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Acrylic Coffee Table

As a world-class based acrylic coffee table provider and manufacturer, Weprofab manufacture using our state of the art technologies. We can meet your demands by customizing your desired products. Send us your own ideas today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Coffee Table to Delight Your Customers

Delight your own customers with Weprofab Acrylic Coffee Tables. We have 20 years of expertise in fabricating top-graded plastic and metal fabrication.

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Weprofab clear acrylic coffee table offered real promising designs, features, and characteristics. Choose from Weprofab acrylic coffee table selections.

Contemporary Acrylic Coffee Table

Your layout is our mission to follow to create the product according to your plans. We have well-trained designers to support this mission.

Factory-custom Acrylic Coffee Table

If you are struggling right now searching the best factory-custom acrylic coffee tables, Weprofab is the appropriate place for you to search high-quality acrylic coffee tables.

Farmhouse Acrylic Coffee Table

We have the most functional and complete types of machinery for forming acrylics for your farmhouse coffee table applications.

Handmade Acrylic Coffee Table

As global handmade acrylic coffee table provider, Weprofab has supreme ability to reach your satisfaction. Its WeProFab privilege to support your projects.

Vintage Acrylic Coffee Table

We ensure to create and manufacture your most ideal vintage acrylic coffee table types with our high-tech machines. We have a lot of customization procedures to make.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Coffee Table Manufacturer

Weprofab is fully capable of providing any amount of acrylic coffee table orders you need. We can assist with the help of our well-skilled staff. From manufacturing until the packaging process, we have a well-equipped team for ideal support.

We offer an acrylic coffee table at most competitive prices. We implement rigorous quality control for every production.

Send your questions now for unstress purchase projects.

Custom Acrylic Coffee Table to Skyrocket Your Brand

Large Acrylic Coffee Table

These large acrylic coffee tables have beautifying usage. Your own designs and layout will be followed by our well-trained designers.

Modern Acrylic Coffee Table

Weprofab Modern Acrylic coffee table is usually preferred by many. But you have the option to send your own ideas in full accordance with your plans.

Acrylic coffee table with magazine rack

Weprofab acrylic table with magazine racks has plenty of stocks to present. It is very perfect for glass substitutions.

Colorful Round Acrylic Coffee Table

It is highly durable, has a 93% light transmittance, pure colors, an elegant and calm appearance, and a life span of up to 5-10 years.

Lucite Acrylic Coffee Table

It features a flat pack and sees trough with 3mm thickness of the acrylic material. It’s available in clear blue and clear orange color; its design and overall size are customizable.

Acrylic Folding Tray Table Coffee

It has a modern appearance and modern design with clear color. It’s applied in the office, bedroom, dining, and kitchen; it features foldable, expandable, and adjustable.

Custom Acrylic Table Coffee

Custom Acrylic Table Coffee is available in customized colors and sizes with a modern appearance. It’s usually used as home furniture, and it’s mostly found in a living room.

Acrylic Console Computer Coffee Table

It features durable, has stood the test of time, is eco-friendly, and has a practical design. It’s used in homes and offices with ISO9001 certificate.

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table uses a high-grade quality of material with a modern design style. It’s composed of clear acrylic material, but it’s not foldable.

High-Quality Acrylic Coffee Table

It has a null design style with a modern appearance, and it’s a living room of furniture. Its size, thickness, and color are customizable with high-tranparency.

Acrylic Ghost Coffee Table

Acrylic Ghost Coffee Table is used in hotels, restaurants, wedding parties, and more. It’s composed of high-quality material with antique style and a modern appearance.

Rainbow Acrylic Coffee Table

Its functions in banquets, homes, restaurants, and hotels; it’s used to display in a living room. It has a customizable color and size with 1-20mm thickness.

Fancy Round Acrylic Coffee Table

It features good mechanical performance, is non-toxic, crack-resistant, stable, durable, and has excellent transparency with SGS certification. 

Acrylic Iridescent Coffee Table

It’s composed of high-quality acrylic material with excellent transparency and is available in various shapes and colors. It accepts OEM service and features a detachable product.

Glass Acrylic Coffee Table

The Glass Acrylic Coffee Table is as at home in a current residential environment as it is in a more official corporate environment, including a reception area.

Minimalist Rainbow Acrylic Coffee Table

Minimalist Rainbow Acrylic Coffee Table features 100% handmade, adjustable, and leisurely with a modern appearance.  Its mostly used in the living room and bedroom.

Small Acrylic Transparent Coffee Table

It’s made f metal and acrylic that features its cooling and see-through table. Small Acrylic Transparent Coffee Table accepts OEM and ODM service.

Acrylic Waterfall Coffee Table

It has high light transmittance UV resistance, is lightweight,  has wear resistance, is easy to maintain and clean, and is recyclable. It features a simple, beautiful, and modern appearance.

Transparent Acrylic Coffee Table

It applied in-home office, bedroom, living room, dining area, bathroom, and kitchen with its rectangular shape and a modern appearance.

5mm Acrylic Coffee Table

5mm Acrylic Coffee Table is designed with 5mm acrylic sheet thickness. A durable table top and high-quality appearance are perfect to add more attraction for your customers.

10mm Acrylic Coffee Table

10mm Acrylic Coffee Table Choose the right types, sizes, and shapes of 10mm acrylic coffee tables for your business. Clear acrylic with the gold aluminum mixture. It has great resistance from impacts, scratches, and heat.

Acrylic Coffe Table Marble Top

Acrylic Coffee Table Marble Top Get the best selections of acrylic table marble tops for your coffee shop. Variety of designs, shapes, colors, and surface textures. Great appearance and durable marble top acrylic table attainable in the lowest price offer.

Acrylic Mirror Top Coffee Table

Acrylic Mirror Top Coffee Table clear You can choose the best acrylic coffee table designs and styles such as mirror top. It has different heights, decorative, and stylish legs that provide room solutions. Multifunctional table for outdoor and indoor purposes.

Adjustable Height Acrylic Coffee Table

The acrylic coffee table is designed with adjustable height. High gloss and durable from impact for a longer life span. Perfect use for any business such as coffee shop suitable for outdoor and indoor.

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table Clear acrylic table is a long rectangular coffee table suitable for personal use. It provides a chic design perfect to place on balconies, roofs top, and rooms. Made of premium materials and quality craftsmanship at a cheaper rate.

Decorative Acrylic Coffee Table

Decorative Acrylic Coffee Table Decorative acrylic coffee table has different shapes such as round. Mixed with aluminum gold and a double layer featuring anti-crack. It has different sizes and designs available in bulk.

Frosted Color Acrylic Coffee Table

Frosted Color Acrylic Coffee Table Frosted acrylic coffee table has a great appearance and surface textures. Strong for any weather condition suitable for indoor and outdoor with high resistance from rain, heat under the sun, and impact.

Heat Proof Acrylic Coffee Table

The acrylic coffee table is designed with heat resistance. Decorative legs and tinted acrylic top designed with different widths and lengths. Easier to assemble and clean Showcases bottles, glasses, and more.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Coffee Table

The acrylic coffee table is made of premium materials featuring impact resistance. Decorative legs and rectangular shape suitable for center and balcony. It has different dimensions and thicknesses such as 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 20mm for large applications.

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Table Rectangular acrylic coffee tables can be clear and have solid colors. A clear acrylic table provides a simple and elegant view suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. You can get the best price offer but the highest quality performance.

Rolling Cart Acrylic Coffee Table

You can use the rolling cart acrylic coffee table for your huge business coffee shop. Lighter weight acrylic table which you can dis-arrange the table easily. High-end quality materials offer durability and effectiveness yet offer at a friendly price.

Scratch Resistant Acrylic Coffee Table

You can keep your acrylic coffee table clean and attractive appearance because of its scratch resistance. Multifunctional and foldable legs to save space and handheld perfect for outing.

Solid Acrylic Coffee Table

Solid Acrylic Coffee Table There are different selections of the solid acrylic coffee tables. Made of premium acrylic material for a longer life span. Easier to clean featuring heat and impact resistance.

33 Products Found.

Why WeProFab Acrylic Coffee Table

Weprofab is the best manufacturer of an acrylic coffee table. Why? Because we have a complete state of the art facilities which we used to produce high-quality acrylic coffee tables. However, acrylic is a man-made substance crafted out of polymers that consists of acrylic acids. Acrylic is the right one suitable to create an imaginative coffee table. A coffee table made by acrylics is proven long-lasting. Based on research, due to their durability properties, they may take many years to get damages.

Weprofab Acrylic coffee tables possessed high transparency. It has a huge similarity with glasses. But unlike glass, our acrylic coffee tables can`t be broken that easily. They are available with tinted or clear color options.

acrylic coffee table

Also with round, rectangular and square coffee table shapes. If you demand an exact color, shapes, and sizes for your acrylic coffee tables, we prepared wide selections for you. All of them were at cheaper rates yet competitive.

Our acrylic coffee tables provide unusual sleek qualities to anywhere it positioned. It adds high convenience, elegance, and decorations to a perfect setting. They are particularly placed at focal seating areas. In any room like family rooms, living rooms, parlors, etc.

acrylic coffee table

When locating at parlors, they make the area very convenient for customers. Generally, they give a huge impact on the overall appearance of seating areas. They also bring a high number of practical benefits to the room areas where they are set up. At Weprofab, there are acrylic coffee tables in dozens.

In highly regards to purchasing acrylic-made coffee tables, We, Weprofab are very reliable and the right manufacturer you must choose. We are a trusted provider in this industry.

acrylic coffee table

We always give our best to provide the satisfaction you need for handling a business. We already built reliable relationships in many sectors in business. Now, it`s your turn!

We rigorously provide the best of the best quality not only for our good but mostly for our clients. Check out the latest acrylic coffee table in Weprofab now!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Coffee Table

Highly durable and transparent, the acrylic coffee table is a high-quality and imaginative table that offers all the benefits of glass but does not break easily.

Acrylic Coffee Table

 Acrylic Coffee Table

Get a clear, tinted, round, square, or rectangular acrylic coffee table for your focal seating area in the exact color you seek.

How Is The Acrylic Coffee Table Made?

Standard and custom designs enable professional acrylic table manufacturers to make modern, vintage, and trendy acrylic coffee tables.

Once you choose your design, superior-grade Perspex or similar acrylic materials are used to create the table.

Sheet thicknesses for the table top can vary between 5 mm to 25 mm.

Acrylic materials are available with optically clear finishes including joints and edges.

High-end laser cutting, CNC machining, and engraving systems are used to cut out accurate designs.

Thicker sheets are fabricated as support for these acrylic coffee tables.

Supports are in the form of reinforced 100mm X 100mm or custom acrylic legs, designer sheets, or acrylic blocks.

You will find that stunning sparkling effects are created as light passes through these fixtures adding great aesthetic value to the room décor.

You can watch this video to find out how acrylic coffee tables are made.

What Are The Advantages Of The Acrylic Coffee Table?

Acrylic Coffee Table Advantages

 Acrylic Coffee Table Advantages

Weighing just half the weight of a glass table of similar dimensions, the acrylic coffee table is the preferred replacement for the glass coffee table.

It has several other benefits that allow users to choose acrylic tables for many different applications.

· High Thermal Resistance

The acrylic coffee table can withstand high levels of temperature changes than most other polymers.

For example, hot coffee or tea will not damage or create burn marks on the table.

· High Transparency And Optical Clarity

The acrylic coffee table is also very transparent and can be a replacement for glass coffee tables.

As an added benefit, it allows you to bond different kinds of table tops.

The table retains its optical clarity even when several layers of acrylic are used to create intricate designs.

Another advantage is that the acrylic table can retain its transparency and optical clarity for long periods of time.

· Chemical Resistance

Acrylic is resistant to many different kinds of chemicals.

Wine spills cannot penetrate the acrylic coffee table and leave behind visible marks.

Similarly, paint can be easily removed from the coffee table without leaving behind stains or other impurities.

· High Impact Resistance

Nearly 17 times stronger than glass, the acrylic coffee table has high impact resistance.

Blunt objects like balls and table décor cannot penetrate or crack the acrylic table.

Also, if the table does crack under extreme duress, it does not shatter into sharp pieces that can hurt you.

Instead, it breaks into dull blunt-edged pieces that can be easily collected and disposed of.

· High Durability

The acrylic coffee table is highly sustainable and can be stored and reused several times.

The table looks new and retains its gloss and shine.

How Do You Protect Your Acrylic Coffee Table?

Protected Acrylic Coffee Table

Protected Acrylic Coffee Table

There are some basic guidelines to follow.

Also, different kinds of surface coatings can be applied to protect your acrylic coffee table.

· Scratch Protection

If you pick up and keep objects lightly on the table just like you would on a glass table, the acrylic tabletop will not develop scratches.

Avoid tossing keys and other sharp utilities on the table.

Instead, you can keep them in a separate tray that matches your table.

Opt for scratch-resistant coatings on your acrylic coffee table to increase its resistance to scratches.

· UV Protection

Acrylic does turn yellow over time when exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

When used indoors, you can keep the table away from the window or use curtains to block direct sunlight.

  • When used outdoors, use a tablecloth to cover your acrylic table. This protects the table from dust, UV rays of the sun, and other impurities.

You can opt for a UV-resistant coat over high-grade Perspex material for your table.

This prevents the table surface from turning yellow.

An abrasion-resistant hard-coated acrylic coffee table can resist impact.

It allows you to handle and move the table easily and without worry.

Use table mats to avoid direct contact between plates and vessels with your acrylic coffee table.

The table can be designed to accommodate fancy mats that increase aesthetic value.

Table mats matching the color and design of your acrylic coffee table can be used.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Coffee Tables?

· Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Available in promising designs, characteristics, and features, the clear acrylic coffee table is a bespoke contemporary table made of high-quality Perspex and other materials.

You can get clear table tops with or without shelves in different sizes to match the décor of your room.

This table is made of durable heavy-gauge Perspex or custom acrylic sheet material bent to form the supports at both ends.

Different table selections are available, from simple designs with custom coatings to intricate, engraved tops with enhanced inherent properties.

The clear acrylic coffee table looks great inside any living room, lounge or office space.

It is a cheaper, safer, and lighter alternative to a standard glass coffee table.

· Contemporary Acrylic Coffee Table

Contemporary Acrylic Coffee Table

 Contemporary Acrylic Coffee Table

If you need an affordable and modern solution supported by well-trained designers, then the contemporary acrylic coffee table is the preferred choice for OEM/ODM bulk orders.

Contemporary acrylic designs are often made to match other items in the room.

For example, you can get acrylic coffee tables that match sofa sets and end tables in the same room.

The professional table maker comes up with ultra-modern designs that use chrome and other materials that offer the soft touch and create a nearly invisible silhouette.

You can choose a bottom shelf to display your favorite display items.

Opt for a transparent or custom-designed top and select clear acrylic legs that dazzle in the light.

Acrylic coffee table dimensions can vary as per your design.

Furniture experts always look to push the boundaries of their furniture designs using the cumulative years of experience of their master craftsmen and modern fabrication techniques.

Create a contemporary look for your acrylic coffee table by blending several materials and colors that match your custom design accurately.

You can watch this video on how to blend wood and acrylic to make a coffee table.

· Factory-Custom Acrylic Coffee Table

Factory-Custom Acrylic Coffee Table

 Factory-Custom Acrylic Coffee Table

Searching for the best factory-custom acrylic coffee table? Choose a professional furniture designer for OEM/ODM orders.

Custom made acrylic tables are matched with existing console tables and other furniture spread across your living room or office.

Made of Perspex and other superior-grade acrylic materials, factory-custom acrylic coffee tables are perfectly suited for modern living.

Choose a classic clear acrylic coffee table with diamond-polished edges or go in for a contemporary coffee table with a useful acrylic magazine shelf.

You are offered innumerable design options with sleek qualities that add convenience, decorative value, and elegance to any home or parlor.

· Farmhouse Acrylic Coffee Table

Farmhouse Acrylic Coffee Table

 Farmhouse Acrylic Coffee Table

Made with the most functional and complete machineries, the farmhouse acrylic coffee table adds visual beauty to the bar room and even rugged settings in your farmhouse.

Styled with exquisite branded acrylic material, this coffee table creates the perfect ambiance for relaxed conversations.

Ask for solid-coated acrylic for the tough surface top that can handle heavy loads.

Any number of mix-n-match options are available including exact color combinations to match your style.

The lower part of this acrylic coffee table can hold designer shelves that display artifacts and other items.

Opt for a streamlined design without the shelf if you must.

Turn your farmhouse acrylic coffee table into a conversation starter by adding sentimental elements to your coffee table décor.

· Handmade Acrylic Coffee Table

Handmade Acrylic Coffee Table

Handmade Acrylic Coffee Table

With gifted artisans on their rolls, established furniture manufacturers streamline processes capable of assembling handmade acrylic coffee tables in large numbers and at very short notice.

Classical designs are converted into flawless handmade tables making sure they fit into today’s modern interiors.

Prized for their stylish looks, handmade acrylic coffee tables offer unique design aspects to your interiors while retaining their light and transparent quality.

You can size these tables to fit into any space.

The expert artisan then creates a streamlined and transparent look to the handmade acrylic coffee table that adds invisible space to smaller rooms.

Exquisite rug designs appear full and complete through these acrylic coffee tables.

· Vintage Acrylic Coffee Table

 Vintage Acrylic Coffee Table

Vintage Acrylic Coffee Table

Whether it’s made of inspiring neon acrylic or is one of those carefully crafted Lucite designs, the vintage acrylic coffee table does bring in fond memories of early twentieth-century furniture.

Exquisite designs borrowed from the years gone by are converted into acrylic vintage tables in bright and modern colors.

Sturdy ½-inch high-quality acrylic sheets are converted into vintage acrylic coffee tables infused with fluorescent and other colors that offer natural glow.

Custom cut to your exact specifications, these well-designed and carefully-executed creations made by master craftsmen bring out the 50s and 60s looks.

· Large Acrylic Coffee Table

Large Acrylic Coffee Table

 Large Acrylic Coffee Table

Following your layouts and designs, well-trained engineers fabricate large acrylic coffee tables that look beautiful and fit into any living space.

Focus is on adding design elements that make these large tables blend in when placed with other pieces of furniture like chairs and sofas.

Contrasting colors are offered that allow the existing room décor to play off the colors exhibited by these large acrylic coffee tables.

These tables are given shapes that make them look smaller than the largest sofa in the room.

Enough leg room can be established between your existing seating arrangement and the table to accommodate for taller adults.

You can easily keep magazines, blankets, books, and a whole lot of dishes on this large acrylic coffee table.

· Modern Acrylic Coffee Table

Modern Acrylic Coffee Table

Modern Acrylic Coffee Table

Preferred by many who like to keep in touch with the latest styles and trends, the modern acrylic coffee table is usually made with your inputs and ideas.

Engineers create modern designs based on your plans.

You can have a nest of acrylic tables set to a modern design or you can have a premium polished clear acrylic coffee table.

If you long for a more traditional look, choose a coffee table with stylized legs that match your concept of a modern-look table.

These modern acrylic coffee tables are made to display high transparency levels that create the illusion of ample room space.

All practical aspects of modern living including storage space can be added to these modern coffee tables.

· Acrylic Coffee Table With Magazine Rack

Acrylic Coffee Table With Magazine Rack

 Acrylic Coffee Table With Magazine Rack

Ideally replacing glass tables with storage space, the acrylic coffee table with magazine rack has a practical design that compels suppliers to keep enough supplies in stock.

Choose from a large range of acrylic tables made of Perspex and other superior-grade acrylic material for your home, office, or reception areas.

These acrylic coffee tables maintain light and airy looks offering stylish magazine racks that can hold quite a few magazines and books without bending or warping.

Describe your current interests with your acrylic coffee table with magazine rack.

Use fresh magazine rack designs to highlight your latest finds.

While the home office concept is universal, you have ample scope to include unique angles to your acrylic coffee table.

Do You Have Color Options For Your Acrylic Coffee Table?

Yes, suppliers keep track of the latest trends and colors when stocking acrylic coffee tables.

You will find all the latest colors in different combinations available or made available with short lead times.

Several patterns and designs are often suggested by manufacturers to highlight specific color combinations.

Just by adding brighter shades to chic design, you can create a modern look favored by both children and adults.

Custom colors are often added to acrylic coffee table to match the existing décor of your room.

See-through styles can be sustained with the use of transparent colors.

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