Acrylic Cake Scraper

Acrylic Cake Scraper

Acrylic scrapers are the best option for adding style and decorative touch to cakes. They are sometimes referred to as cake combs or cake smoothers. They are a tool used for creating beautiful textures or styles on the cake’s surface including the top and sides. You can use them for making smooth, wavy, sharp, curvy, and other unique textures or patterns depending on the scraper’s edge design.

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Acrylic Striped Pattern Scraper

The acrylic striped pattern scrapers have a comfortable grip. They are ideal for creating stripes on the cake surface.

Acrylic Smooth Scraper

The acrylic cakesmooth scrapers can create smooth and soft edges seamlessly. That is due to their smooth edges.

Acrylic Cake Round-Shaped Scraper

The acrylic cake round-shaped scrapers are durable and not easy to break. You can also use them for decorating desserts.

Acrylic Cake Contoured Scraper

The acrylic cake contoured scrapers are designed with wavy or curved edges. Due to that, they can provide the cake surface with a ruffle effect.

Acrylic Extra Tall Scraper

You can use the acrylic cake extra tall scrapers for scraping or decorating tall cakes. They are durable and easy to grip.

Acrylic Cake Scalloped Scraper

The acrylic cake scalloped scrapers can create scalloped textures smoothly on cake surfaces. They are widely used in bake shops.

Acrylic Cake Zig-Zag Scraper

The acrylic cake zig-zag scrapers can be used at bakeries or for home baking. They can create sharp zig-zag textures on cake surfaces.

Acrylic Multi-Pattern Cake Scraper

The acrylic multi-pattern cake scrapers are designed with unique patterns and designs. They are ideal for decorating any cake theme.

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Variety of Applications

The acrylic cake scrapers are mainly used for various frosting applications or cake decoration. They are suitable for both professional and home baking applications.

However, acrylic cake scrapers are multi-functional. Aside from scraping cake surfaces, they can also be used for cutting dough, chopping vegetables or fruits, mashing ingredients, lifting pie dough, and many more.

Variety of Applications
Main Features

Main Features

Durable Material – Acrylic cake scrapers have durable and thick construction. You can’t deform or break them easily. They can also last for several years.

Ease of Cleaning – The acrylic scrapers are dishwasher-safe. They also have good resistance to stains.

Safe – We manufacture cake scrapers from food-grade, BPA-free, and FDA-compliant acrylic. They are safe for contact with food.

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WeProFab is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality acrylic cake scrapers at reasonable prices to help you flourish your business.

We manufacture acrylic scrapers in a wide variety of sizes and designs to suit various business needs. To fully meet your business or cake decoration project needs, we can also manufacture acrylic cake scrapers based on your specifications. We can also produce them based on your sketches or samples.

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