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Acrylic Jewelry Box

Weprofab is one of the leading and largest acrylic jewelry box manufacturer in China. We are offering a high-class range of acrylic jewelry boxes to our customers. We manufacture all kinds of acrylic jewelry boxes that fit for your business. Send us your ideal design and we are going to give a best products for you.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Jewelry Box Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the ideal acrylic jewelry box manufacturer, who can help you to enhance your business visibility
and to increased credibility for your brand.

Transparent Crystal Acrylic Jewelry Box

Weprofab transparent crystal acrylic jewelry box is the best for displaying and storing any kind of jewelry. Weprofab manufactures the best kind of transparent crystal acrylic jewelry box.

Dust proof Acrylic Jewelry Box

Weprofab has the full capability to provide any home jewelry decorations. We have many kinds of jewelry box especially a dustproof acrylic jewelry box.

Packup Acrylic Jewelry Box

Weprofab has the capacity to custom beautiful and amazing designs packup acrylic jewelry boxes. Our packup acrylic jewelry boxes has an interesting features with great designs that can gain so much attention to your customers.

Drawer Acrylic Jewelry Box

If you are looking for a 3 drawer acrylic jewelry box, Weprofab has all types of acrylic jewelry box that exactly suits your requirements.

Drawer Acrylic Jewelry Box

If you want gorgeous and fashionable jewelry box, Weprofab can make it for you. We have 5 drawer acrylic jewelry box that was created made of durable acrylic materials.

Multi purpose Acrylic Jewelry Box

If you are in need of acrylic jewelry box with more spacious, then Weprofab is the right choice for you. We are manufacturing different acrylic jewelry box that may fit your acrylic business.


WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Jewelry Box Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Weprofab is one of the largest acrylic jewelry box manufacturers. We have gorgeous and unique designed of this amazing acrylic jewelry box which offers a thorough presentation and display of your entire collection of jewelry, both at home and in the jewelry business.

Inquire us now!

Custom Acrylic Jewelry Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Engraved Acrylic Jewelry Box

In Weprofab, we can able to custom engraved acrylic jewelry box. We can provide the best jewelry box for storing necklaces, rings, and many more.

Handmade Acrylic Jewelry Box

Weprofab can provide an acrylic jewelry box. We have an intelligent designer to make perfect handmade acrylic jewelry box.

Painted Acrylic Jewelry Box

Weprofab offers painted acrylic jewelry boxes which more attractive and eye-catching products.

Acrylic Luxury Jewelry Box

The acrylic luxury jewelry box is highly made from non-oxidized and stable materials. It features non-yellowing and bright colors.

Acrylic Jewelry Box with Drawer

The acrylic jewelry box with drawer has good resilience. It provides an effective storage solution for jewelry like necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Acrylic Jewelry Display Box

The acrylic jewelry display box is good for organizing and displaying small personal items, jewelry, and other valuable belongings.

Acrylic Earing Box

An acrylic earring box can be customized according to different requirements, including the dimensions, thickness, shape, color, etc.

Clear Acrylic Jewelry Box

A clear acrylic jewelry box is a beautiful gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

Simple Acrylic Jewelry Box

The simple acrylic jewelry box has stable and uniform quality. Its appearance will remain beautiful under outdoor exposure.

Countertop Jewelry Box

The acrylic countertop jewelry box can be customized in different colors, including clear, black, white, yellow, blue, pink, red, grey, and more.

Acrylic Ring Box

The acrylic ring box has a modern and elegant design. Any design and dimension of the acrylic jewelry box are always available—good resistance to chemicals and weather.

Fashionable Acrylic Jewelry Box

The fashionable acrylic jewelry box has high light transparency. It is a functional box and perfect for keeping jewelry and other personal accessories.

Large Acrylic Jewelry Box

The large acrylic jewelry box is designed to keep multi jewelry pieces and protect belongings from dust.

Acrylic Crystal Clear Jewelry Box

An acrylic crystal clear jewelry box has a close fit, good texture, and without burrs. It is great for protecting jewelry and preventing scratches.

Acrylic Necklace Box

The acrylic necklace box is beautiful and excellent. Highly made from sturdy and durable acrylic materials. Available at affordable and cheap prices.

Acrylic Engagement Ring Box

An acrylic engagement ring box is easy to clean and maintain. It is available in various shapes, measurements, colors, and designs.

Mini Acrylic Jewelry Box

The mini acrylic jewelry is perfect for displaying or storing small jewelry. It features wear-resistant, dustproof, easy to watch, and scratch-resistant

Colorful Acrylic Jewelry Box

The colorful acrylic jewelry box is good for people to take out what they have in it. It has an attractive and good outlook.

Acrylic Jewelry and Cosmetics Box

Acrylic jewelry and the cosmetic box are perfect for keeping the cosmetics together with the jewelry. It keeps things neat and tidy.

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Why Weprofab Acrylic Jewelry Box

Weprofab acrylic jewelry boxes are designed for storing and displaying pieces of jewelry.

It presents jewelries in an interesting and pleasant way and in anywhere you want.

Weprofab is one of the professional manufacturer of acrylic jewelry box in China.

We developed acrylic jewelry box with superior quality of raw materials with impeccable designs.

Acrylic Jewelry Box

Weprofab offers you custom designed acrylic jewelry boxes with stunning features.

It has massive storing and displaying all types of jewelry.

All of our acrylic jewelry boxes are manufactured using our advanced technology equipment operated by expert technicians.

We have more ideas which can add a unique facade and boost the merit of our products.

In Weprofab, there are many stocks of acrylic jewelry boxes for those with special requirements.

At Weprofab, we offer the widest variety style of acrylic jewelry boxes that are all available and ready to be cast every day.

We have different acrylic jewelry boxes to choose.

There’s a high chance that if you are trying to match a specific style we probably already have it.

In Weprofab, you can enjoy the benefits of the latest technology without sacrificing creativity.

Acrylic Jewelry Box

You can also consult with one of our designers and create a new design of acrylic jewelry boxes from your concept.

We, Weprofab, are committed to our customers’ self-design/development and OEM/ODM.

In our many years of goodwill and experiences, you can ensure the best quality, service, and profit at all times.

In addition, all our activities are managed by highly qualified professionals in an efficient manner.

Moreover, we have an expert team of professionals who carry out operations such as molding, flocking, assembly, stamping and others in an efficient manner.

Acrylic Jewelry Box

You can get more advantages in using our products because we are energetic and enthusiastic with a creative mind, our development is attributed to the efforts of prominent teamwork and team spirit.

We look forward to assisting you.

For more information about our acrylic jewelry box, just contact us!

Acrylic Jewelry Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In case you want to skyrocket your acrylic jewelry box OEM business, then read this guide.

It has all the answers to questions you may have about the acrylic jewelry box.

Take a look:

What is Acrylic Jewelry Box?

This box is made from acrylic material mainly to store jewelry, i.e., necklaces, earrings, beads, etc.

It is a useful, clear plastic that resembles a glass.

The acrylic jewelry box is usually sturdy, and therefore it can be used to hold heavy objects.

Acrylic jewelry box

Acrylic jewelry box

What is the Acrylic Jewelry Box used for?

The acrylic jewelry box is primarily used to store jewelry.

This product is multi-functional.

Meaning, it can be used for various applications, i.e., it can be used in homes, offices, etc.

Can you use Acrylic Jewelry Box as a Gift Box?

Of course, the jewelry can be given as a gift.

This is usually done by placing the gifts in the acrylic box and then later given to the clients as gifts.

This is generally done during promotions or after buying a certain quantity of these boxes.

You can actually customize these accessories to make the best acrylic gift boxes.

Does the Acrylic Jewelry Box come in Colored Configuration?

Of course!

The acrylic jewelry box typically comes in a variety of colors.

The color of the acrylic box will depend on the application requirements.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Jewelry Box?

The acrylic jewelry box has many benefits that make it suitable for storing jewelry.

Some of those benefits include;

The acrylic sheet is usually sturdy, and therefore it can support objects that are so heavy.

This property makes the item ideal to be used in holding much heavier objects.

The acrylic jewelry box is highly durable.

This is due to its ability to withstand physical impact.

These boxes also have good transparency, chemical stability, and weather resistance.

Acrylic jewelry box

Acrylic jewelry box

Does the Acrylic Jewelry Boxes have Limitations?

Yes, it has but a few. Some of the disadvantages include;

The main disadvantage of this product is mainly based on the price.

The cost of making and buying these items usually seems to be high.

The acrylic box is also prone to scratches.

However, once it occurs, you should not be worried since there are many ways you can use to do away with the scratches.

Car polish is ordinarily useful for removing scratches out of the acrylic displays or box.

How long does the Acrylic Jewelry Box last?

This will depend on how you maintain your acrylic box.

Proper maintenance will make the acrylic box to have a longer lifespan.

It’s the ability to offer resistance to weather, physical impacts, and chemicals make it also to last for a longer period.

Most of the acrylic jewelry boxes usually last for 10years or more.

Can you Paint the Acrylic Jewelry Box?

Yes, you can.

All you need is choosing a suitable paint that is compatible with acrylic.

In case you like a glossy look, you can use bright paint or buy something similar to Krylon acrylic coating aerosol spray.

The process of painting the acrylic jewelry box is simple and straightforward.

First, all you need:

  • White acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Water
  • Soft cloth
  • Various colors of acrylic paint depending on how you want your box to look like
  • Acrylic box you want to paint

Step 1- you need to lightly sand the rough areas and edges using fine-grit sandpaper and water.

Once the surface appears smooth, dry it using a soft cloth.

The sanding will allow new coats of primer and paint to adhere.

Then, primer the surface using white paint and allow it to dry completely before applying another paint.

Step 2-Paint the surface of the box using a thin layer of acrylic paint.

You can use any color as long as it gives the shade you need.

Allow it to dry completely then seal with a clear coat.

Repeat the same procedure on the interior of the box.

How can you Clean Acrylic Jewelry Box?

This is very easy.

All you need to have is a solution of mild dishwashing soap, soft microfiber cloth, and water or house cleaner.

To clean effectively, begin with a damp cloth and wipe all over the exterior of the acrylic box, picking up dust and dirt.

Then dry it off with a soft dry cloth.

Alternatively, you can use a dusting product like Endust to pick up dust and lose specks of dirt.

If the acrylic box is a little dustier, you can use mild dishwashing soap and a soft cloth to clean the entire surface of the acrylic box.

After that, wipe the surface using a moist clean cloth.

Drying wiping acrylic jewelry boxes is not recommended since it can result in unwanted scratches, and it can also lessen the clarity and shininess of the acrylic box.

Acrylic jewelry box with drawers

Acrylic jewelry box with drawers

How do you keep Pieces of Jewelry from Tarnishing in Acrylic Jewelry Box?

Moisture is always the main factor that stimulates or speeds up the tarnishing process.

It, therefore, means that before you store your jewelry, you must ensure it is dry.

You should store different jewelry separately.

Always ensure that jewelry is not touching inside the box.

This reduces the chances of jewelry tarnishing inside the box.

You also need to lower the relative humidity of the room where you are keeping your jewelry box.

Placing an acrylic jewelry box in open space can also make the jewelry to tarnish so quickly.

Which Acrylic Jewelry Box design is there?

There are quite a number of acrylic jewelry box designs.

Some of the designs include; acrylic deluxe jewel box with seven drawers, an acrylic jewelry box with five drawers, multi-purpose acrylic jewelry box, amongst others.

Basically, you can get any design of acrylic jewelry box design you need.

Acrylic jewelry box

Colored acrylic jewelry box

Transparent acrylic box

 Transparent acrylic box

Do Acrylic Jewelry Boxes scratch easily?

Yes, but most of the acrylic boxes usually have a scratch-resistant coating.

Still, in case of scratches appear on your acrylic box, you should not be worried.

Overcoming this is quite easy and inexpensive.

All you need to have is acrylic polish, 800 and 1200 sandpaper grit, alongside water for soaking the sandpapers.

First, wet one of the 800 grit sandpaper and rub it over the acrylic box in a circular for about 3 minutes.

Repeat the same procedure using a dry 800 grit sandpaper for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Next, move to 1200 grit sandpaper.

Wet one of the sandpapers and rub it over the acrylic box in a circular motion.

Repeat the same procedure using dry sandpaper.

Continue kneading until all the scratches disappear.

Finally, dry the acrylic box using a clean, dry, and soft cotton cloth.

Then apply acrylic polish on the acrylic box.

The acrylic polish should restore your acrylic box to a high level of shine.

In case of deep scratches, the procedures remain the same; what changes is the number of sandpapers.

In this case, you will be required to have three sandpapers, i.e., 600,800 and 1200 grit sandpapers.

Which is the best Acrylic Jewelry Box?

You can trust WeProFab Acrylic Jewelry Box.

Our company is one of the best and leading acrylic jewelry box manufacture in China.

We manufacture all kinds of acrylic jewelry boxes of different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs that fit your business.

Some of the kinds of acrylic jewelry boxes we manufacture include; transparent crystal acrylic box, dustproof acrylic box, pack up acrylic jewelry box, multi-purpose jewelry box, three-drawer jewelry box amongst others.

All our acrylic jewelry boxes are manufactured using advanced technology equipment operated by technicians with an unrivaled experience.

We have more ideas that can add unique façade and improve the merit of our products.

We also offer non-stop solutions to our customers in cases of challenges on the product.

How much does Acrylic Jewelry Box Cost?

There is no fixed amount for the acrylic jewelry box.

The price of this product varies depending on the size of the box, color, and the design of the box.

It, therefore, depends on the application made.

Acrylic jewelry box

Acrylic jewelry box

Can you print on acrylic jewelry box?

Yes, you can print on acrylic box.

Whether you want to display some information on the acrylic box or use it for adverts, you can easily print on its surface.

For acrylic jewelry box, screen printing is a popular technique.

Are there Jewelry Boxes made from Polycarbonate Material?

Yes, there is.

The soft nature of polycarbonate material makes it be used in molding jewelry boxes of different shapes and sizes.

Just like acrylic jewelry boxes, polycarbonate jewelry boxes are mainly used to store pieces of jewelry i.e., necklaces, earrings, and other personal accessories.

However, polycarbonate jewelry boxes are not very popular since they are expensive.

Do Acrylic Jewelry Box yellow in the Sun?

Acrylic box does not yellow in the sun.

This because the acrylic materials used to make the box is always inert in solid state hence there is no effect when the box is exposed to sunlight.

How big is Acrylic Jewelry Box?

Acrylic jewelry boxes are available in different sizes.

Most of the acrylic jewelry boxes usually have a size of 120 by 120.

However, this can change depending on the application requirements.

Is there Size Limitations for Acrylic Jewelry Organizers?

No, the acrylic jewelry box comes typically in a wider variety of sizes or shapes.

It implies the design and the size of the box will depend on the application of the inquiry made by the customers.

All you need is to send an inquiry of the size of the box you may want, and we will not disappoint.

What is the Benefit of Acrylic Jewelry Box with Drawers?

The box with a drawer is the best. Some of the benefits of this box include;

The drawer provides easy access to the content of the box or easy access to the pieces of jewelry inside the box.

You just pull open the drawer, and the contents are all visible.

This ensures that nothing is hidden in the drawer box.

Acrylic jewelry box with drawers

 Acrylic jewelry box with drawers

Can you get a Personalized Acrylic Jewelry Box?

Yes, you can.

There is always a personalized acrylic jewelry box with lift tops.

They are made of many compartments.

For instance, you may find one with 10 compartments of various sizes to hold all your keepsakes.

This box can be used to sort rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings and keep any other personal accessories.

What should you Consider when Buying Acrylic Jewelry Box?

There are several factors you should put into consideration before buying an acrylic jewelry box.

Some of those factors include;

Cost- this one of the critical elements that you should put into account first.

As stated earlier, the price of the acrylic box varies depending on the application’s requirement.

The cost of the acrylic jewelry box is estimated to be half the price of a glass jewelry box.

Color- this is also another critical aspect to take into consideration for a suitable acrylic jewelry box.

This item comes in a variety of colors.

The color of the box will depend on the application requirement.

Size or shape of the box- as stated earlier, these items also come in a variety of sizes or shapes.

The shape or the size of your acrylic jewelry box will also depend on the inquiry made.

All you need to do is send the inquiry of the size or shape you may want and we will not disappoint.

Thickness of the box- this is also one of the factors you need to consider before buying acrylic jewelry box.

The thickness of this item also varies depending on the application made by customers.

The most commonly used thickness is 5mm.

Between Colored Acrylic Jewelry Box and Clear Acrylic Jewelry Box; which one is better?

Clear acrylic jewelry box is the best due to the following;

A clear acrylic jewelry box allows you to view its content easily.

In fact, you can easily locate the jewelry you need without opening the box.

Although colored acrylic jewelry may offer some degree of transparency, most of them are translucent in nature.

Therefore, you may not view its content easily.

As you can see, there are a range of factors to consider when choosing acrylic jewelry boxes.

At WeProFab, we help you get the best jewelry box made from acrylic sheet.

For questions or inquiries, our team is here to help.

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