• Acrylic Box with Lid

Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab is a popular manufacturer of the acrylic box with Lid. The Lid attached is used to cover and protect valuable things inside the box. We are specialized in all manufacturing services. Send us your concerns about the product, and we`re happy to serve you!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Box with Lid to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is one of executive OEM acrylic boxes with Lid supplier and manufacturer. We can truly help you achieve your business booming goals! We have a high capacity to help you, trust us!

Acrylic Lucite Box with lid

Acrylic lucite box with lid is the most popular product in the market. We can offer different types with suitable sizes for you.

Cube Acrylic Box with Lids

Weprofab is producing great-quality of cube acrylic box with lid. We can manufacture faster and based on your business preferences.

Acrylic Box with Sliding Lid

Acrylic box with sliding lid from Weprofab is very easy to clean and care. If you need a precise design for your basic application, don`t hesitate on asking for our help.

Acrylic Box with Magnet Lids

Weprofab proudly introduced an acrylic box with magnetic lids. In Weprofab, they are offered competitively. Choose your ideal now.

Acrylic Box with Lids Manufacturer

Weprofab can create an acrylic box with lid. We are a manufacturer that can really ensure every finish quality.

Acrylic Display Box with Lid

Weprofab is a trustworthy acrylic display with lid main supplier. All our acrylic boxes’ qualities bring a great advantages for your business.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Box with Lid Manufacturer

We are a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer.

Weprofab is a reliable acrylic box with a lid manufacturer. We can help your roofing projects fulfilled in a very timely manner.

We are able to personalize the acrylic box with lid for you. On different sizes and colors, expect high-quality finishes.

Inquire us now, we will never ignore it!

Custom Acrylic Box with Lid to Skyrocket Your Brand

Hexagon shape Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab hexagon shape acrylic box with lid is made very appealing. Weprofab is a group of experts, has the ability to manufacture various types of acrylic box finishes.

Thick Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab provides a solution if you need a thick acrylic box with lid. Just send your ideal thickness, and we`ll be manufactured for you!

Acrylic Box with Hinged Lid

Weprofab acrylic box with hinged lid is perfect especially to arrange any displayed accessories. Wepro team can personalize and produce ideal design for you.

Monogrammed Acrylic Box with Lid

The monogrammed acrylic box with a lid can be personalized according to your needs. It can be engraved with images, names, monograms, etc.

Acrylic Cake Box with Lid

This box is ideal for cakes. It can be available in various sizes to fit any cake size. This has durability, UV stability, and an anti-yellowish feature. For custom requests, please contact our team.

Dustproof Acrylic Box with Lid

Our dustproof acrylic box with a lid features classic feet and a slide lock. Available in different sizes and shapes to meet specific requirements.

Acrylic Donation Box with Lid

An acrylic donation box with a lid is made of premium-grade acrylic. It keeps its clarity and protects against yellowing with time. This can be personalized to meet your needs.

Colored Acrylic Box with Lid

There are different colors available. You can have blue, yellow, red, orange, and more. Its lid is 100% durable and has superior quality.

Freestanding Acrylic Box with Lid

The freestanding acrylic box with a lid is used to collect donations, business cards, tickets, suggestion cards, ballots, and more. Its rigidity is proven and tested by many.

Square Shaped Acrylic Box with Lid

This type can be used at exhibits, trade shows, conventions, assemblies, and weddings, and other occasions. This is 17 times more collision-proof than other glass boxes.

12-Section Acrylic Box with Lid

This 12-section acrylic box with a lid is available in different sizes and thicknesses. This is strong, unbreakable, waterproof, and has a waterproofing feature.

4-Section Acrylic Box with Lid

The 4-section acrylic box with a lid is extremely sturdy and durable. Available in custom sizes, thicknesses, and styles to fit your purpose.

3-Section Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab 3-section acrylic box with lid is perfect storage for your jewelry and more stuff. This is available in any size, with extreme sturdiness and quality.

Multi-Purpose Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab produces a multi-purpose acrylic box with a lid according to your specifications. These can be customized with your brand name.

Acrylic Box with Shoe Box Lid

The acrylic box with shoe box lid has a glossy finish. Also, they are highly durable and sturdy. In Weprofab, you can find this variety of any size.

Acrylic Showcase Box with Lid

The acrylic showcase box with a lid has extreme durability and shatterproof features. They also have a glossy finish giving it an outstanding look.

Acrylic Stackable Boxes with Lid

This type is your best choice because it is waterproof, customizable, and has optical transparency. It is customizable according to your required sizes, thicknesses, etc.

Acrylic Boxes With Covered and Pull Off Lids

The acrylic boxes with covered and pull-off lids are custom-made. They have customizable shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. This is used for storing products.


Personalized Acrylic Box with Lid

This type can be personalized to your requirements. We can print your brand name here to showcase your brand effectively. They are unbreakable and strong.

Transparent Acrylic Box with Lid

The transparent acrylic box with a lid is available at reasonable rates. It has high clarity and extreme strength. This is mostly used to gather donations, business cards, tickets, ballots, and more.

Acrylic Suggestion Box with Key Lock Lid

The acrylic suggestion box with a key lock lid is 100% high-quality. This is used to collect suggestion cards. This has excellent transparency, great appearance, and weather resistance.

Acrylic 5-Sided Box with Lid

The acrylic 5-sided box with lid is easy to process, easy to maintain/clean, has excellent weather resistance, chemical stability, and outstanding transparency.

Rectangular Acrylic Box with Lid

Different sizes of the rectangular acrylic box with lid are available in Weprofab. You can find this type in jewelry stores, showrooms, museums, retail stores, and more.

Acrylic Toy Box Display with Lid

Acrylic Toy Box Display with Lid is handmade and environmentally friendly that accepts OEM and ODM service. Its color and size are customizable.

Clear Acrylic Display Box with Hinged Lid

It can be used as storage candy, protection for goods, and dustproof with 3mm thickness. Its size and color can be customized.

Acrylic Display Gift Box with Magnet Lids Lock

Acrylic Display Gift Box with Magnet Lids Lock is recyclable and environmental friendly that has a simple appearance with transparent color and has 3mm thickness.

Acrylic Gift Box with Lid For Candy

It has excellent transparency with high-quality material, is corrosion-resistant, and is not easy to break.  It’s available in various shapes and color.

Acrylic Sugar Favor Box With Lid

Acrylic Sugar Favor Box With Lid uses a food-grade material and has good opening and closing. It’s available in a square shape, transparent color, and has a customized size.

Acrylic Box With Lid For Small Candy

Acrylic Box With Lid For Small Candy is a decent and handmade product that is composed of clear acrylic material; its shape is square.

Acrylic Shoe Box With Lid

Acrylic Shoe  Box With Lid is composed of a high-quality acrylic material that is available in clear or transparent color and it also accepts OEM and ODM services.

Acrylic Cube Wedding Box With Lid

It’s a transparent Cube Box that’s perfect for holding sweets, coins, or other little items. Acrylic Cube Wedding Box With Lid is an excellent gift box or party favor box.

Luxury Acrylic Storage Box With Lid

Luxury Acrylic Storage Box With Lid is not fragile, has excellent weather resistance, and is lightweight. It accepts  OEM and ODM services with ISO certification.

Clear Acrylic Cube Storage Box with Lid

Weprofab Clear Acrylic Cube Storage Box with Lid has excellent electrical insulation, easy to fabricate, shape, and clean. It features a high impact resistance ability with a lighter weight.

Case Stackable Acrylic Display Box with Lid

Weprofab Case Stackable Acrylic Display Box with Lid can be pearly luster, electroplate, colored drawing, or pattern craft. It is ideal for festival decoration usage.

Plexiglass Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab Plexiglass Acrylic Box with Lid is made of 100% eco-friendly acrylic material. It is perfect display usage for department store applications.

Custom Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab Custom Acrylic Box with Lid is a transparent acrylic box with a lid with 92% parallel rays transmittance. It has 20V/mm insulation strength and M-100 hardness.

Shoe Storage Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab Shoe Storage Acrylic Box with Lid is a modern style that has a <±1mm dimensional tolerance. It features a multifunction and foldable design.

Acrylic Sneaker Storage Box with Magnetic Lid

It features LED light, has an adjustable switch, is anti-oxidation, and has a large capacity; its available in white and black color.

Acrylic Rose Display Box with Lid

Acrylic  Rose Display Box with Lid is made of high-quality material with 3mm thickness. It used to display rose flowers and home decorations.

Acrylic Wedding Sugar Favor Box with Lid

Acrylic  Wedding Sugar Favor Box with Lid is mostly used for candy, bubble gum, chocolate, biscuit, even slime, and more.  It has a 1.5mm thickness and has transparent color.

High Clear Acrylic Box with Sliding Lid

High Clear Acrylic Box with Sliding Lid is used for displaying valuables, has an optional color, and its thickness is 2-10 mm but it’s customizable.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Box with Lid

Acrylic box with lid

Come here to get ideal facts about the Weprofab acrylic box with a lid? Well, you`re lucky, because this is it!

Weprofab is well-known in producing high-quality boxes with Lids that comes from acrylics.

There`s a lot of acrylic box type with a great contribution to booming your business brand!

We`ll introduce them to you one later. Each of them has the same qualities and durable at the same time.

Weprofab produces an acrylic box with any functional covers or Lids.

The lids attached to the boxes are made strong and durable.

Acrylic box with lid

Weprofab acrylic box with lid is easy to maintain, you don`t have to pay a lot of money just to have cleaned acrylic box!

Weprofab already manufactures them with easy to clean benefit. Soap, clean water, and clean cloth is already enough to start the cleaning process.

When you have a regular cleaning schedule, expect longing quality of acrylic box with secured lids.

Our team, Weprofab creates premium-quality of the acrylic box with lid.

They are likable colors available and custom sizes as well.

They may look great on the retail store, or any small/large trading companies that require displayed storage boxes.

Acrylic material is perfect for creating boxes for display.

Aside from its simple yet glossy surface designs, weprofab acrylic box with lid has durability, capable to withstand unexpected circumstances.

Acrylic box with lid

Weprofab can customize your ideal acrylic box with lid in any volume orders.

For asking quotes, price lists, and various inquiries, please reach through e-mail.

We are glad in responding to your email faster, the newest and upgraded acrylic box with lid products will be provided!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Box With Lids

Acrylic is a very strong and durable plastic material that has several residential and commercial applications.

It is increasingly being used as an alternative to glass due to its high impact strength and light weight.

An acrylic box is a product made from the acrylic sheets, which provides multiple advantages to the users.

The acrylic box is useful and has a good aesthetic.

You can use it for storage and creative applications that require high strength and durability.

The lid on the acrylic box only adds to the functionality of the box.

It offers a practical mode of storing or displaying objects by protecting these stored objects.

This ultimate FAQ guide will answer all the questions you have about acrylic boxes with lids.

- Acrylic Box with Lid

Acrylic Box with Lid

How Is The Acrylic Box With Lid Made?

An acrylic box is made using high-quality acrylic sheets.

The sheets are cut with precision, using laser or router cutting techniques.

The next step you need to do is to assemble and bond the parts using strong plastic bonding techniques.

You can attach the lid after the completion of the base.

Acrylic boxes have different types of lid attachments depending on your needs and requirements.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Boxes With Lids?

The acrylic boxes can be differentiated based on the lid type, the thickness of the material, or the quality of the material.

·  Acrylic Lucite Box With Lid

Lucite is one of the best quality acrylic available in the market.

The key factors of Lucite are its high strength, incredible flexibility, and higher transparency level than glass.

Due to its qualities, it is one of the most popular lid boxes.

You can find these boxes made in different sizes, with varying heights and lengths.

· Acrylic Box With Sliding Lid

In this type of acrylic boxes, there is a smooth movement of the lid for better functionality.

The lid slides out to create an opening into the box.

While this may not be an airtight box, you might find this useful in the storage of kitchen ingredients.

It is also useful in storing products in a shop.

-Acrylic Box with Sliding Lid

Acrylic Box with Sliding Lid

· Acrylic Box With Magnetic Lid

In this acrylic box, the edges of the lid have magnetic strips.

While closing the lid, the strips create a magnetic suction to force shut the box.

You can use this acrylic box as a jewelry box or for storing accessories.

It also makes for a great display box in commercial spaces.

· Acrylic Box With Hinged Lid

You will find that boxes with hinged lids are very convenient and easy to use.

The lid is joined to the box in a way that allows a flexible flapping movement to the cover.

A hinged lid can also be customized to include a lock to the box.

The acrylic box with hinged lid makes for a great storage box, especially for household objects.

You can have different boxes to differentiate between categories of items.

The transparent nature of the box allows easy identification of the objects within.

Acrylic Box with Hinged Lid

Acrylic Box with Hinged Lid

· Thick Acrylic Box With Lid

The key factor of these boxes is the use of high quality and thick acrylic material for its construction.

Thick acrylic boxes are more shatter-resistant and durable.

The thickness is ideal for maintaining a balance between the strength and weight of the product.

Thick Acrylic Box with Lid

Thick Acrylic Box with Lid

· Custom Acrylic Box With Lids

Each type of business has a specific requirement with respect to its storage or display boxes.

Hence, you can also place a custom order based on your specific business requirements.

The boxes can be customized into various shapes, sizes, and colors.

What Are The Uses Of An Acrylic Box With Lid?

Acrylic boxes with lids are high utility products that have multiple applications.

You can use them for residential, commercial, and business purposes.

· Display Box

The acrylic box with lid can be used as a display box in the stores or showrooms.

You can use it to display dummy products or miniature models of the actual products to showcase it to the customer.

The covering on the product protects it from dust and unwanted particles in the air.

Using the acrylic box as a display box also saves the time needed to clean the items regularly.

Acrylic Display Box With Lid

 Acrylic Display Box With Lid

· Storage Box

For business purposes, the acrylic box with lids is useful in storing products.

For instance, a pharmacist can store medicines without hassle, while a stationary shop can store and segregate stationery items in these boxes.

In residential spaces, you can use these acrylic boxes for storing various types of household products.

You can also use them for storing expensive or leather footwear and protecting them from the elements.

It can also be used to store makeup products, jewelry, or accessories.

Acrylic Storage Box With Lid For Footwear

Acrylic Storage Box With Lid For Footwear

·  Food Items

One of the advantages of acrylic is the absence of potentially harmful substances like BPA.

Hence, acrylic boxes are ideal for safely storing food and related items.

It is useful for storing pre-packaged items on the countertops of restaurants, bakeries, or convenience stores.

In homes, you will find that acrylic boxes with lids are a great addition to the kitchen cabinets for storing and categorize spices and vegetables.

Acrylic Box With Lid for Food Storage

Acrylic Box With Lid for Food Storage

· Shadow Boxes

A landscape acrylic box can be used as a shadowbox for paintings, wall hangings, and pictures.

It is a valuable accessory for art galleries or shops with wall hangings.

· Packaging

For business purposes, acrylic boxes with lids are of great value.

It provides a premium look so you can use it to package premium quality watches and perfumes, yet it is affordable enough that you can also use it to store playing cards and mini candy bars.

 Acrylic Gift Box With Lid

 Acrylic Gift Box With Lid

· Stationery

The acrylic boxes are also useful for you to use as a suggestion box in offices to gather feedback slips.

You can also use it as a desk organizer to store small stationery items like pens and keyrings.

Small acrylic boxes are also of great use for storing tissue boxes in restaurants and homes.

What Are The Features Of Acrylic Boxes With Lids?

An acrylic box with lid has the following unique features:

· Glossy Finish

A clear acrylic box with lid has a glossy finish that gives it a premium look.

You can use it to display items in stores and showrooms.

· Durable

The acrylic box with lid can last for years under normal circumstances.

Moreover, the material is shatterproof and sturdy.

· Transparent

The acrylic box with lid has high optical clarity and transparency.

This feature is great for storing and showcasing products.

· Waterproof

The acrylic box with lid provides the objects stored inside with resistance to water.

A tight lid also prevents moisture from entering the box.

· Customizable

You can easily mold acrylic into custom shapes without compromising its optical clarity.

What Shapes Of The Acrylic Box With Lid Are Available?

The benefit of using an acrylic box is that it is easy to fabricate and lasts for a long time.

The box is available in several shapes, which adds a lot of character and design to it.

It is available in different 3-D polygon shapes.

These are:

· Cube Acrylic Box with Lids

The cubical box is spacious and is of premium quality.

You will find this useful for storing objects with greater height as compared to the flat acrylic boxes.

 Cube Acrylic Box with Lid

 Cube Acrylic Box with Lid

·  Cuboid Acrylic Box With Lid

The most commonly available box is in the shape of a 3-D rectangle.

You can find the box with several variations for the lid type and material quality.

Moreover, the box is easy to store in bulk, with one box on top of the other.

· 3-D Hexagon Acrylic Box With Lid

The six sides of the box provide a unique look that makes it very appealing and attractive.

Hexagon Acrylic Box

Hexagon Acrylic Box

· Custom designs

If you have a specific design in mind, you can reach out to your supplier or manufacturer with your requirements and they may be able to customize an acrylic box with lid for you.

Can You Print On The Acrylic Boxes With Lid?

Yes, you can print on the acrylic boxes with lids.

The printing process is for putting designs, logos, and brand names on the acrylic box.

However, you need to take certain measures while painting/printing for long-lasting effects.

The first step is to clean the surface thoroughly with denatured alcohol and distilled water.

You can either use screen printing or digital printing techniques on acrylic.

· Screen Printing

Screen printing is more appropriate for acrylic boxes with lids that are produced in large volumes and it is more economical and faster.

Paint viscosity and size of the mesh openings are important factors you need to consider before screen printing.

· Digital Printing

Digital printing provides durable results and reduced printing costs.

There are two types of ink used for digital printing which are solvent and UV cured inks.

There are also two types of technologies for digital printing including continuous flow and Drop on Demand (DOD).

You should thoroughly check which type of printing will be suitable for your purpose.

Can You Paint On Acrylic Boxes With Lids?

For painting, the technique of spray painting is useful for providing a uniform finishing to the acrylic box with lid.

You need to use specialized acrylic paint for this purpose.

In this technique, the paint viscosity and air pressure are of importance.

To determine the thickness and uniformity, use a lightbox below the acrylic surface.

Typically, 4-5 layers of paint sprayed within a gap of a few seconds each are sufficient to properly cover the sheet.

You can watch this video to find out how to paint designs on your acrylic box with lid.


How Can You Clean These Acrylic Boxes?

The acrylic box with lid is easy to maintain and clean.

All you need is a mild soap or detergent, clean water, and a clean cloth.

Keep in mind not to use harsh solvents or cleaning agents that can cause harm to the material.

To get rid of debris or light stains, you can also use canned air.

Moreover, the lid stops any dust from entering the inside of the box.

This makes the cleaning job convenient.

With a regular cleaning schedule, the acrylic box with secured lids can last longer.

Do Acrylic Boxes With Lids Scratch Easily?

Acrylic does not scratch as easily compared to polycarbonate.

However, you still need to take the necessary precautions to prevent it from scratching.

To prevent scratching, use a non-abrasive cloth instead of a scrubber or a harsh cloth.

Handle your acrylic box with lid with care especially while transporting it.

How Can You Remove Scratches On Acrylic Boxes With Lids?

If your acrylic box with lid has sustained scratches, you can remove them by sanding them.

Take 600-grit sandpaper and wet it. Run it over the scratches.

Next, take a dry piece of 600-grit sandpaper and repeat the process of running it over the scratches.

Take 800-grit sandpaper and repeat the steps above of running a wet sandpaper over the scratch before switching to dry sandpaper.

Do the same with 1200-grit sandpaper until you see all the scratches are gone.

Finish off by wiping the area with a soft and dry cloth and apply some acrylic polish.

Are The Acrylic Boxes With Lid Available In Different Colors?

Yes, you can get acrylic boxes with lids available in different colors depending on your requirements.

You can choose from a variety of color combinations available and some popular colors are white, black, green, blue and yellow.

Custom Colored Acrylic Box with Lid

 Custom Colored Acrylic Boxes with Lid

How Are Acrylic Box With Lids Better Than Other Materials?

Materials like glass are too fragile and break easily.

Moreover, they will break into large numbers of tiny sharp pieces that can be dangerous.

Polycarbonate boxes scratch more easily compared to acrylic boxes with lids so you will find they might not continue to look as polished over time.

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