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Acrylic Floating Shelves

Weprofab is all experts in regards to fabricating acrylic floating shelves in mainland China. We highly produce all sorts of acrylic floating shelves, such as lighted acrylic floating shelves, wall-mounted acrylic floating shelves, or even customized acrylic floating shelves. Send us your own layout today and get an instant response!


Get WeProFab Acrylic Floating Shelves to Delight Your Customers

We manufacture acrylic floating shelves created from high-quality raw materials to help expand your business in the global market.

Wholesale Durable Acrylic Floating Shelves

If you are searching for durable acrylic floating shelves, you can find them here at Weprofab. We produce floating shelves from 100% acrylic sheets.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Floating Shelves

Weprofab is willing to help you as a source of high-quality wall-mounted acrylic floating shelves. Our products can roar your business in the marketplace.

Storage Rack Acrylic Floating Shelves

Weprofab is presenting a broad variety of storage rack acrylic floating shelves with catchy and attractive designs. They are offered at reasonable costs.

Square Lucite Acrylic Floating Shelves

All of our acrylic floating shelves types such as square lucite acrylic floating shelves are made very strong and durable. Weprofab is the right manufacturer to serve you.

Lighted Acrylic Floating Shelves

Weprofab highly presents lighted acrylic floating shelves that give chances to enhance your trade industries. We ensure the quality of our products while on the entire process.

Customized Acrylic Floating Shelves

If you need customized acrylic floating shelves, we know what most suitable for you. Try to deal with Weprofab.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Floating Shelves Manufacturer

Try to deal with Weprofab and trust us about producing your ideal acrylic floating storage.  When it comes to fabrications, Weprofab skillful staff and designers will be working together with you in the process of cutting, designing, and fabrications. We promise to give you the worthier services you deserve while running your business.

Whether you are searching for any kinds of acrylic floating shelves, Weprofab is sure to provide the real-promising qualities. We are busy giving eco-friendly and cost-effective acrylic floating shelves solutions for budget-friendly prices.

If you have further questions about Weprofab Acrylic Floating Storage and services, send them to us, as quickly as possible.

Custom Acrylic Floating Shelves to Skyrocket Your Brand

Umbra Sheer Acrylic Floating Shelves

Weprofab has a huge variety amount of umbra sheer acrylic floating shelves. It gives an adorable and nice output in home applications.

Heavy Duty Acrylic Floating Shelves

We can help you in choosing the right heavy duty acrylic floating shelves types for your business. We have skills to do so.

Acrylic Floating Shelves for Bathroom

Discover the latest acrylic floating shelves at Weprofab for bathroom applications. We have wide variety of selections to offer.

15 Inch Acrylic Floating Shelves

Are you necessarily need 15-inch acrylic floating shelves to roar your business? Please count on Weprofab.

17 Inch Acrylic Floating Shelves

If you want assistance from the reliable manufacturer to purchase 17-inch acrylic floating shelves, Weprofab si determlined to help you.

Acrylic Floating Book Shelves

The acrylic floating bookshelves are easy to assemble, clean, and store. It is commonly used for holding and displaying all types of literature.

Clear Acrylic Floating Shelves

Clear acrylic floating shelves are a practical and effective way of organizing all collectibles. It is perfect for carrying party accessories, a makeup collection, and more.

Modern Acrylic Floating Shelves

Modern acrylic floating shelves are great for various applications It provides a nearly invisible look that guess will put focus on the shelf’s contents.

Black Acrylic Floating Shelves

The black acrylic floating shelves are the perfect idea to display your favorite collections and vinyl records. It is generally used to showcase all vinyl records without hiding the artwork.

Acrylic Floating Shelves for Shoes

The acrylic floating shelves for shoes improve your room or home decor. It is the best choice for any living space.

Multifunction Acrylic Floating Shelves

A multifunction acrylic floating shelves have sturdy and strong construction ensuring the perfect durability even fully loaded. It can be used in various particular applications.

Acrylic Floating Nursery Shelves and Organizer

The acrylic floating nursery shelves and organizer are eco-friendly, durable, and suitable for heavy-duty usage. It is made from thick and has beautiful acrylic materials.

Acrylic Floating Shelves for Kitchen

Acrylic floating shelves for the kitchen are designed with great transparency, stable quality, and excellent durability. It is an ideal solution for providing a discreet display solution.

Acrylic Floating Corner Shelves

The acrylic floating corner shelves can be used for displaying photos, figurines, and other unforgettable collections. Perfectly clear and see-through without blurriness.

Acrylic Floating Shelves for Bedroom

An acrylic floating shelves for the bedroom have nice quality and a longer lifespan. They are fabricated from durable and high-quality acrylic materials.

Acrylic Floating Cosmetics Shelves

The acrylic floating cosmetics shelves are ideal for supporting or carrying makeups, lipsticks, powders, eyeliners, foundations, and other cosmetic products.

Clear Acrylic Hanging Display Shelves

The clear acrylic hanging display shelves are designed to hold accessories, complimentary, and other scenarios. It is available in different sizes and measurements.

Acrylic Floating Toy Shelves

The acrylic floating toy shelves are applicable for any room like playrooms, nursery rooms, and kid’s bedrooms. It looks more elegant, attractive, and modern.

Acrylic Floating Shelves for Nail Polish

An acrylic floating shelves for nail polish are good for organizing all nail polish product collections. It is also suitable for carrying cosmetics and other items.

Acrylic Floating Single Shelves

The acrylic floating single shelves are popular in most display applications. It can be used for home, office, bedroom, living, room, and store.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Floating Shelves

Weprofab is an excellent provider of acrylic floating shelves worldwide. We distribute the best quality of acrylic floating shelves to any of your intended applications. Our uncommon designs of acrylic floating shelves are stable and tough since it is manufactured from acrylic materials. By choosing Weprofab, we`ll never fail you because we have the capabilities to produce acrylic floating shelves that aren`t easy to destroy nor break.

Acrylic Floating Shelves

When it all regards to longevity and firmness of acrylic floating shelves products, you can rely upon Weprofab. As a leading factory in China, we provide acrylic floating shelves with extreme protections and high fire-retardant.

There are several distributors and retailers who desired to have this quality of acrylic floating shelves to delight their own customers. They desperately want our products because of their elegant and catchy features. Whether you are a retailer or distributor, you can avail of our acrylic floating shelves that bring advantages to your business. As a team, Weprofab is excited to help you skyrocket your trade industries.

Acrylic Floating Shelves

In choosing high-class acrylic floating shelves, please consider Weprofab as your provider. As international and premier acrylic floating shelves supplier, we are capable of creating large amounts of these products for your orders.

In mainland China, Weprofab is being recognized as the premier manufacturer of acrylic floating shelves which is certified by 14000 and ISO 9001 international standards. We have much expertise in manufacturing acrylic floating shelves for over 2 decades now.

Whether you are searching for any kinds of acrylic floating shelves, Weprofab is sure to provide the real-promising qualities. We are busy giving eco-friendly and cost-effective acrylic floating shelves solutions for budget-friendly prices.

Acrylic Floating Shelves

Try to deal with Weprofab and trust us about producing your ideal acrylic floating storage.  When it comes to fabrications, Weprofab skillful staff and designers will be working together with you in the process of cutting, designing, and fabrications. We promise to give you the worthier services you deserve while running your business.

If you have further questions about Weprofab Acrylic Floating Storage and services, send them to us, as quickly as possible.

Acrylic Floating Shelf: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import acrylic floating shelf from China, read this guide.

It has all information that will help you choose durable and the best acrylic floating shelf.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Acrylic Floating Shelf?

An acrylic floating shelf is a flat horizontal plank without any supporting brackets attaching it to the wall.

It is made from molding an acrylic sheet into the design and size required for the fixture.

This type of acrylic furniture is versatile, durable, easy to install, and affordable.

These properties make it suitable alternative to floating shelves made from other materials.

 acrylic floating shelf

 acrylic floating shelf

How do you use Acrylic Floating Shelf?

The primary use of an acrylic floating shelf is to place items for display or storage.

Acrylic floating shelves are used at home and in commercial settings.

For instance, such a shelf may be installed in the home to display art or books.

Similarly, a sneaker shop can use a series of acrylic floating shelves to display its products.

Bottom line, acrylic floating shelves are versatile, and they are useful in different areas.

They can replace regular shelves in different settings.

What is the Ideal Size for Acrylic Floating Shelf?

There are no size limitations for an acrylic floating shelf.

In many cases, the ideal size depends on your preference, budget, and the actual use of this furniture.

Additionally, there are many ways to define size.

It could refer to the shelf’s length or its depth.

Another factor determining size is the items placed on it.

It should have enough depth to hold the item in its interiority.

Therefore, a shelf meant to hold books would be wider than one meant to place cups in a kitchen.

The height of the shelf on the wall is also a fundamental concern.

A high shelf should be narrow to make it easier to reach items on it.

In the end, the ideal size of an acrylic floating shelf depends on many variables, including the ones listed here.

Where can You Use Acrylic Floating Shelf?

An acrylic floating shelf is used for storage or display in different settings.

Here are some of the common places where you can install this furniture.

  • Kitchen shelves

2 kitchen floating shelf

 kitchen floating shelf

  • Living room displays

 living room display floating shelf

living room display floating shelf

  • Bedroom shelves
  • Bathroom shelves

4 floating bathroom shelf

 floating bathroom shelf

  • Closet shelves

 floating closet shelf

floating closet shelf

  • Dining room storage
  • Office shelves
  • Shop displays
  • Outdoor shelves and plant holders
  • Gallery displays, et cetera.

How Do You Assemble Acrylic Floating Shelf?

In most cases, you do not have to assemble an acrylic floating shelf.

It comes already built and ready for installation.

These shelves are made using a continuous mold to include a back plate and the shelf’s surface.

With such shelves, all you have to do is attach the back plate to the wall.

In case you are making a custom design such as a box or window sill floating shelf, you might need to assemble it.

Here is a list of steps to follow

i. Design the shelf by picking the size dimensions. You can draw the design on paper to guide the process.

ii. Select the right tools for cutting the acrylic sheet, gluing, and fitting to the wall

iii. Cut the acrylic sheet into pieces required for the shelf

iv. Join the pieces using an adhesive solvent to create smooth edges

v. Allow the glue to dry to create permanent joints

vi. Sand out any rough edges and polish the completed shelf

viii. Install it on the wall using a drill and some screws.

Are there Colored Acrylic Floating Shelf?

Acrylic floating shelves come in a variety of colors.

colored acrylic floating shelf

colored floating shelf

Transparent shelf is the most popular option due to its semblance to glass.

These types of shelves are versatile, and they look classy.

They also blend in with any décor making them the go-to choice for most people.

If you prefer a little more color, there are colored acrylic floating shelf options to accommodate your taste.

Acrylic sheets are made in both translucent and solid colors.

You can choose between the two based on what fits your needs best.

The translucent acrylic floating shelves let in some light.

They look more like colored glass than plastic.

You can even combine different colors on the same shelf.

Acrylic floating shelves do not have to be dull.

You can always use color to spice them up.

Which is the Best Design of Acrylic Floating Shelf Available?

There are many design options available for an acrylic floating shelf.

Some of the most popular ones include the following

  • Plain shelves
  • Box shelves
  • Window sill shelves
  • Colored shelves
  • Back-plated shelves
  • Engraved shelves
  • Backlit shelves
  • Decorative shelves, etc.

How Does Acrylic Floating Shelf Compare to Wooden Floating Shelf?

Acrylic floating shelf has many desirable features compared to a wooden floating shelf.

These features make them an ideal choice for use in any space and a worthy investment.

Here is a list of comparisons between the two to prove the superiority of acrylic.

Optical Clarity

One of the best features of acrylic is that it resembles glass.

It allows light to pass through just like glass, making it a great functional and aesthetic addition to any space.

Clear acrylic floating shelves make a room feel bigger as they give an illusion of not taking up space.

They also match with any décor choices, and the glass-like texture gives a classy appearance.

In contrast, wood floating shelves can appear dull in some settings.

They usually pair well with rustic décor.

If that is not the look you are going for, they are not a good match.


Both wood and acrylic are relatively strong materials.

However, floating shelves made from the latter exhibit tensile strength and are impact resistant.

They can withstand high stress levels.

This feature makes acrylic floating shelves durable even with repeated household and commercial use.


Acrylic is a lightweight material despite its strength.

Regardless of the thickness, acrylic floating shelves are lighter than those made from wood.

This property makes the shelf safe and secure as it places less strain on the wall it is attached to.

In contrast, you need a strong wall to attach a wooden floating shelf so it can withstand the stress of its weight.

Weather Resistance

Acrylic floating shelves can withstand exposure to different weather conditions without sustaining as much damage as wooden shelves.

An acrylic shelf can withstand direct sunlight, rain, snow, and other unfavorable weather conditions without breaking down.

Wood in such conditions will fade and crack in the sun or rot in the rain.

Therefore, acrylic shelves are better suited for outdoor use.

What are the Benefits of Buying Acrylic Floating Shelf?

Acrylic floating shelf has many advantages when used in different settings.

Below is a list of some of the benefits of buying one

1) Acrylic is clear, making it a good option for creating a classy, upscale, visually appealing floating shelf.

The shelf, from a distance, seems non-existent.

The items on it appear to float in the air.

a. There are colored acrylic floating shelf options as well, and they also have aesthetic appeal.

They resemble colored glass, which gives the space a delicate feel.

2) Acrylic floating shelves are exceptionally durable.

This property saves you money in the long run since there are minimal recurrent expenses for repair and replacement.

3) Acrylic floating shelves make organization easy since the items placed on them ate easy to access and replace.

You can even see where everything is placed from a distance, making it easier to pick it out.

4) These shelves are lightweight so they can be installed anywhere, even on dry-wall or cardboard walls.

The wall does not need to support any heavyweight from the shelf.

a. This feature also makes acrylic floating shelves easy to install without help.

They are easy to lift and hold down with one hand while drilling it in with the other.

5) It is easy to maintain acrylic floating shelves.

You have to adhere to routine cleaning using recommended cleaners, clean water, and a soft cotton or microfiber cloth.

6) This piece of furniture is versatile.

It can be used in various settings for storing or displaying different items such as books, jewelry, clothing, et cetera.

How Do You Install Acrylic Floating Shelf?

You can install an acrylic floating shelf by following these simple steps.

i. Pick the position of the shelf

ii. Get the right tools for the installation.

To pick the right tools, you must decide whether to glue or drill the shelf onto the wall.

This depends on the size of the shelf and the items it will hold.

For small, thin shelves meant for holding light items, you can use glue to fasten them to the wall.

Drilling the shelf into the wall is the best option if you require strength.

It is harder to do, and you might need help from a professional

iii. Measure and mark the position of the wall the shelf will cover. It ensures the shelf is level when installed.

iv. Acrylic shelves usually come with an inbuilt backplate with holes for the screws.

Hold the shelf against the wall along the line marked in the previous step.

Draw holes on the backplate onto the wall to mark the position.

v. Drill on the wall, place the studs, fasten the shelf to the wall using screws, and you are good to do.

Why is Acrylic Floating Shelf Better than a Regular Shelf?

An acrylic floating shelf has many advantages over regular shelves. They include the following.

  • They are quick to install since they often come with inbuilt backplates for this purpose.
  • In terms of cost, they are inexpensive
  • They are lightweight and can be installed on make-shift walls
  • Acrylic floating shelves are strong and can hold a lot of weight
  • These shelves are classy and they add beauty to a room

regular shelf

regular shelf

Is Acrylic Floating Shelf Expensive?

Acrylic floating shelf varies in cost depending on several factors.

One of these variables is the quality of acrylic used to make the shelf.

High-quality sheets produce more expensive products than low-quality ones because the cost of buying them is higher.

Customization also increases the price of an acrylic floating shelf.

Extra features added to the shelf are charged separately, adding to the initial cost of the furniture.

Furthermore, different custom features have varied costs.

The more feature you want to be added, the more you will pay for the shelf.

The size of the shelf is another factor affecting its price.

The larger a shelf is in length, depth, and weakness, the more materials it requires to make. This increases the cost.

The manufacturer also determines a shelf’s cost since different brands offer unique pricing depending on costs of production.

Some manufacturers offer premium prices for their products because they are custom built.

Such acrylic floating shelves cost more than the generic mass-produced ones.

How Can You Decorate Acrylic Floating Shelf?

You can decorate acrylic floating shelf to make it stand out.

Here are some of the ways to do this:

  • Printing
  • Laser-engraving
  • Frosting
  • Adding LED light fixtures
  • Adding stickers and labels, et cetera.

decorated acrylic shelf

decorated acrylic shelf

What is the Recommended Thickness of Acrylic Floating Shelf?

The ideal thickness of acrylic floating shelf varies depending on its use.

Since the shelves are designed for repeated use, a thickness of ¾ to 1 inch is ideal.

It ensures sturdiness and durability even when holding heavy items.

The acrylic floating shelf can be slimmer if it is meant to hold light items such as shoes, towels, confectionaries, or make-up.

These can be ½ an inch thick without causing any problems.

However, to be safe, it is best to get the thicker dimensions.

Can You Customize Acrylic Floating Shelf?


A customized acrylic floating shelf is made with the customer’s needs in mind.

The customer picks every aspect of the shelf’s design including size, shape, thickness, color, and texture before it is made.

You can also add additional features such as labels, lighting fixtures, engravings, and laser-cut designs.

Customized acrylic floating shelves fit precisely into your space and with your existing décor.

They also tend to have a higher quality since they are delicately built to fulfill the client’s specifications.

custom floating acrylic shelf

custom clear floating acrylic shelf

How Do You Clean Acrylic Floating Shelf?

Proper care of acrylic floating shelves is necessary to maintain their glass-like appearance.

This is achieved by proper cleaning.

Here are the steps to follow for proper cleaning.

  • Select the right tools for the cleaning process.

You need a microfiber cloth, soap, water, and cleaning agents made for plastics.

Ensure none of the cleaning agents are ammonia-based because ammonia breaks down acrylic, causing it to cloud.

  • Clean with soap and water to remove surface dirt before starting the deep cleaning.

This step prevents scratching of the shelf’s surface.

  • Clean using the cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains.
  • Rinse the shelf with a cloth dipped in clean water. It ensures there are no soap stains left by dirty water
  • You can dry the shelf using a soft dry cloth or allow it to dry on its own.

Are Acrylic Floating Shelf Ideal for Outdoor use?


Acrylic is resistant to different weather conditions, making it one of the best materials for outdoor furniture.

An acrylic floating shelf can withstand sun exposure, moisture, and corrosion with minimal damage.

Acrylic does not fade when exposed to the sun, neither does it rot when exposed to the rain.

Although it is prone to yellowing due to UV radiation, you can use surface coated acrylic instead.

This type of acrylic has a UV-resistant coating to prevent yellowing.

Therefore, acrylic floating shelves are suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

Is Acrylic Floating Shelf Sustainable?


Sustainability refers to the ability to be maintained at a certain level.

An acrylic floating shelf is sustainable since it is durable.

It remains the same without deteriorating for long periods.

Moreover, acrylic floating shelves are inert so they do not release any toxins.

They do not react with environmental pollutants either.

These shelves are 100% recyclable, so they can always be made into new material quite easily.

Which are the Best Acrylic Sheets for Making Acrylic Floating Shelf?

Different types of acrylic sheets are used to make acrylic floating shelves.

The appropriate choice depends on the use of the shelf.

Some of the commonly used acrylic sheets for making floating shelves include the following.

  • Cast acrylic is the best for high-quality shelves.

It also produces the best-colored shelves, provides optical clarity and strength, making it the most popular sheet.

  • Continuous cast acrylic is best suited for display shelves, especially for commercial use.

It is exceptionally shatterproof and has the highest optical clarity.

You may consider it as the best option for custom-built shelves.

  • Extruded acrylic is the best for making simple acrylic floating shelves on a budget.

It does not support thick sheets, and its optical clarity is not as good as the first two.

This makes it cheaper but also limits its use to shelves that bear little weight.

Does Acrylic Floating Shelf have any Shortcomings?

Acrylic floating shelves have very few shortcomings.

Their advantages greatly outweigh any disadvantages they may present.

The most prominent shortcomings of acrylic floating shelves are:

I. They can be relatively expensive compared to shelves made from other materials.

II. Maintenance can be hectic, especially when cleaning a shelf that is placed high on the wall.

Which Steps Do You Take to Order Acrylic Floating Shelf?

Ordering acrylic floating shelves is a straightforward process that takes a few easy steps.

They include the following.

i. Go to the manufacturer’s website or contact them by phone or email.

ii. Tell the manufacturer your specifications and ask for a price quote

iii. Once you have reached a price agreement, deposit the initial payment and confirm order specifications.

iv. Expect communication from the manufacturer that the order is complete.

v. Lastly, wait for your order to be shipped to you.

How safe is Acrylic Floating Shelf Compared to a Glass Floating Shelf?

Acrylic floating shelf is far safer than a glass floating shelf.

The properties of acrylic make it better than glass by most standards.

The former does not break easily, even when placed under intense pressure.

This property makes it safer to use for shelves that may get hit on frequently, such as those located behind doors.

Even when acrylic breaks, it has rough edges.

Broken glass has sharp edges that will cut anyone that touches them.

Acrylic floating shelves are therefore safer than glass ones.

Can you Repair Cracks on Acrylic Floating Shelf?

Repairing cracks on acrylic shelves can be hectic and expensive.

Avoiding damage in the first place is the best way to go.

The first step would be to remove the shelf from the wall as it makes it easier to work with without extending the damage.

Next, use an acrylic or fiberglass filler to cover the crack and give it time to dry.

You can then clean and polish the shelf before replacing it.

Fortunately, acrylic shelves are relatively cheap.

If the cracking is too severe, you can always replace the shelf.

Is Acrylic Floating Shelf Recyclable?

Acrylic floating shelf can be recycled, making it an eco-friendly material to use for your furniture.

The shelf can also be cut up, and the pieces melted to make new acrylic sheets.

These sheets can create other items that can also be recycled again when the need arises.

This recycling process applies to acrylic countless times, making it quite sustainable.

How Do You Prevent Scratching on an Acrylic Floating Shelf?

There are two key ways to protect acrylic floating shelves from scratching

  1. Proper care using the right tools and detergents reduces the likelihood of scratching on acrylic cups.

Always use a microfiber or soft cotton cloth and mild soap to clean the shelf.

  1. Avoid dragging items across the shelf as they may scratch the surface, especially heavy items.

Instead, lift the item and place it where you need it.

  1. Line the shelf with contact paper to prevent scratches, especially when displaying abrasive items such as corals and shells.
  2. Apply anti-scratch coating to minimize susceptibility to scratching.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, WeProFab offer the best acrylic floating shelf in the market.

Whether you want our standard designs or custom options, WeProFab team will support even your OEM business – talk to us now for more information on these products.

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