• Acrylic Board Manufacturer

Acrylic Board Manufacturer

WeProfab is a leading provider of acrylic boards in China. We are able to provide acrylic boards around the world. We have many sizes and thickness to offer of our acrylic boards. You can send your need sizes at WeProFab. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Board to Delight Your Customers

As WeProFab is one of the professional acrylic board provider and fabricator, WeProFab ensuring the quality. We ensure to delight your customers through our acrylic board’s competitive cost offers and many more.

Cast Acrylic Board

Cast acrylic boards have a wide variety of applications that able to custom whatever your needs. We can custom acrylic boards and follow your ideal fixtures for full satisfaction.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Board

There are different sizes that needed when using acrylic boards. We can supply cut-to-size acrylic boards and choose what you desired thickness. We can use advanced machines for a perfect cut.

High Gloss Acrylic Board

If you need high gloss of acrylic boards, WeProFab manufactured plenty of features for it. We have different features and customizations of acrylic boards according to your application.

Impact Resistance Acrylic Board

We have impact resistance for acrylic boards. It is safe from damages since acrylic boards are unbreakable. If you look for a skilled manufacturer, count on WeProFab for a fast process.

Perspex Acrylic Board Panel

Perspex acrylic boards at WeProFab are attainable. It is applicable for both exterior and interior applications. If you prioritize to purchase bulk orders, WeProFab will fully sustain your needs.

PMMA Transparent Acrylic Board

WeProFab is a trusted distributor of transparent acrylic boards. We fully support the requirements with our competitive rates acrylic boards. You can get your ideal sizes and thickness.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Board Manufacturer

As a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, WeProFab professionally offers the one-stop solutions. We sustain customers and construction owner’s needs through our quality acrylic boards.

We, WeProFab manufacture acrylic boards in high-class raw materials. We can do suitable processes for your needs such as laser cutting, engraving, embossing, thermoforming, and a lot more process.

We are the ISO 9001 certified provider in China of acrylic boards that supplies also around the world. There are many uses and applications of acrylic boards that you could love to choose from. We can awesomely provide your special requirements.

Custom Acrylic Board to Expand Your Brand

50mm Acrylic Board

We have 50mm acrylic boards available which are perfect for outdoor and large signage and partitions. It is also perfect for panel applications.

Acrylic Sign Board

We have acrylic boards for signage that perfect for hanging or mounting applications. Our acrylic boards are attainable and easier to process.

Clear Acrylic Board

WeProFab clear acrylic boards are accessible at many stocks based on your orders. We are the leading manufacturer that can make different customizations.

Colored Acrylic Board

We have different colors of acrylic boards that you can choose. Send your size needs and WeProFab can follow you.

Frosted Acrylic Board

WeProFab has many frosted acrylic boards that you can choose. Send us your ideal acrylic board customizations and let us give an awesome rate.

Solid Acrylic Board

The The solid acrylic board is generally used in sheet form or as a shatter-resistant alternative to glass. Widely used as a casting resin, coatings, etc. Engineered using a solid, transparent, and colorless acrylic material.

Marble Acrylic Board

Marble acrylic board has many uses for consumers and businesses. Guarantees greater strength and stiffness. Generally used for furniture, window replacement, and displays. Available in differing sizes, thicknesses, and textures.

Glitters Acrylic Board

Glitters acrylic board is laser cut with polished edges. Includes an easy-to-peel protective sheeting. Accessible in various custom shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Comes with shining, shimmering, glitters.

Shatterproof Acrylic Board

The shatterproof acrylic board is known due to its durability, flexibility, and sustainability. Manufactured using high-quality and shatterproof acrylic. Perfect for several commercial applications.

Black Acrylic Board

The black acrylic board has a broad selection of stock sizes and dimensions available. Includes custom edge and polishing methods. Offered with a variety of customization options and has a black color.

Milky White Acrylic Board

Milky white acrylic board features outstanding depth, dimension, and creativity. Offers shatter resistance and ease of fabrication. Widely used in a broad range of architectural applications such as accessories and glazing

Mirror Acrylic Board

Mirror acrylic board is built to stabilize UV and benefits from being impact resistant. An ideal choice for shed glazing, signage, exhibition stands, and display cases. Ensures fantastic thermal insulation and chemical resistance.

5mm Acrylic Board

5mm acrylic board is extruded from a premium material that comes in a range of dimensions. Capable to be drilled, shaped, and machined to the exact requirements. Designed for good weather ability.

8mm Acrylic Board

8mm acrylic board is manufactured for multipurpose project use such as DIY and professional projects. Features enhanced durability and a high-clarity clear finish. Delivered with 8mm thickness that is easier to see through.

10mm Acrylic Board

10mm acrylic board is applicable as laser-engraved signage, art protector, home décor, and more. Characterizes a high-clarity grade and a clear finish. Built with improved weather and UV resistance. Offer superior visual clarity.

15mm Acrylic Board

15mm acrylic board offers great scraped area and UV protection. Characterizes an astounding optical clearness and solvent resistance. Easy to clean and beneficial in a majority of applications. This will not discolor over time.

Acrylic Partition Boards

Acrylic partition boards are commonly used for roofing, weather protection, and bullet-resistant applications. Comes with drilled hole options, available in flexible and thin variants. Easy to clean and maintain.

Acrylic Decorative Board

The acrylic decorative board is a versatile, cost-effective, and practical solution. Features a decorative and flexible structure that can be easily molded into any shape. Perfect for creating various products.

Acrylic Plain Board

The acrylic plain board is frequently used as store fixtures, signage, and more. Includes a broad range of edge polishing and finishing options. Offers admirable thickness tolerances and is moisture resistant. Available in several thicknesses.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Board

If you are looking for durable acrylic boards to add for construction materials, WeProFab has plenty of options to offer. It has a wide variety of applications that surely the number one materials for building and construction.

WeProFab acrylic boards are easy to fabricate. It is easy to mold, drill, and many other processes that can make different customizations.

If searching for acrylic boards, WeProFab can supply many different sizes and thicknesses. It is available in many colors, polished, tinted, and many more. Whatever your purpose in purchasing acrylic boards, our offer for you can be suited.

WeProFab can be offered acrylic board stocks like frosted, colored, patterned, textured, soft surface, and tinted. It is perfect for signage, partitions, panels, and many other useful applications.

Acrylic Board Manufacturer

If you need something awesome for decorations, displays, or something for your business, WeProFab is better to count on. It is perfect for retail displays such as jewelry displays as the centerpiece. It is great for any accessories to be displayed whether for store and boutiques.

It’s not easy to find an acrylic board for business. It’s not easy to find friendly rates offered by a reliable supplier. But WeProFab has an offer that right for you.

Our acrylic boards are accessible at a friendly cost. Your business will surely generate amazing profits that help you grow it faster.

WeProFab is the best option when searching for well-engineered acrylic boards. We have skilled and well-trained engineers that handle the processes well.


If you are worried about the services, WeProFab is a trusted in 20 years of service. In those 20 years, many of the business owners build an amazing connection with WeProFab.

If you want WeProFab, we can prioritize your demands!

Acrylic Board Manufacturer

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