• Acrylic Hinges

Acrylic Hinges

As a leading world-class acrylic hinges supplier, WeProFab fabricates using high technology machines. We can customize your desired products. To get our awesome products, you can send your design today.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Hinges to Delight Your Customers

Delight your customers with our acrylic hinges. We are professionally fabricated top graded different features of acrylic hinges.

Spring Acrylic Hinges

WeProFab spring acrylic hinges have different features and sizes. Choose what you’ve been desired from our market.

Customized Acrylic Hinges

Your design must be followed according to your plan. We professionally trained our designers for full support.

Clear Acrylic Hinges

If you struggled to find clear acrylic hinges, WeProFab is the right place for you to find them. We have a complete selection to offer for a convenient and fastest purchasing process.

Acrylic Hinges Bending Machine

We have complete and functional machines for bending acrylics. We can custom your ordered acrylic hinges.

Acrylic Hinges Manufacturer

As a worldwide trusted manufacturer of acrylic hinges, WeProFab can be able to provide the client’s satisfaction. Believe WeProFab to support your projects.

Laser Cut Acrylic Hinges Machine

We can surely create your ideal cut or design for your acrylic hinges with our laser cut machines. Complete inside the facilities to create lots of customization.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Hinges Manufacturer

WeProFab is capable to supply any volume of orders you desired. We provide quality assistance with all the operations. From assembling acrylic hinges to provide flexible packing, we have lots of watchful team for perfect support.

We can reduce costs every now and then for full support. We offer prices in a very competitive way.

The qualities are controlled with IOC, IPOC, and many more so we can support your business.

Send your questions for the no-hassle purchasing process.

Custom Acrylic Hinges to Expand Your Brand

Black Acrylic Hinges

This type or color of acrylic hinges has limited usage. Your own plan for your black acrylic hinges can be followed with our skilled design staff.

Flex Fold Acrylic Hinges

Flex fold acrylic hinges are commonly used by many. But you can send your ideas or sizes according to your plan. WeProFab can customize your requested outputs.

Mini Acrylic Hinges

WeProFab has plenty of stocks to offer for mini acrylic hinges. It is suitable for metal hinges replacement. Select your ideal acrylic hinges and gain the best profits.

Clear Acrylic Door Hinge

Clear Acrylic Door Hinge is applied in-home office, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen composed of high quality imported material with ISO9001 and CE certificate.

Transparent Acrylic Door Catches Hinge

Our Transparent Acrylic Door Catches Hinge provides several advantages when used with bulk supply cases. It is suitable for use on acrylic boxes, shop setups, and other areas that metal hinges might be distracting.

Clear Lucite Acrylic Hinge

Clear Lucite Acrylic Hinge is designed to follow your artwork, and it is composed of perspex, plexiglass, and top-grade acrylic material.

Door Cabinet Crystal Acrylic Hinge

It is applied in indoor enclosures, outdoor enclosures, datacenter, and machine tool furniture with RoHS certification that has a normal size.

Acrylic Mini Hinge

Acrylic Mini Hinge has a transparent finished surface with 2.8-3.5mm thickness. It can be used both in wooden and glass doors.

Acrylic Perspex Hinge

Acrylic Perspex Hinge is available in different sizes like 25X33X3mm to 300X45X3.5mm with SGS certification; it also accepts OEM.

Storage Cases Acrylic Hinge

Storage Cases Acrylic Hinge is easy to use, convenient, sturdy, and safe to use. It has high transparency that can bear weight up to 5kg.

Folding Light Duty Acrylic Hinges

Folding Light Duty Acrylic Hinges features clear with bearing and without bearing that has functional and foldable style. It has safe and easy to use and has a smooth surface.

Door Butt Clear Acrylic Hinges

Door Butt Clear Acrylic Hinges features a simple design applied in hotel, kitchen, living room, dinner, and outdoor with 3.5mm thickness.

Acrylic Folding For Jewelry Box Making

Acrylic Folding For Jewelry Box Making features a modern design that is composed of plexiglass and acrylic with 3mm thickness.

Box Piano Acrylic Hinge

It features durability, high transparency like crystal-clear, and a beautiful appearance. It’s applied in the kitchen, home office, bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

Beveled Edge Perspex Acrylic Hinge

Beveled Edge Perspex Acrylic Hinge features high transparency, is sturdy, and is easy to install; it functions as a connector for your plastic door and plastic box.

Cabinet Transparent Acrylic Plastic Hinges

Cabinet Transparent Acrylic Plastic Hinges are composed of high-quality acrylic available in many sizes for your demands. It can be used to replace metal hinges.

Display Cabinet Door Acrylic Hinge

Display Cabinet Door Acrylic Hinge is a modern design style applied in office buildings and for the doors, cabinets, acrylic boxes, and drawer cabinet locker.

High Quality Acrylic Hinge

Weprofab High Quality Acrylic Hinge has a modern design style with clear finishing color. It is ideal for door and furniture usage and has a custom size and thickness.

Folding Small Acrylic Hinge

Weprofab Folding Small Acrylic Hinge is a modern style with a push or pull function. This acrylic hinge has an exquisite characteristic.

Durable Clear Acrylic Hinge

Weprofab Durable Clear Acrylic Hinge is a minimalist design style with a 3mm thickness. It is ideal for kitchen, bathroom, living room, home office, etc., applications.

Transparent Folding Acrylic Hinge

Weprofab Transparent Folding Acrylic Hinge is 100% brand new and high-quality. It is perfect for wooden boxes, heavy-duty wooden boxes, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, etc.

Plexiglass Lucite Acrylic Hinge

Weprofab Plexiglass Lucite Acrylic Hinge is made of 100% top-grade acrylic. It is a furniture hinge type that has an eco-friendly style.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Hinges

WeProFab acrylic hinges is a synthetic material. WeProFab designed this acrylic hinges so you can be able to glue acrylic sheets. This material is the easiest to fabricate, to shape, to maintain, and most of all easy to clean. It is stronger than any other material which is lighter and highly transparent than glass.

WeProFab acrylic hinges are very useful. It has the capability to join sheets together. It can fix boxes’ problems and durably protects storage cases.

In many years, acrylics are known as the easiest materials in production. Unbreakable, sturdy, UV and deterioration resistant, etc, are the main reason why acrylics are ideal for many.

WeProFab fabricates durable and functional acrylic hinges for clear sheets. This is ideal for metal hinges replacement which offers lesser efforts for installation.

Lots of features of WeProFab acrylic hinges such as flexibility, resistance, abrasion, and a good insulator are perfectly provided. The WeProFab expert team from our market are highly trained to design, fabricate and any other processes.

For acrylic hinges applications, it is suitable for storage boxes or cases, furniture and decors, shields, signage, and many other types of equipment. Acrylics provide the best solutions in production.

In terms of purchasing products such as acrylic hinges, WeProFab are trusted and can be the right choice in choosing. WeProFab is a reliable supplier and manufacturer in this manufacturing industry.

We prioritize every client’s design to give their satisfaction in handling a business.

As a certified and leading plastic or metal fabricator in this industry, we are capable to hold any of the processes that may take. We give the best and most effective suggestions and advice for your projects.

In many years of manufacturing, we built the best relationships in many people in the business. We have helped many of them to be successful.

WeProFab is a one-stop solution for plastic and metal production. Worry no more when purchasing acrylic hinges. We strictly provide the best of the best quality not for our sake but for our client’s projects.

The reason why people choose us to be their long-term partner is because of our profitable yet affordable products provided. A competitive rate according to the features, designs, and sizes.

WeProFab has a wide variety of selection of acrylic hinges. You can choose your desired sizes suitable for your applications.

Easy deal with us and get your unique and negotiable acrylic hinges. You can be successful like what others did. Contact us today!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Hinges

Highly functional and durable, acrylic hinges easily replace metal hinges in varied applications and is one of the easiest synthetic materials to fabricate, shape, and maintain.

The acrylic hinge is sturdy, deterioration, and UV resistant.

Acrylic Hinges

Acrylic Hinges

You can choose from hundreds of custom-designed acrylic hinges for cases or storage boxes, signage, decors, shields, furniture, and other applications.

If you have questions about acrylic hinges, read on to find out everything you need to know about acrylic hinges.

How Are Acrylic Hinges Fabricated?

The professional acrylic fabricator can easily fulfill your precise fabrication requirements for any kind of custom application.

The process starts by creating the acrylic hinge prototype from an acrylic sheet stock.

Subtractive manufacturing or the process of progressively cutting this acrylic sheet into the required shape begins.

You can make very small and precise cuts with the laser-cut acrylic hinges machine.

CNC machining includes CNC thermoforming, milling, die cutting, drilling, and other services.

Acrylic hinges bending machines are often used to fulfill large and small custom OEM/ODM orders.

For custom design verifications, a limited number of acrylic hinge prototypes are created with the CNC machining process.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Hinges?

· Spring Acrylic Hinges

Spring Acrylic Hinges

Spring Acrylic Hinges

Available in standard sizes ranging from 1 1/2” to 12” the high-strength spring acrylic hinges are designed with self-closing stainless-steel springs.

You can get custom-sized hinges with optical finishes that can be easily glued on to predesigned large cementing areas with perfect bonds.

These hinges work efficiently on 1/4″, 3/16″ and 1/8″ materials reinforced with ribs and micro dots to enable permanent bonds.

Choose from crystal-clear, and custom-colored acrylic hinges with transparent, self-lubricating nylon pins that blend easily with the base material.

Achieve high optical finishes for your spring acrylic hinges glued with easily available acrylic solvents.

· Customized Acrylic Hinges

Customized Acrylic Hinges

Customized Acrylic Hinges

Designed to match your brand and stand out as quality components, customized acrylic hinges are popular choices for the OEM/ODM world markets.

Explore hundreds of selections in different styles and sizes to get great ideas for your new product prototypes.

Get virtually unbreakable acrylic hinges in clear and custom colors.

Choose from flat or wrapped acrylic hinges.

You can install flat hinges on acrylic sheets of any thickness.

Wrapped hinges are installed directly only on acrylic sheets with sheet thickness up to ¼”.

If the sheet thickness increases beyond ¼”, you will need to bevel the edges at 45 ̊to install the wrapped acrylic hinge correctly.

· Transparent Acrylic Hinges

Transparent Acrylic Hinges

Transparent Acrylic Hinges

Completely see-through, transparent acrylic hinges are widely used on bulk food cases and display boxes that need high optical views.

Replace metal hinges with these clear acrylic hinges.

You can install them almost instantly using solvent cement on display cases, store fixtures, and acrylic boxes.

Additional fasteners mounted through drilled holes are not needed to hold these acrylic hinges in place.

· Clear Acrylic Continuous Hinges

Clear Acrylic Continuous Hinges

Clear Acrylic Continuous Hinges

Running along the full length of the box or cabinet, clear acrylic continuous hinges come without holes.

They blend seamlessly with the box or cabinet, as no drilled holes are needed to hold these hinges in place.

Consult your manufacturer to decide the knuckle length, thickness, and pin diameter for custom-length acrylic hinges.

· PMMA Acrylic Hinges

PMMA Acrylic Hinges

PMMA Acrylic Hinges

Made of highly-transparent polymethyl thermoplastic, PMMA acrylic hinges allow around 93% of the light to pass through.

Guaranteed to last for at least 10 years, these hinges have 10 to 20 times the impact strength of glass.

They offer excellent acoustic and thermal insulation benefits.

PMMA material is extremely easy to machine and mold.

Avoid using PMMA acrylic hinges with acetic acid, acetone, ethyl acetate, benzene, sulfuric acid, butanes, chloroform, amyl alcohol, and dichloromethane.

Extremely rigid, acrylic hinges are as hard as aluminum but develop scratches.

You need a polishing compound to remove these scratches.

Also, PMMA is easily combustible, so it will burn through once it catches fire.

· Surface-Mounted Acrylic Hinges

Surface-Mounted Acrylic Hinges

Surface-Mounted Acrylic Hinges

Preferred for use on large doors, surface-mounted acrylic hinges are commonly used on ¼” and 5/16” acrylic sheets.

You can use custom acrylic hinges to replace metal hinges on large acrylic cabinet doors and other applications.

These surface-mounted acrylic hinges come in packages containing top and bottom sets.

The professional acrylic hinge manufacturer provides instruction sheets on recommended door widths, door weight, hole, and cutout measurements.

· Acrylic Flex Fold Hinges

Acrylic Flex Fold Hinges

Acrylic Flex Fold Hinges

Co-extruded from transparent acrylic material, acrylic flex fold hinges have high impact resistance and are UV stable in all weather conditions.

Available in cut-to-size lengths, acrylic flex fold hinges contain a flexible center section bonded in between rigid outer surfaces.

Coated with urethane elastomer, these acrylic hinges develop high chemical, tear, moisture, and abrasion resistance.

Custom acrylic flex fold hinges are durable and versatile.

Fabricated unique acrylic hinges are ideal for specialized applications.

· Perspex Acrylic Hinges

Perspex Acrylic Hinges

Perspex Acrylic Hinges

Mounted on fixed-base acrylic material, Perspex acrylic hinges are highly transparent folding hinges available in standard and custom sizes.

Perspex acrylic hinges are made of high impact-resistant and durable acrylic.

You will find that high-tech manufacturing and stringent quality assurance processes ensure secure retention and attachment of moving parts.

The Perspex acrylic hinge has an appealing look with polished beveled edges.

These are cost-effective replacements for your metal hinges that need drilled fasteners holding them in place on the base acrylic material.

You can directly glue these acrylic hinges on to grooved surface areas with commonly available bonding adhesives.

· Printed Acrylic Hinges

Printed Acrylic Hinges

 Printed Acrylic Hinges

Ideal for digital printing options, printed acrylic hinges enhance brand value for OEM/ODM acrylic business applications.

Your custom printing jobs are fulfilled on high-performance silkscreen printers for added weathering protection.

These acrylic hinges are printable on different sizes, colors, and substrates.

You will find that highly accurate dimensional, volume, color, and tolerance limits are established.

· Black Acrylic Hinges

Black Acrylic Hinges

 Black Acrylic Hinges

Manufactured for custom specialized applications, black acrylic hinges are essentially low-cost replacements for metal hinges.

They are high-gloss elements that add aesthetic value to non-display boxes and other opaque applications.

You will find these hinges especially useful when instant hinges must be glued on to the base material without any added fabrications.

· Mini Acrylic Hinges

Mini Acrylic Hinges

 Mini Acrylic Hinges

Made to replace metal hinges, mini acrylic hinges have similar sizes, colors, and functions as well.

You can find ready mini acrylic hinges for a wide variety of applications.

They are reinforced with excellent chemical stability, transparency, and weather-resistant features.

· Acrylic Box Hinges

Acrylic Box Hinges

Acrylic Box Hinges

Available with or without bearings, acrylic box hinges are designed to fit custom-sized boxes and cases of different shapes and sizes.

You can use acrylic glue to assemble these mini acrylic hinges quickly and permanently.

They are freely available in stock. Most suppliers can fulfill OEM/ODM acrylic box hinge orders at short notice.

· Acrylic Door Hinges

Acrylic Door Hinges

Acrylic Door Hinges

Applied to furniture, cabinets, and showcases, acrylic door hinges establish highly secure permanent bonds with acrylic glue.

You can use them for installing doors and windows in applications like modular kitchens that demand crystal-clear and high transparency acrylic hinges.

These acrylic hinges have around 16 times the impact resistance of glass.

Clear acrylic door hinges sustain 92% light transmission rates.

Easy to maintain, use a piece of soft cloth dipped in water to clean this surface.

· Acrylic Piano Hinges

Acrylic Piano Hinges

 Acrylic Piano Hinges

Fabricated for high-profile end products like jewelry cases, acrylic piano hinges are normally made in 45” X 38” and 65” X 42” sizes.

You can get clear acrylic continuous piano hinges and custom acrylic hinges in different classifications.

Perspex and PMMA acrylic piano hinges are quite popular, as they are easy to bond with prescribed acrylic solvents.

· Premium Acrylic Hinges

Premium Acrylic Hinges

Premium Acrylic Hinges

Made of high-quality Perspex or other acrylic material, premium acrylic hinges meet your custom requirements for size, color, and thickness.

Durable and highly functional, premium acrylic hinges have precision laser-cut edges.

Easy to work with, these hinges have clear, strong, and smooth actions that hold up for considerably longer periods than standard acrylic hinges.

· Acrylic Living Hinges

Acrylic Living Hinges

Acrylic Living Hinges

Transparent and continuous, acrylic living hinges are low-profile flex hinges with high impact resistance.

You will find that this low-profile acrylic hinge firmly connects two rigid acrylic pieces together allowing them to bend along the specified hinge line.

Since the base and hinge material are the same, the rigid acrylic pieces fit perfectly around these acrylic living hinges.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Acrylic Hinges?

1. Cost Effective

A single piece of acrylic sheet stock is used to fabricate several acrylic hinges.

It is, therefore, a cost-effective process to procure custom hinges or prototypes for any kind of application.

2. Blending Capability

Acrylic shapes are clean and shiny.

They seamlessly blend into and join acrylic and other base materials.

Perform any number of design innovations with these acrylic hinges.

Establish smooth and continuous curves and develop intricate designs that add value to the aesthetics of the final product.

3. Durability

Acrylic hinges are very durable.

Fabricated acrylics are nearly 20 times stronger than glass, so they last longer.

You can limit the number of movable parts to a minimum, thus making these acrylic hinges highly resistant from wear and tear.

4. Flexibility

Acrylic sustains high flexibility around the axis of rotation even after several uses.

5. Moisture Resistant

Acrylic hinges are not affected by moisture and other chemicals present in the air.

Material degradation does not take place.

6. Practical Design

Choose from available standard designs for any custom application.

The simplicity with which these acrylic hinges function means you can use them with any number of injection-molded prototype products.

7. Temperature Resistant

Even though the melting point of acrylic is just around 160 ̊C, it can be used in applications that do not produce chemical reactions.

Moreover, you can always use another acrylic hinge to replace the melted one.

It is easy to clean and remove fragments around the axis of rotation.

Glue on a new acrylic hinge at the same location.

8. Lifespan

Acrylic hinges will last the lifespan of the component on which it is mounted.

In other words, the hinge can function any number of times repeatedly without breakdown or wear and tear.

9. Flexing Capability

Though acrylic hinges in boxes and other applications must rotate to 180 degrees, they are capable of rotating well beyond 180 degrees around the axis of rotation.

Designs ensure hinges reach the desired flexing limits as they open lids, shutters, doors, or windows.

10. Maintenance Free

Acrylic hinges are maintenance-free components.

Use a piece of soft cloth to remove dust and other impurities from the hinge.

Wash with a mild soap and water solution if necessary.

This video shows you how to use acrylic hinges to bond plastic sheets together.

How Much Do Acrylic Hinges Cost?

The cost of acrylic hinges depends on a number of factors:

1. Hinge Size

The size of your acrylic hinges will determine how much material is needed for fabrication and polishing.

Custom sizes may add to material cost.

2. Protective Coating

Acrylic materials co-extruded or coated with other materials create protective coats.

These additional materials and process costs are included in the cost of finished acrylic hinges.

3. Unique Designs

You will find that manufacturers of acrylic hinges stock standard sizes and designs.

If your application design demands unique hinge designs, then you must calculate the costs incurred in preparing drawings, prototypes, samples, approval and packing costs.

4. Hinge Installation

Depending on your application, flat or wrapped hinges are installed.

Their installation processes differ.

Also, the thickness of the base material varies for flat and wrapped hinges.

Beveling costs must be added for thicknesses more than ¼ inch.

Are There Size Limitations For Acrylic Hinges?

Acrylic continuous hinges are made to fit large doors and cabinets.

There are no size limitations.

Professional acrylic fabricators offer custom acrylic hinges that match your application demands.

Do Acrylic Hinges Last Forever?

Acrylic components usually carry warranties of 10 years or more.

Their lifespans depend on indoor or outdoor usage.

Exposure to direct sunlight will turn acrylic hinges yellow.

Proper installation and regular cleaning increases the lifespan of the acrylic hinges.

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