• Acrylic Humidor

Acrylic Humidor

WeProFab is an experienced floating acrylic wall frame manufacturer in China. As an acrylic humidor maker, we can produce storage solutions – easy to clean, water‐resistant, and shatter‐resistant. We have a wide range of acrylic humidor for you to choose from.

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Use WeProFab Acrylic Humidor to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab acrylic humidor is made from flawless acrylic sheets. As a professional manufacturer, we are passionate to manufacture excellent acrylic humidors to boom your business.

Acrylic humidor manufacturer

Weprofab is one of the best acrylic humidor manufacturers in China. We are producing this product in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Acrylic humidor assembly

We have the capacity to produce high-quality acrylic humidor assembly and other parts for the best price.

Custom acrylic humidor for cigar

Weprofab is capable of producing standard and custom acrylic humidor for cigars. In fact, we can customize products with your own ideas and designs.

Black acrylic cigarettes humidor

If you are looking for a premium quality black acrylic cigar humidor, Weprofab has a wide range of this product available for you.

Large acrylic 75-cigar humidor

We can provide large acrylic 75-cigar humidor perfect for luxurious and for-display cigars. This product comes in great deals.

Small acrylic humidor

Weprofab small acrylic humidor is made from the latest manufacturing system handled by expert engineers and workers.

WeProFab: Your Premier Acrylic Humidor Manufacturer

Weprofab has been manufacturing acrylic humidor for over 20 years. We could offer you a complete solution for acrylic fabrication. As a joint-venture company of WeeTect and a local plastic fabrication manufacturer in China, we make sure to satisfy your project needs.

Weprofab can custom-made acrylic humidor for you. There are two material options; extruded acrylic sheet or cast acrylic sheet. We will choose the manufacturing process to make your acrylic humidor., including laser cut acrylic humidor, acrylic humidor bonding, acrylic humidor assembly, and more. We can deliver a valuable products to you. Feel free to send your design; we will give the perfect product!

Custom Acrylic Humidor to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic cigar humidor

Weprofab acrylic cigar humidor features unique style, modern designs and fits the latest trends. Your customers will surely love this product.

Acrylic desktop humidor

We are also providing acrylic desktop humidor and all other parts. We are your best choice when it comes to acrylic humidors.

Tobacco leaf acrylic humidor

For tobacco leaf acrylic humidor, Weprofab focused on enhancing this product to make it a top grade and has international quality.

Smoked acrylic humidor dark

Our smoked acrylic humidor dark is perfect for big-time customers. It is perfect for showing off the pricey cigars and other products.

Acrylic humidor with lid

Weprofab is manufacturing acrylic humidor with a lid that offers the best features you can find. It also comes from the best after-sale services.

Zino acrylic humidor

Zino acrylic humidor from Weprofab is made from high quality materials to ensure its quality, durability and long-lasting performance.

WeProFab Acrylic Humidor

Weprofab manufactures acrylic humidor at its finest. We are producing more stylish, more creative, and more unique acrylic humidor you can find. It is washable, water-resistant, and develops with high-quality materials to reduce the risk of damage.

Weprofab acrylic humidor is lightweight, durable, and made from thick, premium acrylic. It is clear, available for any type of cigar, and has an airtight seal. We produce this acrylic humidor in all sizes, shapes, and capacities. This product has gone through all the quality tests like CE and ISO9001 certifications.

Our acrylic humidor is guaranteed top quality and affordable. We produce an acrylic humidor that surely fits your customers’ taste. Weprofab acrylic humidor has come in many styles and designs.

We can produce this product in compact and highly portable. Attached with clasp and gasket seal designs. It features modern models for acrylic humidor and space-saving.

Weprofab acrylic humidor has low maintenance, moisture-resistant and decent price to value ratio. We can produce this product with magnetic closure to keep the aroma and flavor of the cigar.

Our company can also produce acrylic humidor with walnut top and base with lock and key. A perfect type of acrylic humidor perfect for home use and business.

Our acrylic humidor comes in a wide variety of designs and styles for you to choose from. For parts, components and accessories, you don’t need to go further.

Weprofab has the full capacity to produce them all. For years, we have been providing acrylic humidor and other products worldwide.

Over decades, Weprofab improves our products to their limit. We want to make sure that we produce the best product and services for you.

Our years of experience helped us gained an enormous amount of feedback and repeat orders internationally. We aim to give you the same services that we offer. Not only that, but Weprofab also offers great deals and outstanding after-sale services.

Weprofab is composed of professional workers operating our latest and advanced manufacturing system and machines. Our team keeps on innovating our products to enhance their quality in the market. With our acrylic humidor and other products, you will surely hit your market sales.

We can assure you that we are your reliable manufacturer and distributor of an acrylic humidor. You can check on us whenever you want. We are glad to help you find your ideal products. Just send us your inquiries anytime!

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