• Acrylic Box Frame

Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab is the most trusted and reliable acrylic box frame manufacturer in China. We can manufacture completely and any various types of an acrylic box frame. We can fully provide excellent and good quality of customize acrylic box frame. Contact us today!

Use WeProFab Acrylic Box Frame to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is your trusted business partner in supplying the highest quality of the acrylic box frame. We can provide a quality acrylic box frame that your customers will really love.

3D Shadow Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab 3D shadow acrylic box frame is a great option for framing original art pieces because there’s no fear of tears or punctures from broken glass.

Wall-mounted Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab wall-mounted acrylic box frames are strong, yet lightweight, age-resistant and weather-proof.

High-end Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab high-end acrylic box frame is much safer than glass and has a much higher impact strength. Weprofab is a great fabricator of high-end acrylic box frame.

Cube Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab cube acrylic box frame comes with a protection film on both sides, ready for you to peel off and fit into your photos. If you need this type of acrylic box frame or any other acrylic frame, Weprofab has it all.

Rustic Window Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab window acrylic box frame is a lightweight frame that can be easily relocated. We can offer this at a friendly price.

Magnetic Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab magnetic acrylic box frame is one of the best options to use. It is easy to locate in your desired areas. Get your desirable magnetic acrylic box frame at Weprofab.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Box Frame Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

If you are are looking for a best and durable acrylic box frame, Weprofab proud to offer its acrylic box frame that is made from high class kind of materials.

You can avail our ready to ship acrylic box frame at a very competitive price.

Send us a message to get an instant quote!


Custom Acrylic Box Frame to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Double Sided Box Frame

Weprofab acrylic double-sided box free see-through photos allow you to view from both sides. Easy to clean and easy to update with a new photographs.

Mini-Square Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab mini-square acrylic box frame is ideal for home decor or even in the office. It is more spacious and gives good looking effect.

Hanging Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab hanging acrylic box frame will prevent serious damages if it falls. Weprofab can able to customize hanging acrylic box frame.

Personalized Acrylic Box Frame

In Weprofab personalized acrylic box frame image is visible from all sides with a box-like presentation that gives it depth and a room-filling character.

Digital Acrylic Box Photo Frame

Weprofab digital acrylic box photo frame surrounds your photo like a protective case. This kind of frame amplifies your image’s winning characteristics

Tabletop Clear Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

The tabletop clear acrylic shadow box frame is designed with a front panel. It is a great decoration for work, office, home, gallery hotel, coffee shop, and restaurant. The frame is easy to clean with a soft cloth.

Ultra-Thin Acrylic Box Frame

The ultra-thin acrylic box frame is made with 100% acrylic materials. It can guarantee high-quality, strong, and durability. The frame is available in many features, designs, and sizes.

Acrylic Box Frame Tray

The acrylic box frame tray is an elegant and effective tray for present or cosmetic displays. It comes with double-sided acrylic magnetic frames. Available in many different designs.

Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

Weprofab acrylic shadow box frame is eco-friendly and durable. It is clear and transparent, available in many sizes you want.

Acrylic Floating Photo Picture Frame

Acrylic floating photo picture frame is perfect for birthday gifts, parties, weddings, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and many more. It is widely in the office, coffee table, bedroom, leisure, and so on.

Acrylic Flower Box Frame

Our acrylic flower box frame can be customized according to your needs. Any size and design are in stock.

Clear Acrylic Box Frame

The clear acrylic box frame is made from high transparent acrylic materials. It has a good shape, excellent weather-resistant, is lightweight, not fragile, and strong resistance. Clear acrylic box frame is eco-friendly.

Magnetic Clear Box Acrylic Photo Frame

The magnetic clear box acrylic photo frame has unique, elegant design. It is made from 100% acrylic materials. Guarantee high transparency, weather resistance, and impact resistance.

Acrylic Keepsake Photo Frame

The acrylic keepsake photo frame is perfect for home décor. Available in many different sizes, colors, and designs. Strong, durable, and high transparency.

Acrylic Preserved Flower Box Frame

The acrylic preserved flower box frame has the following advantages: durable, eco-friendly, widely used, and easy to clean. They are available in different thicknesses and sizes.

Acrylic Crystal LED Frame Photo Box Frame

An acrylic crystal LED frame photo box frame is beautiful and nice for outlook. The color of its light is available. Easy to change pictures using screws. Energy-saving and long lifespan.

Acrylic Money Box Photo Frame

The acrylic money box photo frame serves as home decoration. It can be hung horizontal or vertical. Colors can be customized according to your requirements.

6-Inch Acrylic Floating Box Frame

The 6-inch acrylic floating box frame is widely used for office, living room, bedroom, coffee table, balcony, window, and so on. It is also perfect for birthday gifts, Valentines’ Day, Christmas Day, New Year, and other holiday occasions.

Box Frames Acrylic Painting Display Case

Box frames acrylic painting display case provides dimensionality sense and a sort of viewing angles. It amplifies the winning of the image characteristics in different ways.

Acrylic Photo Frame 4x6 Gift Box

The acrylic photo frame 4×6 gift box is eco-friendly, super clean, solid, and full size. It is designed for various valuable pictures like postcards, currency, greeting cards, tickets, baby pictures, awards, and many more.

Acrylic Shadow Box Frame with Wood Base

The acrylic shadow box frame with a wood base is elegant, modern, and has a smooth surface. It can be available in customized size, thickness, and shape.

Neon Colored Acrylic Magnetic Box Frame

Neon-colored acrylic magnetic box frame provides a sleek and neat way to display advertising information or photo. It serves as a decorating tool at the ceremony or reception. Non-toxic, stable, and durable. Perfect for craft, furniture, gift, etc.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab acrylic box frame is a three-dimensional way to put your photo in the spotlight.

It has simultaneously protective and decorative edging for a picture, such as a painting and a photograph.

It makes the photos or art more safer and easier to set the pictures separately from the surroundings.

Weprofab is one of the premier manufacturer of acrylic box frame in China.

We have full capabilities in producing all kinds of acrylic box frame for different purposes.

In terms of features, all our acrylic box frame designs are unique, durable, and has an attractive appearance.

When it comes to acrylic box frame shapes and the sizes, we have a lot of options available that you can choose from.

All our acrylic box frame can be used in museum, art galleries, exhibits, and many others.

Acrylic Box Frame

In fabricating acrylic box frame, we use high grade materials in the production process to produce standard quality products to offer to our clients.

All the products that we produce to our customers manufactured by our high end manufacturing equipment using consistent and superior quality of raw materials.

Each acrylic box frame make sure its longevity, validity, and performance.

As the trusted manufacturer of China, we ensure our qualitative strand to assure the product performance for various applications.

Acrylic Box Frame

We are very qualified as a manufacturer, as evidenced we have certification including ISO certificate and many more.

We highly customize any formation design of acrylic box frame that assuredly captivates costumer`s attention.

If you need other products related to acrylic box frame like plexibox frame, canvas backed acrylic display box, box frame art, recessed acrylic box frame, smallcorp acrylic, and many more.

Weprofab can cater all your acrylic box frame needs.

Acrylic Box Frame

Weprofab greatly proposing the extreme quality of the acrylic box frame in a very affordable price.

We can give you an appropriate product you needed in specific implementations.

If you need an acrylic box frame or other related products, feel free to contact us!

Acrylic Box Frame: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to learn more about acrylic box frame, then this is the right guide for you.

From design, material grade, benefits, quality to printing options; you will find all information you’re looking for about acrylic box frame right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is an Acrylic Box Frame?

It refers to a type of box frame, which resembles a regular acrylic picture frame.

However, there is a larger gap between the front pane and the backing of this compared to that of the picture frame.

This enables you to frame pictures as well as 3D objects.

Unlike regular box frames, acrylic ones are made from acrylic sheets, cut and fitted into the frame’s shape.

Acrylic box frames are a good option due to their durability and versatility.

You should invest in one.

 acrylic box frame

acrylic box frame

How Do You Use an Acrylic Box Frame?

Acrylic box frames are mainly used to display items.

They can be used to place pictures for display.

You can also use the box frame to place your child’s art in.

You can also use display 3-D objects such as sculptures

Box frames are great for protecting delicate items, which would easily break or damage when exposed.

What Sizes are Available for Acrylic Box Frame?

Acrylic box frames come in different sizes.

The ideal size depends on the box frame’s particular use.

There are two ways to determine the size of an acrylic box frame

The Depth of the Space between front Panel and Backing.

Box frames usually have a space between the front and back panels where the item is displayed.

This space can have varying dimensions depending on what it is meant to hold.

For instance, if the frame is meant for a 3-D sculpture, it will be larger than one meant for a picture.

Depending on a box frame’s function, this space can be a few millimeters or several centimeters wide.

The Length and Width of the Box Frame

This length refers to the distance from the bottom to the top.

The width measures from left to right of the box frame.

These measurements also depend on the use of the acrylic box frame.

There are no real limitations to how long or wide it should be.

Always specify the dimensions you need for your acrylic box frame before you make the order.

It will guide the manufacturing process for the best outcome.

How is an Acrylic Box Frame Produced?

It is easy to produce an acrylic box frame.

Follow the following steps

i. The manufacturer will have a design in mind as it guides the entire process.

This involves deciding the box frame’s dimensions, design, color, and thickness.

You can decide this for custom-built box frames.

Otherwise, the manufacturer makes these decisions before the production process begins.

ii. There are two ways to make these frames. In the first, the sheets are heated and placed against a mold that creates the frame’s shape.

The second way is cutting the acrylic pieces using the dimensions specified and using an adhesive solvent to join them together.

iii. The manufacturer allows the box frame to set and polishes it as required.

iv. After going through a quality assessment process, the box frame is packaged, and it is ready to be shipped to the client.

Which Types of Acrylic Sheets are the Best for Making an Acrylic Box Frame?

You can use different acrylic sheets to make an acrylic card box.

The best type depends on the purpose of the box and the features necessary to fulfill that purpose.

For instance, if you require a strong box frame to withstand breakage, the best option is continuous cast acrylic sheets.

On the other hand, cast acrylic produces the best colored box frames.

You can use both cast and continuous cast acrylic for reinforced boxes that need to withstand high impact. Both types of acrylic are strong and shatterproof.

With a limited budget, you need an acrylic box frame that is cheap.

Extruded acrylic is the best option for this as it is the cheapest type of acrylic available.

However, extruded sheets will limit the quality and thickness of the box.

 extruded acrylic sheets

extruded  acrylic sheets

Their clarity is not the best, so they may not be the best option for displaying pictures or art.

What are the available Color Options for Acrylic Box Frame?.

Most acrylic card frames are clear or transparent.

They resemble glass in clarity, and this gives them a unique appeal.

They are the best as they allow the displayed item to be visible.

Clear box frames also go with any décor and are relatively cheap.

Clear card boxes are ideal for galleries and displaying art at home due to their aesthetic appeal.

Still, there are various colored options for acrylic box frames.

These colors also come in a variety of shades you can choose from.

Colored acrylic card boxes have two main options, solid box frames and transparent ones.

However, since the box frame is meant to display things, it cannot be opaque.

Some box frames will have a solid colored backing and a clear or translucent front panel.

This allows you to see what is placed inside the box frame.

A translucent box frame comes from translucent sheets.

They let in some light and resemble colored or stained glass.

These box frames are a fun addition to your home or office.

They are also suitable for use by children since the color options are interesting.

You can choose a translucent color that complements existing décor for a blended look.

colored acrylic box frame

 colored acrylic box frame

How Does an Acrylic Box Frame Compare to a Glass Box Frame?

An acrylic box frame is better than a glass box frame by all standards.

The primary material used for this component visually resembles glass, but it has features which make it better compared to glass.

 glass box frame

glass box frame

They include the following

i. Acrylic box frame is lighter than a glass box frame by nearly 50%. This makes the acrylic box frame more portable.

ii. Acrylic has a better shatter-resistance than glass.

It can also withstand more impact without breaking. Glass breaks easily in comparison.

iii. The durability of an acrylic box frame surpasses that of a glass box frame. It can last for many years without cracking or breaking.

In contrast, a glass box frame is susceptible to impact, and any slight mechanical stress can crack or break it into pieces.

iv. When it comes to safety, acrylic box frame exhibit better qualities, so it rarely breaks.

The edges of broken acrylic are not sharp enough to cut and injure someone.

A glass box frame can break easily and shatters into smaller pieces, making it a safety threat and unfriendly to children.

Which Factors Determine the Cost of Acrylic Box Frame?

The actual price of an acrylic box frame is relative depending on several factors.

They include the following:

  • Thickness of the acrylic sheet used to make the box frame. Thicker sheets cost more, and so do their products.
  • Size of the acrylic box frame also counts. The bigger it is, the more you will pay for it.
  • Customization also increases the price of the box frame.

The additional properties you ordered increase the cost as they are usually charged separately from the product.

This increases the cost of producing the box frame and its final price.

  • Brand, which manufacturers the product will price its items differently from its competitors.
  • Therefore, different manufacturers have varying price offerings.
  • Number of pieces you are buying affects prices since most manufacturers offer discounted prices for wholesale orders.

How Do You Choose the Best Design For an Acrylic Box Frame?

The best design of an acrylic box frame depends on your use of the box.

Below are some factors to consider

  • The size of the box and whether it fits your purpose
  • Your budget. Custom designs cost more than mass-produced ones.
  • The value of the items you want to place in the frame.

You will need a box frame with reinforcement and security to place valuable items.

  • Designs available in your seller’s catalog

What is the Recommended Thickness of an Acrylic Box Frame?

Acrylic card box’s ideal thickness depends on its function.

The location where you plan to display the box frame also determines the best thickness option.

The standard acrylic box frame has a thickness of between a quarter and three-eighths of an inch.

If you need a box frame with reinforcement to add security or strength, upgrade to between ½ an inch to an inch.

Such boxes are best used for galleries displaying valuable pieces of art.

The thickness makes them bulletproof and hard to break into.

Custom thickness dimensions that are either smaller or larger than the above recommendation are also available.

Please enquire with your chosen manufacturer to see what they offer.

Can You Print on an Acrylic Box Frame?


Since this is a form of customizing an acrylic box frame, there are no restrictions on what you can or cannot include.

What you choose to print on an acrylic box frame depends on its purpose.

You can print a label indicating its use or its owner.

You can also print to decorate the box.

Some of the most common things that are printed on acrylic box frames include

  • Company logos
  • Description of its contents
  • Names of the party that owns the box
  • Decorative geometric patterns
  • Picture and digital images
  • Illustrations
  • Labels

You can go wild with this to make the acrylic box frame represent its purpose as much as possible.

Furthermore, more than one item may get printed on the box frame to enhance its visual appeal or functionality.

How Can You Get Discounted Prices for an Acrylic Box Frame?

The best way to get discounted prices for an acrylic box frame is to order directly from the manufacturer.

Since there are no middlemen between you and the box frame’s producer, you will get the item’s wholesale prices.

This option works even when you are located far from the manufacturer.

You can order online and communicate with the manufacturer to ensure you get fair prices for the products you want.

When buying directly from the manufacturer, buying in bulk guarantees you a discount.

Most manufacturers offer these discounts since mass production reduces the cost of producing each box frame.

Contact the manufacturer directly for discounted prices on acrylic box frames.

What is a Personalized Acrylic Box Frame?

Personalization is a process of adding features to an acrylic box frame to make it unique.

The extra features add value to the box by making it something that specifically fits the client’s specifications.

As the client, you get to choose the custom features you prefer added to the personalized box frame.

This gives you the independence to decide what works for them.

Some common personalization features used on acrylic box frames include the following.

  • Print the box frame with names, logos, and images to make each one unique to a specific purpose.
  • Have the box frame made as a hybrid frame with pieces of wood or metal added to it.

For instance, the box frame can have metal or wooden back panels or edges to fortify or decorate it.

Hybrid card boxes are beautiful and long-lasting.

  • Add texture to the box frame using laser engraving.
  • You can add a locking mechanism to the box frame for added security.

personalized acrylic box frame

 personalized acrylic box frame

What are the Benefits of Buying a Custom Built Acrylic Box Frame?

A custom acrylic box frame is unique as it has additional features specified by the client.

The advantages of ordering a custom acrylic box frame are;

i. They fit precisely where you need them.

Whether it is on a shelf or a countertop, the box frame will fit perfectly because you choose its specific dimensions.

ii. Custom-built are high quality because you choose everything, including the grade of acrylic to use.

Since you are paying for the custom fittings, manufacturers must give you the best.

iii. Functionality is also enhanced with custom-built box frames. The frame comes ready to fulfill the purpose t is meant for.

iv. Custom acrylic box frames fit in with your décor. You can buy a design that fits the rest of the space.

v. Custom built acrylic box frames allow for self-expression. This feature is a useful for commercial branding.

What Is the Life-span of Acrylic Box Frame?

An acrylic box frame is durable.

On average, acrylic box frames can last for more than 15 years without requiring replacement.

The acrylic material it is made from has a long life-span.

The box frame can last a lifetime.

The following variables determine the life-span of an acrylic box frame.

  • Proper cleaning and care extend the life of the box frame by preventing scratching and clouding.
  • Protective coatings also increase the durability of an acrylic box frame.

They reduce the susceptibility of the box to environmental damage, giving it a new lease on life.

  • The thickness of the acrylic sheet that makes up a box also determines its life-span. Thicker sheets are more impact resistant and thus less likely to break.
  • These box frames are also durable since acrylic because it is inert. It does not react with compounds in the environment that may cause deterioration.

On the downside, environmental exposure can shorten the box frame’s life-span.

However, protective coatings can be applied to reduce this.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Box Frame?

The most important thing when cleaning an acrylic box frame is to establish a cleaning routine.

It eases the maintenance process by preventing dirt build-up

Here are some tips to follow when cleaning these box frames

  • Clean with mild detergents and a soft cloth to avoid scratching
  • Use a brush to reach the corners and inner edges of the acrylic box frame to remove any trapped dirt. You can improvise with a soft-bristle toothbrush to minimize scratching.
  • Always rinse out with clean water to prevent water stains from forming on the surface
  • Polish regularly to maintain the luster of the box frame.
  • Always clean before you polish to avoid scratching caused by dust particles

How Does Acrylic Box Frame Compare to a Polycarbonate Box Frame?

Polycarbonate is a frequently used alternative for making acrylic products, including box frames.

It is preferred because it closely resembles acrylic in most of its properties.

Still, polycarbonate and acrylic are different in many ways.

Consider this comparison between acrylic and polycarbonate box frames

polycarbonate box frame

 polycarbonate box frame

  • Acrylic has better clarity than polycarbonate as it lets in more light
  • Acrylic box frames are more expensive than polycarbonate ones
  • Polycarbonate box frames are about 15 times stronger than acrylic ones, making them more impact-resistant.
  • Polycarbonate card frames are more susceptible to scratching than acrylic ones
  • Acrylic box frames have smoother edges that blend into each other, making a seamless joint.

Should You Use Acrylic Box Frame Outdoors?


Acrylic box frames are resistant to weather damage even when used outdoors.

Acrylic is the best material to use outdoors.

Acrylic card boxes can be exposed to extreme weather conditions and remain intact.

For this reason, an acrylic box frame does not yellow or crack from prolonged sun exposure.

Similarly, it does not rot or rust when exposed to water.

How Do You Verify the Quality Of Acrylic Box Frame?

The quality of acrylic box frames determined by performing specific tests on the product to determine whether it meets the set standards.

These tests are based on the performance of the box frame when subjected to different conditions.

Some of the most common test used to check quality for acrylic box frames are

  • Stress tests
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Weather exposure tests
  • Freon compatibility

These tests ensure that the acrylic box frame meets various regional standards before they leave the factory.

They also guarantee durability and safety.

Notably, most of these tests are carried out by experts in hi-tech laboratories.

Agencies like SGS, ASTM, and RoHS play fundamental roles in specifying, testing, and certifying this item’s quality.

Ideally, such agencies make it easy for suppliers and end-users to verify and determine the best quality acrylic box frames.

What are the Disadvantages of Buying Acrylic Box Frame?

Acrylic box frames do not have many shortcomings.

The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

Two of the most prominent demerits of using an acrylic box frame are:

I. They are expensive

II. They are relatively hard to clean without scratching thus you must be

Nevertheless, the quality of acrylic boxes makes up for their cost.

You can also apply a surface coating to prevent scratching on the acrylic box frame.

How Do You Remove Scratches from Acrylic Box Frame?

You can remove scratches on an acrylic box frame by using fine-grit sandpaper to sand it off.

Start with 300 grit wet sandpaper and sand the surface in circular motions.

First, tackle one area on the surface before moving on to the next one for a consistent job.

Move on to a 600 grit dress and paper to make the surface smoother.

Finish up the sanding with the 1200 grit sandpaper against a wet surface to ensure everything is smooth and even.

In the final step, clean and polish the box frame to enhance the appearance of the glass-like surface.

Is Acrylic Box Frame Shatterproof?


Acrylic, the base material for making this type of box frame, is strong and hard to break.

It has a tensile strength greater than 10,000 pounds, per square inch.

It is also stronger than regular glass by about 17 times.

Therefore, a box frame made from acrylic will not shatter or break easily even when it is dropped or hit hard.

Can You Order Acrylic Box Frame From China?


Ordering from China has several advantages.

1) China offers high-quality acrylic box frames.

The manufacturing process uses quality raw materials and the best technology to ensure the final product meets your expectations.

2) China offers a wide variety of styles and designs of acrylic box frames.

Different customers can get something to suit their differing preferences.

3) The pricing model in China is favorable to you without compromising the quality of the product.

There are many manufacturers all competing for your attention.

It gives the clients the power to negotiate and compare prices until they find the best offer.

4) In China, manufacturers have access to a vast transportation and communication infrastructure. This allows them to serve people all over the world.

5) The MoQ and turnaround time are also flexible when dealing with Chinese suppliers.

Therefore, it easy for you to buy different quantities depending on your budget.

At WeProFab, we design and manufacture high quality acrylic box frame in the market.

Whether you have your unique custom designs or our standard design for OEM business, WeProFab offers a perfect solution.

Contact us now for all your acrylic box frame needs.

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