• Acrylic Hangers

Acrylic Hangers

Weprofab is one of the best acrylic hangers fabricators in China. We come to originate plenty of acrylic hangers, such as non-slip acrylic hangers, colored acrylic hangers, or even customized acrylic hangers. It`s our priority to make high-quality acrylic hangers based on your design specifications.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Hangers to Delight Your Customers

With the use of functional and modern machines, we create the largest selections of acrylic hangers that suits your needs. We ensure to check the quality of the product before the shipment procedures.

Premium-quality Acrylic Hangers

Weprofab is providing extreme and premium-quality acrylic hangers worldwide. Available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and designs.

Heavy Duty Acrylic Hangers

We are your premier supplier and manufacturer of heavy-duty acrylic hangers in mainland China. Try to find your desirable designs of acrylic hangers at Weprofab.

Factory Custom Acrylic Hangers

Weprofab specialized in meeting your specifications for all acrylic hangers types. Any amount of orders you require, we are ready to provide.

Coloured Acrylic Hangers

Our colored acrylic hanger is one of the best products we offer from our factory. These are perfect for garments business.

Acrylic Hangers Manufacturer

Looking for the right supplier of acrylic hangers? Weprofab can help you manage your business. We are your right partner serving the best of the best services.

Acrylic Hangers for Garment Brands

Please discuss your own sizes and ideas at Weprofab. We could offer nothing but the best acrylic hangers to skyrocket your garment brands.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Hangers Manufacturer

Weprofab- as the largest distributor of acrylic hangers in China wants to provide custom acrylic hangers that you need to run a business. Our acrylic hangers are easy to clean, just by using a smooth cloth and soapy water, then you`re ready for the cleaning process. You don`t need to spend a lot of money, that`s why it`s one of the cost-effective products you should consider.

In China, Weprofab is the most professional provider of acrylic hangers. The best and up to date acrylic hangers are available at the marketplace. Different kinds of acrylic hangers are manufactured and strictly checked the quality to satisfy you and the needs of your business.

Do you want to have acrylic hangers from Weprofab? Contact us.

Custom Acrylic Hangers to Skyrocket Your Brand

Non-slip Acrylic Hangers

Consider Weprofab as your trading provider of non-slip acrylic hangers. We have a wide array of selections to offer for your satisfaction.

Wholesale Acrylic Hangers

Whether you`re a wholesaler or retailer, Weprofab can help you to obtain high-quality acrylic hangers for your business. Rely on Weprofab!

Acrylic T-shirt Hangers

Weprofab is a manufacturing expert, supports the needs of your business when it all comes to acrylic hangers. Acrylic hangers for a t-shirt are one of a kind.

Acrylic Pants Hangers

We also offer unique types of acrylic hangers for pants display intentions. Wide selections are offered for every client.

Acrylic Coat Hangers

Plenty stocks of acrylic coat hangers are offered for lower prices. Different sizes, colors, and designs are created with our professionals.

Acrylic Curved Hanger

Acrylic curved hanger is perfect for jackets and suits organizing. Their curved designs will secure the garment arrangement. And also, they offer support for heavier clothes.

Acrylic Hanger for Jacket

The acrylic hanger for the jacket is made from crystal-clear acrylic. They offer excellent features, like casted arms for supporting heavier garments.

Acrylic Hanger with Colorful Beads

The acrylic hanger with colorful beads is ideal for your clothing business. They are attractive accessories, with high-quality, colorful beads designs.

Acrylic Hanger for Men's Garment

Acrylic hanger for men’s garment is used to simply hang men’s clothes, like coats, jackets, sweaters, and more. Using them can provide wrinkle-free clothing.

Natural Color Finishing Acrylic Hangers

Natural color finishing acrylic hangers are designed to ease the hanging of shirts, jackets, coats, dresses, blouses, and more garments. They can help avoid wrinkles.

Acrylic Display Hangers

Acrylic display hangers provide exceptional finishing for an attractive appearance. They are also space-saver hangers, ideal for clothes organizing.

Trendy Acrylic Hanger

Since made of acrylic, the trendy acrylic hanger is lightweight and has versatile designs. They offer classy appearance when added in your closet or shop.

Acrylic Ladies Hanger

The acrylic ladies hanger is made durable. They will not distort at all even when carrying heavier garments. Plus, they are affordable and can fit your budget.

High-End Acrylic Hanger

A high-end acrylic hanger offers attractive and crystal-clear looks at cheaper prices. They are also designed to make the most economical use of your space.

Acrylic Hanger for Kid's Clothes

Acrylic hangers for kid’s clothes are available with optional hook colors. You can choose from rose gold, gold, or chrome. They are ideal for clothing business, retailers, hotel chains, etc.

Wood Imitation Acrylic Hanger

Wood imitation acrylic hangers are exceptional in quality. They are made of premium acrylic material, used to improve the overall style of the clothes.

Recycled Acrylic Hanger

Recycled acrylic hangers are very durable, modern, and attractive. They are suitable hangers for your clothing collections. They are space-efficient and much cheaper.

Frosted Acrylic Hanger

Frosted acrylic hanger has a softer grip and good durability that can surely enhance your space. They enable to hang and change your clothes easily.

Thick Acrylic Hanger

Thick acrylic hangers come in a versatile design. They are also available in various colors, styles, and shapes. Customization is open for these hangers.

Contemporary Acrylic Hanger

Contemporary acrylic hanger is designed with universal function. This means they are suitable for different applications, like boutiques and fashion stores.

Acrylic Purse Hanger

The acrylic purse hanger is available in wide variations so clients can find their needs. These hangers are tough and can hang heavy garments.

Acrylic Bridal Hanger

Acrylic bridal hanger comes in elegant and appealing styles. They are one of the wedding’s highlights. They will hang the bridal dress smoothly and wrinkle-free.

Sturdy Acrylic Hanger

Sturdy acrylic hangers have strong and durable properties. And since made of acrylic, they are lightweight and high-quality. They are also long-lasting.

Acrylic Carved Hanger

Acrylic carved hanger is known for their unique design. They come in different clips and hooks designed to hang nightwear, briefs, bras, slips, etc.

Acrylic Blouse Hanger

Acrylic blouse hanger is suitable for organizing your blouse collections. They can be cleaned easily, only by using cloth. They are rust-free and also break-proof.

Space-Saving Acrylic Hanger

The space-saving acrylic hanger can arrange clothes efficiently. Not only space-saving, but they are also time-saving. Using them, you can hang clothes easily.

Acrylic Hangers for Closet

Acrylic hangers for the closet are durable, strong, and long-lasting hangers. They are ideal for lingerie stores, fashion stores/boutiques, shopping malls, and more.

Ultra-Thin Acrylic Hangers

Ultra-thin acrylic hangers are the best choice for fashion stores and shopping malls because of their durability. They ensure wrinkle-free clothes.

Acrylic Handbag Hanger

Acrylic handbag hanger provides good support in storing handbag items. They are made of acrylic to ensure good quality and long-lasting.

Acrylic Swimwear Hanger

Acrylic swimwear hanger is a superspace saver in shops and retails. They play great support to elegantly hang jackets, shirts, jeans, pants, sweaters, etc.

Acrylic Lingerie Hanger

Acrylic lingerie hanger provides unique designs. These are hangers intended for lingerie and other swimwear. They come in different sizes, colors, and styles.

Acrylic Hanger with Wider Shoulder Design

The acrylic hanger with a wider shoulder design has perfect construction. They are used to secure clothing and arranged them flawlessly.

Acrylic Hanger with Silver Chrome Plated Steel Hooks

The acrylic hanger with silver chrome-plated steel hooks are rust-free and cannot be bent easily. They can help you organize your clothes and save more space.

Acrylic Hanger with Gold Hook

Acrylic hanger with gold hook is highly shatterproof and very strong. They are ideal boutique hangers, making the clothing arrangement more flawless.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Hangers

We are glad you finally come here to Weporfab! There, you can find your ideal acrylic hangers for friendly rates. We know, for garments business, hangers are very essential. These kinds of hangers are made from 100% crystal-clear acrylics. We used acrylics because it brings a luxurious feel and looks to the product.

Acrylic Hangers

At our factory, you can discover wide options of acrylic hangers with various features and characteristics to offer. Weprofab acrylic hangers are featured in an elegant and sleek design. Our sorts of acrylic hangers have a flat profile and classic designs for different garments purposes. It is additionally featured engraved arms to hold the capacity of silky materials. These are used to keep items in the most organized place without the use of clips.

Weprofab- as the largest distributor of acrylic hangers in China wants to provide custom acrylic hangers that you need to run a business. Our acrylic hangers are easy to clean, just by using a smooth cloth and soapy water, then you`re ready for the cleaning process. You don`t need to spend a lot of money, that`s why it`s one of the cost-effective products you should consider.

Acrylic Hangers

As mentioned, our acrylic hangers are great for garments applications. So, if you run a garment store, whether small or large business, allow our team to provide your needs. We provide acrylic hangers that are easy to use and functional to a variety of applications.

In China, Weprofab is the most professional provider of acrylic hangers. The best and up to date acrylic hangers are available in the marketplace. Different kinds of acrylic hangers are manufactured and strictly checked the quality to satisfy you and the needs of your business.

Acrylic Hangers

In the whole fabrication process, our team pays more attention to making various designs to achieve your needs.

In the production process, our staff is paying attention to developing your designs to fulfill your orders.

Do you want to have acrylic hangers from Weprofab too? For no-hassle purchase procedures, don`t hesitate on asking help from us. We are here, equipped enough to make your product wishes become real.

Acrylic Hangers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Acrylic hangers are simple devices in a shape that resembles human shoulders used to hang clothes and maintain their shape.

Hangers are indispensable in many settings because they help with organization.

Unlike traditional hangers, acrylic ones are made from molded or laser-cut shapes curved out of acrylic sheets.

This guide provides a comprehensive idea of how these hangers work. It will help you make informed decisions when purchasing this item.

Acrylic hangers

 acrylic hanger

What Types of Acrylic Hangers Designs Are Available in the Market?

Acrylic hangers are versatile making them an interesting option for all your organizing needs.

They come in a variety of designs to fit different functions and preferences.

Some of the most common ones include:

  • Regular acrylic hangers

 regular acrylic hanger

regular acrylic hanger

  • Acrylic hangers with gold or silver hooks
  • Wall Hook hangers

 wall hook acrylic hanger

wall hook acrylic hanger

  • Pants hangers
  • Purse hangers
  • Cascading Beaded closet hangers
  • Custom wedding hangers
  • Designer hangers

 designer hangers

designer hangers

  • Coat hangers
  • Belt hangers

belt hanger

belt hanger

It is also possible to order a custom acrylic hanger design based on your unique needs.

Ultimately, when it comes to design, there is something for everyone and every situation.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Hangers?

Acrylic hangers have varied uses. They can be used in the following places

  • Wall hook Hangers are used to hang coats, hats, scarfs, and bags close to the doorway.
  • Acrylic hangers keep a closet better organized compared to folding the clothes.

Hangers make it easier to see everything and where it is in place.

  • Clothes shops use acrylic hangers to display different garments.

Acrylic hangers are good for this as they do not overwhelm the display.

  • Some fabrics like linen and cotton crease up when hanging on clotheslines to dry.

Acrylic hangers are useful for maintaining the form of such clothes as they dry.

These hangers do not degrade easily in the sun so they are perfect for this purpose.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Hangers?

As with any product, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of acrylic hangers before you make a purchase.

You want to know how switching to this product will make your life easier.

Well, here are some of the benefits of this product

  • Acrylic hangers are lightweight.
  • You get a variety of versatile designs when you opt for acrylic hangers, creating a classy look that in your shop or closet.
  • These hangers are durable. They will not bend at all even when holding bulky clothes.
  • Since acrylic is readily available, acrylic hangers are cheap.

What is the Average Lifespan of Acrylic Hangers?

Hangers are one of those items that can last a lifetime. You only need to replace them if they lose shape, bend, or break.

Fortunately, these are not issues to worry about with acrylic.

It is a sturdy material that will retain its shape even when put under immense strain.

You can use an acrylic hanger 10 to 15 years without having to replace it, probably more for home use.

Some of the factors that determine the actual durability of an acrylic hanger include:

  • The weight of the clothes it holds
  • Frequency of hanging and unhanging the clothes
  • Thickness of the hanger as thicker ones are stronger
  • Exposure to scratching

What Makes Acrylic Hangers Better than Wire Hangers?

Traditionally wire hangers have been used in most settings.

However, the increased popularity of acrylic hanger indicates they must be better than wire options.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider acrylic hangers over wire ones.

  • Acrylic does not buckle under the weight of heavy clothes. Wire is more pliable so it does.

With acrylic hangers, you can finally hang up those bulky winter fur coats without fearing that your hangers will bend or break.

  • Wire hangers are made from metal. Although they are usually coated, with continuous use the coating wears off and the metal begins to oxidize and rust.

This can stain your clothes and damage them since rust stains are quite stubborn. On the upside, acrylic does not rust.

  • Acrylic hangers are more durable. This means that you save money coz you spend less on replacements.

Can You Recycle Acrylic Hangers?


Acrylic hangers are better than other plastic hangers which are made from plastics #6 and #7. These two are the hardest plastics to recycle.

Luckily, acrylic is easily recycled to make other items. This material can be chopped up, melted down, and remolded into acrylic sheets to make new items.

The sustainability of acrylic is another reason to choose these hangers over those made from other materials

How Do Acrylic Hangers Compare with Polycarbonate ones?

Polycarbonate hangers may be the only hangers that might be considered comparable to acrylic ones.

Polycarbonate like acrylic is glass-like, lightweight, strong, and durable.

 polycarbonate hanger

polycarbonate hanger

 Here is how these materials compare.

  • Polycarbonate hangers are stronger and sturdier. This material is 25 times more impact resistant than acrylic.
  • Polycarbonate hangers have better clarity since the material lets in 92% light compared to 88% with acrylic.
  • Acrylic hangers are cheaper.

The process used to make Polycarbonate makes it costly.

  • Polycarbonate hangers are easier to scratch compared to acrylic ones.

They are not the beat for clothes with rough edges accessories such as gems, zippers, and chains.

What Can Make Clear Acrylic Hangers to Yellow?

Extended exposure to the sun or artificial UV lamps can make acrylic hangers yellow.

UV radiation breaks down the molecules in the acrylic causing degradation.

 clear acrylic hanger

acrylic clear hangers

Fortunately, you only have to worry about acrylic yellowing if you have to use the hangers outdoor for extended periods of time.

Acrylic resists yellowing for longer periods than other plastics.

Even then, acrylic hangers can be surface coated to resist UV radiation.

This is an option to consider if you need to use the hangers outdoors

What Types of Clothes Can You Hang on Acrylic Hangers?

You can hang any type of cloth on an acrylic hanger. However, check whether the design of the hanger accommodates the garment.

There are special acrylic hangers made for specific clothes.

For instance, skirt and pants hangers have clips along the base to hold up the garment.

Other hangers have grip lines or swivel hooks to keep clothes in place.

Therefore, the only thing that can limit the types of clothes you can hang is the acrylic hanger design you have.

Can Acrylic Hangers Melt?

Acrylic is not exceptionally heat resistant but there are few instances where your hangers might be at risk of melting.

While acrylic softens at high temperatures of about 200 °F/90°C, it does not actually melt until it reaches 350°F/160°C.

Your house would have to be burning down for your acrylic hangers to melt.

Nevertheless, it is wise to keep the hangers away from open flames.

They may become bent out of shape from the heat, reducing their functionality.

Are Acrylic Hangers Easily Breakable?


This material is exceptionally shatter-resistant and it will take a lot to break an acrylic hanger.

Acrylic has an impact resistance ten times that of glass.

Additionally, this material is sturdy so it is not easily bent out of shape in its solid form.

If you are using this device for its intended purpose, hanging clothes, there is little chance that it will shatter.

You can hang very heavy clothes on these hangers without risking breakage.

What is the Suitable Size of Acrylic Hangers?

The suitable size for acrylic hangers goes hand in hand with the clothes you are hanging on them.

It is essential to confirm the hanger is appropriate for the cloth sizes otherwise they will slip off.

The size of a hanger also considers different dimensions including thickness, width, and the garment’s gender and age fitting.

Here are some general sizing guidelines to help you with this.

I. Thickness

Acrylic hanger’s meant for heavy garments should have a thickness of at least 1 inch. Those meant for lighter clothes can have a thickness of ¼ or ½ an inch.

II. Width

Acrylic hangers should have the appropriate width to maintain the shape of the garment.

If they are too narrow, they form creases on the clothes and cause drooping.

When the hangers are wider than necessary, this is a problem as well. They risk stretching the clothes.

You can use this size guide to avoid this problem

DescriptionAppropriate width in Inches
Small children aged 0-3 years10”
Children aged 3-8 years12”
Bigger Kids aged 9 to early teens14”
Small women and young men15 -16”
Adult Men and Women16 -17”
Men’s XL18- 19”

What do you Consider when Purchasing Acrylic Hangers?

Purchasing acrylic hangers should not be done blindly.

One should consider several variables to get the best piece for specific needs.

Some of these factors include


There are flat and contoured hangers and each of them is best suited for different purposes.

Flat acrylic hangers help to save space since they lay perfectly on each other.

Contoured hangers are more suitable for displaying clothes. They take well to the shape of suits, coats, and dresses.

Intended Use

Different hanger designs are made for specific functions so it is best to pick an acrylic hanger that is appropriate for your intended use.

For instance, tie hangers are different from shirt hangers.

Depending on your space, the clothes you are hanging, and the function, you should select a hanger that works best



Hangers come in different sizes with each corresponding to similarly-sized garments.

The size of acrylic hanger you would use for a child’s shirt would not fit well to a men’s coat.

Use the general sizing rules listed above in this guide to find an appropriate size for your intended purpose.


Additional Features

Acrylic hangers can have additional features that make them more appropriate for specific functions.

For instance, buying hangers with clips to use with skirts and pants or those with swivel hooks for sleeveless tops and dresses.

What are the Features of Ideal Acrylic Hangers?

Different acrylic hanger designs have unique features. However, there are other properties that any acrylic hanger should have to be functional.

A hook

It is used to hang the hanger on a rod or wall hook to store or display clothes. Acrylic hangers can have acrylic hooks or be fitted with metal hooks to enhance their design and strength.


This part extends outward from the hook and is the main part of an acrylic hanger. The shoulders of a garment rest on it. It can be flat or curved to fit different purposes.

Nonslip grips

These are grooves added to the crossbars to keep clothes from falling off the hanger.

What is the Cost of Buying Acrylic Hangers?

Several factors determine the actual price of acrylic hangers.

Ideally, acrylic hangers are usually sold as a set of three, four, six, eight, or twelve.

The cost, therefore, varies depending on the number of items in the set.

You might find a set of 12 that is cheaper than a set of 3.

This does not necessarily mean that the first option has poor quality. It could simply be about the brand pricing.

Oftentimes, different manufacturers will sell similar products at variable prices.

Be ready to spend anywhere between $15 and $150 for a set of hangers. Fortunately, there is something for you regardless of your budget.

Do Acrylic Hangers Sag with Time?

Not really.

Acrylic hangers are sturdy and impact-resistant. There is little chance they will sag or lose their shape with time.

The only way this can happen is if they are used in high-temperature environments.

Acrylic softens at high temperatures of more than 80 degrees Celsius.

If a heavy garment is hanged on it when it is soft, it will cave to the weight

Otherwise, you can rest assured your heavy clothes will not warp the hanger and make it unusable.

What other Colors are Available Other than Clear Acrylic Hangers?

Acrylic hangers come in a variety of colors.

Hence, you can choose any color that best suits your decor or taste, especially for brands.

This feature makes acrylic hangers better than most other materials.

For instance, wooden hangers can only be in shades of brown corresponding to the color of the material.

Acrylic hangers can be cut from colored sheets giving you options.

How Do You Determine Quality of Acrylic Hangers?

Checking the quality of acrylic hangers ensures that they serve you for a long time without any problems.

Some of the ways to check this include the following:

  • Conduct a stress test to check that the hanger can withstand impact. Bend the hanger slightly to see if it resists the impact.
  • Functional hooks and clips are essential because if they are broken the hanger cannot hold up clothes as it should.

Open and close the clips to check functionality. Try holding a garment on them to see whether they can support the weight.

  • Cracks and scratches can compromise the quality of an acrylic hanger.

Inspect the hanger for these defects using your eyes and fingers.

Can You Find Branded Acrylic Hangers?


If you branded acrylic hangers, especially for a shop you can easily custom order them directly from the manufacturer.

We can screen print or laser imprint any brand name on the hanger.

Contact us today for more information on this.

Our team of dedicated customer care personnel will answer all your questions and give you a price quote for your order.

Can Colored Acrylic Hangers Fade with Time?

Not really.

The production process of colored acrylic sheets infuses the pigment into the plastic.

Therefore these sheets retain the intensity of their color for a long time without fading.

Can You Get Acrylic Hangers for Children’s Clothes?


We also make hangers for children’s clothes in all the available adult-size designs.

It is important to have the right size of hanger for children’s clothes as it prevents them from slipping off the hanger.

These are the standard dimensions for children-sized hangers

0 to 3 years- 10”

4 to 9 years – 12”

10 years to late teens- 14”

What Are The Disadvantages of Acrylic Hangers?

The main shortcoming of acrylic hangers is that they scratch easily.

Therefore, it is not safe to use them to hang clothes with metal buttons, zippers, or chains as they will leave scruffs on the hangers.

This also means that acrylic hangers require special care when cleaning to avoid scratching.

Fortunately, a scratch-resistant coating may be added to acrylic hangers to solve this problem.

Another notable shortcoming of these items is the customized pieces can be relatively expensive compared to other alternatives you can find around.

What is the Turnaround for Manufacturing Acrylic Hangers?

We offer a quick turnaround time of roughly less than 14 days for acrylic hangers.

However, the specific time you will need to wait depends on the size of the order.

Bulk orders take longer to process so you would have to wait longer.

Talk to our representatives via any of the contacts on this website for more inquiries.

Is there MOQ When Purchasing Acrylic Hangers?


Acrylic hangers are sold in sets so you cannot order one piece.

The specific MOQ depends on the size and design of the hangers.

An ideal way to determine MOQ for your order is to contact us with specifics.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Acrylic Hangers from China?

Purchasing acrylic hangers from China has several benefits including the following:

  • Acrylic hangers from China are cheap as manufacturers have access to cheap raw materials and labor.

This lowers the cost of production to increase efficiency.

  • Competition among Chinese manufacturers means that they each have to differentiate their products to remain competitive.

The most versatile and unique acrylic hanger designs come from Chinese manufacturers.

  • You can easily order online from China. This means that your location is not a barrier.

Chinese manufacturers have access to a vast communication and transport infrastructure to get your products to you.

  • China gives you quality products. Manufacturers have access to the latest technology for the production of acrylic hangers.

Still, if you’re looking for any information about acrylic hangers, WeProFab is here to help.

We design and manufacture high-quality acrylic hangers at competitive prices – contact us now.

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