• Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic Fabrication

Weprofab has over 20 years of mastery in manufacturing acrylic fabrications. We can produce large stock numbers of acrylic fabrication to support your growing business. Send now your inquiries if you require acrylic fabrication customizations.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Fabrication to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab always makes sure your satisfaction with each acrylic fabrication we offer. As a top product supplier, Weprofab is your ideal provider of any acrylic fabrication finishes to delight your own customers.

Acrylic Fabrication Manufacturer

Weprofab is a worldwide manufacturer of any acrylic fabrications. That’s the reason why we offer acrylic fabrications with high-quality structures.

Acrylic Stand Fabrication

We supply a unique acrylic stand fabrication that is good for business promotions and advertisements. We do extra polishing services for your necessity.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Weprofab is very happy to make custom acrylic fabrication to your graphic layouts. Different kinds are presented with any colors or sizes available.

Decorative Acrylic Fabrication

Weprofab is your ideal manufacturer for your decorative acrylic fabrication needs. Decorative acrylics is used for interior design intentions.

Laser cut Acrylic Fabrication

Weprofab is the best laser cutting service provider. We create high-end acrylic fabrication transparency with competitive price ratings.

Molding Acrylic Fabrication

Weprofab can make final acrylic fabrications. We are a professional team ready to guide you from the entire production process.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Fabrication Manufacturer

Weprofba is a partnership trading company that continually operates in local China. We always tend to present quality acrylic fabrication solutions for your business growth.

Different acrylic finishes like acrylic display box, acrylic tank, acrylic makeups, acrylic candy box, etc, are offered to ensure your satisfaction.

If there`s something bothering you and wanted to inquire, contact us immediately.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Display Box Fabrication

Weprofab acrylic display box fabrications are included mostly in retail stores, merchandising areas, and more. Designed from durable acrylic sheets.

Engraved Acrylic Fabrication

Weprofab has the knowledge to engraved your acrylic fabrication orders. We have the right machine that is helpful for fast production.

Acrylic Bakery Display Fabrication

Weprofab is very happy to accept any acrylic fabrication wholesale purchase. We can custom the best we can to supply your business need.

Acrylic Enclosure Case Fabrication

Acrylic enclosure case fabrication features excellent creep and optical clarity. Provides enhanced load bearing and wear resistance. Suitable for semiconductor and electronic applications. Delivered with super precision.

Clear Acrylic Machining Fabrication

Clear acrylic machining fabrication is designed with extremely close tolerance. Available with optical finishes making it suitable for see-through applications. Best known for its extremely high impact strength.

Colored Acrylic Fabrication

Colored acrylic fabrication is designed with high heat resistance and optical clarity. Available in a variety of colors and allows for the internal transmission of light. Widely favored across a variety of market applications.

Custom Housing Acrylic Fabrication

Custom housing acrylic fabrication is a naturally transparent material and is very pliable. Can typically be formed at room temperature without cracking or breaking. Guarantees good heat resistance.

Customized Acrylic Fabrication

Customized acrylic fabrication is commonly used for plastic lenses in lighting fixtures. Can be combined with flame retardant materials. Popular due to its relative impact strength without significant material degradation.

Cut-To-Size Acrylic Fabrication

Cut-to-size acrylic fabrication is commonly used for automotive components, greenhouses, and digital disks. The preferred choice out of all the engineered plastics for many protective viewing applications.

Decorative Cast Acrylic Fabrication

Decorative cast acrylic fabrication provides good dimensional stability and excellent impact resistance. Available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and thicknesses. Protects against breakage and intrusion.

High-Density Acrylic Fabrication

High-density acrylic fabrication is capable of tight tolerance work. Offered with unmatched toughness and versatility. Available in 2mm to up and including 20mm thickness. Offers a particularly high fire rating.

Laser Cut Acrylic Fabrication

Laser-cut acrylic fabrication is virtually unbreakable and is self-extinguishing. Features admirable impact resistance and optical clarity making it suitable for thermoforming. Lightweight and easy to handle.

Transparent Acrylic Sheet Fabrication

Transparent acrylic sheet fabrication offers an excellent fire rating and natural light transmission. Perfectly suited for vertical glazing, machine guards, and poster holders. Made from strong and lightweight material.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Fabrication

Weprofab Acrylic fabrication has wide uses in thermoplastic designing. They have structural firmness that can produce any kind of acrylic finishes like acrylic boxes, acrylic sheets, acrylic panels, and more.

On our factory, you can avail of different high-class acrylic fabrication finishes.

Acrylic Fabrication

With our effective fabrication methods, well-built acrylics are produced. Weprofab acrylic fabrications owned 250x durable and greater than any easy to break glasses. While giving their best in further business intentions, it also shows superb adjustable designs.

A lot of acrylic fabrication designs you can find here at Weprofab. They all come from high-quality materials to last long term. They are also featured as the most lightweight, firmed, and unbreakable thermoplastic option. It possessed high machinability, operates for wide-range temperature rates, has great thermic properties, and an anti-distortion light transfer. Whatever the choice, our team makes sure you can obtain real promising qualities.

Acrylic Fabrication

Weprofab Acrylic fabrication is the best substitute for heavier glasses. Good for retail displays, as enclosure and cases, machine guards, or manifolds. So if you’re a local supplier, retailer, and wholesaler, this is the time to have your own bulk orders of acrylic fabrications.

Bulk orders are the best and recommended way to supply enough for your own customers. It is Weprofab’s great privilege to supply your business needs. In our factory, a lot of stocks are offered with competitive yet fair prices.

Acrylic Fabrication

In regards to weprofab acrylic applications, there`s much to mention! They are applicable for industrial and commercial applications. This is the best solution to add to your trading industries as well. Customization service for the product is also available to catch your attention.

Weprofab can complete your precise fabricating demands about any kind of acrylic fabrications. We also offer CNC machining services that include milling, CNC thermoforming, drilling, die-cutting, and more. Just tell us your desired detailed designs, and we`ll probably make them happen.

We have over 20 years in the fabrication industry experiences. We continue to show our support for the growth of your business.

Make us part of your growing progress, we`ll always make you satisfied.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Fabrication

From unique stands to custom acrylic finishes, acrylic fabrications are designed to be structurally 250 times more durable than standard glass.

Acrylic Fabrication

 Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic fabrications are available as unbreakable, lightweight, and firmed thermoplastic options that produce non-distorted light transfers and have excellent thermal properties.

Suitable for retail displays, manifolds, enclosures and cases, fabrications made of acrylic are offered at highly competitive prices.

Read on to find out everything that you need to know about acrylic fabrication.

How Is An Acrylic Fabrication Made?

Expert acrylic fabricators are capable of creating some of the finest showcases with pristine finishes and optically clear joints.

There are several processes involved in the making of an acrylic fabrication.

· CNC Routing Acrylic Fabrications

Acrylic Fabrication CNC Routing

Acrylic Fabrication CNC Routing

CNC routing or computer-numerical-control routing is a software-controlled process that can cut, shape, mill, drill, and create highly polished acrylic fabrications accurately and at great speed.

CAD or software-aided designs are converted into G-codes or program instructions for the CAM or computer-aided machines to improve CNC routing productivity while consistently producing high-quality acrylic fabrications.

You will find that this highly-mechanical process greatly reduces lead times, error frequency, and creates very little waste as compared to manual fabrications.

· Laser Cutting/Engraving Acrylic Fabrications

Acrylic Fabrication Laser Cutting-Engraving

Acrylic Fabrication Laser Cutting/Engraving

Fabricators can efficiently and accurately laser cut and engrave Plexiglas, Delrin, and other acrylic fabrication materials.

High-end laser-cutting experts use 100W carbon dioxide laser machines over work areas as large as 1500mm X 3000mm.

These modern laser machines can work at 1000mm/second speeds and generate 0.01mm precision levels.

Laser cutting is one of the most popular acrylic fabrication methods to create complex shapes and engravings with precise dimensions.

You can watch this video to find out how to laser cut acrylic sheets.

· Polishing Acrylic Fabrications

Acrylic Fabrication Polishing

 Acrylic Fabrication Polishing

You will find that professional fabricators can produce high-quality, polished acrylic fabrications cost effectively using sophisticated flame-polishing and optical-machining techniques.

Flame polished produced highly-polished acrylic fabricated edges, while optical polishing produces similar effects in small and large acrylic fabrications.

Optically-clear fabrications are performed on 2500 X 1500mm processing areas in clear and custom colors.

· Molding Acrylic Fabrications

Acrylic Fabrication Molding

Acrylic Fabrication Molding

Custom injection molds are used to produce unique acrylic fabrications.

Depending on the type of end product required, precision injection molding, large-part injection molding, rapid injection molding, optical injection molding, and over-molding injection molding methods are used.

High-end molding processes can produce acrylic fabrications with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings and combine different materials into one component.

· Bending Acrylic Fabrications

Acrylic Fabrication Bending

Acrylic Fabrication Bending

Bending full-length acrylic sheets is possible using long-line benders.

This makes it possible to use a single sheet to create large acrylic fabrications.

Single and double parallel bending capabilities present the opportunity to create the smallest point-of-sale acrylic fabrications.

You can watch this video to find out how to bend acrylic.

· Bonding Acrylic Fabrications

Acrylic Fabrication Bonding

Acrylic Fabrication Bonding

Leading fabricators are able to create clear museum-grade bonds that produce seamless acrylic fabrications.

Pristine bonded finishes are produced in decorative and engraved display boxes with high transparency and light transmission levels.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Fabrications?

· Acrylic Fabrication Stand

Acrylic Fabrication Stand

 Acrylic Fabrication Stand

Good for advertisements and business promotions, the acrylic fabrication stand comes with a highly-polished surface and insert to meet the most stringent exhibition standards.

This acrylic stand fabrication acts as poster menu holder to display leaflets in A4 and other standard sizes.

Made from high-quality 2mm or thicker Perspex or custom materials, the highly-polished surface presents an attractive poster holder that matches other POS displays in public areas.

Its easy to slip an A4-sized paper or card through the vertical insert along the inclined display surface.

These acrylic fabrication stands are freestanding, inexpensive, and elegant.

The insert is hardly visible in this crystal-clear stand

Acrylic stand fabrications present easy ways to keep business promotion materials in view without soiling them.

· Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Created from your graphic layouts, the custom acrylic fabrication is available in a wide range of custom colors, shapes, and sizes.

Acrylic fabrications can be molded, laser cut, machined, and polished into any shape that your application demands.

Display products on four or five levels with each level offering the best possible visibility of displayed items.

Place your custom acrylic fabrication inside showcases or on countertops to make them stand out.

From freshly baked items to exquisite and trendy showpieces, custom acrylic fabrication is capable of creating eye-catching displays in any commercial establishment.

· Decorative Acrylic Fabrication

Decorative Acrylic Fabrication

Decorative Acrylic Fabrication

Mountable on any wall or flat surface, the decorative acrylic fabrication is as reflective and clear as glass but much lighter and easier to handle.

Create exquisite décor placing entire designs over a cluster of these decorative acrylic fabrications at a minimal cost.

Let your decorative ideas take shape, and the professional acrylic fabricator will add a touch of glamour and a sense or space to your decorative cabinets, TV backdrops, and sofa backgrounds.

Special acrylic adhesive allows you to mount these decorative acrylic fabrications on any wall. You can remove them with great ease as well.

With its antifouling, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly properties, the decorative acrylic fabrication will appeal to your family, friends, and visitors.

· Laser Cut Acrylic Fabrication

Laser Cut Acrylic Fabrication

 Laser Cut Acrylic Fabrication

Using high-quality materials and state of the art technology, modern acrylic fabricators offer laser cut acrylic fabrications cut to size with highly-polished edges.

Laser cut acrylic fabrications are made from full-size Plexiglass, Perspex, and other high-quality acrylic material cut to custom lengths and designs.

Share your designs with your fabricator to get custom-made big or small acrylic fabrications that match your specifications or handmade drawings.

Your drawings are then converted into computer-aided designs that control the laser-cutting process to produce intricate designs with great detail.

Laser cut acrylic fabrications can be screen printed to create customized and personalized products in small and large batches.

· Molding Acrylic Fabrication

Molding Acrylic Fabrication

 Molding Acrylic Fabrication

Custom made using high-precision techniques, the molding acrylic fabrication comes out as a quality product offered at consistently competitive prices.

Several methods like full-capability injection molding and over-molding injection molding procedures are included into optimized production processes to shape high-quality molding acrylic fabrications.

You can opt for anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings on rapid injected moldings, low-cost injection moldings, and precision injection moldings to meet your application demands.

It is possible to combine other materials with your molding acrylic fabrications to support your flexible product designs.

Optical injection molding is capable of producing spherical and aspherical molding acrylic fabrications.

Get laser etches, screen-printed logos and messages, hot stamps, hot plate welds, and UV-cured molding acrylic fabrications that meet your exact requirements.

· Acrylic Display Box Fabrication

Acrylic Display Box Fabrication

 Acrylic Display Box Fabrication

Extensively used in retail stores and merchandising zones, the acrylic display box fabrication is a fully assembled clear display case customized to blend with other display boxes in any store.

Get custom-sized acrylic display box fabrications that can hold one or several layers of display items.

Perfectly assembled with polished edges and UV-protection coats, these fabrications will protect your displayed items from dust, moisture, and the harmful UV rays of the sun in outdoor conditions.

Made of high-quality durable acrylic material, these acrylic display box fabrications are safer, clearer, and lighter than glass.

Fabricated acrylic boxes have fewer seams and have aesthetically pleasing appearances that allow 360-degree views of items stored within the display box.

· Engraved Acrylic Fabrication

Engraved Acrylic Fabrication

Engraved Acrylic Fabrication

With its shiny flame-polished edge, the engraved acrylic fabrication is made from a cost-effective, efficiently engraved Perspex or Plexiglass sheet of custom thickness.

Special care is taken to produce finer details and deep engravings on matt-finished letters and images.

Enhanced definitions can be created with color-filled engravings on different kinds of engraved acrylic fabrications like point-of-sale displays and tabletop display cases.

Provide dimensional drawings or sketch out an idea for your custom engraved acrylic fabrication to control how it looks.

Bring down manufacturing costs and enhance durability and speed of delivery.

Place early orders to approve designs, lower development costs, and test your engraved acrylic fabrications.

· Bakery Display Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic Bakery Display Fabrication

Acrylic Bakery Display Fabrication

Exceptionally crafted to suit all your display requirements, the acrylic bakery display fabrication is a quality product used extensively in bakeries, supermarkets, and restaurants.

These acrylic display fabrications are made from sturdy 4.5mm or custom-thick clear acrylic material with hinged doors for easy access.

You can display pastries, pies, and cakes on clear acrylic trays at different heights.

Choose any kind of knobs for your front-opening panels.

Decide on the number of removable trays.

This acrylic bakery display fabrication is lightweight and can be easily moved across the store without much effort.

· Toy Display Acrylic Fabrication

Toy Display Acrylic Fabrication

Toy Display Acrylic Fabrication

Designed for multifunctional use, the toy display acrylic fabrication is a clear, easy-to-install acrylic display case made of eco-friendly acrylic material.

This display employs a space-saving design customized to include any number of compartments depending on the size and shape of your toys.

Sophisticated equipment is used to make these perfectly balanced stand-alone toy display acrylic fabrications to meet your specific storage and display needs.

You can get this in white, transparent, black or any other custom color.

Tools are not required to assemble or dismantle this attractive toy display acrylic fabrication.

Carry and set this lightweight and durable toy display at any location.

· Neon Lighted Acrylic Fabrication

Neon Lighted Acrylic Fabrication

Neon Lighted Acrylic Fabrication

Customized with different colored lights, this neon lighted acrylic fabrication is a clear or custom colored commercial case that can be used as a slat-wall display, LED or LCD display, and acrylic sign holders.

These neon-lighted acrylic fabrications are laser cut to create highly-polished edges.

You can ask for prototypes before placing custom OEM/ODM bulk orders to assess the quality and decide on changes for the production run.

Display an extensive array of items with this neon-light display, and create attractive POP displays of the highest quality standard.

Screen print custom logos that complement your brand.

Share your own neon-lighted acrylic fabrication design to ensure cost-effective bulk orders at a fast pace.

· Eyelash Extension Acrylic Fabrication

Eyelash Extension Acrylic Fabrication

Eyelash Extension Acrylic Fabrication

Specifically made to store eyelashes, the eyelash extension acrylic fabrication is a high-temperature resistant, crystal clear storage box that is much stronger than glass.

You can display eye gel patches, lip brushes, glue, micro brushes, eyelash foam, tweezers, and different kinds of eyelashes for display.

This display case is easy to clean and maintain.

A single person can easily move this display to any location inside your commercial block.

Display racks are customized to suit your store décor.

Include display lights or focus lights to highlight this transparent or custom-colored eyelash extension acrylic fabrication.

What Advantages Does The Acrylic Fabrication Offer?

Acrylic is one of the most versatile synthetic materials around that turns into high-quality POP displays that find appeal in different applications across many industries.

Some of the benefits acrylic fabrications offer includes:

1. Acrylic is one the easiest to fabricate into decorative items that hold mass appeal.

It maintains dimensional stability while undergoing complex machining processes and offers a cost-effective way to shape intricate acrylic fabrications.

2. Though it is 50% lighter than glass, acrylic fabrications are extremely durable with nearly 10 times the impact strength of glass.

3. Both cast and extruded acrylic can be fabricated into unique items that withstand broad temperature changes and have superior weather-resistant properties.

4. Unlike glass, acrylic fabrications will not shatter into small, sharp pieces but fracture into dull-edged large pieces.

5. Acrylic fabrications can be reinforced to withstand high impacts. They turn into highly presentable protective enclosures and machine guards.

6. More fade-resistant than other plastic materials, the acrylic fabrication can sustain high transparency rates even after several years of usage and does not develop an excessive yellow tint.

7. It’s easy to clean acrylic fabrications with a microfiber dipped in mild soapy water.

Most acrylic fabrications are coated with anti-scratch layers that prevent scratches from creeping in during the cleaning process.

You can get custom-colored acrylic fabrications for any kind of application that needs display items that match the décor of an existing display area or room.

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