• Acrylic Drinkware

Acrylic Drinkware

Weprofab is one of the superior manufacturers & suppliers of acrylic drinkware worldwide. We supply hundreds of acrylic drinkware to provide the requests of your customers. We can accommodate your large orders for acrylic drinkware. Please contact us today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Drinkware to Delight Your Customers

We are a preeminent manufacturer & supplier of acrylic drinkware working in China. Whether you`re a retailer or wholesaler, you can avail by the bulk of orders.

Acrylic Drinkware Manufacturer

If you need a reliable and trusted supplier and manufacturer of acrylic drinkware, Weprofab can produce for you. Send your ideal ideas to Weprofab so we can manufacture according to your specifications.

BPA-free Acrylic Drinkware

Weprofab fabricates magnificent and most unique acrylic drinkware that will totally delight your customers. Available in various colors, sizes, and designs for competitive rates.

Classic Acrylic Drinkware Collection

In Weprofab, we strive to give the best services and products to our customers. Our products are effective to gain your customers` satisfaction & trust.

Eco-friendly Acrylic Drinkware

All colors, designs, sizes, and features of eco-friendly acrylic drinkware are all here at our factory. Discover the items you might match your preferences here!

Embossed Acrylic Drinkware Collection

Weprofab is professional in fabricating different sorts of embossed acrylic drinkware. These are highly recommended and the best addition to your business collection.

Wholesale Acrylic Drinkware

If you desired wholesale acrylic drinkware for your operating business, whether small or large business, ask Weprofab for assistance. We have a wide range of options offered for affordable rates.

WeProFab: Your Leading PAcrylic Drinkware Manufacturer

As number 1 in the fabrication industry, Weprofab continues to improve our ways of expanding our selection of acrylic drinkware to make you fully satisfied. We will make your business boost up to the top level.

Weprofab is glad to provide your needs whatever the colors, shapes, and sizes you want for acrylic drinkware. We will help you with all your acrylic drinkware necessities.

For that reason, we produce the widest options of acrylic drinkware for you. It is available in friendly and inexpensive prices.

Contact us for sure orders and deliveries.

Custom Acrylic Drinkware to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Tumblers

Acrylic tumblers from Weprofab come from tough and very solid acrylic materials.

Acrylic Mugs

Weprofab highly presents acrylic mugs with various colors, sizes, and designs. Available at competitive yet affordable prices.

Acrylic Ice Tea Glass

Weprofab acrylic ice tea glass is perfectly obviously for ice tea drinks. If you need one to run a business, choose our top-selling acrylic ice tea glass.

Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab acrylic glassware offers appealing and elegant looks for further occasions such as birthday and wedding ceremonies.

Acrylic Cups

With Weprofab acrylic cups, you can easily pour water and refill drinks. It is washable at the same time.

24oz Acrylic Pastel Tumbler

The 24oz acrylic pastel tumbler is reusable and it comes with a straw. It is made from acrylic materials that can guarantee strong and durability. Any color for 24 oz. acrylic pastel tumbler is available.

Acrylic Juice Wine Glasses

Our acrylic juice wine glasses are manufactured with high-quality and unbreakable. It comes in different designs, colors, and sizes. Suitable for parties, camping, and for home.

Acrylic Ice Coffee Cup

The acrylic ice coffee cup is functional for coffee, wine, juice, and water. It is available in various shapes, designs, and sizes.

Acrylic Drink Glass for Hotel Bar

Weprofab acrylic drink glass for hotel bar is available in a different capacities. It is made from 100% acrylic materials guaranteed high-quality, strong, durable, and sustainable.

Acrylic Tumbler Cups

The color of acrylic tumbler cups can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. It comes with a straw and is made from high-quality acrylic materials. Strong, durable, and sustainable.

Acrylic Red Wine Drinkware

Acrylic red wine drinkware can be used for champagne, wine, water, and juice. It comes with different styles such as traditional Chinese, new classical, modern, Japanese style, American style, and many more.

Acrylic Matte Double Wall Tumbler

The acrylic matte double wall tumbler is suitable for all seasons. It can be available in modern and traditional design styles. You are opted to choose different colors and sizes.

Embossed Acrylic Drinking Goblet

Embossed acrylic drinking goblet is popular use in the bar, restaurants, parties, and clubs. The capacity of this drinkware is better for juice, water, beverages, etc. embossed acrylic drinking goblet is BPA free.

Acrylic Reusable Water Drinkware with Custom Logo

Our acrylic reusable water drinkware with a custom logo is durable and strong. Because it is made from 100% acrylic materials. It can guarantee light weight. This drinkware can be customized based on the color, size, and design.

Recycled Acrylic Drinkware

Our recycled acrylic drinkware is colorful. Each vibrant and bright color provides its own magnificent hue. It is more robust than an ordinary plastic variant. The recycled acrylic drinkware is functional for bar wine drinking or home.

Falling Resistant Acrylic Drinkware

Falling-resistant acrylic drinkware is used for water, beer, wine, beverages, milk, and tea. Applicable for hotel, bar, home, and restaurant. It is made from food-grade acrylic materials. Heat and falling resistance.

Insulated Acrylic Tumblers

The insulated acrylic tumblers are perfect for travel. All colors and designs are in stock. Perfect for all occasions such as giveaways, back to school, parties, travel, graduations, presents, and more.

Acrylic LED Flashing Cup

The acrylic LED flashing cup has automatic ON/OFF. To activate the flashing LEDs in the base, you just simply add a liquid to it. The lights are automatically OFF when the cup is empty. Perfect for special occasions and parties. Durable and classic design.

Acrylic Insulated Freezer Tumbler with Lid

Our acrylic insulated freezer tumbler with lid is available in various colors. All colors are in stock. We can customize an acrylic insulated freezer tumbler with a lid based on your requirements.

Frosted Acrylic Tumbler

Frosted acrylic tumbler is perfect for all holiday seasons such as Valentine’s Day, new baby, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year, and many more. It comes with a unique design and color.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Drinkware

Do you want to avail of our acrylic drinkware products where you can enjoy both style and practicality? If you want then contact us for faster transaction. Acrylic drinkware includes durable acrylic cups, acrylic tumbler, acrylic glass, and so on.

You can avail of our acrylic drinkware by bulk or set of orders.

The acrylic drinkware we offer is one of best-seller in the global market. These are excellent options for the outdoor dining and the restaurant business. You can fill champagne, juices, or beverages on it.

Acrylic Drinkware

If you are worrying about acrylic drinkware`s quality, Weprofab can make you less worried. It is break-resistant even dropped accidentally to the floor. Easy to carry, light, and persistent perfect for different applications.

As the main supplier of acrylic products, Weprofab produces acrylic drinkware that makes the drinks more refreshing. To keep hydrated, drinkware really plays an important role.

For any parties as well, our acrylic drinkware is much more suitable. It helps the ambiance be enhanced to the highest level.

Being the distributor of durable acrylic drinkware worldwide, Weprofab creates a different variety of acrylic drinkware where you can select from.

Acrylic Drinkware

For over 2 decades of experience in fabrication service, we know effective techniques in able to create high-quality acrylic drinkware. It is particularly seen at famous bars, restaurants, hospital, or hotel establishments.

Thanks to acrylic drinkware’s quality, your business will surely gain success in the future. It can perfectly hold beer, wine, juices, and even water.

You should never worry about the quality of the designs since it is manufactured from sturdy and solid acrylics. So even hardly falls to the ground, its unbreakable.

Impact-resistant and heavy-duty acrylic product.

Acrylic Drinkware

Weprofab is glad to provide your needs whatever the colors, shapes, and sizes you want for acrylic drinkware.

We will help you with all your acrylic drinkware necessities. For that reason, we produce the widest options of acrylic drinkware for you. It is available in friendly and inexpensive prices.

As number 1 in the fabrication industry, Weprofab continues to improve our ways of expanding our selection of acrylic drinkware to make you fully satisfy. We will make your business boost up to the top level.

Need acrylic drinkware for your business? Contact us now.

Acrylic Drinkware: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Acrylic drinkware refers to a class of vessels from which people drink from usually made using acrylic thermoplastic material.

In today’s guide, I will answer all your questions about acrylic drinkware.

So keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Core Features Of Acrylic Drinkware?

acrylic drinkware

acrylic drinkware

Characteristically, acrylic, which is the base material for making these drinkware, demonstrates a wide range of structural and visual properties.

These features are beneficial in several ways making the items quite unique in various applications.

The main properties of acrylic drinkware include the following;

Excellent impact resistance – The base material of these drinkware is solid; hence demonstrates better resistance to impact and can hardly break.

They are about 20 times stronger than ordinary glassware.

Lightweight – Since acrylic material is naturally lightweight, it reflects directly on your specific drinkware.

Good dimensional stability – Acrylic drinkware hardly deforms when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Non-corrosive – The surface material of acrylic barware is resistant to chemical substances thus can hardly corrode.

Temperature resistant – These drinkware can withstand extreme temperature changes without having any negative impact.

Excellent weatherability – Acrylic drinkware is resistant to different harsh weather conditions making it relatively durable.

Transparent – The surface material of acrylic drinkware is naturally clear in its raw form. However, you can always infuse it with different color hues to attain the ideal shade of your preference.

Pliable – They have soft surface material making it easy to mold or thermoform them into different shapes and designs.

Ideally, these features make the acrylic drinkware stand out among the competition.

Thus, they have become popular in many households and commercial settings in the recent past.

Why Should You Consider Investing In Acrylic Drinkware?

Acrylic drinkware offers several benefits both in commercial and residential settings thus has become more popular.

Some of the reasons making investing in acrylic drinkware worthwhile include the following;

  • Durable –
    These items are strong and resistant to various harsh conditions and abusive handling. Thus, they can last for many years without wearing out, giving you value for money.
  • Versatility –
    You can use acrylic barware in different settings for taking different drinks and beverages since they come in various designs, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Lightweight –
    This makes it easier to carry these drinkware in bulk, even when moving to a longer distance without breaking a sweat.
  • Easy maintenance – It is easy to maintain acrylic beverageware since all you need is regular cleaning and storing after use.
    Occasionally, you may polish them to retain the original luster.
  • Cost-effective – Acrylic drinkware are relatively economical in the long run compared to other alternative materials.
  • Aesthetic appeal – The material and design construction of these drinkware make them visually appealing.Of course, this is important since they create ambiance, class, and style, making the setting relatively upscale.
  • Safety – These drinkware are non-reactive thus can hardly form or emit toxic fumes.
    Therefore, you can use them to safely serve different drinks and beverages, whether hot or cold.

How Do Acrylic Drinkware Compare With Glass Drinkware?

Traditionally, drinkware were commonly manufactured using glass materials for a long time.

However, acrylic thermoplastic in the recent past has become an ideal alternative to glass in making beverageware.

Nevertheless, these two materials produce drinkware with varied structural and visual features, and this is how they compare;

acrylic drinkware

acrylic drinkware

Regarding strength, acrylic drinkware is seemingly stronger than glass drinkware.

 Acrylic material is about 20 times stronger than glass, and this directly reflects on their respective drinkware.

In terms of weight, acrylic barware is relatively lightweight than glass beverageware.

Ideally, acrylic material is about 50% less than the weight of glass material.

About clarity, acrylic drinkware is slightly clearer than its glass alternative.

Essentially, acrylic allows more light of up to 93% to pass through it whereas, glass permits about 88% of light to pass through it, thus the slight disparity.

When it comes to weatherability, acrylic barware exhibits better resistance features than glass drinkware.

In essence, the former can withstand extremely harsh conditions better than the latter can endure.

You can mold, remold or thermoform acrylic drinkware to attain different shapes and designs since the base material is somewhat flexible and cannot break easily.

On the other hand, glass is a bit rigid and can easily break or crack when you mold it beyond certain limits.

Regarding color options, you can find acrylic drinkware in different shades since it is easy to infuse your preferred color.

Glass drinkware, on the other hand, limits you to specific color shades, which can be disadvantageous.

In terms of scratch resistance, acrylic drinkware seemingly has softer surface material, thus more susceptible to scratches.

Glass barware, on the contrary, has hard surface material, thus relatively resistant to scratches.

Overall, acrylic drinkware ranks highly than glass drinkware on various structural and visual features, thus an ideal choice to consider.

glass drinkware

glass drinkware

How Can You Customize Acrylic Drinkware?

The essence of customizing acrylic drinkware enables you to attain uniqueness and pieces that stand out among the standard units.

You can use several ideas to customize acrylic barware depending on what you exactly need, such as the following;

Labeling – It involves marking the surface material of the drinkware by stamping a logo, number, name, or any distinctive identity.

This is a perfect customization idea, especially for acrylic drinkware used in commercial outlets such as bars and restaurants.

Surface coating – This customization idea merely refers to treating the surface material of the drinkware using ideal coating.

The essence is to enhance the efficiency, adaptability, and durability of the acrylic barware to respective conditions.

Engraving – It involves drawing different decorative patterns, letters, or marks on the surface of acrylic drinkware.

The idea is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of this component.

customized acrylic drinkware

customized acrylic drinkware

Coloring – This is a customization idea, which involves painting the acrylic drinkware with a hue, which meets your taste and preference.

It allows you to get barware that suits your color requirements, and this is vital in improving aesthetic value.

Styling – You can customize acrylic drinkware by styling them to suit your specific design and shape.

Are Acrylic Drinkware Shatterproof?


The base material for making acrylic drinkware is naturally strong, thus exhibit incredible impact resistance.

These items can hardly break easily when exposed to high impact pressure because they have a sturdy molecular structure.

In essence, acrylic drinkware is entirely shatterproof.

What Are The Main Designs Of Acrylic Drinkware Available?

You can find acrylic drinkware in several designs, which is vital since it broadens your choice options in making sure you find the most suitable one.

However, most custom designs vary from one manufacturer to another since they are usually manufactured on a need basis.

Nevertheless, some of the common designs you can find at WeProFab, include the following;

  • BPA- free acrylic drinkware
  • Classic acrylic drinkware
  • Eco-friendly acrylic drinkware
  • Embossed acrylic drinkware
  • Acrylic tumblers
  • Acrylic mugs
  • Acrylic ice tea glass
  • Acrylic cups
  • Acrylic shot glass
  • Acrylic beer mug
  • Acrylic beer goblet
  • Acrylic champagne flute
  • Acrylic snifter

Can Acrylic Drinkware Withstand High Temperatures?


Generally, the building units in acrylic material used for manufacturing these drinkware are quite solid.

Thus, they exhibit incredible temperature resistance enough to endure hot drinks or beverages for long.

Besides, the design material of drinkware is double-walled, which enables it to withstand high temperatures.

Furthermore, the base material for making acrylic drinkware is non-reactive.

Therefore, the barware can hardly emit any toxic fume or substance irrespective of how long it holds hot beverage.

Are Acrylic Drinkware Reusable?


You can reuse acrylic drinkware as many times as possible.

The most important thing is to clean them appropriately using a mild detergent then store them for future use.

Essentially, in busy settings such as bars and restaurants, you can reuse these barware severally as long as you clean them.

However, it is ideal to constantly clean and store them immediately after use.

This prevents the sediments from drying on the surface material, which can be difficult to clean and can lead to scratching.

As long as the acrylic drinkware is in good condition, you can reuse it as many times as you wish.

How Do You Eliminate Light Scratches From Acrylic Drinkware’s Surface?

Technically, acrylic material is pretty soft hence susceptible to scratches from abrasive and sharp objects.

These scratches can make the drinkware unattractive and unfit to use.

However, you can always use several interventions to eliminate such marks from the surface material of these components, such as the following;

  • Regular washing of the acrylic barware using mild detergents and soft microfiber cloth removes light scratches.Ensure you scrub gently and rinse with sufficient clean water, and you will have a relatively spotless surface material.
  • You can apply a small portion of ordinary toothpaste on the scratched surface, scrub it gently and continuously for about 2-3 minutes.Allow it to dry, then rinse it off with adequate clean water and allow it to air dry.

    You’ll attain a spotless surface without any scratch marks.

  • If the scratches are relatively stubborn clean the drinkware and let it dry, then polish the surface material.The most suitable polishing technique to consider may vary depending on the exact acrylic material used for making the drinkware.

How Strong Are Acrylic Drinkware?

Characteristically, acrylic material is derived from natural organic compounds, including petroleum and gases in inert state.

However, these compounds form strong molecular bonds during manufacturing making it solid.

Thus, resultant drinkware are exceptionally strong given the material used for making them are naturally sturdy.

Moreover, during manufacturing process of these drinkware, several additives are often integrated to reinforce the natural strength.

As such, acrylic drinkware are exceptionally strong and can last for many years since they have excellent resistance to impact.

These items are about 20 times stronger than glass barware, indicating how strong they are.

How Do You Disinfect Acrylic Drinkware?

Often, acrylic drinkware may develop an odor after a while, but you can always clean and disinfect the cup to eliminate the smell.

The ideal organic compound you can use to disinfect these items is either vinegar or baking soda.

When disinfecting, mix the compounds with hot to form a solution, which you’ll pour inside an enclosed bucket.

Soak the acrylic drinkware inside the bucket for about 30 minutes as you cover its top tightly.

Remove the acrylic barware and rinse thoroughly with clean water, and let them air dry.

However, for intensive disinfection, let drinkware stay inside the organic solution inside the bucket overnight.

Remove the items, rub with alcohol and rinse with adequate clean water.

Let the drinkware to air dry.

What Is The Best Color Of Acrylic Drinkware?

It is primarily fraught with subjectivity.

Essentially, acrylic drinkware is available in a wide range of color options ranging from primary, secondary, to tertiary colors.

You can also find them in different multicolored shades.

Of course, this is vital since it widens your choice to specific colors.

Therefore, the ideal color for these barware will depend on the specific hue that suits your taste and preference.

How Do Acrylic Drinkware Compare With Polycarbonate Drinkware?

Ordinarily, acrylic and polycarbonate materials are relatively similar from the perspective of several structural and visual features.

In essence, their respective drinkware exhibit relatively similar characteristics.

For instance, acrylic and polycarbonate drinkware are strong and demonstrate excellent weatherability.

acrylic drinkware

acrylic drinkware

Moreover, they have exceptional optical clarity since they permit a significant amount of light to pass through their respective surface materials.

Acrylic and polycarbonate drinkware are also pliable; thus, you can easily mold and reshape them without breaking or cracking.

In a nutshell, you can always use acrylic and polycarbonate interchangeably when need arises and still attain the best results.

polycarbonate drinkware

polycarbnate drinkware

What Is The Cost Of Acrylic Drinkware?

Several factors determine the actual cost of typical acrylic drinkware, including the following;

  1. Order quantity – Ordinarily, when you purchase more pieces of acrylic drinkware, you are likely to get them at better-discounted rates than vice versa.
    This is helpful, especially if you are buying for resale, since it guarantees a higher profit margin.
  2. Customization – The extent of customization needs on the surface of acrylic drinkware also determines the actual cost.
    Technically, the more the customization details, the higher the price and vice versa.
  3. Brand – Of course, several manufacturers of acrylic drinkware price their wares differently based on several prevailing factors.
    Thus, you need to window shop accordingly as you compare prices before you settle on the most suitable one for your budget.
  4. Design – Acrylic drinkware are available in several designs, such as mugs, tumblers, flutes, cups, etc.
    The price for each design varies based on different factors.
  5. Material quality – The specific acrylic material grade used for making the drinkware also determines the exact cost.
    Acrylic drinkware manufactured from relatively superior material quality is more expensive than one produced from low-quality material grade.

In general, there is no definite cost for acrylic drinkware.

Instead, it depends on several factors, such as the few mentioned above.

Are Acrylic Drinkware BPA Free?


Ordinarily, the manufacturing process of making acrylic drinkware ensures no chemical compounds remain on the surface material.

Several additives are also added during manufacturing these items to ensure BPA doesn’t leach out from the container to the drinks.

In other words, the manufacturing process of acrylic drinkware ensures they undergo thorough evaluations and quality assessments.

The essence is to eliminate all the possible BPA chemical compounds.

Moreover, these products also pass through several reputable quality assessment agencies, which give them a nod after evaluating their suitability.

In short, acrylic drinkware is BPA-free and can hardly leach out any harmful chemical substances.

What Are The Main Quality Standard Certifications For Ideal Acrylic Drinkware?

They are quite several and in most instances depends on the specific country or region the drinkware are manufactured or shipped to.

For instance, you can find USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc., all have different quality standard certifications depending on what meets their specifications.

Nevertheless, some of these certifications are globally accepted, and they include the following;

  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
  • Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • American Society for Testing Material (ASTM International)
  • SGS certification
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)

What Are The Main Uses Of Acrylic Drinkware?

The primary use of acrylic drinkware is for holding a wide range of drinks and beverages in various settings.

Some of the drinks you can use drinkware on include;

  • Beer
  • Wines
  • Whiskey
  • Champagne
  • Water
  • Smoothie
  • Fruit-infused water
  • Fruit juice
  • Tea
  • Iced coffee
  • Cocktails
  • Lemonade
  • Mulled wine
  • Hot chocolate

Do Acrylic Drinkware Fade Over Time?

It depends on several factors, including the following;

Quality of Acrylic Material Grade

Drinkware produced from a high-quality acrylic material grade hardly fades irrespective of how long it lasts.

Essentially, a high-quality grade acrylic material has a sturdy molecular structure, which is difficult to break down even when exposed to harsh conditions.

On the other hand, substandard acrylic quality material has a weaker molecular structure that can easily break down.

Thus, it can easily fade, especially when exposed to relatively harsh conditions such as direct sunlight for a long.

Quality of Workmanship

Well-crafted acrylic drinkware hardly discolor over time since several additives are added to ensure it can withstand weatherability.

However, poorly manufactured acrylic drinkware tends to have a substandard finish, which can weaken and fade easily.

In other words, whether acrylic drinkware discolors over time is majorly dependent on these main factors.

What Are The Best Interventions For Preventing Acrylic Drinkware From Scratching?

Ordinarily, acrylic material has a relatively soft surface thus tends to be susceptible to scratches, especially from abrasive and sharp objects.

These scratches can increase and make the drinkware relatively unattractive to the eye and compromise the class and style.

However, there are several interventions you can always undertake to prevent these items from scratches, such as the following;

  • Avoid cleaning or storing these drinkware together since they hit and scratch one another in the process.
  • Keep the acrylic drinkware away from sharp objects such as knives to prevent the surface from constant scratching.
  • Go for acrylic drinkware with anti-scratch coating treatment on the surface material.It prevents scratchy objects from causing scratch marks on your drinkware.
  • Occasionally polish the surface material of your acrylic drinkware using the ideal polishing technique.It restores the barware’s surface to its original state.
  • When cleaning, ensure you use mild detergents and a soft microfiber cloth to scrub the surface gently.

Are Acrylic Drinkware Child-Friendly?


Children can conveniently and comfortably use acrylic drinkware for taking various drinks and beverages.

Essentially, these drinkware are child-friendly because they are lightweight.

Thus, it makes it easy for children to carry them around conveniently when taking their favorites drinks or beverages.

Secondly, these components hardly break irrespective of how hard they may fall.

Given that kids are naturally playful, you can be certain they can never get injuries such as cuts on the fingers because these drinkware can hardly break.

Ideally, if need be, you can go for customized acrylic beverageware tailored for kids to use easily.

Is Acrylic Drinkware Dishwasher Safe?

It depends on a host of variables.

Technically, modern acrylic drinkware are manufactured using high-quality acrylic material, and high-end craft thus should be dishwasher safe.

But this only applies to specific brands as directed by the respective manufacturers.

Before you use dishwasher to clean these drinkware, establish whether the manufacturer recommends it.

Usually, some brands can hardly withstand prolonged heat emitted by the dishwasher.

They tend to break down molecular structure leading to eventual weakening and aging of the drinkware.

Therefore, only use dishwashers if the respective manufacturers of the acrylic drinkware recommend so.

Are Acrylic Drinkware Eco-Friendly?


First, the base material used for making these components are derived from natural compounds such as petroleum in inert state.

Thus, it means they can hardly emit toxic fumes irrespective of the chemical substance they come in contact with.

Of course, this demonstrates they are eco-friendly because they do not pollute the surrounding.

Secondly, you can fully recycle acrylic drinkware albeit, the process utilizes a lot of energy and resources.

Recyclability, in this case, implies you can hardly find these items disposed of at the landfills.

As such, they do not create any environmental hazard since they are fully recycled when need be.

Besides, acrylic drinkware are durable, and you can hardly find them in landfills.

This shows they are eco-friendly because you’ll rarely find more raw materials derived to manufacture these items; after all, they are long-lasting.

What Is The Service Lifespan For Acrylic Drinkware?

Generally, typical acrylic drinkware can serve for many years without showing any signs of deforming or wearing out.

Essentially, this results from the fact that the base material has a strong molecular structure, which is difficult to break down.

Under normal conditions and circumstances, acrylic drinkware can last for at least 10 years.

However, the actual longevity varies depending on the following factors;

  • Usage frequency
  • Environmental and mechanical conditions it is exposed to often
  • General handling and maintenance
  • Quality of acrylic grade material and workmanship

What Is The Average Production Turnaround For Acrylic Drinkware?

It varies depending on several elements such as the following;

  • Order quantity
  • Customization needs
  • Manufacturer’s production turnaround policy
  • Number of pending orders

Essentially, there is no specific production turnaround time for acrylic drinkware.

It depends on several elements, including the aforementioned ones.

However, most manufacturers usually consider prevailing circumstances to determine the ideal production lead-time for making acrylic drinkware.

Therefore, you need to inquire from the specific company before making your order to know the exact turnaround for receiving these components.

What Are The Shortcomings Of Acrylic Drinkware?

They are relatively few, but the main ones include the following;

  1. They can be a bit expensive depending on the specific design you are going for and the type of acrylic grade they are produced from.
    This can be disadvantageous since it can limit your choice options depending on your budget.
  2. Most acrylic drinkware are prone to scratches even with light contact with abrasive or sharp objects.
    Thus, you need to be extra careful when handling these components to reduces instances of scratching.

For all your acrylic drinkware, you can contact WeProFab now.

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