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Weprofab is your ultimate provider choice of acrylic chairs. We focally operating in mainland China. Our team has the skills and expertise to provide your selected designs. Cooperate with us to achieve your ideal acrylic chair. You will never regret dealing with us.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Chair to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the leading fabrication choice of great-quality acrylic chairs. Weprofab has complete and broad-range selections of acrylic chairs to offer.

Acrylic Dining Chair

Weprofab ensures to supply you enough stocks of acrylic dining chairs for your furniture or chair rental businesses. Weprofab is ready to support your needs.

Acrylic Wedding Chairs

If you`re looking desperately for acrylic chairs suitable for wedding occasions, Weprofab has broad-range selections to offer. They can satisfy you and your business needs.

Chrome-plated Acrylic Chair

Check out your ideal chrome-plated acrylic chair designs now in the Weprofab factory. You can find the latest and well-structured acrylic chairs.

Colored Acrylic Chair

Weprofab is an experienced manufacturer in mainland China. in any colors you wanted, we can provide you. Select your ideal finishes now for competitive rates.

Folding Acrylic Chair

When wanting folding acrylic chair for business additions, Weprofab has a lot to present. We always do best executions making sure to rpovide you high-quality finishes.

Mist Acrylic Chair

In the long years in service, we provide the unique mist type of acrylic chairs. This is way better compared to fragile glasses. Check latest product updates at Weprofab now.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Chair Manufacturer

Weprofab is a team of professionals formed in the past 20 years of experience. We are a company in a combination of Local fabrication professionals and Weetect Material Limited. We are now considered as one leading provider of profitable products.

We are continuing to achieve our mission to become a manufacturing leader worldwide. We want to provide you with our best of best public manufacturing services.

Contact us as speedy as you can for further assistance.

Custom Acrylic Chair to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Ghost Chair

Weprofab built an acrylic ghost chair to meet your satisfaction. You can select tinted or colored options to satisfy your own retail customers.

Creative Acrylic Chair

Weprofab has the capacity to produce creative acrylic chair in hundred of stocks. Here at Weprofab you can discover 2x durable varieties of creative acrylic chairs.

Modern Acrylic Chair

All of us want high-quality modern acrylic chairs, so check out Weprofab for lastest and high-quality acrylic chairs to add for your business.

Modern Wedding Banquet Clear Acrylic Chair

For many hotels, restaurants, and wedding banquets, the wedding banquet clear acrylic chairs are typically used. Using these chairs will give off a simple yet elegant, modern, and stylish ambiance. They are stackable, lightweight, and highly transparent. They also have high weight capacity.

Crystal Acrylic Phoenix Chair

The crystal acrylic phoenix chairs can be used for wedding banquets, restaurants, event party rentals, and more. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications since they have excellent UV resistance. Also, they have a lightweight design, excellent impact resistance, and stackable design.

Clear Acrylic Kids Ghost Armchair

The clear acrylic kids ghost armchairs have sturdy construction, good transparency, lightweight design, and a modern look. They are available in many transparent colors such as pink, red, blue, yellow, and more. Also, they are safe for the children because they will not break easily.

Transparent Acrylic Princess Chair

The transparent acrylic princess chairs have a glossy surface, skidproof feet, elegant design, and comfortable seats. They have anti-UV protection so they are suitable to use for outdoor and indoor events. Also, they are commonly used for birthday parties, party rentals, wedding banquets, and other special events.

Acrylic Kids Folding Chair

This type of acrylic chair has a foldable design, comfortable seat, small size, and is suitable for kids. The acrylic kids folding chairs can be used for kids during their playtime, birthday party, and other events. They are ideal to use for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Clear Acrylic Z-Shape Leisure Chair

The clear acrylic Z-shape leisure chairs are very versatile. They can be used as make-up chairs, desk chairs, and dining chairs for your interior. They have a very modern look, solid structure, and high transparency. They are the perfect acrylic chair when you want to create a perfect modern setting.

Transparent Acrylic Princess Arm Chairs

The transparent acrylic princess arm chairs have an elegant and luxurious look. They have a very comfortable seat, glossy surface, high weight capacity, good UV resistance, and sturdy construction. They are easy to clean and scratch-resistant. They can be used for wedding banquets, birthday parties, and other events.

Hanging Bubble Acrylic Swing Chair with Stand

The hanging bubble acrylic swing chair has stands that are made of durable and high-quality steel. They have endurable and very comfortable seats. They are long-lasting, UV-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. They can be used in gardens, resorts, patios, restaurants, and other relaxation places.

Transparent Acrylic Stacking O Round Chair

The transparent acrylic stacking o round chair has a casual and elegant design. It is versatile and suits any type of home style. It can be used in restaurants, living rooms, dining kitchen rooms, cafés, and many more. It is also stackable, comfortable, has great wear resistance, and a lightweight design.

Acrylic Side Chair

The acrylic side chair has great clarity, excellent weather resistance, lightweight design, and space-saving design. No matter how spacious or small the interior is, the acrylic side chairs can surely fit. They are suitable to use in the living room, bedroom, office, hotels, café, and other lounge areas.

Acrylic Barrel Chair

The acrylic barrel chairs are designed with rounded backs and sides. They have high transparency and smooth surfaces that make them easy to maintain. Also, they have soft and comfortable foam padded seats. They can be used in many cafés, living rooms, hotels, offices, bedrooms, and many more.

Acrylic Klismos Chair

The acrylic klismos chair is an elegant chair that has a concave backrest and splayed legs. Because of its design, it is very cozy. The acrylic klismos chairs have comfortable and soft foam padded cushions. They have a smooth surface, great durability, weather resistance, lightweight design, and scratch resistance.

Clear Rainbow Acrylic Chair

The clear rainbow acrylic chairs reflect rainbow colors when lit. They are great to use in the living room, kitchen dining room, cafeterias, bedroom, and lounge areas. They are very durable and they will not turn yellow or crack for many years.

Acrylic Bar Stool Chair

The acrylic chair bar stool will modernize any type of interior. They can be used for your bar at home, kitchen, etc. Their seat and back are made from rigid acrylic material. They are built to last.

Iridescent Acrylic Chair

The iridescent acrylic chairs are transparent, rainbow-colored, and have mirror-like surfaces. Their colors changes depending on the viewing angle. Also, when the iridescent acrylic chairs are lit, they reflect beautiful colors. They are very stylish, lightweight, and have great weather resisting properties.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Chair

Weprofab is a well- known company due to its high dedication to every business client & partner`s projects. We have 20 years of experience being a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of any varieties of an acrylic chair. When you have a business and you need large stocks of acrylic chairs, you are lucky to have us. Our Acrylic chairs have varying features and benefits to presents. We are glad to offer our one of a kind acrylic chair styles for you and for your business.

As one of the most experts in the entire fabrication process, Weprofab chooses the acrylic materials to design a beautiful chair. It gives numerous advantages to offer to users.  Also, acrylic chair maintenance don`t need to be expensive. It is very easy to clean, you just need a cloth and a small amount of water to clean the one piece of chair. If they get scratches, no worries! They are easy to remove as well.

Acrylic Chair

Our Acrylic chairs are durable, fit for any occasion applications. Due to their elegance, they are very ideal as wedding decorations.  Not only for weddings, but they are also useful for house` interior designs, for chair rental business, and many more. They can`t get scratches easily that’s why many buildings like a hotel, commercial, and a residential building used this as prime decorations.

Acrylic Chair

Weprofab highly presents profitable acrylic chairs to support each client`s missions and projects. To include for any decoration intentions, our acrylic chairs are up to. However, if you have your own planned layouts, send them at Weprofab, so you can fully satisfy them.

You never have to worry about acrylic chairs quality, we have full control over that. We will ensure to produce high-quality acrylic chairs for the sake of your business` future.

Acrylic Chair

We make fabrications in full accordance to your requirements. We also offer customization services to fulfill your satisfaction.

There `s no hassle on dealing with Weprofab. One of our missions is to support your projects in a way of providing you high-quality acrylic chairs.

If you have some clarifications, don`t hesitate on sending your inquiries now.

Acrylic Chair: The Definitive Guide

I know you’re probably looking for high quality and durable acrylic chair from China.

A reason why this guide explores all the fundamental aspects you need to know about acrylic chair such as features, surface finish, design, advantages and customization options, among other critical aspects.

So, if you want to learn more.

What is An Acrylic Chair?

It is a type of chair made using acrylic sheets either joined together or molded into the required design.

Most acrylic chairs are clear and appear to be made of glass.

It makes them classy items to decorate a space with.

acrylic chair

Acrylic chair

What are the Main Properties of an Acrylic Chair?

Acrylic chairs have properties that make them suitable for use in different settings.

They include the following.


Acrylic does not easily break, so furniture made from the material will last long, even with extensive usage.


They do not get damaged by rain or the sun as other materials do.

It makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use for a long time before they need replacing.


The material weighs less than other materials used to make furniture like wood and metal.

This quality makes them easy to transport and thus functional for event organizing.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Chairs?

Acrylic chairs have several benefits over those made from other materials.

These include the following

i. One of the perks of modern interior décor is to use minimalist materials.

Glass presents a safety issue as it breaks easily and so it cannot support the weight that chairs are meant to.

Acrylic is an alternative for glass, but it is better.

This is where acrylic chairs come in. This trick is especially useful when decorating small spaces.

ii. Acrylic is durable as it does not break easily. Therefore, chairs made from this material will last for years.

iii. It is easy to clean. With some soap and a microfiber cloth, it is easy to get such chairs sparkling in no time.

Acrylic furniture also encourages one to keep their space clean because any dirt is easily noticeable.

Luckily, acrylic chairs do not stain so easily, so it is easy to keep them flawless for longer.

iv. Safety is another benefit that acrylic chairs have to offer.

Since they are made from non-toxic natural gas, they do not pollute the environment as much as other plastic chairs.

How does Acrylic Chair Compare with Polycarbonate Chair?

Acrylic and polycarbonate are almost identical, and they can be used to make the same things, including furniture.

However, there is a distinctive difference between acrylic and polycarbonate chairs based on the following categories.

i. Aesthetics

Acrylic chairs look better than polycarbonate ones.

They are shinier, more scratch-resistant, and easier to keep lustrous.

Polycarbonate tends to yellow with exposure, and it is easier to scratch than acrylic.

ii. Cost

In terms of cost, acrylic chairs still surpass polycarbonate options.

The materials and processes used to produce acrylic make it a cheaper material for making chairs and other furniture.

polycarbonate chair

Polycarbonate chair

acrylic chair

Acrylic Chair

Depending on the thickness, polycarbonate can be as much as 25% more expensive than acrylic.

iii. Strength

Polycarbonate is stronger than acrylic, making it harder to shatter or break.

This quality comes in handy if in need of study chairs that will last long.

How Durable is an Acrylic Chair?

The durability of an acrylic chair is dependent on its quality.

Proper care can also increase the life span of this piece of furniture.

Moreover, the conditions the chair is exposed to from time to time also influence the actual durability.

On average, an acrylic chair can last for a lifetime with proper care.


Can You Use an Acrylic Chair for Outdoor Purposes?

When choosing the perfect outdoor furniture, you must consider how the material will react to different weather conditions.

Acrylic material has unique properties that make it suitable for use outdoors.

For one, acrylic is UV resistant and does not yellow like normal plastics with exposure to the sun.

It makes it suitable for outdoor furniture in places like parks, the beach, and the poolside.

Acrylic chairs are also suitable for cold and rainy weather.

You can leave them out in these conditions without experiencing any extensive damage.

These chairs can withstand exposure to moisture without rotting or rusting as wood and metal would, respectively.

Therefore when in need of the best furniture for outdoor use, consider buying acrylic chairs.

acrylic chairs in a white party

Acrylic chairs in a white party

Does Acrylic Chair’s Surface Scratch Easily?

Yes, to some extent.

One of the downsides of using acrylic to make chairs is that they can scratch easily

Therefore it is important to take care of your acrylic chair to avoid scratching by keeping abrasive items off their surface.

Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate both minor in deep scratches on acrylic surfaces in case this happens.

Does Acrylic Chair Fade Easily?

A combination of exposure to the sun and moisture reacts negatively with most materials used to make furniture.

Luckily this is not a problem you have to worry about when dealing with acrylic chairs.

Exposure to the sun does not fade acrylic chairs whether they’re placed under direct sun or indoors.

Colored acrylic chairs still are fade-resistant.

What is the Range of Acrylic Chair Colors Available?

Since acrylic often comes in clear sheets, many people think you can only get transparent acrylic chairs.

However, modern technology has enabled manufacturers to infuse a variety of colors into the clear acrylic sheet.

When it comes to color, there are no limitations when choosing a perfect acrylic chair.

Just go for whatever compliment your decor or preference.

You can get opaque acrylic chairs or translucent ones in any one of these colors: yellow, blue, purple, red, green, pink, black, and grey.

There is also a variety of neon colors suited to varying customers’ tastes.

coloured acrylic chairs

Coloured acrylic chairs

Is Acrylic Chair Safe?

Most thermoplastic chairs will release BPA (Bisphenol-A ), a harmful chemical compound used to manufacture these products.

BPA can be harmful to humans as it blocks hormone receptors and can lead to several health conditions.

Acrylic is considered safe as it does not contain BPA.

It is produced from natural gas, making it harmless.

Additionally, acrylic is safer than other BPA-free plastics since it does not contain other harmful chemicals.

This property makes airs made from this material completely non-toxic and safe for use anywhere.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Chairs?

Just like glass, cleaning acrylic can be tricky due to the shiny texture of the surface.

Therefore it is important to know the right steps to follow in this process.

But first, here are a few precautions

i. Use cleaning solutions specifically made for plastics.

Household cleaning solutions, especially those containing ammonia, are harmful to acrylic because they break it down.

They can also make the acrylic surface cloudy, and that is hard to fix

ii. Always use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to clean an acrylic chair.

The acrylic surface is prone to easy scratching in using the right cloth avoids this.

iii. Ensure your cleaning cloth is clean before you start cleaning the acrylic chair.

Particles trapped in it can scratch the surface and damage the chair.

iv. Since acrylic scratches easily avoid contact with abrasive items. Consider placing cushions in the seat of the chair to protect it from abrasive clothing.

Cushions prevent direct contact with the delicate acrylic surface.

v. Be gentle since acrylic can scratch easily, use small circular motions to clean one spot.

Once finished, move onto another spot and repeat the small circular motion until the whole surface is clean.

Now that we have all the precautions down, here is how you clean your acrylic chair.

a. Using a Wet microfiber cloth, gently wipe off any particles or that on the surface of the chair.

It is advisable to use soapy water for this part of the cleaning process.

b. Once the chair is free from the actual dirt, rinse it and  dry it using a clean cloth

c. You can use a plastic polishing agent to work on  the chair and maintain its shiny appearance

d. In case your chair has scratches, you can use an even grit of sandpaper to even out this before you start Cleaning

How Expensive is Acrylic Chair?

Acrylic chairs vary in price depending on several factors.

This means but you can get a variety of options depending on your budget.

For instance, the quality of acrylic used determines the price of the chair.

This includes the thickness of the material, whether it is colored, end the grid of acrylic used, among others.

Customization of the acrylic chair also increases its price.

For example, some chairs use frosted acrylic sheets.

You may also choose to give the chair would they know metal legs or armrests.

These extra features can increase the praise of the chair substantially.

Brand of the manufacturer making the chair also determines its praise.

Generic cream chairs are way cheaper than those recognized brands make.

Such brands also tend to produce high-quality products that are worth their value in price.

Generally, an acrylic chair can cost anywhere between $30 and $250, depending on these factors.

Can You Use Acrylic Chair in Schools?

Acrylic chairs are versatile in their use, so yes, they can be used in schools.

Here are some of the benefits one gets from investing in this product.

The chairs are hard to break, so they will last long, even in a school setting.

They do not fit easily, so they can be used for years without having to be replaced.

However, it is not practical to choose acrylic chairs in a school setting.

First they are expensive compared to other options.

It is hard to control students’ because the chairs will be looking ugly from constant scratching.

School chairs are prone to breaking in acrylic chairs very hard to repair.

In some cases, they are impossible to repair.

How do You Select a Suitable Acrylic Chair?

What makes an acrylic chair suitable for your space largely depends on a customer’s preference and style.

Still, here are a few factors to consider.


Depending on their motor space, the needs decorating with the clear chairs one has aye range of selection to choose from.

For instance, with small spaces, it is better to get clue chairs made from clear sheets.

It gives an illusion of using less space for larger spaces you can get away with colored chairs.

Additionally, depending on their space, you can choose a bigger or smaller chair that fits in with the rest of the décor.


The ideal color for an acrylic chair is one, which fits your needs.

Most people often go for colors, which complement their various décor.

However, you can never go wrong with a clear chair.

It fits in every space regardless of the color scheme used.


Acrylic sheets come in different thicknesses, and deafness translates to strength.

It is important to choose depending on where the chair is used.

For instance, chairs used in a public space will generally require more strength than those for personal or occasional use.

Can you get Customized Acrylic Chair?

Customization means giving the furniture a few extra features to match specific customer preferences.

Customized acrylic chairs are available upon request.

Some of the features that can be added for customers’ chairs include color metal or wood accessories, frosting button inscription, etc.

What are the Advantages of Customized Acrylic Chair?

There are several benefits of buying customized acrylic chairs over generic ones.

They include the following


Since the customer gets to pick the specific features of a custom occlude chair, it is guaranteed to have a higher quality of a mass-produced once.

You also get more value for your money when buying custom chairs.

Essentially, the materials used to make them are of high quality, thus more durable and aesthetic.

Save Time and Money

In China, there are hundreds of companies producing acrylic chairs.

Therefore, you don’t need to spend time and money shopping around for the seats in this marketplace.


Another advantage of ordering acrylic chairs from China is you can easily negotiate with the dealer for a better price.

Additionally, you can also describe the exact type of chair and get it.

customized acrylic chair

Customized acrylic chair

How can You Polish a Dull Acrylic Chair?

Here is the procedure on how you can polish a faded acrylic chair;

Get the Right Tools

The first step to doing a good polish job is ensuring that you have the right tools.

Notably, not all polishing substrates can be used on acrylic because some can make the material break down.

Therefore avoid using anything that has ammonia in it.

The best products are those that are specifically made for polishing plastics.

Additionally, ensure you have microfiber clothes as it minimizes the chances of scratching the chair

Clean the Surface

Before you start polishing, ensure there no residue on the chair’s surface that can cause further scratching.

Clean the surface with a clean cloth and soapy water, and rinse before you start polishing.

Remove Scratches

You can remove scratches by using fine-grit sandpaper.

Start with 600 grit wet sandpaper and sand the surface in circular motions.

Ensure you tackle more areas on the surface before moving on to the next one for a consistent job.

Next, use a 600 grit dress and paper to make the surface smooth.

You can finish up the sanding with the 1200 grit sandpaper to ensure everything is smooth and even.


Use a microfiber cloth for this part of the process.

Apply a small amount of polish on the surface and rub in circular motions until the clear rick is smooth and shiny.

Repeat on another sport on the chair.

It can be hard work polishing a clear acrylic chair, especially if you’re working on many of them.

What is the Suitable Material Thickness for Making Acrylic Chair?

The material thickness varies based on the actual use of the acrylic chair.

For instance, if you are to use the chair in places experiencing high human traffic, it would be ideal to go for relatively thicker material.

If your use revolves around light duties like outdoor relaxation points, you may consider a thinner material.

Nevertheless, a suitable material thickness for an acrylic chair should range from 6mm to 20mm.

What are Shortcomings of Acrylic Chair?

  • Similar to glass, mirrors, and stainless steel, acrylic will show fingerprints – big and small.

So if you are opposed to those pesky fingerprints and you have children, you’ll need to wipe the surface material often.

  • If acrylic breaks or cracks, it cannot be repaired easily.
  • Due to the intensive molding process required to manufacture acrylic furniture, the design varieties are less.

Nonetheless, with proper customization, you can still obtain sleek and beautiful designs.

  • Acrylic can be easily scratched with normal wear and tear.

Is Acrylic Chair Sustainable?

Acrylic is one of those materials that is a bit unfriendly to the environment.

During manufacturing process of raw acrylic, it tends to produce chemicals, which can affect the environment.

However, once produced, the material becomes quite sustainable.

Acrylic Furniture is 100% recyclable and has a very long lifespan.

Unlike foam, synthetics, or even wood, all acrylic shavings, and scraps can be recycled into new material very easily.

What are the Ideal Quality Standards that Acrylic Chair should Comply with?

A specific targeted market determines most quality standards for acrylic chairs.

For instance, the European Community, American, and Australian are common markets influencing ideal quality standards.

However, there are several universal standards, which manufacturing process and the acrylic chair should as well comply with.

Some of these standards include the following;

  • ISO 9001
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM)
  • UL
  • SGS

What is the Turn around for Manufacturing Acrylic Chair?

Several factors determine the precise turnaround for production of acrylic chairs.

One is the quantity of acrylic seats you are purchasing.

Typically, when you buy a large quantity, chances are high you’ll have to wait for longer to obtain your order.

Therefore, the more the quantity, the longer it is likely to take and vice versa.

Secondly, the design of the acrylic chairs you are ordering also influences the general turnaround time.

In most instances, standard designs take a shorter period to manufacture compared to customized designs.

Customized units often take more time since they can be quite involving from the design to manufacturing processes.

Also, turnaround time for acrylic chairs is influenced by the number of pending orders from other customers.

Mostly, the manufacturers often fulfill orders on a first-come-first-served basis.

In some instances, the company’s policy regarding turnaround also plays an essential role in this effect.

The bottom line is turnaround for manufacturing acrylic chairs is dependent on many factors, such as ones mentioned above.

Is there MOQ when Ordering Acrylic Chair?


When ordering acrylic chairs, most manufacturers often have set a specific MOQ.

It is common when ordering customized units since the designs are tailored to suit your specific needs.

Moreover, customized units are only manufactured on order.

Therefore, you need to inquire from your preferred manufacturer to determine the exact MOQ to work with.

For most standard designs, you won’t necessarily need a rigid MOQ unless under special circumstances from the supplier.

But you can also negotiate with the company’s representative and agree on a suitable MOQ, which suits your demands.

Most of these suppliers are usually flexible hence can determine the best MOQ based on your needs.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, WeProFab designs and manufactures a range of acrylic chairs.

We use the highest grade or acrylic material that guarantee high performance and durability.

Contact us now for all your acrylic chair needs.

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