• Acrylic Keychain

Acrylic Keychain

Being involved in fabrications for beyond 20 years, we, Weprofab make sure to provide the exact acrylic keychain you desired. We are continuously improving our capacities in creating a high-quality acrylic keychain that will be added to your business. Contact us today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Keychain to Delight Your Customers

As one of the huge factories in China, Weprofab fabricates your ideal acrylic keychain even in a big amount of orders. Choose acrylic keychain designs from our selections.

Acrylic Keychain Blind Packs

When you come here to purchase acrylic keychain blind packs, great choice! Since the start, Weprofab has been trusted for being a good supplier and manufacturer of any acrylic formulated products.

Bottle Opener Acrylic Keychain

If you run out of bottle opener acrylic keychain stocks, no need to panic! Weprofab is your reliable supplier for all sorts of acrylic keychains that are necessary for running your business.

Custom Acrylic Keychain

Only at Weprofab, we always make sure to get you a wonderfully custom acrylic keychain to delight your own customers.

Monogrammed Acrylic Keychain

Weprofab can give you reliable services and the quality of monogrammed acrylic keychains. Rest assured that our keychains are made from authentic acrylics.

Personalized Acrylic Name Keychain

Weprofab personalized acrylic name provides accuracy based on your demands. It is with classy and chick designs.

Wholesale Acrylic Keychain

Weprofab is an expert and offering high-quality acrylic keychain. If you`re wholesaler, you can avail of wholesale acrylic keychain in China.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Keychain Manufacturer

WeProFab is a company operating between the WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to provide you a one-stop plastic fabrications for affordable rates.

So when you`re looking for a trusted source of an acrylic keychain, Weprofab is operating in China, a professional maker of finest quality acrylic keychains. You can trust them for entire acrylic keychain fabrications.

Try to deal with us now and we`ll make the best efforts to supply your needs instantly.


Custom Acrylic Keychain to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Keychain Promotional Gifts

In producing acrylic keychains for promotional gifts, we use various strategies and ultra-modern technologies to fulfill your ideal acrylic keychains.

Engraved Acrylic Keychain

Our affordable and quality engraved acrylic keychain can provide the most desirable profits for your business. High quality yet offered lower cost to save your cash.

Clear Acrylic Keychain

We offered different acrylic keychains to boost your business. When choosing acrylic keychains, clear keychain is the best for you to choose.

Blank Acrylic Keychain

If you need blank acrylic keychain for business operations, Weprofab is capable to provide negotiable and profitable acrylic keychains.

Frosted Acrylic Keychain

Frosted acrylic keychains are very eye-catching for business. We can supply different shapes, features, etc for your requirements.

Acrylic Glitter Keychain

Acrylic glitter keychain comes in many different forms and styles. Simple circular shapes are available and those fashioned like animals or cartoon characters.

Acrylic Holographic Keychain

Acrylic holographic keychains are secure and appealing. They may include symbolic designs and photographs. They are always blank and ready to be filled in.

Clear Photo Acrylic Keychain

The transparent photo acrylic keychain can be printed with designs or personalized uniquely. Colors, shape, closure type can be customized as well. It can carry two photographs, each of which may be seen from both sides.

Double-Printed Acrylic Keychain

On the front and back, both sides will be printed with this one. With their many styles, these tags can be used for advertising, with the business name, contact information, and logo.

Round Clear Blank Acrylic Keychain

This round transparent blank acrylic keychain comes in various shapes and sizes, with some being more durable than others. Its hard plastic is recognized for its bright and charming hues and can be obtained here at low costs.

Acrylic Hexagon-Shape Keychain

The acrylic hexagon-shaped keychain is composed of rigid, long-lasting plastic. This acrylic keychain with a tassel in the shape of a hexagon is painted swatch background with its name.

Rectangular Acrylic Keychain

The rectangular acrylic keychain is made with high-quality acrylic material that is difficult to shatter or distort, making it robust for long-term usage. It can be used for DIY projects and artwork needs.

Acrylic Anime Keychain

The acrylic anime keychain color palette features robust construction, including white, red, green, orange, blue, black, coffee, beige, and others. It can be purchased at a more economical price.

Heart-Shape Acrylic Keychain

Acrylic keychains in the shape of a heart come in various sizes, mini, med, or large. Excellent-quality keychain perfect for souvenirs and giveaways. It can personalize it by inserting a photo or printing it out.

Acrylic Keychain with Tassel

Acrylic keychain with tassel can be added with own design. It can be added with a monogram or name. Ideal for vinyl, paint pens, and DIY projects. They’re composed of tough and durable acrylic material.

Multi-Color Acrylic Keychain

The multi-color acrylic keychain is durable and high-quality. Comes with double-sided, stylish, very unique, and attractive finishing. Perfect gift for any executive, packaged in a lovely box.

Square Acrylic Keychain

Square acrylic keychain comes in a variety of forms and patterns. Suitable for various uses like adding vinyl to adult and children’s craft projects and games. It is made of green and safe material.

Acrylic Name Keychain

Acrylic name keychain has a smooth edge thanks to flawless laser cutting technology. They are made of high-quality acrylic plastic, creating lovely, unique gifts. Genuinely excellent and natural individually engraved.

Laser-Cut Acrylic Keychain

Weprofab laser-cut acrylic keychain is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. It is the most cost-effective method of free distribution to promote your brand or goods. It can be made in any form.

Acrylic Corporate Keychain

Acrylic corporate keychains are perfect gifts for brand promotional efforts because they are creatively made in keeping with current market trends. Our series of acrylic keychains are the essence of beauty and class.

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Weprofab Acrylic Keychain

In picking out the best quality of acrylic keychain, don`t look for another instead choose Weprofab! We gain popularity in fabricating all guaranteed and durable acrylic keychains in mainland China. We have great capabilities in all terms of creating imaginative acrylic keychain.

Whether you are a distributor, retailer, or wholesaler, and you need high-quality acrylic keychain, Weprofab is your most excellent provider!

Acrylic Keychain


Nowadays, acrylics are used in various sectors and industries. It is also in-demand in the global market. Most of all business controllers choose keychain from acrylic because it is easy to blend and compliments all different forms.

And for you, as our valued customers, Weprofab has plenty of amazing and on-trend designs that match up your preferences and taste. We can recommend our best-seller acrylic keychain to your business at less expensive prices. These are profitable products helpful for the fast growth of your business.

Acrylic Keychain

At Weprofab, we only produced all sorts of incredible acrylic keychains in custom styles and designs. Whether you demand personalized, monogrammed, printable, etc, we can provide it all to you. Give us direct specifications and demand for an acrylic keychain to make fast customizations.

Being involved in fabrications for beyond 20 years, we, Weprofab make sure to provide the exact acrylic keychain you order. We are continuously improving our capacities in creating a high-quality acrylic keychain.

We offer a one-stop solution for your acrylic keychain necessities. In our factory, we have over a thousand of acrylic keychains, ready to deliver to your exact locations.

Acrylic Keychain

Together, as one team, we hardly work for entire acrylic keychain fabrications in order to fulfill your satisfaction. We have skilled staff and engineers who are happy to work with custom designing.

If you are interested in our Acrylic Keychain products and want to ask more info, better contact us now! We will answer all your questions one by one.

Acrylic Keychain: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

All information you’re looking for about high quality acrylic keychain is right here.

Whether you want to know the quality specifications, design, material grade, or customizing options, you will find all information right here.

So, before importing acrylic keychain from China, read this guide.

What is Acrylic Keychain?

It refers to a compact item used for holding keys either in your hands, pocket, or bag.

Acrylic keychain is primarily made using a Plexiglass thermoplastic material and a small ring for holding the keys.

This item comes in different designs, sizes, shapes, and colors.

Essentially, this is vital since it broadens your choice options when looking for the most appropriate one for you.

 acrylic keychain

acrylic keychain

What Can Use Acrylic Keychain for?

The primary use for acrylic keychains is for holding your different types of keys, but technically, it is multipurpose.

In essence, it makes it easy for you to carry the keys in your hand, bag, or pocket.

However, you can use it to accessorize different elements.

As such, you’ll need to have a relatively decorated acrylic keychain, which matches the specific element you are accessorizing.

You can use it as a fashion, car, display box, drawer organizer, or nightstand accessory among others.

Secondly, you can use this item as a gift.

In many instances, acrylic keychains are personalized and gifted to friends, colleagues, relatives, or business associates.

Thirdly, acrylic keychains can also be used as bottle top openers.

Such are designed to allow you open bottle tops of some soft and alcoholic drinks in restaurants, bars, food joints, and events.

What Are the Types of Acrylic Keychain in the Market?

Acrylic Keychains come in a wide range of designs since you can create them in any design you may think of.

They are available in standard and customized designs, but this depends mostly on the particular manufacturer you are buying from.

For instance, at WeProFab, you can find several types of these items, which include the following;

  • Engraved Acrylic Keychain
  • Clear Acrylic Keychain
  • Promotional Gift Acrylic Keychain
  • Personalized Acrylic Name Keychain
  • Bottle opener Acrylic Keychain
  • Acrylic Keychain Blind Packs
  • Monogrammed Acrylic Keychain

What are Custom Acrylic Keychain Design Ideas?

You can use several techniques to personalize acrylic keychains, depending on your preference and taste.

In most instances, here are the commonly used ways you can always use;


This entails molding the acrylic keychain to a particular shape that you like.

Ideally, you can fabricate this item to any shape you’d wish to.

The material is soft, making it easy to mold it into a variety of shapes.


It involves making different types of prints on the surface material of the acrylic keychain.

The essence is to label or create a logo or tailored message to make the keychain unique and personal.


Painting largely involves customizing acrylic keychains using specific colors of your preference.

In many instances, these would be colors, which reflect your corporate, business, theme or brand, car, furniture, or fashion.

Mostly, coloring offers classy and fashionable acrylic keychains matching or complementing your requirements.


This is another excellent customization idea for acrylic keychain, which involves reducing the item to a required size.

It could be through cutting to ideal sizes ranging from small, medium, and relatively large.


It is a customization ideal entailing use of a light-sensitive photoresist applied to the surface to create an image of acrylic keychain.

What are the Shapes Commonly Used for Designing Acrylic Keychain Shapes?

You can find acrylic keychains in all types of shapes you may think of.

The material used for making this item is relatively soft; hence you can mold it into different shapes that you like.

However, some of the common shapes often used in making this item include;

  • Star
  • Diamond
  • Circle
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Pyramid
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Any other geometrical shape

Why Choose Acrylic Keychain?

Acrylic keychain is a suitable choice for various reasons, such as the following;

High customizable – Acrylic material used for making this item is among the best thermoplastics you can easily customize.

You can choose to engrave a text, logo, photo, or slogan on the surface material.

Also, you may decide to cut it to size, paint and print among others.

The essence here is you can personalize this item to suit the specific needs of the business, function, or individual.

Versatile – Other than holding keys, you can use acrylic keychain for different purposes.

This may use it as a decorative accessory, bottle top opener, gifts, etc.

As such, it is multipurpose since it comes in handy to use it for different functions.

Affordable – Acrylic keychain is relatively cost-effective compared to other options such as glass or crystal keychains.

This makes it a suitable choice, especially when you are sourcing this product in a large volume.

Durable – Acrylic material is naturally hardy hence can resist different elements such as impact, temperature, scratch, moisture, etc.

As such, it can last for as many years as possible without degrading nor breaking.

The advantage is here is this product gives you value for money since, in the long run, you can save a considerable amount.

Variety of designs – You can find acrylic keychains in a wide range of designs.

It does not matter whether you need standard or custom designs. You can get anything you need.

What is the Best Way to Order Acrylic Keychain?

Making an order for acrylic keychain is quite easy as long as you deal with a genuine supplier like WeProFab.

The first step to undertake is identifying the specific type of design of this product, which you need.

It is essential since acrylic keychain comes in various designs.

Therefore, you need to provide specifications, which meet your requirements, especially for customized units.

The next step is to contact the manufacturer or supplier and providing all the necessary information surrounding the order.

You can contact the manufacturer differently depending on the available means they offer.

Alternatively, you may choose to visit the factory and make your order directly in person.

Most reputable acrylic chain manufacturers and suppliers like WeProFab have websites, which you can visit and place your order accordingly.

And so, you can choose any of these methods to make your order.

Importantly, it is making sure the specific means you consider is effective and reliable.

Is Acrylic Keychain Shatter-resistant?


Acrylic keychain is 100% shatterproof.

It can never shatter irrespective of the amount of impact and tensile pressure it is subjected to.

Technically, the building units of acrylic material used for manufacturing this product are relatively strong and well-formed.

Hence, acrylic keychain can only crack into somewhat large pieces, but at no point will it shatter.

Which is better Between Acrylic and Fiberglass Keychain?

Acrylic and Fiberglass are the main materials often used for manufacturing different types of keychains.

However, the two seem to have different properties as far as effectiveness, practicality, and reliability are concerned.

Acrylic keychain is seemingly better than fiberglass keychain based on the following aspects;

fiberglass keychain

fiberglass keychain


Acrylic material is naturally lightweight compared to glass.

Therefore, a keychain manufactured using the former will definitely be more lightweight than one made using the latter.

Of course, this is essential given that keychains are mostly carried on hands, pockets, and bags, where weight is a concern.


Naturally, acrylic material is strong, almost 20 times stronger than fiberglass material.

It means the former can withstand different impact pressure without breaking nor shattering.

The latter, on the other hand, can only withstand impact and tensile pressure to specific limits before it cracks, breaks, or shatters.


You can fabricate acrylic keychain more easily and perfectly than a fiberglass keychain.

The former’s material is soft and flexible to different fabrication techniques compared to the latter’s material.


Acrylic keychain is quite clearer and brighter than fiberglass keychain.

The material used for manufacturing the formers transmits light up to about 92%, making it shinier.

On the other hand, glass material allows about 84-88% of light to pass through it.

While light passing through glass is also substantive, acrylic is still brighter and has higher optical clarity.


Acrylic keychain comes out as safer product than fiberglass keychain.

The engraving process often leaves sharper edges on the latter since it has a harder surface.

Acrylic material, on the other hand, is safer to use since its edges are always soft hence can’t harm you.

What is the Ideal Size for Acrylic Keychain?

The suitable size of acrylic keychain varies depending on your preference.

It is available in as many sizes as possible, ranging from small, medium, and relatively large.

As such, it is quite difficult to restrict acrylic keychains to a specific size.

Of course, it is beneficial since it broadens your options as far as selecting the right size is concerned.

What is the Average Production Lead Time of Acrylic Keychain?

There are several factors, which determine the average production turnaround time for making acrylic keychain.

It can be relatively fast to produce this item since it does not involve a lot of details.

Mostly, the minimum order quantity is fundamental in determining the average production lead time.

What it means is that if your order for more quantity, there is a likelihood of the production lead time stretching a bit and vice versa.

Also, the specific design you need would determine the average production lead time.

Some designs, especially with complex customized shapes and details, can take more time than standard simple ones.

Another determinant factor is the actual company you are purchasing acrylic keychain from.

Some companies have stipulated timelines for manufacturing this product irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.

But most of them are usually flexible, so you can easily negotiate to arrive at an ideal turnaround time.

In a nutshell, several factors determine the average production lead time of acrylic keychain, including the few mentioned above.

What is the MOQ Acrylic Keychain?

The MOQ for acrylic keychain is dependent on various factors.

However, it is majorly based on a particular company you are purchasing this product from.

In many instances, though, most manufacturers often base MOQ on the specific design of keychain you are purchasing.

Customized acrylic keychains tend to have relatively high MOQ depending on how you agree with the manufacturer.

Simple standard designs may have slightly lower MOQ.

Nevertheless, it is always important to inquire from the supplier before paying for the products.

How do You Size Acrylic Keychain?

Sizing essentially entails reducing the dimensions of acrylic keychains to fit your particular requirements.

You can use different techniques to size this component depending on a wide range of prevailing factors.

Most manufacturers often prefer different types of power tools, especially when sizing large volumes.

For instance, laser cutting is mostly preferred since it is fast and guarantees accuracy.

It involves using a laser machine integrated with compatible software.

Once the set-up is ready, you only need to key in the right dimensions prompted by the software to complete the process.

From a DIY perspective, you may choose to use a hand saw, but it must have sharp teeth to guarantee a smooth and uniform edges.

When sizing using a hand saw, you must be meticulous in enabling you to attain the best results by getting the dimensions right.

What makes Acrylic Keychain Superior to Other Materials?

The primary material used for making acrylic keychain is derived from a combination of natural elements.

Naturally, the material is hardy and can endure unfavorable factors such as scratch, temperature, and impact.

This is vital since it gives it exceptional durability, which essential for such a product.

Moreover, acrylic keychain has better clarity with a shinier and brighter surface than most materials like glass and wood.

The essence here is that this feature gives it an added aesthetic value, which is fundamental for this type of product.

Also, this item is relatively lightweight, which is a great concern since you will always carry it around in your hands or pocket.

You can also find acrylic keychain in different shades since the base material can be painted or injected with different colors.

Many materials such as wood, crystal, or glass may limit as far as preferred color choice.

Why Should You Consider Customized Acrylic Keychain?

Figure 3 customized acrylic keychain

 customized acrylic keychain

a) A customized acrylic keychain allows you to attain class and quality value since you get what meets your specific demands.

b) It is unique thus leaves a lasting memory, especially when you use an acrylic keychain as a gift to colleagues, friends, and relatives.

c) You can make it as versatile as possible to use it for a wide range of uses.

For instance, you make one, which serves as a decorative accessory and bottle opener at the same time.

d) Allows you to get the exact type of acrylic keychain you require for your specialized needs.

Mostly, this revolves around size, color, design, shape, and thickness.

e) Improves marketing since they are attractive, thus making it easy for your business to appeal to as many customers as possible.

In the long run, it increases your sales revenue and overall profit margin.

Can Acrylic Keychain Break?


The keychain is made from acrylic material, which is quite solid and resistant to impact.

It is about 17 to 20 times stronger than glass, explaining why it cannot break easily.

Also, it comes in various thicknesses, which enforces its strength and making it more resistant to breakage.

However, if you subject it to deliberate impact pressure, it may crack but never shatter at all.

Technically, under ordinary conditions, acrylic keychain can never break.

What is the Suitable Color for Acrylic Keychain

You can choose any color for acrylic keychain.

Ideally, the material used for making this keychain is transparent in natural form.

However, you can always inject the material with a different color of your choice.

You can use a wide range of color shades of up to about 50.

This broadens your options as far as choosing the most favorable color for your needs is concerned.

What’s more, is you can go for a multicolored acrylic keychain.

Simply put, this is a type with more than one color on the surface material.

If you appreciate rainbow colors, this would be your ideal type of keychain color hue to buy.

colored acrylic keychain

colored acrylic keychain

How do You Choose Acrylic Keychain?

When buying acrylic keychain there are some critical elements you need to look into, such as the following;

Material Thickness – The thickness of acrylic keychain should be reasonable.

It should never be too thick nor too thin.

A thickness range of 4mm to 8mm would be ideal consideration.

Type of acrylic Material – Acrylic used for making this product is available in different variants.

You need to ensure you pick the right one, which guarantees desirable results.

Design – You can find acrylic keychain in different designs considering shape, color, and size.

Additionally, you need to decide whether you need standard or personalized pieces.

Purpose – Always choose this product based on the specific function.

It could range from fashion accessories, promotions, souvenirs, bottle opener, or gift.

Of course, they all vary based on designs and overall appearance.

Type of finish – Since acrylic is a soft and easy-to-fabricate material, you can decide on the specific finish you want your keychains to attain.

These could range from frosted, high gloss, perforated, reflective, etc.

Cost – You must also ensure the price of purchasing this component is worth the quality.

In short, the quality must give you value for money.

Can You Use Entrapments in Acrylic Keychain?


Typically, entrapments are elements used to encase a photo, ID, business or company logo, and 2D objects in acrylic keychains.

You can thus use these frame-ups since they are available in different forms and sizes.

These elements are vital since they enhance the aesthetics and personalization of the acrylic keychain.

What is the Cost of Acrylic Keychain?

Numerous factors determine the actual price of acrylic keychains.

For example, the quality of acrylic material used for making this product is a fundamental determinant of price.

In many instances, a keychain made using a higher quality acrylic material is often more expensive than one manufactured using a low quality.

Another determinant is the order quantity.

When purchasing from Chinese manufacturers, you are likely to get better offers when buying more quantities and vice versa.

Other design aspects such as extent of customization also tend to influence the cost of acrylic keychain.

Highly personalized pieces are often more expensive than standard or slightly customized ones.

Also, your particular preferred manufacturer determines the cost of purchasing this item.

Some brands are a bit expensive than others depending on different prevailing elements.

The bottom line, nonetheless, is that the cost of acrylic keychain is not fixed.

It is dependent on several factors, including the few mentioned above.

Which Printing Options Can You Use on Acrylic Keychain?

printed acylic keychains

 Printed acrylic keychain

They are quite several, but the main ones include the following;

UV Printing – Enables the acrylic keychain to be UV-resistant preventing it from fading and yellowing even when exposed to direct sunlight.

 uv printed acrylic keychain

uv printed acrylic keychain

Pantograph Printing – Involves use of devices designed to copy a logo, text, or image on a different scale in an innovative and simple solution.

acrylic pantograph printing keychain

 acrylic pantograph printed keychain

Pad Printing – Entails transferring a 2D image to a 3D on acrylic keychain.

Photoengraving Printing – It is the process of printing personalized images on the acrylic keychain’s surface using hi-tech printers.

photoengraving printed acrylic keychain

 photoengraving acrylic keychain

Silkscreen Printing -This process is about printing images, texts, and logos using a spot of special ink, which adheres to the material.

Is Acrylic Keychain Repairable?


Even so, the specific repair technique to undertake is dependent on the type of damage on the surface material of this product.

Mostly, scratches are the common impairments you are likely to find on this product.

As such, it is more prone to abrasive elements that would easily scratch the surface.

However, repairing scratches is quite easy since all you need to do is scrub the material using toothpaste and rinse.

You may also decide to polish the surface material using vapor or flame to restore the glossiness and clarity of keychain.

Can You Recycle Acrylic Keychain?


Acrylic material used for manufacturing this component is highly recyclable.

It is derived from natural substances such as petroleum and gases.

Therefore, its building units can be broken down fully, albeit the process is quite intensive and tends to utilize more energy.

Moreover, recycled acrylic retains all the properties you’d find in virgin acrylic.

At WeProFab, we design and manufacture high quality and reliable acrylic key chains depending on your unique specifications.

Contact us today for all your acrylic key chains from China.



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