Acrylic Chopsticks

Acrylic chopsticks are the best option if you want long-lasting and reusable kitchen utensils for your business. They come in a wide range of stylish designs and colors to attract customers’ attention.

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Acrylic Hello Kitty Chopsticks

The acrylic Hello Kitty chopsticks feature Japanese designs. They are made from high-grade and food-grade acrylic material.

Transparent Acrylic Chopsticks

The transparent acrylic chopsticks are resistant to hot temperatures and yellowing. They are suitable for stirring hot items.

Acrylic Cinnamoroll Chopsticks

The acrylic Cinnamoroll chopsticks are designed with cute Cinnamoroll characters. They add a cuteness touch to your meal.

Yellow Acrylic Chopsticks

The yellow acrylic chopsticks are break-resistant, lightweight, and easy to use. They feature a smooth finish.

Black Acrylic Chopsticks

The black acrylic chopsticks are widely used in many food establishments, restaurants, and hotels. They feature a modern design.

The blue acrylic chopsticks are suitable for kids and adults. They are stain-resistant, sturdy, and harmless to your health.

Pink Acrylic Chopsticks

The pink acrylic chopsticks are ideal for various meals. They are light in weight and are comfortable to hold.

Red Acrylic Chopsticks

The red acrylic chopsticks are commonly used in Japanese restaurants, hotels, and more. They are dishwasher-safe.

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Variety of Features

  • Long Service life: The acrylic chopsticks are long-lasting due to their exceptional durability. They are break-resistant and are suitable for regular use.
  • Easy to Clean: You can easily wash the acrylic chopsticks by hand or dishwasher.
  • Heat-Resistant: Due to the heat resistance of acrylic chopsticks, they are suitable for picking up or stirring hot food such as noodles.
  • Easy to Hold: The acrylic chopsticks are easy to hold since they are lightweight and non-slip. They can offer users a comfortable grip.
  • Resistance to Odor and Stain: Acrylic chopsticks are highly resistant to odor and stains. Their stains can be removed easily by washing.

Choose WeProFabAcrylic Chopsticks to Boost Your Business

WeProFabmanufactures high-quality at competitive prices to customers around the world. Our acrylic chopsticks are guaranteed safe and durable. We manufacture them from FDA-approved, BPA-free, and non-toxic acrylic material. They also have passed the ISO, CE, ASTM, EN, and other international standards. Additionally, our expert QA team tested and inspected them rigorously to ensure you get excellent quality acrylic chopsticks.

To increase your business or brand identity, our acrylic chopsticks can be customized with your logo. We accept OEM orders to help your business flourish. You can also send us your drawing or samples of your custom acrylic chopsticks.

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What are the Different Shapes of Acrylic Chopsticks?

Typically, acrylic chopsticks come in 3 various body shapes including flat, square, and round.

What are the Applications of Acrylic Chopsticks?

The acrylic chopsticks are widely used in many restaurants, bars, hotels, businesses, and other food establishments. They are also ideal for home use.

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