Acrylic Bird House

Acrylic Bird House

Acrylic bird houses are sometimes referred to as acrylic bird cages or feeders. They act as a home for parrots, hummingbirds, sparrows, cardinals, and other small bird species. Additionally, acrylic birdhouses protect these birds from any weather and environment.

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The acrylic free-standing birdhouses feature solid construction and a stable bottom. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Acrylic Dewdrop Birdhouse

The acrylic dewdrop birdhouses feature 2 strong suction cups so you can stick them to any plain surface. They are perfect for your garden area.

The window acrylic birdhouses can be installed on the fences and balconies. They feature a big entrance hole.

Triangular Acrylic Birdhouse

The triangular acrylic birdhouses have a lightweight design. They can be hung anywhere in your patio or gardens.

Round Acrylic Birdhouse

The round acrylic birdhouses feature good resistance to rain, sunlight, and other weather conditions. They are also lightweight.

Rectangular Acrylic Birdhouse

The rectangular acrylic birdhouses can accommodate many small birds. They are also weather-resistant and squirrel-proof.

Square Acrylic Birdhouse

The square acrylic birdhouses can be stuck to your windowpane and other surfaces. They feature strong suction cups for installation.

Large Acrylic Birdhouse

The large acrylic birdhouses feature a large weight capacity. They are suitable for nesting parrots, sparrows, and other birds.

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Main Advantages

  • UV-Resistant: The acrylic bird houses have good resistance to UV light and weather conditions. As a result, they will not turn yellow easily. That also makes them suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Outstanding Durability: Acrylic birdhouses have the durability to support the weight of birds and bird food. They resist breaking and chipping.
  • High Transparency: We manufacture the birdhouses from high-quality and virgin acrylic resin. And so, their transparency is optimum. You can therefore have a clear view of the birds and enjoy watching them.
  • Ease of Cleaning: You can clean acrylic bird houses since they have removable trays, compartments, and other detachable components.

Why Choose WeProFab Acrylic Bird House?

WeProfab is an expert in acrylic birdhouse production. We have been supplying high-quality acrylic birdhouses to clients around the world for many years. In addition to our experience, we also have the latest manufacturing equipment and an expert design team that allows us to provide your acrylic birdhouse needs. All our acrylic bird houses have passed RoHS, SGS, CE, and other certifications. Thus, you can have confidence in the quality of our acrylic birdhouses.

To completely meet your business needs, we accept custom orders for our acrylic bird houses. You can send us your specifications or drawing and we’ll do the rest. Your brand or business logo can also be printed on the acrylic bird houses to promote your brand.

If you have questions regarding our acrylic bird houses or customized solutions, feel free to contact us.

What are the Different Components or Features of Acrylic Birdhouses?

Acrylic bird houses have many components such as feeders, removable swings, top panels, acrylic perch, drain holes, extra compartments, entrance holes, and many more. Other components are optional depending on your needs.

For the installation of acrylic birdhouses, they can have either suction cups, ropes, or hooks.

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