• Acrylic Frame

Acrylic Frame

Weprofab is the leading manufacturers of the acrylic frame. We supply acrylic frame with high quality. Weprofab provides excellent service to our valuable costumers. We offer other services based on our costumers’ detailed requirements. Inquire us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Frame Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has a team with experienced engineers and staff to provide free services of technical when need. As a professional manufacturer, we provide training services for our customers to help your business grow.

Acrylic Wall Frame

Acrylic wall frame eliminating the potential for damage during surprise falls or transportation. If you need an acrylic wall frame for your business, you can always find reliable service with Weprofab.

Angled Acrylic Frame

Weprofab is the best manufacturer for the angled acrylic frame in China.We can custom design Angled Acrylic Frame including shapes, material and more.

Acrylic Block Frame

If you need an acrylic block frame, Weprofab offers unique styles of an acrylic frame perfectly fit for a souvenir, postcards, and many more that may add great effects for photos.

Acrylic Shadowbox Frames

WeProFab is the best supplier and manufacturer of acrylic shadowbox frames in China. We always offered products at acceptable prices.

Custom Acrylic Frame

In Weprofab, we specialized in customizing acrylic frames and even in personalized acrylic frames depending on the client’s requests.

Acrylic Frame Manufacturer

If you are in need of acrylic frame, Weprofab is a manufacturer of all types of acrylic frames. We manufactured frames with great quality of raw materials for great quality of finished products.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Frame Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Weprofab is a professional provider of high-quality acrylic frames. In Weprofab, we design and create wide, thick, strong and elegant acrylic frames. Weprofab is your one-stop-shop for all your acrylic frame needs for your business.

Send us an inquiry, we will give you our best product!

Custom Acrylic Frame to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Sandwich Board Frame

Acrylic sandwich board frame is more popular because of its elegant look. Weprofab offers a wide variety of acrylic frames that you will definitely love.

Acrylic Sign Holder Magnetic Frame

Weprofab bear different kinds of acrylic sign holder magnetic frame and other acrylic frames with wide standard sizes available.

Acrylic LED Light Frame

One of the great looking acrylic frames is the acrylic LED light frame. It can easily catch the attention of every customer. In Weprofab we have a lot of acrylic frame options.

Modern Acrylic Frame

The modern acrylic frame is designed to hold photos and other printed materials. It is the best way to promote certain items’ information.

Acrylic Photo Frame

The acrylic photo frame is perfect for homes, offices, restaurants, and other environments. It is ideal for displaying valuable pictures and more.

Acrylic Free-Standing Frame

An acrylic-free-standing frame features UV-resistant, waterproof, and durable construction. They are perfect for displaying in outdoor and indoor spaces.

Acrylic Magnetic Frame

The acrylic magnetic frame is suitable for display, promotion, advertising, and tradeshow. It can be customized with a logo and other details.

Acrylic Frame with Wooden Base

An acrylic frame with a wooden base has excellent transparency and a unique appearance. It offers the most competitive production cost yet high quality.

Acrylic Square Frame

The square acrylic frame has good impact resistance and is hard to break. It has 20x stronger than glass and other materials. Suitable for photos, certificates, and other information.

Double-Sided Acrylic Frame

The double-sided acrylic frame is applicable for front and back pictures. They can be displayed in horizontal and vertical positions. It only takes a small space.

20mm Acrylic Frame

200mm acrylic frame provide better protection for displayed item. It prevents dust, dirt, and other toxins. They are constructed from durable and long-lasting materials.

Acrylic Wall-Mounted Frame

The acrylic wall-mounted frame is easy to mount and can be personalized for all occasions. Perfect for capturing special memories from birthdays to weddings to new babies.

Acrylic Frame for Souvenir

The acrylic frame for souvenirs is lightweight and shatter-resistant. It eliminates the potential for damage during transportation or surprise falls.

Acrylic Tabletop Frame

An acrylic tabletop frame is applicable for displaying baby photos, family photos, postcards, ticket stubs, trading cards, currency, awards, etc.

Clear Acrylic Frame

Clear acrylic frames are extremely versatile and can be used to keep anything. This element is less expensive than glass, making it preferred for any displaying solution.

Acrylic Frame for Certificate

The acrylic frame for certificates can be made of different shapes and colors. It is offered at a reasonable and interesting price.

Mini Acrylic Frame

The mini acrylic frame features a burning resistance corrosion resistance. They are manufactured from eco-friendly and non-toxic substances.

Rectangle Acrylic Frame

The rectangle acrylic frame has a hard surface that can last for a longer time. Moreover, it is hard to scratch, dirt, and break.

Acrylic Rotating Cube Frame

The acrylic rotating cube frame is decreasing the risk of photos and other printed materials damage. It has a likable and good design.

Sublimation Acrylic Frame

The sublimation acrylic frame provides better contrast and brightness for the displayed things. Available in different shapes, designs, and sizes.

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Why Weprofab Acrylic Frame

Weprofab acrylic frame is very popular and known for glass alternative.

It is clearer compare to glass. Design for protecting photos and unique wall designs.

It has UV protection to prevent damage from any light.

The acrylic frame is usually used in picture frames.

Weprofab acrylic frame has a great feature. All of our acrylic frames are lightweight, have a shatterproof resistant, anti-scratch resistant, and have a great impact for pressure.

It is also a weather-resistant, has an anti-aging performance, and a non-toxic glass.

Our acrylic frame is known for its corrosion-resistant, light diffusion, and excellent impact.

Acrylic Frame

Weprofab is one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic frame in China.

We are expert and most knowledgeable in the acrylic manufacturing industry.

We have our own expert designers in creating different acrylic frames that suit your preference.

In terms of quality, our acrylic frame is not easy to break and not easy to damage.

It has a thick and strong structure, like a crystal glass texture, and a great insulator.

Acrylic Frame

What’s best in acrylic frame?

Weprofab Acrylic frame is the product you should never miss.

Its potential in the market is very high.

People have a lot of important belongings they want to cherish and protect using picture frames.

With the best quality of Acrylic frame that Weprofab can offer, you will gain the advantage in the market today.

Acrylic Frame

Futhermore, Weprofab is developing more trendy acrylic frame styles to meet our customers demand.

Our friendly staffs are always available to accommodate your needs.

We can also guide you in choosing the most suitable acrylic frame you can sell to your customers.

Contact us now for more details.

Acrylic Frames: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you’re looking for something to hold artwork, or pictures, acrylic frames are best.

They are durable, and reliable with great aesthetic pleasure.

But how do you know if frames made from acrylic materials are good for you?

Let me explain:

What is Acrylic Frame?

It refers to a type of frame made from acrylic material designed for holding pictures, painting, or any particular artwork.

You can also describe it as a simultaneous decorative and protective edging of an image that is designed using acrylic material.

This item makes it possible to display specific artwork safer and easier.

Also, it helps in enhancing the aesthetics by integrating the surrounding with its different elements.

Acrylic picture frame

Acrylic picture frame

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Frames?

  • It is fundamental when it comes to reducing the possibility of damaging the item, especially during delivery.

This is a common aspect that many online framers often try to consider since safe delivery reduces incurring replacement costs as well as other inconveniences related to shipping.

  • Acrylic material, which is used for making acrylic frames, naturally offers excellent clarity. This, of course, is advantageous given that transparency makes it easy for the photograph or particular artwork to be visible.
  • The fact that acrylic is an excellent insulator also a great insulator.

This is vital since it helps in reducing the risks of damaging that might arise from condensation beneath the frame.

  • It is optically superior naturally without the need for tinting, as seen in other types of materials such as glass.

Obviously, this makes it a suitable option for framing photos as well as art.

  • It is easy to treat acrylic frames using different techniques as a way of preventing myriad issues such as light glare and UV penetration.

This, therefore, implies that you can as well use it effectively even for outdoor applications.

  • Acrylic frames are also comparatively affordable than the traditional glass frames.

Well, this is even more beneficial, considering that you’ll be able to attain better results from using this type of material in framing your photos and artworks.

  • It is lightweight. This, therefore, enhances the portability, which is vital when it comes to moving with the frame from one location to the other.

It thus makes your work easy, especially when you have to display artworks and photos in outdoor applications with acrylic picture frame.

Acrylic picture frame

 Acrylic picture frame – photo courtesy: fall for DIY

Are Custom Acrylic Frames Suitable for Mounting Pictures?

Most definitely.

In fact, one of the best frames that give you the best results as far as mounting pictures is concerned is the custom acrylic frame.

With this type of frame, you’ll be able to design it in a manner that suits your particular needs.

It is also possible to design it in a way that fits the specific photo or artwork for a particular setting.

In fact, they offer a better acrylic picture frame mounting ideas.

How are Acrylic Frames Made?

Well, making acrylic frames is quite an easy task.

In most instances, it is something that you can carry out at home as a DIY project as long as you have the necessary tools and equipment.

Clear acrylic picture frame

Clear acrylic picture frame

· Get the Dimensions of the Photo

Since you’re designing the acrylic frame for a particular picture or artwork, it would be fundamental first to measure its dimensions.

The essence of this is that it will allow you to have an idea of the size of the acrylic sheet that you require for the project.

· Cut the Acrylic Sheet to Size

This is usually a critical part of the entire process.

You need to get the measurements right so that you can cut the material into size.

It is vital since if you fail to get the measurements right, the photo possibly won’t fit it the frame accordingly.

If you do not have the right tools for cutting acrylic tools, you can request an expert or cutting company to do this for you.

In case you are new in the field of fabricating plastic sheets, you can learn more about cutting acrylic sheet to size.

· Glue the Pieces

At this point, you need to have all the parts of the acrylic frame cut out.

Therefore, you need to apply the recommended glue on the joints and attach them.

Also, take note that if you’re cutting something square, all the pieces need to be equal in terms of length.

So once you glue the pieces together, you can clamp them to dry.

Once it dries, staple the frame at the corners as a way if enhancing extra reinforcement.

Here are some tips of acrylic plastic bonding.

· Cut a Piece of Cardboard

You’ll use this cardboard as a backing on the acrylic frame.

So, upon cutting it, you’ll also need to attach it to the acrylic frame.

· Attach the Picture Hangers

They come in different designs and varieties.

You, therefore, need to choose one that suits your needs and preference.

You also need to factor in the overall weight of the frame when determining the type of picture hangers to attach.

Also, when attaching the hook, ensure that you place it on top and on the side.

· Sand Smooth

Sand smoothing is one of the best technique in acrylic sheet polishing.

Use sandpaper, possibly a 150 grit to sand the custom acrylic frame.

In particular, you need to pay attention to the joints, which can be relatively sharp.

Wipe off any glue that might have spilled over on the frame’s surface.

· Fix the Picture

Acrylic picture frame

Acrylic picture frame

Now you can use a light-duty stapler to attach the photo or artwork on the acrylic frame.

Once done, you’re good to go.

As you can see from this procedure, you’ll notice that it is quite an easy DIY project.

However, if you require large scale production of acrylic items, it would be advisable to seek services from reputable suppliers such as WeProFab.

They can produce as many frames of different designs and sizes as possible.

Are Acrylic Frames Non-conductive?

Not at all.

Acrylic frames are conductive.

However, if there is a need for non-conductivity, there is always an option of spraying a coating that provides the same.

How do Acrylic Frames compare to Polycarbonate Frames?

Arguably, these two materials are the most preferred when it comes to the manufacturing of frames.

However, they share a few similarities and a variety of differences as follows;

Acrylic frame

Acrylic frame

  • Acrylic frames are relatively heavy than polycarbonate Of course, this arises from the fact that polycarbonate is naturally a lightweight material.

Well, acrylic is also lighter, especially compared to glass, but polycarbonate tends to be lighter.

  • In terms of strength, polycarbonate frames appear to be stronger than acrylic frames. Additionally, polycarbonate frames tend to be comparatively flexible than acrylic frames, which appear to be somewhat rigid.
  • Acrylic frames offer more clarity compared to polycarbonate frames.

Acrylic frames have a light transmittance of about 92%, whereas polycarbonate has a light transmittance of about 88%.

  • In regards to glossiness, acrylic frames are better than polycarbonate frames.

This is as a result of the fact that acrylic material naturally has a softer reflection than polycarbonate material.

  • In terms of scratch resistance, acrylic frames tend to have better strength than polycarbonate frames.

Apparently, acrylic is hardy material than polycarbonate.

For polycarbonate frames, you’ll need hard-coating as a way of enhancing its scratch-resistance ability.

What is the difference between Walled Acrylic Frame and Acrylic Block Frame?

As the name suggests, the walled acrylic frame refers to the type of frame that is designed and hanged or attached on the wall surface.

Wall mount acrylic picture frame

Wall mount acrylic picture frame

It is usually available in different sizes and designs but are made from acrylic material.

On the other hand, acrylic block frame refers to a type of frame that is designed with a holder for stylish display and embedded with button magnets that hold the frame together.

They are commonly used in the advertisement industry.

The design of acrylic block frame is in a manner that helps in attracting attention irrespective of your business.

Block acrylic picture frame

Block acrylic picture frame

What are the features of Angled Acrylic Frames?

  • They feature an anti-glare resistant element, which allows them to reduce light reflection while displayed at a specific angle.
  • This is critical since it makes it possible for the viewers not to miss any word in the advertisement.
  • Some models come with distinctive hardware such as standoffs or binding screws, which help in holding the different panels together.
  • The engineering of this type of frame allows you to keep a tight fit of inserted graphics. At the same time. It enables you to change or remove the ads, artworks, or photos.
  • They feature UV-resistant elements that prevent them from yellowing even when exposed to direct sunlight for long.
  • They also have an anti-scratch element, which is essential in preventing the surface from scratching, which can deteriorate its quality.
  • They are magnificently clear, which is vital, especially for promotional materials, since they enable the customers to view the ads appropriately.

Hinged acrylic picture frame

 Hinged acrylic picture frame

Why should you Choose Acrylic Shadow Block Frames?

  • Easy to maintain – This type of acrylic frame is easy to clean and also maintain, which is significant as far as its durability is concerned.
  • Versatile – Acrylic shadow block frame is highly versatile, which necessarily implies that you can use it in a wide range of framing applications.
  • Scratch-resistant- It is one of the acrylic frames that tend to resist scratches. This is vital because it means it will maintain its gloss and clarity for as long as possible.
  • UV resistant – It is also resistant to ultraviolet rays that make it an ideal choice for outdoor framing applications.
  • Relatively affordable – compared to other types of acrylic block frames, the shadow block frame is relatively cost-effective.

Do Acrylic Frames Scratch easily?

Not necessarily.

Acrylic material, of course, is somewhat an inferior material as far as scratching is concerned.

However, when it comes to engineering acrylic frames, you’ll find that most manufacturers integrate abrasion-resistant treatment on the acrylic material that they are using.

Such treatments make it possible for the surface to avert scratches in the unlikely event that the frame gets rubbed or abraded against something.

In other words, acrylic frames do not necessarily scratch easily due to the anti-scratch coating that is often treated on the material.

What are the Features of Custom Acrylic Frames?

Cut to size – when going for a customized acrylic frame, it is apparent that you’ll undoubtedly choose one that fits your artwork or photo appropriately.

This, of course, helps in enhancing better visibility of the photo, artwork, or promotional ad, among others.

Portability – a custom acrylic frame needs to be portable, especially if it’s designed for outdoor commercial applications.

For easy movement from one place to another, it is vital to ensure that the acrylic frame is easily portable.

Solid construction – a custom acrylic frame features a high level of engineering.

Artistry and attention to detail during the engineering of this product must always be reliable, irrespective of the quality or grade of acrylic material that you’re using.

And that’s why it is still significant to ensure that you procure your acrylic frames from reliable suppliers such as WeProFab.

Quality acrylic material – The specific type of acrylic material that is used for custom frame has to be superior always.

The best acrylic grade is vital in custom frames since it allows you to attain better results as far as clarity, scratch-resistance, and impact-resistance is concerned.

Additional features – The reason you’d go for a customized acrylic frame is that you’d want it to have or incorporate additional features.

Some of these features include illuminated light, coloring, or any other element that you might find feasible.

Of course, the essence here is to give the frame some life hence making it more attractive.

How do you Size Acrylic Frames?

Sizing acrylic frame

Sizing acrylic frame

Sizing an acrylic frame is an important element, especially if you have to attain best results in your particular applications.

Sizing this type of frame requires professional input, especially if you do not have the necessary tools and equipment for the task.

In a nutshell, the sizing of acrylic frames is done by using power tools, which you cut according to the particular measurements or dimensions.

You only need to get the measures right then use your device to reduce the acrylic frame to size.

What is the benefit of Acrylic LED Light Frame?

It is the surest way of enhancing the aesthetic value of an acrylic frame.

The importance of this is that it enables you to attract different customers, thus increasing the chances of increasing sales.

The other advantage is that you can incorporate LED light in an acrylic frame that complements products or surroundings, which is vital in enhancing the ambiance of the surrounding, especially at night.


 Acrylic picture frame with LED

Are Acrylic frames Reflective?

Clear acrylic frames are reflective since they allow a high amount of light to pass through.

However, other types of acrylic might not necessarily be as reflective as clear acrylic frames.

Nonetheless, you can always treat the clear acrylic frames with anti-glare elements to prevent them from reflecting light.

Where in China can you Find affordable Acrylic Frames?

China has a wide range of acrylic frames’ suppliers.

However, it is always important to ensure that you carry out due diligence when looking for a supplier that provides quality but affordable acrylic frames.

One of the best suppliers for this item in China is WeProFab.

This is a reliable company that has been in this sector for many years.

They provide top notch and highly customized acrylic frames that meet your specific needs at amazingly affordable rates.

At WeProFab, you not only get affordable acrylic frames, but you’re also guaranteed to get support for your design in line with its final application.

How do you Polish Acrylic Picture Frames?

You can use two primary techniques to polish acrylic frames, which include the following;

  • Flame polishing
  • Sanding

Flame polishing is the most widely preferred among various people.

In using this method, you only need to buy a propane torch at your local home improvement store or hardware.

Once you have it, you’ll spray the propane torch evenly over the edges of the acrylic frame.

An important point to note here is always to ensure that you pass the propane torch quickly on the acrylic surface.

If you pass it slowly, it will burn or melt the material, thus ruining it.

Once you finish torching the acrylic frame, allow it to cool for a few minutes before touching it.

If done appropriately, the results will be amazing, and you’ll finally have a well-polished acrylic frame.

Polished acrylic frame

Polished acrylic frame

Sanding is a little bit manual and exhaustive polishing technique.

So it means you can only use it when polishing a smaller piece of acrylic frame.

In this case, you’ll need to have a 180, 320, and 600 grit sandpapers.

So you’ll start by spraying the edges of the acrylic frame using water then start sanding using the 180-grit sandpaper.

At this point, the sandpaper should also be somewhat wet as a way of making sanding a bit easy.

After the initial vigorous rubbing, now repeat the process using 320 and 600 grit sandpaper accordingly.

But ensure that you take enough breaks between the rubbings.

You’ll eventually have a smooth polished acrylic frame.

What are the Benefits of Floating Acrylic Frames?

Floating acrylic wall frame

Floating acrylic wall frame

  • They are vital when it comes to displaying your pieces where there is limited space.
  • Using a floating acrylic frame gives you a better option, particularly for those tight on space since the frame never adds multiple inches into the piece.
  • Floating acrylic frames complement contemporary art pieces so well. This increases the general aesthetic value of the frame and creates an attractive ambiance of the surrounding.
  • Use of floating acrylic frames helps in highlighting details or gripping edges of the art piece without essentially losing them in a full bleed frame.

How long Acrylic do Frames Last?

The durability is dependent on the specific application of a particular acrylic frame.

Nonetheless, if well maintained, it can last for as many as 20 to 30 years or more.

Are Acrylic Frames UV Resistant?

Most definitely! It has excellent resistance to UV rays.

It thus means that UV light can, therefore, do very little damage on acrylic frames even if they stay outdoor for many years.

Other manufacturers also add UV resistance treatment on materials they use for manufacturing acrylic frames.

Are there Size Limitations for Custom Acrylic Frames?

Not necessarily.

For custom acrylic frames, the particular size is dependent on your requirements and applications.

The significance of this is that it allows you to get the actual size that you require for your specific framing solutions.

How do you Install Acrylic Frames?

In most instances, you’ll realize that the acrylic frames you purchase come with holes and metal spacers already drilled on acrylic pieces.

Every spacer has a body and a head.

So you only need to drill the holes on the wall appropriately, fix the wall plugs, and then attach the body part of the spacer.

Once you do this, you can carry on with screwing it on the wall.

After attaching all the spacers on the wall, put the acrylic frame against the spacer and fix the head of spacers to fit frames in.

The process is as simple as that as long as you have the necessary tools.

What are the Design options for Custom Acrylic Frames?

  • Acrylic wall frame
  • Acrylic angled frame
  • Acrylic block frame
  • Acrylic shadow box frame
  • Acrylic sandwich board frame
  • Acrylic sign holder acrylic frame

How much does Acrylic Frames Cost?

The cost of acrylic frames varies depending on a wide variety of factors.

Some of the factors that determine the value of acrylic include size, details, applications, as well as the particular design.

It thus implies that there is no definite cost of acrylic frame.

How does Acrylic Frame compare to Glass Frames?

  • In terms of weight, acrylic frame weighs less than that of frames. It thus implies that acrylic frames are lightweight than glass frames.
  • When it comes to impact resistance, acrylic frame comes out stronger than glass acrylic, which makes it more resistant to breaking.
  • Acrylic frames have a better light transmittance rate of 92% compared to glass frame’s light transmittance rate of about 86%
  • Standard acrylic frames have a better UV light resistance than glass frames. Additionally, the former does not yellow in the sun even when exposed to sunlight as opposed to the latter.
  • The acrylic frame provides a softer reflection of light hence making it possible for it to have a better gloss than a glass even when tilted to an angle.
  • In regards to scratch-resistance, glass frames tend to be relatively hard to scratch compared to acrylic frames. However, it is always easy to remove small scratches from acrylic frames.

How do you Choose Acrylic Frames?

When choosing acrylic frames, here are some of the factors that you need to factor in;

Acrylic picture frame

 Acrylic picture frame

  • Application – This is a major concern that you need to have in mind when it comes to selecting acrylic frames. The type of framing application determines the choice you make greatly.
  • Design – The design is also another critical element in choosing acrylic frames. They come in different designs, of course, depending on varied applications and customer needs.
  • Customization – Some applications would require custom acrylic frames. In that case, you need to ensure that you provide the specifics surrounding the customization elements that you require.
  • Cost – As earlier mentioned, the price for acrylic frames tend to vary depending on several aspects. It is thus necessary to ensure that you shop for the particular type, which suits your budget.
  • Flexibility – It is also essential to make your choice based on whether or not you’ll need one that you can use for multiple applications.
  • Type of acrylic frame – Ideally, acrylic frames come in different types, suitable for various applications. For example, there are acrylic shadow block frames, wall frames, angled frames, and floating frames, among others.

With this guide, am sure you can definitely choose the right acrylic frames for your pictures or painting.

Whether you need standard or custom acrylic picture, at WeProFab, can help you.

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