• Acrylic Drapery Rod

Acrylic Drapery Rod

As the best acrylic drapery rod manufacturer in China, the best solution will be offer at a very friendly price. It is accessible in different types made by superior and top-grade raw materials. We can supply any volume you need for your acrylic drapery rod orders.

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Get WeProFab Acrylic Drapery Rod to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is the leading fabricator of acrylic drapery rod in this industry. Experienced and expert in more than 20 years of manufacturing. Consider WeProfab and we can highly meet your demands.

Clear Acrylic Drapery Rod

WeProFab clear acrylic for drapery rod is the most elegant type when searching. You can choose decorative or plain acrylic drapery rod made by high tech machines.

Custom Acrylic Drapery Rod

WeProFab can support your final application by customizing your orders such as acrylic drapery rod. Select your required sizes based on your target application.

Double Hung-Up Acrylic Drapery Rod

Double hung-up for drapery rods are commonly used in a substantial house, hotels, etc. Our affordable product offer can help you generate great profits.

Cell Cast Acrylic Drapery Rod

Cell cast acrylic drapery rods are suitable for many hotels, and any applications with larger dimensions of windows. You can purchase your desired volume orders.

Extruded Acrylic Drapery Rod

WeProFab created an acrylic drapery rod easier to install and easy to detach. You can request your desired length for your acrylic drapery rod orders.

Single-Hung Acrylic Drapery Rod

WeProFab offered different acrylic drapery rod such as a single-hung drapery rod. You can save your cash by purchasing our very affordable single-hung acrylic drapery rod.

WeProFab: Your Reliable Acrylic Drapery Rod Manufacturer

As a joint-venture company, Weprofab offers a one-stop solution. We can make you satisfied with our detailed process. We have the ability to custom our designs according to your requirements. Your final application will be supported by following your own designs.

We have a lot of experience in fabricating and handling successful operations.

WeProFab is maintaining product quality such as acrylic drapery rod.

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Custom Acrylic Drapery Rod to Expand Your Business

Decorative Acrylic Drapery Rod

WeProFab will be your great provider of the decorative acrylic drapery rod. We can pack flexible wrapping for safety delivery operations.

Adjustable Acrylic Drapery Rod

Customers, consider adjustable WeProFab acrylic drapery rods for their business to increase the resource and goods. We can make sure to supply the best goods.

French Return Acrylic Drapery Rod

It is also known as French poles, the most popular design which is best for business. Affordable and profitable types of the drapery rod.

Spring Tension Acrylic Drapery Rod

This is safe type of drapery rod. This is the right choice in finalizing your application. Avail our acceptable rates of acrylic drapery rod and you can reduce your cost.

Personalized Acrylic Drapery Rod

If you choose this WeProFab personalized drapery rod, then you’re right. It is a very attractive type of drapery rod which helps increase the resource and supplies.

Clear Lucite Drapery Rod

The clear Lucite drapery rod is available in 4 foot, 6 foot, or 8-foot lengths. Oil rubbed bronze, matte gold, black, and pewter are the four hardware finishes available. All necessary installation hardware and instructions are included.

Round Acrylic Drapery Rod

The stylish round acrylic drapery rod gives a fresh spin on a classic. Supplied with necessary brushed brass brackets, rings, and finals for each size – two endcap finials and ten easy glide rings with eyelets. It is sturdy and easy to install.

Black Acrylic Drapery Rod

The black acrylic drapery rod comes in a high-end, unique, custom-finished look. Each set includes ten easy glide rings with eyelets in your choice of finish. It also comes with two endcap finials in your choice of finish.

25MM Acrylic Drapery Rod

The 25mm acrylic drapery rod is adjustable from 42 to 120 inches. Three solid and adjustable brackets project from the wall. Multiple selections of trendy and inventive products with outstanding quality are available.

Crystal Clear Acrylic Drapery Rod

The crystal clear acrylic drapery rod is both timeless and one-of-a-kind. It’s simple to set up. Simply attach the stainless steel clip to the wand. High-quality UV-resistant acrylic will not discolor or disintegrate even in the fiercest light.

Rectangular Acrylic Drapery Rod

The rectangular acrylic drapery rod is more durable than glass and transparent than glass. It will not be yellow, will not chip, and will provide UV protection. This solid acrylic drapery rod can be custom cut to your specifications.

Gold Acrylic Drapery Rod

The gold acrylic drapery rod comes in contemporary, modern, and luxury styles. Avail at a more reasonable price. Long-lasting quality in various colors and patterns, suitable for multiple markets. We can make any size, color, and high quality according to your specifications.

Acrylic Double Drapery Rod

The acrylic double drapery rod is eco-friendly ideal for hotel, home, villa, and hospital use. Multiple styles include contemporary, minimalist, industrial, traditional, classic, modern, and more. Its transparent, clear, and see-through.

Acrylic Drapery Rod with Brass Hardware

The acrylic drapery rod with brass hardware is ideal for all-season – in specialty stores, supermarkets, and hotels. Can be purchased in various colors and patterns to suit different markets. Made of durable-quality acrylic.

48" Acrylic Drapery Rod

The 48″ acrylic drapery rod is available in various sizes, including 10mm, 12mm, 15mm. Comes with or without a handle. High quality and cost-effective. Fashionable, modern, and industrial.

1 1/2" Square Acrylic Drapery Rod

The 1 1/2″ square acrylic drapery rod adds a striking, styled design flourish. Available in classic and modern design. Ideal for use in cafes, hotels, and coffee shops. Black, bronze, transparent are among the top colors available.

6/8 Inch Acrylic Drapery Rod

The 6/8 inch acrylic drapery rod has acrylic diamond finials, which are visually fashionable and noble. This window curtain rod’s diameter 6/8″ and 5/8″ rod sections create a telescoping construction. It can be used with light, medium, or heavy curtains at most.

24" Acrylic Drapery Rod

The 24″ acrylic drapery rods are easy to put on the wall. With included mounting hardware and instructions, everything is smooth. It has a beautiful appearance and would fit in any space. Created with great care and attention to detail.

36-Inch Acrylic Drapery Rod

The 36-inch acrylic drapery rod is simple and comes with all mounting hardware. Going with any decor is crystal clear, lightweight, smooth, and adaptable. Solid & rigid being made for heavy-duty applications.

6' Acrylic Drapery Curtain Rod

The 6′ acrylic drapery curtain rod statistics are convincing. A single rod is made up of two-rod components. The rod pieces from the telescoping framework can hang light, medium, and heavy curtains. It has a higher carrying capacity.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Drapery Rod

WeProFab acrylic drapery rod will add more sparkle and provide a simply beautiful look into the room. From bedroom, living room to the kitchen, acrylic drapery rod with gold brass can turn into elegance.

Whether your business needs different acrylic drapery rods, WeProFab offers plenty of stocks. Different sizes and shapes are accessible.

You can choose acrylic round, rectangular, and other types of acrylic drapery rods at WeProFab. You can surely save your budget by having our acceptable offer for prices.

Acrylic has two different types; the cell cast and extruded acrylic. WeProFab highly created top graded raw materials for the acrylic drapery rod. We specialized in clearer grades to make it negotiable.

Whether you are a distributor, supplier, or wholesaler, we can fully support your business. Our friendly service staff will guide the whole safety operation.

WeProFab acrylic drapery rods are easy to attach and detach.

WeProFab has a lot of sizes available whatever you need. We can supply different diameters or inches followed according to your order. You can demand your desired end cup designs for your acrylic drapery rod.

You can get WeProFab totally awesome price offer. Yes, it’s not easy to find low-cost products. But you have to be watchful and patient about finding the best one.

WeProFab is a reliable and certified acrylic drapery rod manufacturer. We’ve passed many certifications internationally that made us known worldwide. We supplied various standard products that are suitable for your application.

In running a business, you probably want to save your budget and for sure, need great quality products. You can count on us. WeProFab has all of that to offer and expect that you can gain amazing profits.

WeProFab is a great producer, and that the reason lots of clients consider us as their long term supplier.

If you need to get your product in a hurry, you can trust our quick actions yet safety. WeProFab focuses on supplying acrylics so we can secure your orders. Contact us today and be one of our luckiest customers.


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