• Acrylic Display Case

Acrylic Display Case

WeProFab is a professional factory of acrylic display cases. We manufacture the finest-quality flexible acrylic display case design. It is well-suited for business or branding purposes. WeProFab acrylic display case will surely showcase your brand in all marketplace.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Display Case to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab could offer you largest selection of durable yet cost-effective acrylic display cases. You can OEM the perfect acrylic display case with your own brand.

Acrylic Display Case Manufacturer

WeProFab is a leading acrylic display case manufacturer that can offer high-quality clear acrylic display cases at the most competitive price.


Acrylic Display Case Assembly

WeProFab combined with professional technical team and high tech components, we can do assembly efficiently. We can make cases with lock and highed options.

Laser Cut Acrylic Display Case

Laser-cut acrylic display case fabrication method professionally handled with our expert engineers. Item can be cut smoothly and efficiently.

Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

In the first place, WeProFab is an acrylic sheet manufacturer, therefore, we can offer top quality acrylic display cases with a competitive rate.

Custom Acrylic Display Case

WeProFab offers an acrylic display case that can be fabricated and customized to specifications. You can get the perfect style of cases to showcase your brand.

Acrylic Retail Display Case

Whether you need an acrylic retail display case for your retail store or business purposes, you can find a great solution with WeProFab. Modern, stylish and durable acrylic retail display case.

WeProFab: Your Premier Acrylic Display Case Supplier

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication.

WeProFab acrylic display case is perfectly designed in our advanced technology and high-tech equipment. It offers a reliable and durable structure to carry stuff. We could offer a comprehensive range of acrylic display case design, style, and other accessory options. 

WeProFab is your trustworthy acrylic display case manufacturer who offers you a complete solution. Send us an inquiry and experienced worthwhile shopping. 

Custom Acrylic Display Case to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Bakery Display Case

WeProFab acrylic bakery display case design can be configured to meet your brand need. This case could offer a reliable, pleasing case for your freshly baked goods and pastries.

Acrylic Figure Display Case

WeProFab expertise and knowledge in display case production allow us to design fashionable acrylic figure display cases. All product is manufactured in advanced machines.

Wall-mounted Acrylic Display Case

In WeProFab, we are glad to custom different kind of wall-mounted acrylic display case for meet your demand. We accept wholesale orders of transparent wall-mounted acrylic display case.

3 Steps Acrylic Display Case

Weprofab is happy to provide customizations services for your 3 steps acrylic display case demands. We ensure each finish meets beyond your expectations. We accept wholesale orders for your business essentials.

4-Tier Acrylic Display Case

Weprofab 4-tier acrylic display case has 4 different shelves capable of holding 40 bottles in total. This is the best product to showcase your brand.

Acrylic Display Cabinet Case

Weprofab has the best deals of acrylic display cabinet cases for your retail display purposes. Available in different numbers of layers, dimensions, and features for amazing yet competitive prices.

Acrylic Display Show Case

Weprofab acrylic display showcase is a stackable and a dustproof box as well. Weprofab is the best supplier for your ideal acrylic display showcases. Together, we will pursue your dreams for your business. Be one of our partners and experience quality services.

Acrylic Display Sliding Lid Case

Weprofab manufacture acrylic display sliding lid case with custom designs, figures, and dimensions. Whether you`re a retailer, distributor, or local wholesaler, the acrylic display sliding case from our factory is the right one you must add.

Clear Rectangular Acrylic Display Case

Weprofab clear rectangular acrylic display case offered durability and unbreaking capabilities, unlike glass. Available in small-large sizes.

Custom Acrylic Art Display Case

Weprofab is one of the industry fabrication leaders working in China. We provide the most suitable acrylic art display case to add to your business. These can help to enhance artifacts or other collections in a business.

Lockable Acrylic Display Case

Weprofab lockable acrylic display case is ready to use with reliable padlocks. This can secure your retail products against theft incidents, etc. Available in different numbers of layers, dimensions, and formations.

Rotating Acrylic Toy Display Case

Weprofab creates wide-range options of rotating acrylic toy display cases helpful to enhance your retail business to the next level.

Acrylic Toy Display Case

The Acrylic Toy display case is the best case to hold particular storage. Weprofab offers various designs of acrylic toy display cases that suit your budget.

Acrylic Display Case with Step Stand

Acrylic display case with step stand provides a clear surface finish. They provide a competent appearance. Also, they are used often as jewelry cases.

Acrylic Jewelry Display Case

Acrylic jewelry display cases are ideal for displaying small items, like jewelry and cosmetics. They are made of 100% pure quality acrylics.

Flat Locking Acrylic Display Case

Flat locking acrylic display cases are great for flat collectibles and commodities. Their construction is extremely secure and heavy-duty.

Acrylic Display Case with Sliding Doors

Acrylic display case with sliding doors is lockable. They are made of tough acrylic plastics, making them a long-lasting display case.

Free Standing Acrylic Display Case

Free standing acrylic display cases are the best option over other plastic cases. They are easy to clean, maintain, cost-effective, and more durable.

LED Lighted Acrylic Display Case

LED lighted acrylic display cases are perfect for showcasing toys and figures. For lighting options, you can select from puck lights, led light strips, etc.


Transparent Acrylic Display Case

Transparent acrylic display cases are used in a wide variety of applications. They are used as ballot and donation boxes, jewelry storage, and more uses.

Acrylic Display Case With 16-Color LED Base

The acrylic display case with a 16-color LED base is powerful. They are used commonly for museums, retail units, and more applications.

Clear Acrylic Display Case With Lock

A clear acrylic display case with lock is designed for security. They are a great choice for galleries, gift shops, stores, retails, and more. Using them can organize your items in one safe place.

Vertical Acrylic Display Case

Vertical acrylic display cases enable you to see your merchandise with no deformation. They are primarily used to showcase any product.

Double-Sided Acrylic Display Case

Double-sided acrylic display cases are often used to display or sell candies.  They are manufactured using acrylics, making them more high-quality.

Spinning Hexagonal Acrylic Display Case

Spinning hexagonal acrylic display cases are necessary for protecting, showcasing, and presenting artifacts, toys, dolls, statues, collectibles, etc.

Acrylic Round Display Case

Acrylic round display case is available in 4 sizes: small/ large/ tall/ long. They are also available in different designs for wall mount, counter, or floor installation.

Large Acrylic Display Case

Large acrylic display cases are used to organize your trophies, wines, models, figurines, artifacts, and more. They are often used in boutiques, retail stores, etc.

Acrylic Display Case with Hinged Door and Hasp

Acrylic display cases with hinged doors and hasp are found in galleries, schools, retail stores, shops, corporate locations, restaurants, and more.

Horizontal Acrylic Display Case

Horizontal acrylic display cases is custom-made for your application. They are excellently transparent and one of long-lasting display case.

Acrylic Tower Display Case

Acrylic tower display case are also referred to as vitrine, display cabinet, or showcase. They are made of 100% pure acrylics for strength and durability.

Acrylic Slanted Display Case

Acrylic slanted display case is easy to clean. You will only need gentle cloth and clean water to wipe off dirts. Plus, these display cases are shinier.

Acrylic Display Case for Collectibles

Acrylic display case for collectibles are highly durable and break-resistant. They encase products, including foods, artifacts, collectibles, trophies, etc.

Dustproof Acrylic Display Case

Dustproof acrylic display case is lightweight. They weigh half than glass and won’t break if accidentally falls. Also, they are highly scratch-proof.

Acrylic Display Box Perspex Case

Acrylic display box perspex case are clearer and has high transparency over a glass. Plus, they are UV resistant, which means they are protected from color fading.

Mirrored Acrylic Box Display Case

Mirrored acrylic box display cases are perfect to keep items displayed in a corner. They provide a sleek and outstanding appearance over other display cases.

Acrylic Display Case with Solid Hardwood Base

Acrylic display case with solid hardwood base offers a classic look. They can fit any storage needs. For instance, they are great for retail stores, shops, galleries, etc.

Acrylic Display Case with Black Base

An acrylic display case with a black base is suitable for any room and shelf. These display cases can keep your items totally dust-free.

Light-Up Acrylic Display Case

Light-up acrylic display cases are made of top-grade acrylics. They offer a long lifespan and extreme durability. They are also the first choice for organizing small items.

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Acrylic Display Case manufacturing

Why WeProFab Acrylic Display Case

Acrylic display case also called a display cabinet, showcase cabinet, and Lucite display cubes. It is used to placed and showcase your valuable products. This acrylic display is commonly used in the coffee shop, fast food restaurant, beverage establishments, bakery shop, jewelry stores, etc. Weprofab can fabricate a huge range of acrylic display cases preventing your products and items from dust, dirt, and fingerprints.

Acrylic display case is widely used in so many different items in different places. Some items acrylic display case used to show-off is school trophies, collectibles, models, and miniatures. Clear acrylic display cases serve as a protective cover that secures collectible items from liability of loss and injury. These acrylic display cases can be bolted or screwed into a display stand.

Showcases are constructed of crystal clear acrylic. This acrylic display case can be manufactured in a variety of shapes. It can be formed as square, rectangular, and hexagonal. Also, an acrylic display case can be lockable, shelves, built-in or removable racks. At the same time, it can be frameless, portable or illuminated.

In Weprofab, we designed and developed a huge collection of acrylic display case that fits well in your specific applications. Whether you need a display case for your business or establishment, Weprofab has an acrylic display cabinet right for your need. Either you want to showcase your housewares, jewelry, art, sculptures or trophies you can rely on Weprofab high-quality acrylic display case.

These crystal clear display cabinets can be custom build incorporated with different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Also, this can be a custom build with locks and shelves to provide sufficient spacing and strong security. Our display case certainly serves as a durable cabinet to showcase your products, collectibles, and literature.

Acrylic Display Case with lock

Acrylic display case with lock

Weprofab acrylic display cases are available at affordable prices. As a professional plastic fabrication manufacturer, Weprofab can truly bring out the best acrylic display case for your products. With rich fabrication experience and high tech machinery, we are your one-stop solution for your needs. Choosing Weprofab as your source will let you save costs and efforts.

With Weprofab acrylic display cases, you can rest assured you get high-quality products. Whether your need is a single case or multiple cabinets to protect and display your business item, Weprofab has the ability to affordably produce it for you. Weprofab is a plastic fabrication company, certified to ISO 9001. Worry no more. You can assure quality control and after-sales.

Here in Weprofab, you will really get the best value of your money. We already work with different customers from different countries and they were satisfied with our service. We are looking forward to working with you too. In each process, our team will be very vigilant to develop your design for your fulfillment.

Whenever you wish to contact us with your inquiries, we are always right here. Weprofab will be glad to help you. Also, we are here to develop any idea you may have. So, please feel free to contact us.

Acrylic Display Case: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you want to display ordinary, or exclusive items, think of investing in high quality acrylic display case.

Truth be told – display case made from acrylic will never disappoint, they are the best.

But, how do you buy the best quality?

Let me show you.

What is Acrylic Display Case?

Well, it refers to a specific type of cabinet, which consists of one or more clear acrylic surfaces.

In many instances, this type of enclosure is often used for displaying a wide range of objects for viewing.

In other instances, it is also referred to as acrylic display cube, acrylic display vitrine, acrylic display cabinet, or acrylic showcase.

acrylic showcase

acrylic showcase

Some of the common areas where you’re likely to find this item include museums, offices, exhibition centers, retail stores as well as residential homes.

What is Acrylic Display Case used for?

The acrylic display cabinet is used for a wide range of elements in different sectors.

A fundamental consideration to always have in mind is that acrylic display cases are often highly customizable.

his, therefore, allows various businesses as well as individuals to find unique ways to use this particular type of cabinet.

Some of the common uses include the following;

For storing trophies and memorabilia – Most acrylic displays are often used in various establishments for displaying trophies, plaques as well as memorabilia.

You’ll find them in offices, retail stores of such goods as well as homes for the individuals.
Displaying products in retail stores – If you have a retail business, using an acrylic display case can be one of the best ways of attracting customers to your shop.

It means that you can use this cabinet as part of the window display.

This way, it makes it possible for you to generate necessary attention and enticing people to get inside your store.

Mostly, its features make it a guarantee to catch the eye.

Product launches – If you’re launching a new product to the market, you can use the acrylic display cabinet by placing the item inside it.

It is an excellent way of making the product visible to the audience attractively and memorably.

Storing taxidermy animals – It is essential for game hunters or persons who miss their pets since you can use these cases for housing the animal.

The best part of using this cabinet is that it allows you to display the piece and, at the same time, also enabling you to keep it safe.

Action figures or collectibles – Some acrylic display cubes are customized by building rows inside them.
Such rows become essential as far as displaying and securing the items is concerned.

Also, it makes it comparatively easy to dust and clean the display cabinet without necessarily interfering with the figures.

Action figures or collectibles Acrylic Display Case

Action figures or collectibles Acrylic Display Case

Exhibition – These items are also commonly used in a wide range of business trade shows and exhibitions.

It plays a fundamental when it comes to generating attention for items in exhibitions.

Securing products – Some products such as Lego sets tend to be somewhat delicate.

You’ll, therefore, need to prevent accidental destruction of such items, especially where there is substantial human traffic.

Thus, housing such items using the acrylic display case becomes an inevitability given that it also prevents the product from dust and sticky fingers.

How do you make an Acrylic Display Case?

What you need to know regarding making an acrylic display case is that it can be a DIY project or industrial project.

What it means here is that you can choose to make your acrylic display cabinet for a wide range of domestic projects.

Also, you can get industrially-manufactured cabinets, especially if you require mass production.

The process of making this item is quite simple as long as you have the right tools, equipment, and materials.

– The first step ideally involves getting all the raw materials, tools, and equipment ready for the task

You also need to ensure that you prepare the work station accordingly.

– Secondly, measure the acrylic sheet and cut it to length.

Measuring the height and width allows you to get a general idea of the particular size of your case.

And while at it, also ensure that you cut all the dimensions to size to prevent any incident of sides underlapping or overlapping.

– Once you cut the edges, you can then sand them as a way of checking the accuracy of the length.

At this point, if you notice that you’d cut one shorter or longer, you can then adjust for the difference on the other.

– The next step involves attaching the sides to the top as well as the bottom.

This step is ordinarily critical, and it requires high level of meticulousness and accuracy.

You also need to ensure that all the sides are firmly attached.

Apply acrylic cement or any recommended acrylic glue then secure the sides using masking tape.

– Now make the access door. Depending on your preference or nature of the product, you may choose to place the access door in front, sideways, or on top.

Cut the sheet to length, and determine where to want to attach the hinges then mark.

An ideal way to attach hinges on the door is by drilling small holes where the screws will go.

You need to be extremely careful at this stage to prevent the material from breaking.

Once you’re through, you can then attach the door.

– Once the glue dries, you can remove the masking tape.

You can then attach a handle on the access door for smooth opening and closing of the door.

It is at this stage that you can also choose to light this display box.

Once you’re entirely done, you can then clear the acrylic display case and the workstation, and then you’ll be ready to go.

You, however, need to have in mind that for mass production of acrylic display cubes, you can always visit industrial manufacturers such as WeProFab.

What are the most Common Forms of Custom Acrylic Display Cases?

They are quite a number and include the following;

– Acrylic bakery display case – This is commonly used in supermarkets, food stores, and bakery stores for displaying bakery products readily.

Wall-mounted acrylic display case- This one is used for showing or storing a wide range of small to medium products such as trophies.

Wall-mounted acrylic display case

Wall-mounted acrylic display case

Acrylic figure display case – It is used for fashionable products that are also small and medium-sized.

They can be used in homes or retail stores.

– Acrylic toy display case – It is used for displaying toys, be it in shops or at home.

– Acrylic jewelry display case – As the name suggests, this is the type of cabinet used for displaying jewelry and related items.

– Candy canister acrylic display case – It is usually used to arrange the kitchen area by organizing different containers that contain different ingredients.

How do you Assemble the Acrylic Display Case?

The actual assembling of an acrylic display cabinet depends on several factors but mainly on the use of the same

However, for general-purpose, here are some of the steps of how you can assemble it;

– Ensure that you have all the screws and nuts in place for fastening on different holes on various joints of the sheets.

– Fix each surface on its joint respectively

– Fasten the screws accordingly preferably using a power drill

– Ensure that stand is stable

You also need to have it in mind that not all types of acrylic display cases are assembled and disassembled.

Some once assembled, they stay permanently in that state.

Are there Disadvantages to using an Acrylic Display Case?


One of the main disadvantages is that display case made from acrylic tend to be more susceptible to scratches.

It thus implies that you always need to be on the watch out to prevent incidences that might lead to scratches.

Remember, scratches always compromise the quality and appearance of the display case in general.

The other likely disadvantage is that the acrylic material is not necessarily the most durable one for all applications.

So it is an indication that the acrylic display case is not primarily a suitable weight-bearing material due to its lightweight nature.

Acrylic display cabinet also has relatively low impact resistance, especially compared to other materials such as polycarbonate.

Is Acrylic Display Case good for Marketing?

Of course, it is.

You see, acrylic material is naturally known for its excellent clarity features.

It has a light transmittance percentage of 92%, which is ideal since it makes the products to have a crystal-like appearance.

The fact that it is also lightweight also makes it suitable for marketing purposes since you can easily carry it from one station to the other.

Additionally, acrylic display is also resistant to a wide range of elements such as temperature, UV, and impact, among others.

Therefore, makes it a suitable case, especially for outdoor marketing applications.

How do you Design a Custom Acrylic Display Case?

Designing a custom acrylic display case is dependent on a wide variety of elements.

You need to consider numerous factors before deciding on the specific customized design that suits your preference, as well as needs.

How do you Clean Acrylic Display Case?

The first thing that you need to do is making sure that you remove the dirt or slight blemishes on the surface of this case before even cleaning.

Also, get a premium micro-fiber cloth with soapy water or recommended detergent to use in cleaning the entire surface.

Once you wet the microfiber cloth, you’ll clean the cabinet by blotting it lightly on the surface as you wipe instead of applying pressure.

Can you add LED Lighting to Custom Acrylic Display case?


This is one way of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the acrylic display cube.

In fact, adding this type of light has a myriad of advantages to acrylic display vitrine.

Adding LED lighting also complements the product hence attracting potential buyers.

Acrylic display case with LED light

Acrylic display case with LED light

What is the difference between Stock and Custom Acrylic Display Case?

Stock acrylic display case refers to the type of cabinet that is designed to use in displaying a wide range of products or items in a general systematic manner.

It has several partitions which you use for placing these items.

In other words, it is a type of acrylic cube that resembles a shelf.

So you can simply make an order of this type of case and get it delivered as long as you choose the ideal size for your requirements.

A custom acrylic display case, on the other hand, refers to the type that is specifically designed to match the particular needs of a customer.

It is the customer who provides all the necessary details, including the specific shape and partitions, if any, for this item.

Why should you consider Locks and Shelves for your Custom Acrylic Display Cases?

– Locks make it possible for you to prevent theft of the items that you place on display inside this type of acrylic cabinet.

This is essential in stores where there is a lot of human traffic, which can make it relatively difficult to monitor the activities and movement of all the customers inside the store.

– The shelves are fundamental when it comes to organizing the products that you’re stocking or displaying.

It thus implies that shelving makes it possible for you to arrange things precisely.

– Locks help in preventing the items from falling and consequential breakage in the unlikely event that theirs is an accidental knock of the display.

When you lock the case, it implies that the items shall stay intact inside even when the cabinet falls.

– Shelving also plays a significant role as far as proper utilization of space within the case, and the store, in general, is concerned.

It thus means that items will not be scattered anyhow in the office, home, or even at the store.

– Display case locks prevent unauthorized access to the items inside the cabinet, which is essential as far as enhancing privacy is concerned.

Some locks even come with an installed alarm system, which makes it more difficult for any potential thief to access the casing.

It thus helps in preventing touching of the actual item, which in some instances can lead to deterioration or compromising, especially if the item is sensitive to touch.

– The use of shelves in acrylic display cases is also another way of enhancing versatility and style.

In essence, you can match and mix the shelves pieces, which is a way of complementing the general look and feel of the surrounding.

– Shelves also help in enhancing the firmness of the display case, which is essential in making it structurally sound and durable.

The shelves somehow reinforce the strength of this cabinet hence making it stronger and stable.

Acrylic display case with shelves and lock

Acrylic display case with shelves and lock

How do you Size Custom Acrylic Display Cases?

Before you choose your ideal type of acrylic display cabinet, it is always fundamental to ensure that the size suits your particular needs.

In most instances, it can be somewhat challenging to reduce or increase the size of this display cube once it is manufactured and assembled.

However, in numerous instances, sizing of acrylic display case often becomes easy when you go for one that you can assemble and dismantle easily.

This way, you’ll only need to ensure that whenever you want a relatively big one, you assemble all the necessary parts that suit your needs and vice versa.

Therefore, appropriate sizing of this display case ideally implies that you’ll need to go for an adjustable cabinet.

Can you Brand Acrylic Display Case?


Apparently, it is also one way of enhancing your brand visibility.

There are several elements that you can use to brand your display cabinet aesthetically.

You can use engrave or use silk-screening as an ideal way of branding these cases.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Display Case Made-to-measure?

Increases efficiency in marketing and selling products – A customized acrylic display cabinet enables you to advertise the products before you even contact the potential buyers.

Once they enter the shop, they immediately get to see a wide range of products to choose from unobtrusively.

Create an ambiance of class and sophistication – most of these displays, especially the ones that are customized, tend to exude a lively atmosphere, especially for stores with a specific theme.

Enhances easy maintenance – It is always easier to clean and maintain acrylic display cabinets that are made to measure.

The essence here is that you’ll only have what you need, thus making it easy for you to maintain its standards accordingly.

Easy to organize – Most of the items that you place inside this type of display are easy to organize, thus making the display to look appealing and in order.

Enhances safety of your items – You’ll find that most acrylic display cases made to measure always come with locks.

This is vital since it makes it possible for you to secure the items inside it while showcasing them.

Improves shopping efficiency – If you’re using such display cabinets in retail stores, you can be confident that they enable customers to have a hassle-free shopping experience.

In essence, it makes it easier to navigate through your store

Does Acrylic Display Case Break Easily?

Not necessarily.

The fact that this type of display is made from acrylic material, which is naturally renowned for its strength capabilities, makes it difficult to break.

acrylic case to be difficult to break

Acrylic case to be difficult to break

Depending on the thickness level of a particular type of acrylic, it seems to be 2-5 times stronger and impact resistant than glass.

This and many more features of the acrylic materials, therefore, make the display cabinet somewhat tricky to break easily.

Which Features should you look for in Custom Acrylic Case?

1. Quality Acrylic Material

What you need to have in mind fundamentally is that acrylic material comes in different grades.

It thus implies that you’ll always come across different qualities of acrylic display cabinets depending on the actual type of material that you use.

The essence of factoring the quality of material, in this case, is that it makes it possible for you to get the best results from this particular product.

2. Solid Construction

Well, in display casing, the quality of acrylic material you use never matters if the attention to detail and artistry during construction process is inferior.

And that’s the reason it is always critical to ensure that you purchase this item from reputable manufacturers such as WeProFab.

You have to get a provider who is committed to supplying top-notch custom acrylic display cube that is sturdily constructed.

3. Security Features

Most of the items that are placed inside the acrylic display cases are usually treasured valuables.

It is thus necessary to ensure that you always go for one that has security features reinforced panels and interconnecting locks.

In other words, you need to look into the pry resistance of the cabinet when making purchasing decisions.

4. Size

Of course, size plays a critical role when it comes to choosing an ideal acrylic display case.

Size matters a lot since it enhances mobility within the store as well as proper view and access of the items inside the cabinet.

It is thus necessary to ensure that you choose size that suits your wide range of requirements.

5. Extra Features

Customized acrylic display cases should not necessarily be monotonous and boring.

You can always find a way of adding other features to make it lively and attractive.

Of course, this aspect is dependent on the type of application for a particular display case.

Some extra features that you might find the need for adding include illuminated lights, engravings, and other types of printing.

This helps the case in complementing the products as well as the room.

6. Portability

In this instance, portability merely refers to the ability to move the display case from one point to another.

Of course, this is a critical factor that you need to consider, primarily when your displays revolve around moving from one place to another.

It is also suitable for outdoor display applications.

How does Glass Display Case compare to Acrylic Display Case?

These two display cases have different features and compare as follows;

– A glass display case is comparatively heavy than acrylic display case.

This, of course, is as a result of the fact that acrylic material is less than half of the total weight of glass material.

– Regarding strength, acrylic display cases tend to be almost 10 to 20 times stronger than glass display cases.

It thus shows that the former has excellent impact resistance than the latter.

– Acrylic display case has better clarity compared to glass display case.

In essence, the former has a light transmission of up to 92%, and the former has a light transmission of up to about 88%.

– In regards to scratch resistance, glass display case is seemingly better, and it is harder to scratch than acrylic.

This is important since it provides it with extra protection.

– Acrylic display case also has a better gloss compared to glass display case.

Acrylic naturally has a softer light reflection compared to glass.

What is the difference between Acrylic Display Case and Acrylic Box?

Acrylic display case simply refers to a particular type of cabinet that is made of one or more clear acrylic surfaces.

It is used in a wide range of applications surrounding stocking and displaying items for different purposes, including sale, safety, and aesthetics, among others.

Acrylic Display Case

Acrylic display case

On the other hand, acrylic box refers to the type of container that is frameless and made of plexiglass or Lucite.

It is widely used in different stores, particularly for showcasing various types of art pieces, POS as well as simple bin, among others.

How sustainable is Acrylic Display Case?

Acrylic material naturally is not easily recycled nor readily biodegradable.

It thus means that display case is not necessarily sustainable given that it can be highly flammable hence the need for protection from sources of combustion.

Is Acrylic Display Case Scratch Resistant?

Not necessarily.

Acrylic display case seemingly tends to scratch easily.

However, you can always procure one that has an integrated abrasion-resistant coating, which helps the surface from scratching should it rubbed or abraded against something.

Nevertheless, if it is scratched using a sharp object, the possibly the coating will not necessarily help much.

How do you Test Quality of Acrylic Display Case?

There are specific quality standard measures that every acrylic display case is subjected to before it gets to the market.

In most instances, you’ll find that the display cases have a quality mark of standards from reputable and approved organizations tasked with testing the quality of these materials.

RoHS, UL, and REACH are among some of the highly reputable organizations mandated with testing and approving the quality standards of acrylic display cases.

How does Acrylic Display Case compare to Polycarbonate Display Case?

These two display cases have different features and compare as follows;

– An acrylic display case is comparatively heavy than a polycarbonate display case.

Naturally, polycarbonate material tends to be lightweight

– When it comes to strength, the polycarbonate display case comes out stronger than acrylic display case.

Moreover, polycarbonate display case appears to be more flexible compared to acrylic display cabinet, which is seemingly rigid.

Regarding clarity, acrylic display case seems to be more transparent that polycarbonate display case.

The former allows light transmission of up to about 92% whereas the latter allows for light transmission of up to 89%

– Concerning scratch resistance, acrylic display case has a higher scratch resistance than a polycarbonate display case.

Seemingly, acrylic is a hardy material compared to polycarbonate, which requires hard-coating as a way of improving its scratch-resistance ability.

– Acrylic display case also has a better gloss compared to polycarbonate display case.

Acrylic naturally has a softer light reflection compared to polycarbonate material.

What are the benefits of Acrylic Display Case with Wood Base?

Acrylic case with wood base

Acrylic case with wood base

– The wooden base reinforces the stability of the acrylic display case hence giving best results as far as showcasing of items is concerned.

– It enhances the durability of the display case given that instances of possible impact and scratches from underneath are eliminated.

– Wooden base complements the acrylic display case, especially if painted hence increasing the aesthetic value of both the casing and the room.

– It makes it easy to clean and maintain, which is a fundamental aspect as far as display cabinets are concerned.

Is Acrylic Display Case with Door Lockable?


Most of the acrylic display cases that come with locks are lockable.

The essence of this, of course, is to ensure that the items you place inside the cabinet stay safe.

It also helps in preventing people from accessing or touching the items inside the case without permission.

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Our product manager will give you a quick demand portrait according to your design, drawing, standard, testing methods and other requirements. And we have a strong supporting team to fulfill your demand with our deep technology and know-how base. We can offer you a solution or a few options. And you will decide which one you prefer.

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