Acrylic Cube Table

Acrylic Cube Table

Acrylic Cube Table Manufacturer in China

Acrylic cube table is made of high-quality acrylic, which is also known as lucite or plexiglas. It is shaped into a cube, but used as a table. It slightly resembles its glass counterparts, but is different from it in terms of durability and weight. Crafted with high precision and unique techniques, the edges of our acrylic cube table are polished to render a smooth and clean look.  Here our acrylic cube tables can be offered in a number of size and color options. Moreover, both standard and custom acrylic tables can be fabricated according to your request. Our acrylic cube table has been utilized in a number of scenarios, including living rooms, cafe and office, adding a touch of openness and aesthetic appeal to the space.  

Item Specifications

Material Cast acrylic
SizeStandard or Custom

Height: 20-50 cm  

Depth 20-45 cm  

Thickness 5 mm

ColorTransparent, gray, yellow, green, black, blue, etc. 
Mounting typefreestanding
StyleModern, minimalist
Application Home office, office building, living room, hotel, apartment, 

Key Features and Advantages

Aesthetic appeal: The sleek design of our acrylic cube table can be regarded as furniture to suit various interior designs such as home docor, which adds a touch of appeal for the space.

Durability: The shatter-and-scratch resistant property of our acrylic cube table can prevent it from bumps or knocks in daily use, ensuring its long service life as well as its stable performance.

Transparency: Acrylic material permits high light transmission rate, rendering a bright and clear view. This unique property can create a sense of spaciousness and openness to the environment. 

Weather-resistance: Our acrylic cube table can be subject to various weather conditions such as humid and high-temperature environments. This enables its outdoor environments, such as balconies and patios.

Versability: Acrylic cube table can serve as end table, side table as well as coffee table in many backgrounds such as the sitting room, living room, bedroom, creating a sense of modern atmosphere and spaciousness to the environment.

Easy maintenance:  The smooth surface and edges allow its easy care. You can have it cleared by simply using mild cleaner and water.

Key Features and Advantages
Reasons for Choosing us

Reasons for Choosing us

Here are manifold reasons that you can feel assured to choose us, which include quality, affordability, customization and safety. First of all, we endeavor to offer acrylic cube tables at competitive prices without compromising quality. Besides, we are ready to supply a custom acrylic cube table according to your reqquest. Moreover, safety is a major concern. Unlike glass, acrylic cube tables can better avoid breakage and damage, which won’t cause harm to children or pets.

Applications of Acrylic Cube Table

Applications of Acrylic Cube Table
Applications of Acrylic Cube Table

Combined with practicality and aesthetics, our acrylic cube table has seen a wide array of applications. It has been utilized commonly in the following backgrounds. 

Retail display: It can be applied in retail stands to showcase various items such as headbands, jewelry and electronics, the transparent surface of which can provide an unobstructed view.

Home decor: As for home use, it can function as a coffee table in the living room or side table in the bedroom. Its contemporary design enables it to match perfectly with the environment.

Art galleries and exhibitions: Acrylic cube tables can be used in exhibitions to display the art pieces like famous paintings or sculptures, the clear surface of which can better engage the viewers’ attention.

Commercial space: Acrylic cube tables can also be applied in commercial space, such as reception areas, lobbies and cafes, which can set aside sufficient space for customers to place their items like magazines and drinks. 

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