• Acrylic Card Box

Acrylic Card Box

Weprofab is a popular company distributes authentic and genuine acrylic card box for budget-friendly prices. They are printable, so you can easily print your logos there. Weprofab has all the designs of the acrylic card box you need for business. Send your inquiries now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Card Box to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has executive designers for all your necessary acrylic card box. To delight your customers efficiently, we are happy to offer quality services and products for you and for your business.

Mirrored Acrylic Card Box

Weprofab Mirrored acrylic card box has adorable colors perfect for keeping money in this safest box. We supply all kinds of acrylic card boxes for you.

Mirrored Acrylic Card Box

Weprofab highly suggests mirrored acrylic card boxes for business additions. It is printable and has a glossy finish as well.

Lockable Acrylic Card Box

For instance, if your business want the most profitable product, we can offer the most unique one. Please inquire with Weprofab now!

Custom Acrylic Card Box

Weprofab has outstanding selections of the custom acrylic card box. Always count on Weprofab if you need a customized acrylic card box.

Clear Acrylic Personalized Card Box

Weprofab is providing a clear acrylic personalized card box that suits your taste and high preferences. Contact us for more info.

Acrylic Business Card Box

If you want your business to shine, you need a profitable product to add on. Weprofab acrylic business card box is the best choice!

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Card Box Manufacturer

Weprofab is tend to presents direct acrylic card box alternatives for metal and plastics fabrications. We are working mainly in China and currently providing the most satisfying acrylic card box for your business and for your customers.

We are your #1 trusted and reliable acrylic card box manufacturer that operates in mainland China. We have over 20 years of experience in all terms of fabrications.

We offer custom designs of the acrylic card box in accordance with your demands.

Now, when you send your inquiries about the Weprofab acrylic card box, we will provide prompt & exact answers!

Custom Acrylic Card Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Wedding Gold Acrylic Card Box

Weprofab supplies the most satisfying custom wedding gold acrylic card box. It is suitable for wedding applications and more.

Acrylic Wishing Well Card Box

Whether you`re a retailer or wholesaler, order huge amounts of acrylic wishing well card box from Weprofab. These are used in any event like weddings.

Black Acrylic Card Box

Weprofab provides classic yet plain in colors acrylic card box. There are plenty of plain colors for acrylic card boxes obtainable for low prices.

Modern Acrylic Card Box

If you are now looking for a modern acrylic card box, Weprofab can provide your needs completely.

Pink Acrylic Card Box

You can`t feel any hassle and inconvenience when purchasing to Weprofab for your favorite acrylic card box. Available in any colors, dimensions, etc to reach your standards.

Acrylic Card Box with Lock

Wepro acrylic card box with lock is made of strong acrylic, which is cannot be scratched easily.  It appears to be very fashionable and high-end. It comes with a distinctive foldable design that simplifies collection.

Frosted Acrylic Card Box 

The sleek and elegant style of this frosted acrylic card box will enhance any room’s decor. It can be used as a trivet, bucket, or lid. Available in various thicknesses.

Clear Acrylic Card Box 

Perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, weddings, commencements, and other occasions. It does not scratch easily, and it possesses good light permeability. It appears to be high-end and very elegant.

Acrylic Index Card Box

Our acrylic index card box is perfect for keeping track of daily activities at the office or home. This beautiful, crystal transparent acrylic index box comes in various colors.

Acrylic Wedding Card Box with Lock & Key

Acrylic wedding card box with lock & key is constructed of clear acrylic plastic. It can be customized with any font style and color you like. You can also add rhinestones to your lock and key, which come in silver or gold.

Acrylic Card Box with Floral Design

Our stunning acrylic card box with floral design comes with a white UV print, a magnetic closing box with the rhinestone, metal press, and other features. Lucite, clear acrylic, and plexiglass are the material options.

Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic Card Box

Rose gold mirror acrylic card box can hold 200-250 cards in its elegant slot design. It is constructed of heavy-duty acrylic and features a gorgeous metallic rose gold latch and lock.

Acrylic Thank You Card Box

Our acrylic thank you card box comes in a modern and simple design. It is made of 100% new acrylic. Robust, long-lasting, and versatile to any store. Surface treatment options include grinding, wheel polishing, and fire polishing.

Acrylic Card Box 25CM

Acrylic card box measures 25cm x 25cm x 25cm keeps wedding card together. Clear and beautiful, made of high-grade acrylic. It’s ideal for a variety of occasions. It’s also useful for storing and displaying items.

Customize Acrylic Wedding Card Collection Box

Wepro offers acrylic wedding card collection box that can be customized into exact specifications and can be included with accessories. Made of beautiful, clear, and high-grade acrylic. It’s ideal for a variety of occasions.

Acrylic Card Box with Slot

Acrylic card box with the slot is ideal for organizing wedding cards and other cards of any event. It is made of clear acrylic with engraved and painted writing. The style of the lock is your choice: plain or rhinestone.

Acrylic Card Box with Mirrored Base

The acrylic card box is manufactured of clear acrylic with a mirrored base. It is simple and elegant. It also has a lid on top so it can simply remove the card, as well as a bit of slit on the lip for inserting the card.

Wedding Wishing Well Acrylic Card Box

The wedding wishing well acrylic card box is built from thick, heavy-duty acrylic. It features a stunning gold metal lock and hinges. Congratulations cards, gift cards, gift envelopes, cash gifts, and money envelopes are safely stored.

Luxury Acrylic Card Box

Wepro luxury acrylic card box acrylic surface has been given a one-of-a-kind, high-end, and luxurious treatment. Dark green, wine red, indigo blue are among the playing cards.

Custom-Size Acrylic Card Box

The acrylic card box is available in custom-size, available from small to large. It is carefully constructed, popular clear, black, and white hues. Thicknesses, height, width, length can be custom-size.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Card Box

Weprofab Acrylic card box is used usually in business, weddings, donations, etc. It is the best way to gather letters, money donations and others. They are available in different designs, dimensions, and colors. Whether you want a lockable or non-lockable acrylic card box, it`s your decision to be followed. Weprofab is the most-known manufacturer in China that can provide the standard acrylic card box to any part of the world.

Acrylic Card Box

However, as an expert in fabricating card box from acrylics, Weprofab only ensures to give the best product for your business. Because using acrylic can give high transparency and strong resistance to the product.

We, Weprofab are very expert on creating an outstanding class of acrylic card boxes. The elegance and outstanding features of the acrylic card box make it in demand on the global market. Unlike glass, the acrylic card boxes from our factory are not simple to break or get any damages even stamped, punched or fallen. Well, all of Weprofab`s acrylic card box has strong adherence grade, makes suitable for any display purposes.

Acrylic Card Box

Weprofab is very confident when it comes to supplying our great acrylic card boxes to our highly valued customers. In China, we manufacture a series of acrylic card boxes with complete clear acrylics and firm materials. There are custom types are available in our factory, suitable for all types of events and special occasions. It has excellent appeal perfect for any decorative applications.

Are you curious about what`s best in our acrylic card box? Our one of a kind acrylic card boxes has matchless quality. It has elegant and trendy designs that easily convince customers in the markets.

Acrylic Card Box

We love to do our very best to give the superior quality of the acrylic card box that meets your requirements.

We want to gain your trust, that`s why we provide products with satisfying styles.

If you want our services and products, kindly reach us via e-mail.

Acrylic Card Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about the acrylic card box, you will find the answer right here.

This guide covers everything about acrylic card box including the design, benefits, color options, sizes and surface treatments, amongst others.

So, if you want to learn more about acrylic card box, read this guide.

What is Acrylic Card Box?

An acrylic card box is a container made out of molded or jointed acrylic sheets.

It resembles a box and is typically square or rectangular.

An acrylic card box is made from an acrylic material, which has several advantages over other materials.

Its features make it versatile for use on different occasions and a good investment.

 acrylic card box

acrylic card box

What is the Function of Acrylic Card Box?

The function of an acrylic card box is in its name.

It is a cardholder and useful for both casual and official occasions.

These boxes are used to place cards or notes meant to be read by a few designated individuals.

The card box keeps unauthorized persons from accessing the cards.

They can also function as organizers.

Cards are placed in them, and people can pick one from the box if they need to.

For example, some banks have acrylic card boxes that hold fill-out forms that customers can fill to make transactions easier.

You can also place sensitive documents in a card box for safekeeping.

They can be used in this capacity to collect checks or donation cards with sensitive donor information.

Can you add decorations to an acrylic card box?


It is possible to decorate an acrylic card box.

Adding decorations to an acrylic box card is a great way to personalize it or enhance its appearance.

Many types of decorations are available.

You can add to your acrylic card box for this effect. They include the following.

  • Printed labels
  • Laser-cut patterns
  • Flowers
  • Geometric patterns
  • Brand logos
  • Digital images

An appropriate decoration for a particular card box depends on t context.

For instance, decorating a card box for a wedding party is more flexible than dealing with one meant for office use.

The decoration can also be used to indicate the box’s function.

Printing “Mr & Mrs”  or “R.I.P” personalizes a card box for a wedding or funeral, respectively.

In essence, possibilities are limitless, and you can be as creative as you like with these decorations.

You can also hire professionals to design these decorations.

Inquire with your selected manufacturer if they offer design services as you order an acrylic card box.

This saves you time and money and ensure you get a unique box for your occasion.

 decorated acrylic card box

decorated acrylic card box

What is the Ideal Size for Acrylic Card Box?

The most appropriate size of an acrylic card box depends on its function.

Boxes meant for one-time use, such as during funerals, birthday parties, fundraisers, or weddings, can be small. This option saves you money.

You do not have to spend on something you may never use again.

A measurement of an eight-inch cube is considered standard for small boxes.

You can alter these dimensions slightly to fit your needs.

Larger acrylic card boxes are appropriate for continuous use or when you expect an increase in volume.

These are appropriate for suggestion boxes and cheque boxes.

A standard large box is a 15-inch cube, but the dimensions may be altered to fit specific functions.

Different brands will allow varying standard measurements for their acrylic card boxes.

Confer with your manufacturer to confirm the specific dimensions of a box before you purchase.

This step is crucial when ordering online since you cannot see the item, and photos can be misleading.

Are there Colored Options for Acrylic Card Box?


There are colored options for acrylic boxes with a variety of shades to choose from.

Colored acrylic card boxes have two main options.

 colored acrylic box

colored acrylic box

Solid Colored Boxes

These are made from opaque acrylic sheets.

These boxes do not allow light to pass through, so you cannot see its contents.

They are best suited for privacy when the card box is used to place sensitive information.

You can even combine different colors on the same box.

 solid colored boxes

solid colored boxes

This option works for making card boxes meant to promote brands.

Translucent Colored Boxes

These acrylic card boxes come from translucent sheets.

They let in some light and resemble colored or stained glass.

Although the privacy of translucent card boxes is limited, they make for a fun addition to your home or office.

You can choose a color that complements existing décor for a blended look.

translucent colored boxes

translucent colored boxes

Clear Boxes

These are the most popular acrylic card boxes.

They resemble glass in clarity, and this gives them a unique appeal.

They also go with any décor and are relatively cheap.

Clear card boxes are ideal for social events due to their aesthetic appeal.

clear boxes

clear boxes

How Does a Colored Acrylic Card Box Compare to a Transparent Acrylic Card Box?

A colored acrylic card box can either be solid or translucent.

A transparent one is clear and closely resembles glass.

7 transparent acrylic card box

 transparent acrylic card box

Each of these boxes is best suited for different purposes.

Here is a list comparing the two

  • A colored card box good for privacy since you cannot see what is inside the box. It helps keep the contents of the box from prying eyes.

This is only possible if you are using a solid-colored box.

It is possible to see through most translucent boxes, especially in a well-lit room.

  • Clear acrylic card boxes are best suited for display. You can use this if you frequently need to monitor how full the box is.

Ultimately, the better box between the colored and the transparent one largely depends on the client’s preference.

Some people prefer clear ones because they resemble glass others prefer colored ones as they match their décor.

According to the comparison above, both colored and transparent cut boxes are great functional and aesthetic options.

The one you choose depends on your needs and your taste

What the Benefits of Buying Acrylic Card Box over Other Materials?

Acrylic has several advantages over other materials.

It is the reason it’s the preferred option for making an acrylic card box.

Some of the benefits that you get from buying acrylic are:

  • Acrylic is durable, so you will use the card box for a long time before having to replace it.
  • The card boxes are strong and can resist impact. Even if they are placed in a place where there are prone to falling, they are unlikely to shatter or break.
  • Acrylic is relatively cheap compared to other materials like wood and metal.

It is also easy to mold and customize into unique and classy card boxes that suit customer specifications.

  • It is easy to maintain an acrylic card box. Proper care keeps the box looking glossy, and you can use it for a long time.

All you need to do is clean regularly and polish often to accomplish this.

  • Acrylic is lightweight and thus suitable for a portable acrylic card box.

Even organizers should invest in these boxes as they would need to move them from one place to another

Why do You Need a Lock on Acrylic Card Box?

It would help to have a lock on an acrylic card box for any of the following reasons

  • For security purposes

When you must place cared containing important or sensitive information, acrylic is the way to do it. Cheque deposit boxes are a good example of this.

  • When you need to keep the contents of a card box private, even if they are not secret, invest in a lock.

Suggestion boxes fit this category since anonymity is key.

Only select individuals should view the box’s content to achieve this.

Locks for acrylic card boxes come in different types.

For instance, there are manual and electronic locks, and each has its advantages.

Manual locks are relatively easier to break into, but they are the best for transparent acrylic card boxes.

Electronic locks are not completely safe either, as they can be hacked.

They are best used for colored boxes.

They are also easier to hide when you want to conceal their existence on an acrylic card box.

How Much Does Acrylic Card Box Cost?

The price of an acrylic card box may range between $20 and $50.

Some boxes cost more or less than this depending on several variables.

These include

  • The size of the box
  • Custom features of the book
  • Grade of the acrylic sheet used to make the box
  • Manufacturers location
  • Branding

What is the Recommended Thickness of Acrylic Card Box?

An acrylic card box’s ideal thickness depends on its function and where you plan to use it.

The standard acrylic card box has a thickness of between a quarter and three-eighths of an inch.

If you need a box with reinforcement to add security or strength, upgrade to between ½ an inch to an inch.

Custom thickness dimensions that are either smaller or larger than the above recommendation are also available.

Kindly send an inquiry to your chosen manufacturer to see what they offer.

What Should You Print on Acrylic Card Box?

No restrictions exist in printing, as this is a form of customization.

printed acrylic card box

printed acrylic card box

 Therefore, the client gets the final say regarding what they want on their acrylic card box.

What you choose to print on an acrylic add box depends on the purpose of the box.

You can print a label indicating its use or its owner. You can also print to decorate the box.

Some of the most common things that are printed on acrylic boxes include

  • Company logos
  • Names of the people or the company that owns the box
  • Decorative geometric patterns
  • Picture and digital images
  • Illustrations
  • Labels indicating the use of the box

You can go wild with this to make the acrylic card box represent its purpose as much as possible.

More than one item may get printed on the same box.

Take an example of a card box meant for a fundraising event raising money to save the planet.

You can print images of the planet, animals, and trees on the box.

You can also add the words “Donate to Save the Planet” and a logo of the agency sponsoring the fundraiser.

Which Customization Features Can You Get on Acrylic Card Box?

Customization of acrylic card boxes give them a special and unique appearance.

customized acrylic card box

 customized acrylic card box

The extra features add value to the box by making it something that specifically fits the client’s specifications.

Most manufacturers allow a customer to choose the custom features they prefer added to their products.

It gives you the independence to decide what works for them.

Below is a list of some common customization features that are used on acrylic card boxes.

  • You can add a locking mechanism to the box for added security.
  • Print the box with names, logos, and images to make each one unique to a specific brand or customer.
  • Have the books made as a hybrid box with pieces of other materials added to it.

For example, it can have a metal or wooden base or pieces of wood and metal on the edges to fortify it.

Hybrid card boxes are both visually pleasing and long-lasting.

  • Add texture to the card box using a computerized laser machine.

The possibilities are many, so if you want it, you can get it.

Note that customization increases the price of the acrylic card box.

Be ready to account for this in your budget.

How do you maintain an acrylic card box?

Maintaining an acrylic card box is fairly easy. It is also crucial as it extends the box’s lifespan and sustains its beautiful appearance.

There are three vital things you need to do to maintain an acrylic card box

Clean Properly

Proper cleaning is important because dirt clouds the appearance of the box.

Dust particles are abrasive and should be removed as soon as they collect.

Ensure you have the right products for cleaning acrylic as well.

Some cleaners can break down the card box causing irreparable clouding.

Prevent Scratching

This step depends on how you handle and store your acrylic card box.

Acrylic is sensitive to scratching, and extra care is needed to avoid this.

When cleaning, avoid abrasive materials like scouring pads and powders.

Use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth instead.

Do not store the box in a place where it can get scratched by other materials.

Cover it with a soft cloth or keep it in a cardboard box.

It protects the box from contact with other items and dust, both of which can cause scratching.

Protective coating to prevent scratching may be applied to the acrylic card box to minimize its susceptibility to scratching.

Polish regularly  the two things you need to do clean properly end Polish

Are acrylic card box affected by weather when used outdoor?


Acrylic card boxes are resistant to weather damage even when they are used outdoors.

Acrylic is the best material to use outdoors.

Acrylic card boxes can be exposed to extreme weather conditions and remain intact.

For this reason, an acrylic card box does not yellow or crack from prolonged sun exposure.

Similarly, it does not rot or rust when exposed to water.

This product is perfect for outdoor use and can be used as a temporary or permanent fixture.

How Long Does Acrylic Card Box Last?

An acrylic card box is durable mainly because the material it is made from has this property.

The box will last a lifetime, especially with proper maintenance.

The thickness of the acrylic sheet that makes up a box also determines its lifespan.

Thicker sheets are more impact resistant and thus less likely to shatter or break.

Protective coatings also increase the durability of an acrylic card box. They eliminate the shortcoming of the box, giving it a new lease on life.

Acrylic is also durable acrylic because it is inert.

It means that in solid form, this material does not react with compounds in the environment that may cause deterioration.

On average, acrylic card boxes can last for more than ten years without losing their luster.

Environmental exposure can shorten this lifespan, and preventative measures should be taken to avoid this.

Otherwise you will only have to replace the acrylic box because you want a different design or a bigger size

Which Types of Acrylic Sheets are Suitable for Making Acrylic Card Box?

You can use any type of acrylic sheet to make an acrylic card box.

The best type depends on the purpose of the box and the features necessary to fulfil that purpose.

For instance, if you require a strong box to withstand breakage, it is best to go for continuous cast acrylic sheets.

When you need a colored box, cast acrylic produces the best colored sheets.

You can use both cast and continuous cast acrylic for reinforced boxes that need bulletproofing for extra security.

With a limited budget, you need an acrylic box that comes cheap.

Extruded acrylic is the best option for this.

However, these sheets will limit the quality and thickness of the box.

They are best suited for single-use boxes for one-time events.

What is the M.O.Q. for Acrylic Card Box?

MOQ is the smallest number of items a manufacturer will allow per order for each item.

Different items have varying M.O.Q.s based on the cost of production.

The goal of a M.O.Q. is to provide value for the manufacturer and the customer.

It reduces the cost of production by making many items at a time.

This advantage passes on to the customer in terms of lower product pricing.

Feel free to contact the manufacturer to confirm the minimum order requirement for acrylic card boxes.

Are there design options available for an acrylic card box?


You can get an acrylic card box in various designs

These include

  • Hybrid boxes
  • Colored boxes
  • Boxes in different shapes, including rectangles, squares, hexagons, and cylinders, among others.
  • Stand-alone boxes or boxes with a stand
  • Hang boxes
  • Security locked boxes

How Does Acrylic Card Box Compare to a Polycarbonate Card Box?

Polycarbonate is the most frequently used alternative to acrylic.

Although these materials have many of the same qualities, they are also different.

 poycarbonate card box

 polycarbonate box card

Here is a comparison between acrylic card boxes and polycarbonate ones

  • Acrylic boxes are more expensive than polycarbonate boxes
  • Polycarbonate is about 15 times stronger than acrylic, making for more impact-resistant card boxes.
  • Acrylic has better clarity than polycarbonate as it lets in more light
  • Polycarbonate card boxes are more susceptible to scratching
  • It is easier to weld two pieces of acrylic. Unlike polycarbonate, they produce smoother edges that blend into each other, making a seamless joint.

Is Acrylic Card Box Easy to Maintain?


Although it can be hard to wash the inside of the box, general maintenance of an acrylic card box is easy.

Here are some important tips to help with this.

  • Establish a cleaning routine to avoid dirt build-up
  • Clean with mild detergents and a soft cloth to avoid scratching
  • Avoid using cleaners with ammonia as they breakdown the acrylic surface.
  • Polish regularly to maintain the glassy look of the card box.
  • Always clean before you polish to avoid scratching caused by dust particles
  • Use a brush to reach the corners and inner edges of the acrylic card box to remove any trapped dirt

Can You Reuse Acrylic Card Box?

Yes, acrylic card boxes can be reused.

They may be repurposed to store other items other than cards.

Small items that easily get scattered, such as makeup, office supplies, nuts, and bolts, can be stored in reused acrylic card boxes.

You can also turn an acrylic card box into a home bank.

Damaged acrylic card boxes are recyclable.

They can be disassembled, cut up, melted into new sheets, and used to make new items

Does Acrylic Card Box Require Any Surface Treatment?


The acrylic card box can be treated to create a protective coating against damage.

Anti-scratch and anti-UV treatment are the most common surface treatments apply to acrylic card boxes.

They help to protect the boxes from abrasion and U.V. radiation damage.

Depending on your unique acrylic card box requirements, WeProFab offers the perfect solution for you.

Whether you want our standard designs or OEM option, we offer the perfect solution for you.

Contact us now for all your acrylic card boxes from China.

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