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Acrylic Cutting Board

Weprofab  is one of the best acrylic cutting board manufacturers who can offer you a one-stop solution for all your acrylic cutting board needs at a very competitive price. Weprofab has different kinds of acrylic cutting boards which are made of superior and high-grade materials. Contact us today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Cutting Board Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is an excellent acrylic cutting board manufacturer. We can offer you different levels of acrylic cutting boards for a wide range of applications and truly gives your customer’s good impression.

36 mm Acrylic Cutting Board

Weprofab produces a 36 mm acrylic cutting board and also can customized designs. We can fabricate a 36 mm acrylic cutting board according to own preference.

Square Acrylic Cutting Board

Weprofab square acrylic cutting board is very nice and safe to use. If you are needing a square acrylic cutting board Weprofab is a great manufacturer.

Clear Acrylic Cutting Board

Weprofab offers a good quality of clear acrylic cutting board at a competitive price. You can choose which one of the best clear acrylic cutting boards you need.

Colored Acrylic Cutting Board

Here in Weprofab, we have a strict quality control system to make sure the standard quality of finish colored acrylic cutting board and the other product.

Folding acrylic Cutting Board

If you are desired to have a folding acrylic cutting board for your business, come in Weprofab. We have various kinds of folding acrylic cutting boards.

Transparent Acrylic Cutting Board

Looking for an acrylic cutting board? Weprofab could offer you a stunning transparent acrylic cutting board for you at a friendly price.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Cutting Board Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

Weprofab can able to customize a different kind of acrylic cutting board. Weprofab could offer the best acrylic cutting board with your own brand.

You can choose any of our acrylic cutting boards that you may need for the success of your business.

Send us your inquiry now!

Custom Acrylic Cutting Board to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Cutting Board with Counter Lip

Weprobab is a qualified acrylic cutting board with the counter lip manufacturer. We have a great advantage to custom this kind of acrylic cutting board.

Large Acrylic Cutting Board

Weprofab is known as one of the best large acrylic cutting board suppliers who offer a great product. You can rely upon us about acrylic products.

Frosted Acrylic Cutting Board

Weprofab can be your one-stop solution for the frosted acrylic cutting board. We offer a durable frosted acrylic cutting board.

Acrylic Cutting Embossing Board

Weprofab is a OEM factory of the acrylic cutting embossing board. We have much stock of acrylic cutting embossing board available.

12 mm Acrylic Cutting Board

Weprofab 12 mm acrylic cutting board is ideal to use in any food preparation. It can remain food clean and very convenient to use.

2mm Clear Acrylic Cutting Board

A 2mm clear acrylic cutting board is cost-effective and typically used for cutting smaller food items. Arrives with 2mm thickness and ensures a very efficient construction. Offers high density and much more durability.

5mm Solid Acrylic Cutting Board

5mm solid acrylic cutting board is a damage-resistant material. 5mm in thickness with different choices of shapes and colors. Well-suited in a wide range of applications. Also features a lightweight and rigid solution.

Acrylic Glitters Cutting Board

Acrylic glitters cutting board is ideal for various purposes. Engineered with a durable acrylic with glitters that adds to the aesthetic quality of the board. Accessible in a wide range of thicknesses and colors.

Clear Acrylic Cutting Board

The clear acrylic cutting board is made with FDA-approved acrylic. Offers a smooth and crystal-clear finish that matches very well with the kitchen utensils. Features a high-impact resistant material with rounded edges.

Colored Acrylic Cutting Board

A colored acrylic cutting board has excellent thermal stability. Engineered with the highest quality acrylic available with the greatest optical clarity. Comes with a colored appearance and has excellent durability.

Counter Acrylic Cutting Board

The counter acrylic cutting board is durable enough for cutting purposes. Features a large cutting area and can be cleaned easily. Typically places on counters and won’t absorb food odors. This board also goes with any kitchen decors.

Custom Shape Acrylic Cutting Board

Custom shape acrylic cutting board is stain resistant and dishwasher safe. The shapes can be customized as requested. Will not break even if it’s dropped and features a smooth finishing surface. Can also last a long time.

Customized Acrylic Cutting Board

Customized acrylic cutting board has excellent chemical and impact resistance. Made with super-thick and crystal-clear acrylic. Available in numerous shapes, styles, dimensions, and shades. Offers unmatched stability.

Double Sided Acrylic Cutting Board

The double-sided acrylic cutting board is widely used by chefs and caterers in professional kitchens. Arrives with dual sides that guarantee easy handling. Universally matches any kitchen décor and has a clear finish.

Extra Large Acrylic Cutting Board

An extra-large acrylic cutting board is non-porous and protects the counter from scratches. Offers a wide space for chopping and cutting. Prevents scratches or knife marks. Will not retain odors and bacteria.

Frosted Acrylic Cutting Board

The frosted acrylic cutting board can be cut and shaped easily. Applicable for almost all modern kitchens. Comes with a textured finish that is lightweight and tough. Known for being knife friendly and easy to wash.

Milky White Acrylic Cutting Board

Milky white acrylic cutting board has a high density. Perfectly suited for residential and commercial kitchens. Made with milky white acrylic that features excellent thickness and long-life durability.

Personalized Acrylic Cutting Board

The personalized acrylic cutting board is made with sturdy and homogenous material. This cutting board is tailored based on the specific needs and requirements of the clients. Can also incorporate the logo of the company or business.

Solid Surface Acrylic Cutting Board

The solid surface acrylic cutting board never wears out and will not absorb odors. Comes with a solid surface and is manufactured with non-absorbent acrylic material. Available in different thicknesses and shapes.

Ultrathin Acrylic Cutting Board

An ultrathin acrylic cutting board is less susceptible to dirt and will not yellow over continuous usage. Has an ultra-thin surface and offers an optimum break and aging resistance. Also offers high thickness tolerances.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Cutting Board

Weprofab is a trusted and reliable manufacturer of acrylic cutting board in China.

Choosing a cutting board is an important decision because it depends on the cleanliness of the food or anything that is cut down on it

So Weprofab offers extraordinary acrylic cutting boards that make sure foods stay clean after cutting them here.

Acrylic Cutting Board

It can be cleaned by creating an easy sanitizing solution comprised of bleach and water or directly placing them in the dishwasher for a quick rinse.

We are very confident to recommend an acrylic cutting board because of their durability and resilient qualities.

Acrylic cutting boards, much like soft cutting boards, which great on maintenance, great for your budget and chip risk, which are great for your knives’ lifelines.

Acrylic is widely used in food processing and a variety of food-related applications including cutting boards, and protective surfaces.

So choose an acrylic cutting board for the safety and cleanliness of every food.

Our acrylic cutting boards can be made to fit over countertops, long tables, and nearly any area, thus accommodating all your culinary prepping and cutting needs.

Acrylic Cutting Board

Weprofab is your one-stop acrylic solution.

We have experienced personnel assures that you receive the services and prices that you deserve.

Weprofab is highly dedicated in serving you.

You will be treated individually and in a professional manner.

We are glad in serving you with the right acrylic for the right application, providing quality products at competitive prices.

Acrylic Cutting Board

Whether you are in need of clear cutting board, acrylic cutting tool, decorative cutting board, glass cutting and many more, Weprofab is the perfect brand for you.

We are the very best selection of plastic materials and we have stocked that ready when you need them.

We use the highest quality materials.

Whenever you need an acrylic cutting board, just remember Weprofab.

We can offer it to you and you can assure us that we will entertain your inquiries, just contact us directly!

Acrylic Cutting Board: The Definitive FAQ Guide

Acrylic cutting board refers to a piece of kitchen utensil mainly used for cutting different food items.

It is also known as acrylic chopping board and comes in various sizes, designs, and shapes.

 Acrylic cutting board

 Acrylic cutting board

This piece of utensil is characteristically durable since it is made from sturdy thermoplastic material.

When you intend to purchase acrylic cutting board, it is essential to understand various aspects surrounding it.

Such information range from benefits, best acrylic materials, determining quality to ideal suppliers to purchase the from among others.

Essentially, it is imperative because it makes it possible for you to make a well-informed decision regarding the particular choice.

Let’s dive right in.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Cutting Board over Wood Cutting Board?

Choosing acrylic cutting board over other available alternatives is best decision you can ever make.

Ideally, it offers a wide range of benefits from different perspectives, including the following;

Acrylic cutting board

Acrylic cutting board

  • Typical acrylic material is extremely durable. You can use it for as many years as possible as long as you treat it well and have it professionally fixed from time to time.
  • Allows you to save the service lifespan of your respective knives. Generally, the surface material of the chopping board is soft, thus hardly damages your knives.
  • It is easy to clean the surface material of acrylic cutting board. It hardly absorbs liquid thus cannot allow bacteria to form on the surface.

Moreover, it is dishwasher friendly, which is important since this shortens its cleaning time.

  • Gives you more options to customize it to suitable designs. You can find one with customized handle length, hanging holes, and finger slots among others.
  • Adds style, class, and aesthetics to your kitchen space. You can find them in different colors and shapes, adding natural warmth and beauty to the kitchen.
  • Relatively cost-effective since it offers quality efficiency for an extended period making it a worthy investment compared to other options.
  • It is lightweight, thus making it more convenient to use it around the culinary space.
  • Can never react with any substances, and it is BPA-free making it safe to use for chopping different food items.

Are there Limitations of Acrylic Cutting Board?

Yes, albeit a few and are as follows;

  1. You must go for a premium quality alternative since it is what guarantees durability, efficiency, and functionality.
  1. Initial purchase cost can be costlier than many available alternatives depending on design construction and customization needs.

How does HDPE Cutting Board Compare to Acrylic Cutting Board?

HDPE and Acrylic are the common thermoplastic materials often used for making a variety of chopping boards.

These materials share a wide range of characteristics but also vary in some elements.

Ideally, acrylic cutting board is relatively shiny and usually available in infinite amount of colors.

Thus, you can find it grey, sterling white, marble, Tuscan sun, and many more.

Technically, this makes it quite appealing to the eye; hence can add a touch of class and serenity in a typical culinary space.

However, it is not as durable as HDPE since it can scratch easily, especially if the material quality used to make a particular one is somewhat inferior.

Acrylic chopping board is also comparatively costly than HDPE cutting board.

HDPE cutting board

 HDPE cutting board

HDPE cutting board, on the other hand, is quite sturdy thus can withstand any form of abuse you throw at it.

It is also more flexible and pliable than acrylic option.

Thus, it can tolerate different unfavorable circumstances such as falling without compromising its quality.

It is not quite attractive in the sense that you can hardly get it glossy or shiny surface as you would in acrylic chopping board.

Nonetheless, these two materials tend to share other important technical aspects, such as excellent dimensional stability.

Both HDPE and Acrylic cutting boards also exhibit incredible impact resistance to different pressure levels.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Cutting Board with Counter Clip?

They offer several benefits, but the main ones include the following;

Stability – Allows you to cut different food items on the surface without worrying about the board slipping or sliding.

It is tightly held on the counter surface, preventing it from moving and enhancing its stability.

Safety – Enhances your safety when chopping food products since the board is tightly secured on the counter surface.

This prevents you from any possible accidents such as cutting your finger, which can easily happen if the board slips.

Aesthetic value – It adds beauty to the working space since the clips make the board compliment the counter accordingly.

Easy to fix – You can easily fix this type of acrylic cutting board on your countertop surface without necessarily professional assistance.

How do you Manufacture Acrylic Cutting Board?

It is a simple process as long as you have all the relevant tools and materials for the task.

However, the actual procedure depends on the specific type of acrylic chopping board you are making.

Here are basic steps of how to make this piece of kitchen utensil;

Select the Right Acrylic Sheet Material

You’ll need a slab of acrylic sheet at least 12 inches wide and 2 inches thick.

Cast, continuous cast, or extruded acrylic sheets are suitable options you can consider.

They are also regarded as food-grade materials, thus ideal for preventing bacteria from forming on the surface.

Prepare the Acrylic Sheet

Set the depth of your planer to remove equal pieces of the acrylic sheet at a time.

Run the sheet material severally to flatten the surfaces.

Glue the Strips

Place the acrylic sheet strips on a workbench.

Apply and spread a food-safe, waterproof acrylic glue on the strips.

Turn each strip back a quarter turn and place each of them against glue one side of the assembly.

Clamp the Strips

Clamp the strips and use a damp rag to wipe out any glue, which squeezes out.

Once the adhesive dries after 1-2 hours, trim the panel ends.

Butt an end against the stop as you slice each panel into uniform-sized strips.

Stagger the Strips

Place all the strips and shift each one sideways to allow glue joints in each strip to offset from the neighboring strips.

Use the similar adhesive technique you used earlier to make a single block.

Finish and Sand

Trim the ends using a table saw and run the board through a planner to smoothen the faces.

Use a router to round over each vertical corner.

Smoothen all the edges using a random-orbit sander with relevant sandpaper.

How do you Check Quality of Acrylic Cutting Board?

You can use several techniques to determine the quality of an ideal acrylic cutting board.

Technically, the first way is by looking into the material of the chopping board.

Acrylic is available in different material grades ranging from inferior to premium quality.

Premium quality material gives you a better cutting board than an inferior option.

Another technique is by checking the quality of workmanship.

Mostly, a high-quality acrylic chopping board features premium and solid design construction.

Also, you can look at the overall finishing of the item since it depicts its quality significantly.

The other way you may explore is by checking whether it has quality approval from the relevant and stipulated standard agencies.

In many instances, regulators mandate such products to go through quality standard tests as outlined by various responsible agencies.

Thus, you’ll always find different quality agencies marks on the surface or package of these items.

The common agencies you are likely to come across include FDA, RoHS, REACH, ASTM, ANSI, SGS, and ISO among others.

Is Acrylic Cutting Board Shatter-proof?


This piece of utensil is made from acrylic, which is often derived from natural components.

Manufacturing process of the material also incorporates numerous additives to reinforce its strength.

As such, the final product, in this case, chopping board, can hardly shatter.

If it breaks, which is unlikely under ordinary circumstances, it only fractures into large and dull pieces.

But it never shatters at all.

Acrylic cutting board

 Acrylic cutting board

How do you Customize Acrylic Cutting Board?

You can use different ideas to customize acrylic cutting board.

Essentially, the base material used for making this board is relatively flexible and soft, thus easy to mold.

Some of the ways you can thus, use to customize this chopping board include the following;

Shaping – Entails modelling the acrylic chopping board to obtain the desired shape. You can thus mold it into different shapes based on your preference.

Sizing – It is a customization idea, which involves modification of this board to attain the necessary size fit for your application.

Painting – This involves infusing a particular preferred color shade on the surface material of this component.

Printing – You can imprint logo, brand name, or alphanumerical figures on the surface material of acrylic cutting board for unique identification or branding.

Adding handle – It entails creating acrylic cutting board with handles used for hanging it on different surfaces easily.

Adding counter clips – This involves incorporating a fastener on the bottom of the component to allow it to fit securely on the countertop.

How does Acrylic Cutting Board Compare to Fiberglass Cutting Board?

They vary on different grounds such as follows;

Strength – Acrylic cutting board is about 17-20 times stronger than a fiberglass cutting board of similar dimension.

Weight – A typical fiberglass chopping board is twice the weight of acrylic cutting board of a similar dimension. This makes the latter more lightweight thus convenient than the former.

Flexibility – Acrylic chopping board, is more pliable than its fiberglass option.

Scratch-resistance – Fiberglass chopping board has slightly better resistance to scratches than acrylic cutting board. In essence, the former has a harder surface material making it difficult to scratch easily.

Dimensional stability – Acrylic cutting board has better tolerance to extreme temperature and can hardly alter or deform the surface compared to fiberglass chopping board.

Glossiness – Acrylic is seeming glossier than fiberglass cutting board making it more attractive and classier than the latter.

Safety – Acrylic is generally safer than fiberglass. The former is shatterproof, non-toxic, and eco-friendlier than the latter.

Overall, acrylic cutting board is seemingly better than fiberglass option in many aspects, thus an ideal choice to consider.

Which Factors Determine Acrylic Cutting Board Cost?

They are quite several, but the main ones are as follows;

Type of Material

Ordinarily, acrylic material is available in low to high grades.

The higher the grade, the better the quality material and the costlier it and vice versa.

Quality of Workmanship

A well-crafted acrylic cutting board is obviously more expensive than a shoddily-created option.


You can always find standard or customized acrylic cutting boards, depending on your preference and taste.

However, the latter is often slightly more expensive than the former.


Different companies have varied pricing models for the respective products.


Higher MoQ is mostly cost-effective since most dealers tag higher discounts on them, unlike lower MoQ.

Are Acrylic Cutting Boards Scratch Resistant?

Technically yes.

However, it is dependent on various factors, including the quality of acrylic material used for making the specific board.

In many instances, high-grade acrylic chopping boards will hardly scratch, unlike those manufactured using low-grade material.

Secondly, modern acrylic cutting boards are treated using anti-scratch surface coating.

The coating prevents the sharp edges of a knife from causing scratches on the surface material of this component.

Can you Recycle Acrylic Cutting Board?

Acrylic cutting board

Acrylic cutting board


Ideally, acrylic, which is the primary material used on this piece of utensil, is 100% recyclable.

However, it utilizes quite a lot of energy to fully recycle it thus requires specialized equipment to achieve it fully.

And this is important because it allows you to remold and reuse this piece of furniture to form different acrylic components.

Furthermore, it prevents environmental degradation likely to arise due to disposing of this component in landfills.

Is there Size Limitation for Acrylic Cutting Board?


The specific size of acrylic chopping board is dependent on your preference.

Mostly, you need to get a reasonable size, which meets all your demands.

The size should also fit your counter-top accordingly.

Ideally, you can always resize acrylic cutting board since the material is flexible and soft.

Thus, you can cut it to size if it’s too big, weld, or use adhesive to attach the extra piece it is somewhat small for your needs.

What are the Available Color Options for Acrylic Cutting Board?

 Different colors of acrylic cutting board

 Different colors of acrylic cutting board

You can find acrylic chopping boards in almost any color you may think of.

However, in most instances, the specific color variant is also dependent on the particular manufacturer you are purchasing the item from.

Some companies offer up to 50 different color hues or more.

Furthermore, you can also find this board in multicolor options.

And this is essential if you prefer rainbow color shade on your acrylic cutting board.

Are Acrylic Cutting Boards Durable?


Acrylic cutting boards can last for as many years as possible without surface damage, cracking, deforming, or breaking.

The surface material hardly fades easily since it is resistant to numerous chemical substances.

These boards are also solid since the base material also offers exceptional sturdiness.

Moreover, they are highly resistant to scratches and, at the same time, easy to remove scratch marks if they develop.

With proper regular cleaning using recommended detergents and proper maintenance, it can last for more than five years.

What is the Recommended Acrylic Cutting Board Thickness?

It is dependent on several factors, including your preference based on the application.

Ideally, there is no one-size-fits-all standard thickness size for acrylic chopping boards.

However, an ideal one should not be less than two inches.

Nonetheless, it still comes down to what necessarily works best for you.

How do you Maintain Acrylic Cutting Board?

Proper cleaning is unquestionably, the primary maintenance technique of acrylic cutting board.

It is important to undertake it immediately you are done with using the board.

While at it, ensure you use recommended washing detergents to clean this item.

You can also check whether the manufacturer recommends using a dishwasher to clean the chopping board.

Removing scratches, which are imminent, is another way of maintaining this component.

Mostly, the sharp edges of a knife tend to scratch the surface material in the long run.

Removing these scratches by using ideal polishing technique would be an ideal option to consider.

It ensures the surface material retains its original glossiness.

Why should you Import Acrylic Cutting Board from China?

China offers a wide range of advantages, making it a suitable marketplace for shopping acrylic cutting boards.

Some of the reasons you need to consider importing these components from China include the following;

  1. Wide range of manufacturers to choose from, making it easy to find a specific one, which fits your needs.
  2. Relatively affordable since most companies offer discounted rates depending on purchase volume.
  3. Flexible MoQ; thus, you are certain of getting a specific volume you need that’s within your budget.
  4. High-quality acrylic cutting board options to choose from.
  5. Faster production turnaround irrespective of the specific design you are looking for.

What is your MOQ for Acrylic Cutting Board?

Acrylic cutting board

Acrylic cutting board

It depends on many factors, but majorly, the particular design you are seeking.

Customized designs tend to have a particular MoQ based on customization level.

Ideally, this design option entails numerous elements, which affect the overall cost of production thus need for MoQ.

However, you can always negotiate with the manufacturer to provide a flexible MoQ based on the varying prevailing circumstances.

In others words, there is no fixed MoQ when purchasing acrylic cutting board.

Instead, it is dependent on various factors.

Which are the available Acrylic Cutting Board Designs?

They are quite several and vary based on the particular manufacturer you are purchasing the items from.

For instances, at WeProFab, we offer a wide range of designs, including the following;

  • Colored Acrylic cutting board
  • Acrylic cutting board with a colander
  • Round acrylic cutting board
  • White acrylic cutting board
  • Custom acrylic cutting board

Which Standards Guarantee Acrylic Cutting Board Food Safety?

They are quite a number but, in most instances, depend on the particular target market.

Nevertheless, the common ones include the following;

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM)
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • SGS Certification
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Does Acrylic Cutting Boards Harbor Odors and Bacteria?


Acrylic element used for making this component is a food-grade material containing anti-bacterial and anti-odor features.

Ideally, the surface material of this component is non-permeable, making it difficult for it to sip in moisture of food material fluids.

Thus, it makes it easy to contain any form of odors and preventing bacteria infestation on the surface material.

Are there Acrylic Cutting Board with Textured Finish?


You can always find acrylic cutting board in many surface finishing, including textured option.

Textured surface finish is common in many applications and deemed ideal since it helps conceal knife marks or scratches.

Do you have both Clear and Frosted Acrylic Cutting Boards?


Clear and frosted surface finishing are among the common options available for acrylic cutting boards.

Naturally, acrylic material is highly transparent, making it easy to get a clear-cutting board out of it.

However, clear acrylic boards require intensive care since they are highly susceptible to scratches.

Moreover, the scratches tend to be more visible on a clear acrylic cutting board.

Frosted finish option relatively resembles a foggy window glass. In essence, it allows a small amount of light to pass through it.

It is also an ideal option to consider for acrylic chopping board since it rarely exposed scratch marks on the surface material.

Nevertheless, both clear and frosted acrylic cutting boards add a touch of class and attraction in the kitchen.

Is Acrylic Cutting Board Heat Resistant?

Not necessarily.

Generally, acrylic material tends to soften when exposed to higher temperatures.

It might catch fire or burn vigorously hence causing a deep burn.

Therefore, you should never expose it to too much heat since it is one of the most flammable synthetic fiber materials.

In case you need any acrylic cutting board, you can contact WeProFab right now.

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