• Acrylic Drum Set

Acrylic Drum Set

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Seamless Acrylic Drum Set

Weprofab seamless acrylic drum set are available in customize and standardized designs. You can get your desired acrylic drum set for cheaper costs only at Weprofab!

Premium-quality Acrylic Drum Set

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Frost Acrylic Drum Set

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5-Piece Shell Acrylic Drum Set

The 5-piece shell acrylic drum set provides a punchy sound making it perfect for a wide variety of drumming styles. Arrives fully assembled with a 5-piece shell that provides an impressive tone and unique looks.

High-Quality Clear Acrylic Drum Set

A high-quality clear acrylic drum set offers incredible quality and value for money. Crafted from clear and high-quality acrylic that produces warm and punchy tones. Features superb craftsmanship in every detail.

Transparent Color Acrylic Drum Set

Transparent color acrylic drum sets are full of life and easy to tune to the desired tension. Delivers eye-popping visuals with a focused projection. Guarantees seamless and more durable construction.

Lightweight Large Acrylic Drum Set

A lightweight large acrylic drum set is made of high quality and elastic material. It will not fade easily and is durable in use. Features a classic and simple pullover design with a lightweight structure.

Small Transparent Acrylic Drum Set

A small transparent acrylic drum set comes at an affordable price and reliable quality. Good for both beginners and advanced drummers to play. Made with a small and transparent acrylic material.

Seamless Clear Acrylic Drum Set

The seamless clear acrylic drum sets are visually stunning and sonically perfect. Fit on any size of the stage and any style of music. Offered several different accessories that are tough and durable.

Frosted Acrylic Drum Set

The frosted acrylic drum set features seamless acrylic shells, double bearing edges, and clear drum heads. Engineered with frosted and durable acrylic. Guarantees high-quality and high-end drums built for optimum durability.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Drum Set

Impact-resistant acrylic drum set has a high standard and finest quality. Best suited for every business application due to its excellent attractiveness. Built to resist high impacts and hazardous elements.

Scratchproof Acrylic Drum Set

Scratchproof acrylic drum sets are available in customized and standardized designs. Common for professional and experienced drummers. Offers additional features to fit a customer’s specifications.

Custom Color Acrylic Drum Set

Custom color acrylic drum sets provide attractive looks. Widely used as musical equipment for musical business. Available in different color choices with varying styles and dimensions. Famous for concerts by rock band drummers.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Drum Set

Weprofab is the most admired fabricator of the acrylic drum set located in China. Our acrylic drum set is durable and very attractive in designs. The acrylic drum set is more convenient to use and attractive than any kind of material. In our factory, Weprofab has huge stocks of acrylic drum sets. We produce an acrylic drum set in any amount of orders you need for business operations.

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Acrylic Drum Set

When it all regards an acrylic drum set sizes and shapes, there are plenty of choices available that you can select from. When your customer loves music and wants to purchase an acrylic drum set from your store, these will be perfect!

Weprofab acrylic drum set is an important musical instrument, mostly used at concerts and any musical performances. It works finely for any musical sessions and perfect as an addition to your business collection.

Acrylic Drum Set

In order to fabricate the finest-grade acrylic drum set, we use first-class acrylic -materials to produce top-quality acrylic products. We offer acrylic products that come from raw-quality materials and by using our high-end manufacturing machines.

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Acrylic Drum Set

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Acrylic Drum Set: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

An acrylic drum set is a collection of percussion musical instruments.

It shells are made from clear or colored acrylic plastic.

This article explores this product in-depth to help you make informed choices when picking out your new acrylic drum kit.

What Is The Origin Of Acrylic Drum Set?

The Led Zeppelin’s drummer, John Bonham, first popularized the acrylic drum set in the 1970s.

This unique set has made a comeback in the past decade.

acrylic drum set

acrylic drum set

What Are The Main Features Of Acrylic Drum Set?

At most events, the venue or main act will provide instruments for all performers to use.

However, some drum set pieces are unique to individuals, so drummers carry their own and switch them out before getting on stage.

The features of any drum set are categorized based on this concept.

Therefore, an acrylic drum set has the following features.


These are acrylic shelled drums, particularly the bass and tom-toms.

In an event, performers share these items because they are bulky and relatively similar from one set to another.

The bass drum lies on its shell with the resonant head facing the audience and the batter head facing the drummer.

Tom toms are smaller drums that usually vary in size to create a range in pitch.


These drum set features are unique to individuals, so drummers prefer to bring their own to differentiate their sound.

They include

  • Sticks, brushes, or rods
  • Cymbals
  • The snare drum
  • Throne
  • Bass drum pedal

All these pieces may be made of acrylic apart from the cymbals, which are always metal pieces.


Extensions are additional percussion instruments that some drummers add to the set as part of their unique sound.

They include chimes, cowbells, tambourines, and any other tool that is not part of the standard kit.


These are the pieces used to set up the drum set.

They include stands and pedals.

There are drum and cymbal pedals, which have varying designs and sizes depending on the type of kit you are using.

What Are The Available Designs Of Acrylic Drum Set?

Acrylic drum sets have a basic design. They combine a bass drum, tom-toms, a snare drum, and cymbals.

Variations in design come from the number of drums a set has and its set-up.

The most common designs include the following

A Basic Three Drum Set

It has a bass drum, a snare, one tom-tom, and a hi-hat cymbal.

3 piece drum set

3 piece drum set

A Four Drum Set

This kit is a three-drum set with an additional tom drum.

4 drum set

4 drum set

A Five Drum Set

This design is the most common for professional and experienced drummers.

It has the components of a four drum set with an additional floor tom.

This design also includes at least one crash cymbal and a ride cymbal.

5 drum set

5 drum set

A Two Bass Drum Set

This acrylic drum kit is a five drum set with an additional bass drum.

It may also have extra tom-toms and percussion instruments to increase range. The two bass drums are played with a two-pronged pedal to produce a louder bass sound.

This design is famous for concerts, especially with rock band drummers.

With the basic five drum set, you can add or remove the number of toms and cymbals as desired.

It creates the possibility for a wide range of designs depending on what specific drummers prefer.

two base drum set

two base drum set

What Factors Must You Consider Before Buying Acrylic Drum Set?

You should consider the following key aspects:


It is crucial to buy an acrylic drum set that you can afford.

Expensive kits tend to have higher quality and more durability.

Still, there are many designs that you can get for a lower price.

Furthermore, if you want a high quality acrylic drum set, you can start with a three-drum kit.

It allows you to gradually add the rest of the pieces until you reach your desired size without breaking the bank.


Different drum kit sizes are suitable for varying purposes.

Ensure that you get drums that can fit your space.

Additionally, the drummer’s size can determine which size of drums is appropriate.

Children do better with smaller sizes so they can reach all the pieces.


The purpose of a drum kit determines which one is best for you.

For instance, beginners should go for cheaper acrylic drum sets with a maximum of five drums.

Professional drummers may buy double bass acrylic sets with up to seven toms and five cymbals because they can handle them.

Additionally, big drum sets with additional pieces are perfect for live performances in huge arenas.

However, you are safer getting a standard five-piece set for indoor playing or studio recording.


Drum sets can have additional features incorporate to fit a customer’s specifications.

In most cases, you have to order a custom set direct from the manufacturer.

This way, you get a drum set with all the features you like, such as lighting, engraved or colored shells, and imprints.

What Are The Main Accessories Of Acrylic Drum Set?

Acrylic drum sets are sold with several different accessories to enhance their function.

Also to make their transportation and storage more manageable.

Standard accessories that you can buy with this product are

  • Drum sticks and rods
  • Drum brushes, both metal and nylon ones
  • Drum bags to store the different pieces
  • Stick holder
  • Mufflers, also called sound dampening pads
  • Drum keys for tuning the kit
  • The throne, which is the stool that a drummer sits on when playing

How Do You Set Up Acrylic Drum Set?

Ideally, you are at liberty to set up your kit however best you feel comfortable.

Still, drum sets have a standard arrangement that most musicians follow.

This guide helps you assemble a standard five-piece acrylic drum kit.

Identify The Three Main Parts Of Your Drum Kit

These are the drums, the cymbals, and the hardware.

Set Up the Bass Drum First

It is the biggest drum in the set and thus easy to identify.

This drum is the only one in the kit that lies on its side.

The batter or hitting head faces the drummer while the resonant head faces the audience.

The batter head always faces up where the drummer can hit it for all other drums apart from the bass.

Adjust the foot pedal used to play the bass drum to a position that is comfortable to reach.

Next, Set the Snare Drum on its Stand to the Left of the Bass Drum.

Most drummers position the snare between their legs.

It leaves the right leg free to operate the bass pedal and the left one to operate the hi-hat cymbal pedal.

Assemble The Tom-Toms

The set-up depends on whether you have hanging or a floor tom.

Hanging toms are screwed to stands above the bass drum.

A floor tom has its stand, and it goes to the right of the bass drum for a right-handed drummer.

Place Your Drum Throne Or Stool In Place

Ensure that you can comfortably reach both pedals and the toms without straining.

Adjust the height of the throne accordingly.

Set Up The Hi-hat Cymbal To The Left Of The Snare

A foot pedal operates this cymbal, but the drummer can also use sticks to play it.

Ensure it stands at the right height and position to make this possible.

Lastly, Place The Crash And Ride Cymbals In Place

The crash cymbal goes to the right of the bass drum, right in front of the hi-hat.

The ride cymbal goes to the other side of the bass drum in front of the floor tom.

How Often Should You Tune Acrylic Drum Set?

Tuning an acrylic drum set is vital as it ensures that you get the same quality sound each time you play.

There is no right or wrong interval for tuning. Instead, these variables determine how often you should do this.

  • How often you play. The more you play, the more your drum heads lose tension and need tuning
  • The venue. Different rooms and spaces have varying acoustics.

Therefore, you might need to tune the drum each time you change venue to adjust this.

Professional drummers adjust their drums more often than beginners.

They quickly notice the tiny nuances present when the tension of the drum heads changes.

The rule of thumb is to tune as often as you need to achieve your preferred sound.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Drum Set Over Other Materials?

Acrylic drum sets have several benefits over those made from other materials.

Clear Appearance

  • Since acrylic resembles glass, you can see through the shells of an acrylic drum set.
  • It means that the drummer can showcase their skills to the audience as they play behind the set.
  • This feature adds something extra to the performance as the audience can hear and see the music being made.

Long Lasting

  • Acrylic drum sets are tough and durable because the material used to make them is hard to break.

Weather Resistant

  • It also lasts long despite being exposed to different conditions.Compared to metal and wooden drums, this is an advantage.
  • These drums are sensitive to moisture as they can rust or rot respectively if left exposed.This feature also lowers the effort and cost of maintaining an acrylic drum set.

Versatile Designs

  • Acrylic drum sets are easy to customize.You can get a unique and stylish look by using colored shells, LED lighting, frosted or engraved acrylic, and printing images.
  • These drum sets are hence unique and stand out, which is harder to achieve with other materials.

Unique Sound

  • An acrylic drum set is unique because it produces a loud and punchy sound.This feature compares favorably against the wooden drum set’s muffled beats and the sharp tones produced by metallic kits.

Where Do You Use Acrylic Drum Sets?

A drum set is a key component of any musical performance.

It is a baseline instrument that gives rhythm to the arrangement. Therefore, acrylic drums sets are used in:

  • Studio recording
  • Church performances
  • Indoor arena concerts
  • Home use
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Music schools
  • Event celebrations such as weddings, graduations, and holidays

Are There Design And Shape Limitations For Acrylic Drum Sets?

Yes. Drum sets have standard design features that all manufacturers use to produce a kit to fit any set-up.


The drums on an acrylic drum set have cylindrical shells of varying sizes, with drum heads covering each opening.

The drum heads come from coated or uncoated synthetic films instead of the traditional animal skins.

The shell is made from acrylic plastic.

Aluminum rims hold the drum head film in place, and metal slugs fitted on the shell tighten the rims to maintain tension.


The cymbals are thin round discs made from different metal alloys.

They come in different sizes but conform to this basic design.

A hi-hat cymbal consists of two equally sized discs mounted with the edges facing each other.

They have a slightly conical shape to create space between the two disks, enhancing their sound when hit together.


Most acrylic drum sets come with metal stands to hold up the drums and cymbals.

Metal is preferred because it is more sturdy and durable to hold up heavy instruments without buckling to the weight.

What Is The Suitable Acrylic Material For Making Drum Set?

Different grades of acrylic sheeting make acrylic drum sets, affecting the quality and cost of individual products.

The most common material used for this product include the following

Cast Acrylic

Cast acrylic is a high-quality acrylic material due to its production process.

It has impeccable clarity, strength, and durability.

It is the best for transparent shells, and it produces high-end drum sets used mainly by seasoned professionals.

However, cast acrylic drum sets are pretty pricey and not suitable for beginners.

Continuous Cast Acrylic

This grade of acrylic has similar properties as cast acrylic in terms of strength and durability.

However, it has a slightly lower clarity but is more resistant to shattering.

This acrylic material is the best for producing colored acrylic drum shells.

Extruded Acrylic

Extruded acrylic is easy and cheaper to produce, but it has a lower quality than the other two.

Drum sets made from this material are the most budget-friendly options in the market.

This option is the best if you are on a budget or for a beginner drum set.

Is Acrylic Drum Set Durable?

An acrylic drum set is durable due to the strength of the materials used to make it.

Acrylic drum shells are seamless, which removes possible fault lines where cracking can occur with repeated drumming.

An acrylic sheet is cut to the desired size and heated until soft and malleable.

It is placed in a cylindrical mold where adhesive is applied to bind the edges together.

The joint is sanded off to remove any blemishes to create a flawless seam.

However, drum heads can get worn by repeated drumming.

This part of a drum is replaceable every three or six months, depending on the frequency of usage.

Can Acrylic Drum Set Break Easily?

No. Acrylic drums sets are relatively resistant to damage through breakage.

They will not break unless you bang them intentionally several times.

Despite being a plastic material, acrylic is stronger than other plastics, glass, and some types of wood.

It also maintains its shape, so an acrylic drum will not have dents as metal ones would.

How Much Does Acrylic Drum Set Cost?

Acrylic drum sets are relatively expensive.

However, you still get value for your money with this product as it is stylish, unique, and durable.

A standard 5- piece set can cost anywhere between $350 and $1500.

However, there are cheaper sets that cost between $150 and $250.

The more expensive drum kits serve you better in the long term because you don’t spend so much on repairs and replacements.

What Factors Determine Turnaround For Manufacturing Acrylic Drum Set?

Turnaround time refers to the interval between the confirmation of your order and you receiving the product.

Factors affecting this interval include

  • The size of the drum set is a factor. Larger pieces take more time to produce and finish.
  • The quantity of an order also matters. It would take longer to produce ten drum sets than it would to produce one piece.
  • The location of the manufacturer is important as it determines the delivery time.

Get in touch to receive a specific turnaround time for your order. You can also put in an urgent order, but extra charges may apply.

Is Acrylic Drum Set Repairable?

Yes, you can repair an acrylic drum set. However, the practicality of it depends on the part and the extent of the damage.

Acrylic drum shells are tough to repair because of their cylindrical shape.

If you have clear drums, repairs may also damage the aesthetic appeal of your set. Still, adhesive glue is used to patch up any cracks.

After it dries, the area is sanded off and polished to hide the repair.

If the damage is too much, it might be better to replace the drum.

Cracks in the drum shell affect the sound it produces.

Drumheads, cymbals, stands, and accessories are cheap and easy to replace. Buying new ones may be better than repairing them.

How Do You Protect Acrylic Drum Set?

Acrylic drum sets need care and protection, especially since they are costly.

Here are some tips to protect your acrylic drum set.

  • Clean regular as dust build-up can cause scratching on the acrylic surface.
    It is expensive and tedious to repair scratches
  • Buy drum set bags to store the different parts especially during transportation.
  • Place a protective dust cover over the drum set when it is not in use
  • Be delicate when assembling and breaking apart to avoid scratching the drums.
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods

Is Acrylic Drum Set Reliable In Outdoor Applications?

Yes, you can use acrylic drum sets outside without worrying about damage.

Acrylic is a weather-resistant material, so it does not rust or break down quickly when exposed to different conditions.

However, you need to ensure that the metal parts are made from rust-resistant metal alloys.

For this reason, it is best to dry your kit and store it indoors when not in use.

Is There Size Limitation For Acrylic Drum Set?


There are differently sized drums depending on the design.

The standard size for a five-piece set includes diameters measuring

  • 22”  for a bass drum,
  • 12” mounted tom- tom
  • 13” second mounted tom- tom
  • 16” floor tom-tom.

The smaller the diameter of a drum, the higher its pitch.

Therefore, you can adjust these sizes to get a set with your preferred pitch range.

What Is The Ideal Color For Acrylic Drum Set?

The perfect color for an acrylic drum set depends on your preference.

There are translucent colored drums in different shades if that is what you prefer.

Acrylic drum sets rarely come in solid colors, but you can order a custom one with this feature.

You can never go wrong with a clear drum set.

It is versatile, visually appealing, and it looks like you are playing glass drums.

customized acrylic drum set

customized acrylic drum set

What Factors Make Acrylic Drum Set To Yellow In The Sun?

Unlike most plastics, acrylic is relatively resistant to yellowing in the sun. However, it can still be affected if:

  • It is left out uncovered for too long
  • The acrylic does not have a UV-resistant protective coating
  • It is clear acrylic, which is more prone to yellowing than colored acrylic

How Safe Is A Typical Acrylic Drum Set?

An acrylic drum set is very safe for use in any environment.

Acrylic is inert and does not react to compounds in the environment to produce harmful toxins

This material does shatter easily, eliminating the possibility of being hurt by splinters as with wooden drum sets

  • Since acrylic is a light material, it cannot cause severe damage even if it fell on someone
  • Acrylic drum sets are BPA-free.

You can use them anywhere without the risk of ingesting or inhaling carcinogenic compounds.

What Are The Ideal Performance Enhancement Coatings You Can Apply On Acrylic Drum Set?

The most practical performance enhancement coatings used on an acrylic drum set are:

  • Anti-scratch treatment to reduce acrylic’s susceptibility to scratching
  • UV-resistant coating to protect the drum set from yellowing when exposed to the sun
  • Drum head coating is applied to the drumhead film to produce a more muffled sound
  • Anti-rust coating is appropriate for metal parts to keep them from rusting

Is Acrylic Drum Set Shatterproof?

Yes. Another reason why an acrylic drum set is a worthy purchase is its high resistance to shattering.

Acrylic can withstand high impact without shattering.

This feature is valuable in a drum since the sound vibration bounce off the acrylic shell.

This quality of acrylic makes its drum sets long-lasting.

What Are The Shortcomings Of Acrylic Drum Set?

The only downside to an acrylic drum set is that it is sensitive to scratching. Additionally, its glass-like appearance makes scuff marks very visible.

Always take care when cleaning your acrylic drums as dust particles or coarse wash clothes can damage them.

Use soapy water to dissolve these particles and a microfiber cloth to ensure a smooth wash.

Anti-scratch treatment can also protect an acrylic drum set from scratching easily.

When it comes to acrylic drum sets, you can count on WeProFab.

We are a trusted acrylic drum manufacturers in China you can trust.

Contact us now for all your acrylic drum sets.

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