• Acrylic Block

Acrylic Block

Weprofab is one most outstanding suppliers of an acrylic block in China. Whether you have small or large business, we will provide excellent and fair services. Our version of the acrylic block has numerous properties that can bring benefits to your business. When wanting a reliable manufacturer, Weprofab is the exact one!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Block to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is operating in China and recognized as an acrylic block expert manufacturer. We offer cost-effective finishes with real promising qualities.

Acrylic Block Stamping Set

Weprofab is a premier manufacturer of stamping acrylic blocks that can avail by a set of orders. It is durable willing for critical applications.

Acrylic Block Stand Sign

If you’re finding a trusted source of acrylic block stand sign, Weprofab is the most endorsed one! Depending on each need of clients, thousands of acrylic blocks are ready to ship.

Clear Rectangular Acrylic Block

Weprofab creates this clear rectangular acrylic block to make you fully satisfied. You can avail of acrylic blocks in different sizes and thicknesses.

Polished Bases Acrylic Block

If you are needing for polished bases acrylic block, Weprofab is very glad to make partnerships with you. Making you satisfied is one of our achievements.

Solid Clear Acrylic Block

Weprofab solid clear acrylic block is made from solid, high-quality acrylic materials. In Weprofab, there are a lot of sizes open for selections!

Black/White Cast Acrylic Block

Weprofab is a manufacturing expert operating mainly in China. You can obtain our acrylic blocks in 2 different colors which are black and white.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Block Manufacturer

As ISO 9001 and SGS certified acrylic block manufacturer, Weprofab always has a high dedication and manage quality control of acrylic blocks.

We provide our range of acrylic blocks for competitive yet still at affordable rates. We promise to give you the unbeaten quality of every acrylic block productions. We are capable of offering you one-stop acrylic block solutions.

Send your further inquiries to us and wait for immediate answers.

Custom Acrylic Block to Skyrocket Your Brand

Clear Cast Acrylic Block

Weprofab is an SGS certified manufacturer of clear case acrylic block. From our given selections, you can select the one you highly favored of.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Block

When in need of cut-to-size acrylic blocks, Weprofab got you backed up! We have numerous sources you most needed at the time.

Acrylic Block Frame

Weprofab is your number one provider of acrylic block frames. Allow us to serve you and provide the most adorable acrylic block for your business!

Clear 10mm Acrylic Block

The clear 10mm acrylic blocks are the material to use when you want to display your products in an elegant way. They have a crystal-clear finish, undistorted view, good chemical resistance, and excellent impact strength. They are commonly used in many museums, jewelry stores, offices, and other retail stores.

Cast Super Clear Solid Acrylic Cube Block

This type of acrylic block is made from crystal-clear, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and top-grade cast acrylic. They have high transparency up to 98%. They look like glass yet they are more impact-resistant and lighter than glass. They can be used for displaying jewelry, minerals, fossils, merchandise, etc.

Square Solid White Acrylic Block

The square solid white acrylic blocks are the perfect material to use for door signs, product displays, office signs, desk nameplates, and elevating items. They are widely used in hotels, retail stores, work areas, restaurants, etc. Also, they have a professional look, great impact resistance, and light weight.

Acrylic Heart Blocks

The acrylic heart blocks have a glass-like look, excellent weather resistance, high clarity, stylish polished edge, and a free-standing design. They are great to use for creating photo frames, awards, decorations, souvenirs, and many more.

Magnetic Acrylic Photo Frame Display Block

The magnetic acrylic photo frame display block is made of heavy-duty, non-toxic, high-quality, and crystal-clear acrylic material. It is highly durable, space-saving, long-lasting, and very unique. It is designed with non-obstructive magnets at its corners to connect the frame together.

Periodic Table Design Crystal Acrylic Block

The periodic table design crystal acrylic block can be used at schools or for home decoration. It has strong toughness, low turbidity, an elegant look, a modern design, and high transparency. It is made from non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe, and premium quality PMMA material.

Magnetic Coin Display Block

The magnetic coin display block is used to attractively and elegantly display your medallions or coins. It is easy to open, self-standing, highly transparent, locks securely, scratch-resistant, and sleek. It has 4 strong magnets that connect the coin frame together. It is used by many coin collectors, museums, etc.

100mm Clear Acrylic Block

The 100mm thick clear acrylic blocks have great strength, high clarity, great resistance to outdoor elements, and will retain their beautiful and clear appearance when used in outdoor applications for 10 years or even more. They can be used for POP displays, furniture, corporate awards, and so on.

Mirrored Acrylic Blocks

The mirrored acrylic blocks are available in various colors such as silver, gold, rose gold, and many more. They can be used for making corporate awards, desk nameplates, decoration, and displaying products. They have an elegant design, modern look, reflective surface, and smooth surface.

Solid Black Acrylic Blocks

The solid black acrylic blocks are widely used in many retail stores, offices, hotels, tradeshows, restaurants, homes, and many more. They are perfect to use for making lamp bases, desk nameplates in the office, and for elevating food products, jewelry, figurines, toys, and many more.

Semi-Circle Acrylic Blocks

The semi-circle acrylic blocks have polished sides, high transparency, excellent durability, and a smooth surface. They are commonly used for experiments that include geometrical optics and light refraction such as Ray Box experiments. They can be used in science classrooms, professional laboratories, or household use.

Clear Acrylic Stamp Block with Grid Lines

The clear acrylic stamp blocks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They have grid lines only on one side. They can be used for stamping notebooks, invitations, journals, planners, scrapbook pages, and so on. They are made from high-quality, solid, eco-friendly, and clear acrylic material.

Round Clear Acrylic Blocks

The round clear acrylic blocks are commonly used for showcasing jewelry such as high-end watches, earrings, wedding rings, and so on. They have smooth edges, high transparency, and high surface hardness. They can also be used for stamping, stand bases, decoration, and many more.

Rectangular Frosted Acrylic Block

The rectangular frosted acrylic block is the perfect material for displaying foods, collectibles, antiques, figurines, dolls, statues, artifacts, toys, and many more. It has a clean modern look, smooth surface, and great sturdiness. It is widely used in many restaurants, hotels, retail stores, museums, and at home.

Rectangular Solid White Acrylic Block

The rectangular solid white acrylic blocks can be used for personalized desk nameplates, door signs, jewelry display, elevating items, wall decoration, and many more. They are highly durable, chemical-resistant, impact-resistant, and eco-friendly. They can be used in apartments, hotels, offices, and so on.

Trapezoid Clear Acrylic Block

The trapezoid clear acrylic blocks are featuring good heat resistance, shatter resistance, better anti-aging performance, and excellent impact resistance. They are ideal to use for many applications such as award base, product display, lamp base, decoration, etc. They are made from high clarity, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and solid acrylic material.

Colored Acrylic Blocks

The colored acrylic blocks have polished edges, an elegant design, and great sturdiness. They can be used for displaying brand logos, products, artifacts, table decoration, and as business gifts. They are typically used in art galleries, exhibitions, retail stores, trade shows, shopping malls, and many more.

Colored Frosted Acrylic Blocks

The colored frosted acrylic blocks have good chemical resistance, utmost weatherability, and great strength. They come in a wide range of bright colors. They are great to use for indoor decoration, nameplates, elevating items, and displaying products. They are widely used in retail stores, offices, etc.

Blue Solid Acrylic Block

The blue solid acrylic blocks have crystal-like finish, excellent weather resisting property, lightweight nature, and strong surface hardness. They can be used for displaying merchandises, jewelry, fossils, shoes, and other items. They are widely used in museums, retail stores, at home, and other places.

Rainbow Acrylic Blocks Tumble Tower Game

The rainbow acrylic blocks tumble tower game are available in different rainbow colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and many more. They have high transparency, great durability, a glass-like look, and a luxurious design. They can be used for playing or for home décor.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Block

Acrylic Block

Weprofab Acrylic block is proven great to include for any kind of business. Available on different sizes, colors, and thicknesses options. When you are now planning to avail of high-quality acrylic blocks, Weprofab has the finish options you want for. Also, we can guide you on the entire fabrication process and help to delight your own customers with our acrylic blocks productions.

As one of the worldwide largest distributors, Weprofab creates acrylic blocks with superb quality, accessible with varying sizes, shapes and thicknesses. For running a business, it`s important to add profitable products, so we fabricate acrylic blocks so you can gain large profits for your business.

Acrylic Block

Our acrylic blocks are available in rectangular, square, vertical, or horizontal shapes. Just send the exact shape you want for your acrylic blocks orders on Weprofab. Then, staff from our company will guide you throughout the process. From start-finish, expect the services that can truly expand your business. Whatever the technical specifications you demand acrylic blocks, we won`t make you dissatisfied. We have the complete manufacturing machine lines for fast acrylic block productions.

When operating any kind of business, product stocks have an important role. You cannot supply your customers without stocks on yourself. As a reliable worldwide supplier not only in local China, Weprofab can provide any amount of stocks you need. Like what we always said and the reason why we are established, we promise to achieve the brighter future you dream for your business. A real promising quality of acrylic blocks awaits you!

Acrylic Block

Whatever the type, design, and sizes of acrylic blocks you need, we are sure to provide you! We are experts with 20 years of experience in the industry. So to avail of our personalized guidance, hurry to contact us! Inquire us and we will give the answer that makes you satisfy.

We can`t wait to cooperate with you and provide the benefits you deserve.

Acrylic Block: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you buy acrylic block, read this guide.

It has all information you need about acrylic block – from quality, design, properties to available sizes.

You will find all information you’re looking for right here.

Keep reading.

What is Acrylic Block?

Refers to a transparent chunk made of plexiglass material, often featuring back-mounted photographic print.

This item is solid and highly polished with a crystal-like finish.

You can also use it as mounts for your carved linoleum stamps or cut-foam.

Acrylic blocks come in a wide range of designs, shapes, sizes, and color hues, depending on your choice.

an acrylic block

An acrylic block

How Do You Make Acrylic Block?

Making acrylic block is relatively easy as long as you have all the relevant materials.

You must, however, use particular software designed for making the photographic prints on the acrylic material.

Here is a step by step process on how to create acrylic block;

Select an Ideal Size

Ideally, most software for making acrylic blocks categorize sizes into three layouts: portrait, landscape, and square.

The suitable size is dependent on your preference as far as the width and height make a perfect shelf or table piece.

Upload the Image

You can upload different file sizes ranging up to 25MB.

However, the ideal format for the image file should be in PNG, JPG, and BMP format.

While at it, you can always upload photos from any device and your social media platforms.

Additionally, you can choose a suitable background color or image in case you need your acrylic block to have two-sided photos.

Pick the Layout

Acrylic block allows you to upload up to about four photos.

As such, you can determine the collage layout for the same from all the available options.

You will always find more than ten design layouts for every type of photo you select.

For example, if you have three photos, you can choose from seven designs on how you want the images to appear.

Add Text

At this point, you may choose to add a personalized message on the photo.

It is an option, which comes in handy, especially when you are designing an acrylic block to issue as a gift.

As such, you can incorporate the text and customize it using numerous fonts, styles, and colors among others.

Add Clip Art

You have a choice of up to 50 options of clip arts to use in designing your photos on acrylic block.

Always browse through the clip art and select the ideal one matching the theme or mood of the intended message.

Add Hardware if Necessary

To make your acrylic block stand out, you may choose to add a base to it.

Adding such a block allows it to be a little extra and somehow unique.

Why Choose Acrylic Block?

Acrylic block offers a wide range of benefits, which include the following;

Lightweight – Acrylic block is up to 70% lighter than a glass of a similar dimension.

This makes it a perfect choice since you can easily handle it and carry it around.

Exceptional clarity– Acrylic materials used for making the block are highly transparent.

It allows light passage of up to 92%, making it bright and gloss.

High impact resistant – This item is sturdy and can withstand mechanical impact of high intensity.

This is essential since it enhances its durability.

Available in multiple colors – You can create acrylic blocks from a wide range of colors depending on your preference.

Ordinarily, this material gives you up to a possible choice of 50 colors to select from.

Easy print – Acrylic material is compatible with different elements, making it suitable for various graphics and texts when printing.

Attractive – This material gives the best end product, which largely appeals to the eye.

Affordable – It is relatively cost-effective given the quality and durability you obtain from acrylic block are exceptional.

Where is Acrylic Block Used?

Mostly, acrylic block is used as a decorative item in different settings such as offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.

You can place them on the shelves or tables within such areas to display the respective photographic prints.

Colored acrylic block

Colored acrylic block

Is Acrylic Block Shatter-Resistant?


The block is made from acrylic material, which naturally is relatively hard.

During manufacturing process of acrylic block, manufacturers ensure they integrate it within two shatterproof materials.

As such, the block becomes shatter-proof even in unlikely event that it breaks.

What Ideas Can You Use to Customize Acrylic Block?

You can use numerous techniques to customize acrylic block, such as the following;

Shaping – It entails modeling the acrylic block to attain the required shape.

You can opt for different layouts, thus allowing you to customize a particular one to suit your needs.

Tinting – You can apply a colored material on the acrylic block to provide it with a hue complementing the specific theme.

Sizing – This customization idea involves modification of the acrylic block to attain the necessary size.

It can range from small, medium, and large, depending on your preference.

customized acrylic square block

Customized acrylic squared block

What Makes Acrylic Block Superior to Others?

Acrylic block has excellent tensile strength.

This is beneficial because it enhances its durability and enables it to resist different levels of impact.

This item has exceptional optical clarity.

The primary material used for manufacturing the block allows a substantial amount of light to pass through it.

As such, it guarantees a high level of clarity, which makes the photographic print quite clear and attractive to the eye.

Additionally, acrylic block is available in multiple colors.

In essence, this makes it easy for you to select the right one, which suits your needs.

It features robust construction and a high level of artistry.

Essentially, it is an advantage since it improves upscale appearance of the item.

You can easily maintain acrylic block since it does not require intensive procedures.

Basic cleaning and polishing are enough to maintain its appearance over time.

Acrylic block is comparatively lightweight, making it portable since you can easily carry it along with you.

What is the Cost of Acrylic Block?

The cost varies based on several factors such as the following;

  • Design
  • Size
  • Color
  • Order quantity
  • Level of customization
  • Quality of acrylic material.

In a nutshell, there is no precise cost for acrylic block.

The price is often determined by among others, the above-mentioned factors.

How does Acrylic Block Compare to Glass Block?

They vary on several grounds such as follows;


Acrylic block is stronger than glass block.

Typically, acrylic is about 17 times stronger than a glass of a similar size.

It, therefore, shows that the former can outlive the latter if all factors remain constant.


Acrylic block exhibits better clarity than glass block.

In essence, the latter allows up to about 92% of light to pass through it, while the latter permits about 88% of light.

This shows that acrylic block is glossy hence provides better photographic prints than glass block.


Acrylic block is more flexible compared to glass block.

As such, you can fabricate the former more easily than you would do to the latter.

For instance, incorporating different formats of images would be easier to attain in an acrylic block than a glass block.


Acrylic block is safer to use than glass block.

The former is relatively eco-friendly and easily recyclable compared to the latter.


Acrylic block is better when it comes to shatterproof compared to glass block.

Essentially, acrylic block rarely breaks, and if it does, it cannot shatter.

On the other hand, glass block is susceptible to breakage, and in case it breaks, it shatters easily.

What Enhancement Features Can You Add to Acrylic Block for Resilience?

Some of the most common coating include:

Anti-Scratch Surface Coating

Often, acrylic block is exposed to different abrasive materials, likely to cause unwanted marks on its surface.

To prevent such marks, it would be ideal to incorporate an anti-scratch coating.

Anti-fog Coating

You can also incorporate anti-fog coating to prevent the acrylic block from gathering moisture.

This surface treatment enhances clarity of the block at all times, especially during foggy conditions.

Can You Clear Marks and Scratches on Acrylic Block?


Most of the marks you can find on surface of an acrylic block are caused by abrasive materials.

Clearing these marks is quite easy since all you need to do is use lukewarm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth to clean the material.

When cleaning, ensure you rub the surface gently for a few minutes, then rinse the surface using clean water.

Allow it to dry for up to about 10 minutes, and you’ll certainly have a scratch-free surface.

Alternatively, you may choose to polish the surface material of the acrylic block.

Polishing is essential since it allows you to remove such marks hence restoring its clarity and glossiness.

Mostly, buffing is the preferable polishing method since it is cost-effective and suitable for DIY.

However, you may also consider vapor-polishing or flame polishing depending on the extent of the marks on surface of acrylic block.

Is Acrylic Block Recyclable?

Yes, to a certain extent.

Generally, acrylic as a material is not easily recyclable.

It is considered among Group 7 plastic and rarely collected for recycling.

However, you can always form large pieces of an acrylic block into useful objects, especially if they haven’t cracked or suffered crazing.

The material is not readily biodegradable, and some variations tend to be somewhat highly flammable.

Nevertheless, PMMA, a key type of acrylic material, can be recycled in a wide range of ways.

Mostly, it entails subjecting the resin to pyrolysis, making it possible to recover the monomer from PMMA scrap by depolymerization.

In short, you can recycle acrylic block, but it takes a lot of energy and resources to accomplish it, which can be quite unnecessary.

What is a Better Alternative Material for Acrylic Block?

You can consider any of the following:

Polycarbonate Block

Ideally, polycarbonate is the better thermoplastic material you can consider in place of acrylic block.

It has relatively similar features as acrylic, making it a suitable alternative.

For instance, polycarbonate block is relatively clear than acrylic block, thus assuring a glossy finish.

Also, it has better resistance to impact, thus making it comparatively durable.

In essence, polycarbonate block is about 17 times stronger than acrylic block making it a better substitute.

Moreover, this thermoplastic material is available in numerous colors.

And this is vital since it gives you as many options as possible to choose the most suitable one.

Additionally, it is easy to fabricate polycarbonate, such as easy to cut to size, which is imperative in making sure you attain the right size.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for the right substitute material for acrylic block, always consider polycarbonate.

What Factors do You Need to Consider when Buying Acrylic Block?

There are numerous factors, which you must always consider when looking for acrylic block to purchase.

Here are critical ones you should never overlook;

Quality of Acrylic Material

Acrylic naturally comes in various grades, which define the actual quality.

You must ensure you get the right grade, which guarantees the ideal quality for your demands.

Generally, a high-quality material provides a better acrylic block in terms of print finish and durability.


Ideally, an acrylic block can be available in a wide variety of color hues.

And this is essential since it broadens your options when it comes to finding the right shade, which meets your demands.

The specific color you choose is, of course, based on your preference, thus the need for making sure you select carefully.


Nowadays, you can find acrylic blocks of different sizes ranging from small to large.

Always ensure you choose a practical size, which enhances convenience.


It is fundamental to select a reliable, professional, and experienced supplier to order acrylic block.

Working with the right supplier guarantees quality and convenience, which are vital aspects in ordering this item, especially in bulk.


The price for purchasing this item is another fundamental element you must never overlook.

Of course, a wide range of variables determines the actual price you’ll pay when making your order.

Nonetheless, ensure the cost gives you value for money, especially regarding quality.

Are there any Disadvantages of Acrylic Block?

Yes, but a few, and they include the following;

i) Designing and printing the photographic print on surface of acrylic block requires a high level of meticulousness.

Any slight mistake might damage the overall quality of the final product.

ii) It can be quite expensive, depending on the quality and size of acrylic material you are using to create the block.

iii) You need high-quality equipment when creating acrylic block, making it a bit challenging affair for many DIY’ers.

Is there a Difference Between Acrylic Block and Acrylic Box?


The design of acrylic block features a mounted photographic print of an individual, animal, or item.

On the other hand, acrylic box is a frameless container designed for showcasing different types of art pieces.

Another difference is that acrylic block is a chunk, which cannot be opened to change or alter the specific photographic print.

Acrylic box, on the other hand, is lockable, and contents inside it can be accessed any time by opening and closing the lid.

The other difference is that acrylic block is a plain piece, which does not have any form of component or accessory.

Acrylic box has different components such as hinges, doors, shelves, and locks since it is purposefully designed for storage and displaying items.

acrylic boxes

Acrylic boxes

acrylic blocks

Acrylic blocks

Is Acrylic Block Non-conductive?


Standard acrylic material is conductive.

It thus means that when you make an acrylic block, it will be conductive by default.

However, you can always use a spray coating in this case since non-conductivity is required.

Is there Size Limitations for Acrylic Block?

Not really.

You can always create an acrylic block of your ideal size as long as it meets your demands.

Initially, acrylic blocks were designed to be of relatively small size (50 by 50) mm.

Nowadays, you can find equipment, making a large acrylic block of about (2000 by 1500) mm.

Moreover, the thickness can also range up to 100 mm.

In other words, there is no limitation for an acrylic block as far as size and thickness are concerned.

What are the Best Methods for Maintaining Acrylic Block?

Cleaning is arguably, the main maintenance method you can use on an acrylic block.

Ideally, acrylic blocks are designed to be placed on tables or shelves.

As such, they are exposed to dust, which at a time can deter clarity.

Additionally, they could be exposed to abrasion due to continuous touching by different people.

Once they develop such scratches, it would be ideal for removing them to restore the glossiness of these pieces.

Cleaning using a soft cloth, lukewarm water, and recommended detergents is advisable.

It helps in removing the dust and light scratches from the surface material of this component.

Another technique you can use for maintaining this item is by applying a particular specialized film on the surface.

Specialized films come in various categories such as us anti-UV, anti-fog, and anti-scratch among others.

These films reinforce the specific function, allowing the acrylic block to be more resistant to the respective condition.

What are the Best Ways to Order Acrylic Block?

You can order acrylic blocks using different means.

However, the best approach is dependent on the particular supplier you are purchasing from.

Nonetheless, here are some of the main ways you can use to make your order for acrylic blocks;

Through Business to Business Websites

Nowadays, many acrylic block suppliers, especially from China, have linked their businesses to various B2B websites.

This enables them to connect with prospective buyers hence making the latter easily to order for their respective acrylic block products.

Some of the common B2B websites you can always use to order from include AliExpress, Alibaba, Global Sources, and MadeinChina.com among others.

Physical Visit

You can also opt to visit the supplier’s shop physically and make your order.

This technique is suitable if you have ample time and resources to travel to make your order.

Additionally, it makes it easy to negotiate with the supplier and ensure you get the actual quality you need.

Through a Sourcing Agent

If you have limited time and resources, making your order for acrylic blocks via a sourcing company would be the best approach.

Also, sourcing agents facilitate shipping the products to your respective destination, making it a cost-effective option.

What are the Quality Standards that Acrylic Block Should Comply with?

Acrylic block complies with a wide range of quality standards, which include the following;


An international company in charge of inspection, verification, testing, and licensing of different products.

Acrylic block must be SGS-compliant.

In essence, the processes, and systems involved in manufacturing this product complies with stipulated national and international standards.


It refers to restriction of Hazardous Substances, a directive used for controlling particular materials deemed as dangerous in products.

Particularly, this standard is a requirement in the European Community market.

But it is also embraced in other parts other than EU zone.


ASTM is responsible for creating and publishing voluntary consensus technical requirements for products.

It is a common standard for products in the American Market.


This standard demonstrates product’s conformity to the required standards.

It evaluates the product, materials and assesses its safety and sustainability to the environment.

Is Acrylic Block Repairable?


Mostly, the common type of repair you may require to do on this component is polishing.

In essence, the surface material tends to scratch or fade with time due to abrasion or aging, respectively.

Therefore, polishing using the right means restores the component to its original state in terms of clarity and glossiness.

An ideal polishing method includes buffing, vapor-polishing, and flame polishing.

Another ideal repairing method you can undertake on acrylic block is sealing cracks.

In some instances, the block may crack due to extreme mechanical stress.

Also, overexposure of the block to harsh conditions may lead to small cracks on its surface.

Removal of the crack is easy since all you require is to seal the crack-marks using silicone sealant and allow it to dry.

Once it dries, you can polish it accordingly to restore the integrity and appearance of the acrylic block.

For all your acrylic block needs, you can contact WeProFab team for affordable and high quality designs.

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