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Acrylic I brackets are small hardware components used to prop up other items. It supports appliances, display shelves, bookshelves, and storage shelves. Weprofab acrylic I basket is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, seamless. They are exceptionally sturdy and can support a lot of weight.

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Acrylic I bracket is industry-quality, allowing them to be utilized together seamlessly for a specific project or purpose. It elevates the look of a particular space as it can fit any type of wall and space. Weprofab acrylic l brackets are available in different sizes, styles, designs, and accessories.

Clear Acrylic L Bracket

This clear acrylic L-shaped bracket is 100% transparent has a high-gloss and high-quality finish. There are no seams on this one-piece design.

4x Acrylic Angled L Brackets

Acrylic angled l-bracket has 4x holes that have been pre-drilled for users’ convenience. It also comes with nuts, washers, and bolts. This bracket is clear.

Custom Acrylic L Bracket

Custom acrylic L bracket comes in different sizes, styles, and designs. These brackets are intensely strong can support their weight many times.

Acrylic l Bracket 30x30x70mm

An acrylic l bracket measuring 30x30x70mm features a sophisticated design. It fits different areas like bathrooms, bookshelves, and kitchen shelves.

Acrylic Wall Mounting l Bracket

Weprofab acrylic wall mounting l brackets are corrosion-resistant and rust-free. Can use it on a variety of surfaces and settings.

Angled L Hinges Bracket

Angle l hinges bracket has a high-quality finish. They are industrial quality makes them ideal for different hardware installations.

Jewelry Acrylic L Shaped Bracket

Jewelry acrylic l-shaped bracket is made from solid acrylic. They are transparent; will show clearly the color of genuine jewelry.

Heavy-duty Acrylic L Shaped Angle Corner Brackets

This heavy-duty acrylic l-shaped angle corner brackets are durable and valuable hardware elements. It can be employed for a particular construction or operation with ease.

Single L Shape Acrylic Sword Brackets

Single l-shaped acrylic sword brackets are easy to assemble and easy to install on the wall. Can fix it directly on the surface.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic l Bracket Manufacturer

Acrylic l brackets are made of heavy-duty acrylic. There are two material options: cast acrylic sheet or extruded acrylic sheet. There are several manufacturing processes to make acrylic l brackets. These processes involve laser-cut acrylic l bracket, acrylic l bracket bonding, acrylic I bracket assembly, and more.

Weprofab acrylic l bracket is industrial-quality; it is exceptionally sturdy and can support multiple times their weight. They can prop up items and serve as storage/ display shelves. Four times holes are pre-drilled for easy installation. Weprofab is your one-stop solution for your acrylic l bracket needs.

Custom Acrylic l Bracket to Boost Your Business

Clear Acrylic Shower Wall Bracket

Clear acrylic shower wall brackets are ideal for stare, room, hotel wall bracket applications. These are single-sided brackets available in several colors.

Acrylic L-Shaped Display Wall Mount Bracket

Acrylic l-shaped display wall mount brackets are durable easy to install. Can use it seamlessly for bookshelves and bathrooms.

Shank-Style Acrylic Shelf Bracket 15mm

This shank-style acrylic shelf bracket 15mm has smooth edges, a fine finish, an attractive design, and high resistance against corrosion. It is extensively demanded in the industry.

Decorative Acrylic I Bracket

Weprofab decorative acrylic l brackets are efficient and convenient. It is ideal for compact areas since it minimizes visual clutter while showcasing decor and artwork.

L-Shaped Rectangle Acrylic Bracket

L-shaped rectangle acrylic bracket is perfect for displaying jewelry. These brackets are highly durable, high intensity, solid, and high quality.

Angled L Bracket Polished Clear

Angled l bracket polished clear have exceptional quality, polished gloss finish. No seams. Addition accessories are included like washers, bolts, and nuts.

5mm Acrylic l Bracket 

This 5mm acrylic I bracket has a solid one-piece design. It is heavy-duty used to unite and strengthen corners when perpendicular pieces meet.

90 Degree Clear Transparent Perspex L Bracket

Clear and thick acrylic made the 90-degree clear transparent perspex l bracket. It comes with a protective film that protects the acrylic in transport.

4x Angled L Brackets

4x angled l brackets are made of sturdy acrylic material. Can fix it to a panel or wall at the rear of the cabinet, cupboard, and other equipment.

Acrylic L-shaped Wall Bracket

These acrylic l-shaped wall brackets are attractive and versatile. It comes with pre-drilled holes for an easy mounting solution.

5mm Polished Clear Acrylic L Bracket

5mm polished clear acrylic L bracket can coordinate with additional robot gear. Possesses superior performance and is constructed of premium materials. High hardness, wear resistance, and durability were all design goals.

45 Degree Acrylic L Bracket

45 degree acrylic L bracket is a special connecting technique. By putting the bracket in place, the major body parts can be offset. Widely applicable to racing automobiles, robotics, and other intelligent remote-control equipment.

90 Degree Wall Corner Acrylic L Bracket

90 degree wall corner acrylic L bracket ensures strong support and is used to attach to bigger structural components. Built to form angles and make connections. provide a variety of fixing and combining types and functions.

Acrylic Shelf L Brackets with Screw Nuts

Acrylic shelf L brackets with screw nuts are 5mm thick and completely translucent. They are made of a single, sturdy piece and feature a high-quality, polished gloss surface. For ease, the holes are pre-drilled.

Angled Acrylic L Brackets

Angled acrylic L brackets are constructed without seams, and the bolt holes measure 10 mm from edge to center. The connecting and strengthening of corners where perpendicular pieces meet is its common use.

Clear Angled Acrylic L Brackets

Clear angled acrylic L brackets are used to attach a panel or wall to the back of a cabinet, cabinet, etc. They work with most furniture legs. Excellent durability, difficult to damage or deform.

Polished Clear 6mm Acrylic L Bracket

Polished clear 6mm acrylic L bracket is made of durable, easy-to-use, high-quality acrylic plastic that can sustain your things. Widely used for homemade jewelry boxes, among other things. Simple to install

Single Side Luxury Crystal Acrylic L Bracket

Single side luxury crystal acrylic L bracket can be purchased separately in the required sizes. Delivered in simple, useful designs or beautiful ones. Crafted to coordinate with the shelving’s finish.

Square Edge Large Wall Bracket

Square edge large wall bracket gives outstanding structural toughness. Available in a wide range of sizes and forms, they are used in every industry from sensitive electronics to tough construction.

Strong Angled Reinforced Acrylic L Bracket

Strong angled reinforced acrylic L bracket is long-lasting and built from high-quality heat-treated material. Reusable and resilient to vibration loosening even in the worst circumstances. Suitable for aircraft applications.

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Acrylic I Bracket: The Complete FAQ Guide

How are Acrylic l Brackets Made?

An acrylic l bracket is mainly manufactured using heavy-duty, transparent acrylic. 

Cast acrylic sheets and extruded acrylic sheets are the material options. 

Acrylic l Bracket Factory

Acrylic l bracket

The following manufacturing process involves: 

Machining Acrylic

The acrylic sheet is being cut into the l-shape. 

Cutting sheets are available in two methods – manual or laser cutting. 

Take note: when doing this, you must be careful not to ruin the entire acrylic sheet.

Bonding Acrylic 

The two acrylic sheets are bonded together with unique adhesive in this process. 

Doing so provides more strength and supports equipment in various settings. 

Polishing Acrylic 

This stage gives your acrylic l bracket a clean and smooth surface. 

Remove the dirt from the unit. 

Allow the acrylic l bracket to dry completely before applying a layer of polish for a glossy, shining finish to make your acrylic bracket more appealing. 

What are Acrylic l Brackets Used for?

Acrylic l brackets are widely used in the construction and architecture industry.

This hardware component is used to prop up other items can help to reinforce right angles. Can use them in a corner or other areas.

Here are some of the most common applications of acrylic l bracket:

  • Cabinet and shelving units;
  • Curtain & drapery;
  • Bookstore and shops;
  • Kitchen shelves and bathrooms;
  • Office locations and kids room;
  • Workshops;

Or, if you are a DIY enthusiast, this acrylic l bracket is your better choice for supporting appliances and elevating the look of your space.

An acrylic I bracket is perfect for professional and personal use.

What are the Considerations for Acrylic l Brackets?

Because L Brackets come in various forms and sizes, you’ll need to take measurements to choose one that’s right for your project.

Here are some points to think about.

Hole Design
Depending on the size and style of acrylic l bracket you choose, each arm could have one, two, or even more holes.

Plus, it would be best if you also considered the hole diameter.

Length and Width
In an acrylic l bracket, you must measure each section of the land the width of the actual bracket.

The more the bracket is filled, the more robust it is.

acrylic l bracket.2

Most acrylic l brackets have a polished gloss finish. Still, you can see different finishes like clear, matte, plain colors, and more.

It’s vital to know that acrylic l brackets are sometimes referred to as hardware support with a touch of style.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic l Brackets?

Acrylic l bracket comes in numerous advantages over other prop-up items. It involves:

  • Incredibly strong to support furniture components
  • Seamlessly used for a particular construction or task
  • Can use it for lower parts of a bracket assembly
  • Add a contemporary and decorative accent to any space
  • Easy to install on the wall
  • It can fit on all sorts of walls and spaces
  • Available in different sizes and style
  • It comes in a range of colors

Some acrylic l brackets are pre-drilled for convenient and easy mounting. Plus, added accessories like bolts and nuts are included in the package.

Are Acrylic I Brackets Customizable?


Acrylic I brackets allow for customization to fit your different applications.

Any sizes, styles, designs, and colors you desire, you will get it with 100% satisfaction.

For instance, you can have solid color or frost clear for the acrylic I bracket.

You can use different colors for printing your logo on the acrylic l bracket.

This ensures that you get the perfect acrylic I bracket regardless of your needs.

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