Acrylic Fillable Letters

Acrylic Fillable Letters

Expert in Customizing Acrylic Fillable Letters

Crafted with premium acrylic, our acrylic fillable letters intergrates functionality and elegance. It can be used for display or decoration in weddings, company events or a party whose beautiful design and appearance can add a touch of sophistication and make deep impressions. Designed with great capacity, it is just like a box to hold a number of items. Additioanlly, it can give play to your creativity, for you can use it for DIY at some events and parties. One notable example is that it can be filled with a wide array of materials including sweets, flowers, beads and mini cupcakes. What’s more, it can be both wall hanging and table-standing. As for printing type, digital printing, silk screen printing, die cutting printing, and offset printing are available. Last but not least, we can supply customized acrylic fillable letters according to your needs. If you are looking for appropriate acrylic fillable letters, our goods will be an ideal solution for you.

Key Attributes of Acrylic Fillable Letters

Lightweightness and durability: Acrylic is lightweight in essence, allowing easy handle and care of our acrylic fillable letters. Meanwhile, our acrylic fillable letters can withstand tear and wear without significant degradation or damage or fading, ensuring its long term and stable performance.

Versatility:  Our acrylic fillable letters can be filled with  various items including nuts, minicakes, candies or chocolate. Meanwhile, it is not only suitable for display and decoration, it can be used as gifting to express your thanks or gratitude for your familiar ones. 

Customization:  One significant advantage of our acrylic fillable letters is that it can be tailored according to personalized needs. Users are allowed to fill the acrylic fillable letters with a wide array of materials, making them suitable for specific occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties or graduation ceremonies.

Key Attributes of Acrylic Fillable Letters
Application of Acrylic Fillable Letters

Application of Acrylic Fillable Letters

Interior decoration: Our acrylic fillable letters can be replete with different items you prefer and then placed at home or in the office. This can help add a touch of warmness and pleasantness for you.  

Event display: Our acrylic fillable letters can help you stand out and create an eye-catching scene. It can be used for parties, company events, weddings, parties, and trade shows to grasp the attention. 

Educational purpose: It can be filled with some educational items such as spelling and alphabets in some classrooms or education centers to create and enhance the learning atmosphere.

Marketing and advertising: Our acrylic fillable letters can be also infused with the company logo or brand name to enhance brand visibility.

Professional Customization Service

Professional Customization Service
Professional Customization Service

Here we can supply 26 letters ranging from Letter A to Z.The size of each letter can vary slightly. The standard dimensions we can supply are approximately 28 cm in width and 20-30 cm in height. Apart from these standard acrylic fillable letters, just feel free to contact us to tailor the acrylic fillable letters at any color or size. We can customize fillable letters according to your specific requirements.

How to Properly Use and Maintain Acrylic Fillable Letters

Choose the letter: Choose the proper letter you prefer or the one that carries the specific implications for you.

Filling in the letter: It is suggested that liquids and sand are avoided for filling the acrylic letters for it can leak from the acrylic fillable letter. Although great efforts have been made to maintain its excellent performance, we can’t guarantee it is 100% leak-proof. Instead, you can feel free to infuse it with some plastic items, such as faux flowers, beads, sweets, nuts and chocolate.

Secure the letter:  Generally, there is a lid on the letter to avoid the fillings falling out. Once you fill in the acrylic fillable letter, please remember to close the lid or cover securely.

Display and maintain: Once your acrylic fillable letters are ready,you can place it anywhere to add aesthetic appeal. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check that it remains intact periodically.

Clean and care: It doesn’t cost you much time or money for clearing. Please at first apply some mild agents and then rub it with mild water and cleaners for a brand-new look.

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