Birds may scratch the surface using their beaks and claws while flying around the cage.

The cage may get scratches on the outside from a predator trying to get a taste of your birds.

Scratching may also occur when cleaning if you are using the wrong tools.

While all the above scenarios sound like a nightmare for your acrylic bird cage, there is a simple solution.

You can fix this by purchasing a cage with an anti-scratch coating.

What are the Advantages of Acrylic Bird Cage Over those Made Using Other Materials?

An acrylic bird cage is a great alternative to traditional cages because it offers many benefits for you and your birds.

They include the following;

  • Since acrylic visually resembles glass, it provides an unobstructed view for the birds. Bars make a cage look more like a cell than a home for the birds.
  • Birds that live in acrylic bird cages are happier and healthier. The clear view gives them an illusion of being free in the room.

They also suffer reduced wing damage as they never get them caught on the bars as in traditional cages.

  • An acrylic bird cage is easier to clean. Cages made from other materials usually have bars, which must be cleaned individually.

Acrylic cages are made of large one-piece panels that are easier to clean.

  • Safety is another benefit acrylic bird cage gives you. This material is inert, so it does not release harmful toxins that can affect the birds.
  • Acrylic bird cages are more durable than those made from other materials.

They do not break down, fade, or rot even with exposure to sun or water.

  • If you like quiet in your home but still love birds, an acrylic bird cage is for you. It is easy to soundproof these cages by using thick sheets.

The birds also get reduced noise pollution from the outside of the cage.

How Many Birds can You Keep in Acrylic Bird Cage?

You can keep any number of birds in an acrylic bird cage.

While there are no real limitations, the best number depends on:

The Size of the Cage

A small cage may only accommodate one or two birds.

They need the space to move about without feeling congested.

If you want to keep many birds in the same cage, ensure it has enough space.

The Species of Bird you are Keeping

Some birds get along, and others do not.

If your birds do not get along, you may need several cages to house all the birds, giving each cage a few inhabitants.

Keep male and female of the same species together for reproduction purposes.

Different species have varying sizes.

Therefore, if you are keeping small-sized birds, several of them may fit in a small cage.

You would need fewer large birds for the same cage.

The most crucial thing is that birds, too, get lonely.

It is best to place at least two in one cage, That is unless you have a bird that interacts with people, such as a parrot.

Are there Color Limitations when Buying Acrylic Bird Cage?

Not really.

You can use colored acrylic for a bird cage if it suits your taste.

In most cases, clear acrylic is preferred.

You can use some colored panels for some of the sides.

However, ensure you include a clear panel, especially on the side that faces the sunlight.

Can You Install Acrylic Bird Cage Outdoors?


It is unusual, but you can.

Outdoor bird cages need plenty of ventilation, so the birds do not bake in the heat.

Mesh is the preferred material for outdoor cages.

It keeps birds in, predators out, and allows for plenty of air circulation.

It is possible to combine acrylic panels with mesh to enjoy the benefits of both materials.

outdoor acrylic bird cage

Out door acrylic bird cage

How Eco-friendly is Acrylic Bird Cage?

An acrylic bird cageis very eco-friendly. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Acrylic is BPA free
  • It does not produce any harmful emissions
  • The material is recyclable

Is Acrylic Bird Cage Safe for Keeping Birds?

Acrylic cages are safer for birds than any other material.

Since the cages are made from solid panels of acrylic sheets, the birds are unlikely to get injured.

Acrylic is an inert material, so unlike other plastics, it does not have any toxic emissions, which could harm the birds.

If a piece of the acrylic bird cage broke off and the bird swallowed it, it would pass right through without causing damage.

Although it looks like glass, acrylic does not break easily.

Even if the acrylic breaks, it has blunt edges that cannot cut and harm the birds.

How do You Keep the Surface of Acrylic Bird Cage Crystal Clear?

The main attraction of an acrylic bird cage is its clear glass-like surface.

You can do three things to keep the surface of the acrylic clear for a long period.

· Keep Clean

Dirt particles on the surface of the acrylic reduce its clarity.

Regular cleaning removes these particles keeping the bird cage crystal clear.

Avoid Scratching

Scratches affect the clarity of acrylic, and the best thing to do is avoid them.

Clean well using a non-abrasive material.

You can also apply a non-abrasive surface coating to the cage to prevent scratching.

Polish Regularly

Polishing keeps the acrylic surface of the bird cage glossy.

Always clean the cage before polishing for the best outcome.

You can use several techniques to polish the surface material of your acrylic bird cage such as buffing and vapor-polishing.

Can You Paint Acrylic Bird Cage?

Yes, but only if has metal or wooden edges or a base that need a protective coating

It is impractical to paint an acrylic bird cage.

Clear acrylic is preferred so the birds can get enough light and allow a 360-degree view of the cage.

If you must, it is easier to get colored acrylic sheets for the cage rather than painting it.

Are there Soundproof Acrylic Bird Cage?


This is a wonderful option as it protects both you and the birds from noise pollution.

It is very easy to soundproof an acrylic bird cage.

Simply ensure the edges are well glued with no holes.

An acrylic sheet with a thickness of at least 3/8 of an inch is best for this.

The thicker the sheet, the more soundproof the cage will be.

How does a Glass Bird Cage Compare to Acrylic Cage Bird?

An acrylic bird cage is better than a glass one for several reasons.

glass bird cage

Glass  bird cage

i. Acrylic cages are stronger and more impact resistant

ii. High-grade acrylic has better clarity than glass

iii. Acrylic bird cages are lighter than glass ones making them more portable.

iv. It is easier to clean acrylic than glass

v. Acrylic is safer than glass as it is shatterproof. Even when it breaks, acrylic has dull edges.

The only downside to using acrylic is that it cost more than glass. But for the benefits it provides, the expense is worth it.

Depending on your specific needs and requirements, WeProFab offers a range of acrylic bird cages.

Contact us now for all your acrylic bird cage designs at competitive prices.

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