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Acrylic hookah boxes are acrylic water pipes used for smoking flavored tobacco. They can give users a unique smoking experience. Aside from that, the acrylic hookah boxes have aesthetic and elegant designs and colors. Due to that, they are used as a decorative element at parties and events.

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WeProFab offers acrylic hookah boxes in a range of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs to suit various project needs.

Square Clear Acrylic Hookah Box (1)

The square clear acrylic hookah boxes are commonly used when traveling, partying, or at home. They have glass-like transparency.

Acrylic Bottle Hookah Box

The acrylic bottle hookah boxes can be a great decorative addition to clubs, bars, and other events. They feature a sleek and elegant body.

Acrylic Hexagon Hookah Box

The hexagon hookah boxes feature a thick base and clear body. They are break-resistant and suitable for many uses.

Acrylic Translucent Hookah Box

The acrylic translucent hookah boxes offer excellent durability and portable design. They can provide users with unique smoking pleasure.

Acrylic Diamond Hookah Box

The acrylic diamond hookah boxes are visually attractive, lightweight, and sturdy. They are used to add a decorative touch to parties and events.

Acrylic Heart Hookah Box

The acrylic heart hookah boxes are perfect for beginner smokers and hookah enthusiasts. They have a unique shape that makes them appealing.

Acrylic Rectangle Hookah Box

The acrylic rectangle hookah boxes have a flat design and compact size. They are easy to assemble and suitable for traveling.

Acrylic Round Hookah Box

The acrylic round hookah boxes feature efficient airflow. Users will surely have an amazing smoking experience.

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Main Features

Lightweight– Acrylic hookah boxes are lighter than glass hookah boxes. Since they are lightweight, they can be carried around easily. They are travel-friendly.

Sturdy –Acrylic hookah boxes are also more durable than glass hookah boxes. They can withstand impacts, breakage, and shattering. These hookah boxes are sturdy enough to resist

Airtight – Acrylic hookah boxes have no leakage.

The acrylic hookah boxes also feature good heat dissipation, temperature resistance, easy cleaning, easy assembly, and more.

Main Features

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WeProFab | Your Professional Acrylic Hookah Box Manufacturer

WeProFab aims to achieve full customer satisfaction to build strong business relationships. That is why we offer the best quality acrylic hookah boxes at competitive prices. We ensure their quality by implementing quality control from the start to the end of the production process of the acrylic hookah boxes. Our professional QA team also inspects the acrylic hookah boxes before their shipment to make sure you receive defect-free and premium quality products.

To satisfy your special business needs, we offer custom acrylic hookah boxes. We have the expertise and advanced manufacturing equipment that allow us to produce acrylic hookah boxes based on designs, samples, or drawings.

Contact us for more details about our acrylic hookah boxes and services.

What are the Components of an Acrylic Hookah Box?

Acrylic hookah boxes have different components and accessories such as grommets, bowls, hoses, pipes, smoke chambers, hookah bases, LED lights, and more. The grommet and bowl are usually made of high-quality silicone material.

What are the Applications of Acrylic Hookah Boxes?

The acrylic hookah boxes are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. They are suitable for outdoor camping, picnics, pool parties, beach, and traveling. Also, acrylic hookah boxes are commonly found in clubs, bars, etc.

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