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Acrylic Letter Tray

For the acrylic letter tray, WeProFab is the top manufacturer in China. Whether your business needs different types and customization of acrylic letter trays, we are responsible to handle your difficulties. You are free to send your own design so you will satisfy your special needs. Send your inquiries!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Letter Tray to Delight Your Customers

The outstanding offer is at WeProFab. If you choose WeProFab as your long term you can benefit a lot. Through our quality acrylic letter tray, we can help you grow your project fast.

Acrylic Letter Tray Manufacturer

If you look for a reliable manufacturer who can support your handled project, WeProFab is able to hold any process. We can provide an on-time delivery exactly to your location.

Clear Acrylic Letter Tray

WeProFab has a different selection if you are searching for a clear acrylic letter tray. We can create excellent customization. It can be purchased at a very affordable cost.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Letter Tray

WeProFab has a complete facility to offer a cut-to-size service for acrylic letter trays. It will surely fit in any application or use. Get our very reasonable rates of acrylic letter tray.

Decorative Acrylic Letter Tray

WeProFab decorative acrylic letter tray has different styles and also features. You can choose your ideal decorative acrylic letter trays which can give you an amazing profit.

Resistant Acrylic Letter Tray

We have created and undergo a lot of research to make resistant acrylic letter trays perfectly. There are many resistance that are available. You can pick your desired one.

Stack able Acrylic Letter Tray

We can custom your acrylic letter tray orders. Whether it is urgent, we have skilled engineers who will create it fast. You deserve a high-quality acrylic letter tray supplies.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Letter Tray Manufacturer

WeProFab is a leading supplier and manufacturer in China that always provide a one-stop solution worldwide. WeProFab manufactures high-class acrylic letter tray easily through complete facilities and modern machines.

WeProFab develops standards like RoHS, REACH, and UL stated by our dear customers. We are certified with ISO 9001 as an acrylic letter tray supplier worldwide.

We, WeProFab has a full responsibility to manage all the operation with the help of plenty of staff from any services. We are capable to guide and suggest what is best for our dear customers. Whether you are a newbie, you can sustain your business.

Custom Acrylic Letter Tray to Expand Your Brand

Acrylic Double Letter Tray

WeProFab has a large number of acrylic double letter trays to offer. It has many features you can choose right for your task.

Colored Acrylic Letter Tray

If you need something fancy and unique colored acrylic letter trays, WeProFab has created a lot of colors. It has a multicolor which is a perfect fit.

Divider Acrylic Letter Tray

There are different styles of divider acrylic letter trays. There are also many colors to choose from and customization that will be excellent for your application.

Single Stack Acrylic Letter Tray

WeProFab single stack acrylic letter trays are good for home duties. It is also perfect for light workloads. You can demand your sizes need.

3 Tiered Acrylic Letter Tray

You can choose your number of tiered acrylic letter trays. There are three, four, and many more tier acrylic letter trays for business.

Single Stackable Clear Green Acrylic Letter Tray

The single stackable clear acrylic letter tray has smooth polished edges, lightweight design, and great durability. It looks like a real glass because of the green edges. Also, it is designed with non-slip feet to keep the table free from scratches. It is widely used in many offices, hotels, schools, or at home.

Acrylic Letter Tray with Cut-Out Handles

This type of acrylic letter is designed with cut-out handles for easy handling and transportation. It has a crystal-clear appearance, stackable design, elegant look, nonskid feet, and great durability. It is suitable for storing A4 papers, letters, folders, recipes, mails, and other documents.

2-Tier Clear Acrylic Letter Tray

The 2-tier clear acrylic letter tray is made from top-grade, eco-friendly, and thick acrylic plastic. It has a large storage space, transparent design, and can be stacked with other the same letter tray without using risers. It is perfect to use in the office, schools, homes, etc.

Clear Acrylic Letter 2 Trays Rack

The clear acrylic letter 2 trays rack is made of clear and 100% acrylic material. They are the perfect item for decluttering your workspace. They can be stored with file folders, A4-sized letters, notepads, and other items. They can be placed on a countertop, tabletop, desk, and other plain surfaces.

Open-Sided 3-Tier Clear Acrylic Letter Tray

The open-sided 3-tier clear acrylic letter tray has an open-sided design that allows you to access your papers easily. It can be used for organizing standard papers, notepads, file folders, sales literature, magazines, and more. It has a durable stand, modern design, and stylish design.

Clear Acrylic Letter Tray with Gold Mirror

The clear acrylic letter tray with a gold mirror has an elegant design, high durability, and beautiful appearance that will still remain after many years. It can be used for keeping important files, letters, notes, magazines, or other items such as paper clips, staplers, calculators, and more.

Acrylic Clear Letter Tray and Drawer

The acrylic clear letter tray and drawer can be used for storing and organizing documents, file folders, letters, magazines, skincare essentials, jewelry, makeup tools, and other items. They are stackable, transparent, and lightweight. They also have cut-out handles, smooth-sliding and detachable drawer.

Side Load 4-Tier Clear Acrylic Letter Tray

The side load 4-tier clear acrylic letter tray is very space-saving, functional, sturdy, high-quality, and lightweight. It is widely used in many schools, hospitals, offices, clinics, homes, and much more. It is designed with anti-slip feet, thick walls, and durable brackets.

Clear Acrylic Letter Tray with Colored Edges

These types of acrylic letter trays are designed with smooth, polished, colored, and bright edges. Their edges glow when lit. They are available in a variety of colors. Also, they are completely stackable, non-slip, sturdy, and high-quality.

Stacking Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic Letter Tray

This kind of acrylic letter tray is designed with a rose gold mirror panel which makes them look elegant, attractive, and stylish. It has a large storage capacity and can hold up to 500 sheets of paper or even more. It can hold letter-size documents, file folders, magazines, papers, and stationery items.

Multi-Layer Transparent Acrylic Letter Tray

The multi-layer transparent acrylic letter tray is made from durable, clear, solid, and thickened acrylic plastic. It has a sturdy frame, clear design, light weight, and large storage capacity. It is vertical storage which makes it save a lot of space on your tabletop or desktop. It is also suitable for A4-sized papers.

Transparent Side Load Acrylic Letter Tray

The transparent side load acrylic letter tray has a simple yet modern design. It has durable acrylic construction, stackable design, polished edge, and large capacity. It is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, homes, and other places.

Black Acrylic Letter Tray

The black acrylic letter tray can hold up to 500 pieces of paper. It has a nonskid base, stackable design, and great durability. It is suitable for letter-size papers, documents, file folders, books, and other literature.

White Marble and Gold Acrylic Letter Tray

This type of acrylic letter tray is designed with a vibrant golden plate in the front and marble patterns. The white marble and gold acrylic letter tray is stackable, space-saving, lightweight, sturdy, and fashionable. It can be used in the office, at home, schools, libraries, and many more.

Front Load Pink Acrylic Letter Tray

The front load pink acrylic letter tray has thick walls, non-skid feet, and a slightly beveled front to prevent the paper from sliding out. It is stackable, sturdy, lightweight, and space-saving. It is also suitable for A4 documents, papers, mails, letters, file folders, magazines, and other papers.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Letter Tray

WeProFab acrylic letter tray has the capability to carry files. It can be placed at the counter-tops and table-tops. Through this acrylic letter tray, allows everyone to save their space.

WeProFab has a wide selection with different styles and colors for acrylic letter trays. It can catch attention which is very negotiable if we talk about business.

Acrylic Letter Tray

If you have a hard time in searching for a quality acrylic letter trays that are suitable for your final application, let WeProFab provide the best for you.

WeProFab acrylic letter trays are commonly used at offices, banks, schools, hospitals, and many establishments that have plenty of work files. It is very useful for any of these establishments to organize and arrange their files.

Our acrylic letter trays are negotiable and unique which is very in demand worldwide.  Our fabricated products made us popular the reason why we have passed many certifications internationally.

We, WeProFab supplied a large volume of stocks at different establishments.

Whether you are a distributor, supplier, wholesaler, or factory, WeProFab will entertain and process your needs.

Acrylic Letter Tray

Just contact WeProFab for more inquiries so we can sustain what your business needs. We can be your excellent partner in handling a project. WeProFab is able to suggest an effective solution to reach your goals.

In handling business and purchasing a product is not easy. But the first purpose of all this is to grow a business, gain better profits, and most especially to save cash.

That’s the reason all of the business handlers preferring a certified supplier and manufacturer.

In this industry, we experienced a lot of difficulties from different services.  But through those difficulties, we have done a lot of success.

Acrylic Letter Tray

As one of the important manufacturers in China, WeProFab has plenty of profitable acrylic letter tray. If you’re in urgent wanting this product, WeProFab can only focus on your operation.

We will make your processes secure and on-time delivery to your location.

Make a deal at WeProFab and let us grow your project faster. Send your inquiries!

What is an Acrylic Letter Tray?

It is a durable plastic tray that is made of high-quality acrylic.

The acrylic letter tray is an organizing tool. It is used for keeping your letters.

Acrylic Letter Tray

Why Should You Use an Acrylic Letter Tray?

There are many reasons why you should use an acrylic letter tray.

  1. It organizes and separates your paper.

When you are using an acrylic letter tray, it will keep your letters more organized.

Additionally, the acrylic letter tray will keep your important papers separate from the other things.

And if your papers or letters are organized and separated, you can easily find them when you need to look for them.

Putting labels on your acrylic letter tray will also a great help. It will help you find the papers easily.

  1. It keeps your letters protected.

Moreover, keeping your letters in an acrylic letter tray will also keep them safe. The acrylic letter tray will protect your letters from dirt and prevent them from tearing.

  1. It decorates your room.

The acrylic letter tray can be used as a decoration in your office or home.

They come in a lot of attractive and stylish designs. Some have a modern design, see-through design, and other stylish designs.

The acrylic letter tray has also a lot of beautiful colors to choose from.

Using an acrylic letter tray will add elegance and style to your room.

Aside from that, keeping your letters in an acrylic tray will make your tabletop clutter-free and clean.

What are the Features of an Acrylic Letter Tray?

The acrylic letter tray has a lot of features such as:

  • Excellent transparency
  • High impact resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Shatter-proof
  • UV-resistant
  • Stylish design
  • Stackable design
  • Saves space
  • Non-slip base
  • Elegant look
  • Compatible with letter-size documents
Where Can You Place the Acrylic Letter Tray?

The acrylic letter tray can be placed in your home or office.

You can put them on any tabletop, drawers, shelves, cubicles, and many more.

What are the Different Types of Acrylic Letter Tray?

The acrylic letter tray comes in a wide range of types such as:

  • Office Acrylic Stacking Letter Tray
  • 5 Tier Stackable Acrylic Letter Tray
  • Single Acrylic Stacking Letter Tray
  • 2 Tier Stackable Acrylic Letter Tray
  • Self-Stacking Acrylic Letter Tray
  • 3 Tier Stackable Acrylic Letter Tray
  • 4 Tier Stackable Acrylic Letter Tray
  • Front Load Stackable Acrylic Letter Tray
  • Side Load Stackable Acrylic Letter Tray

Acrylic Letter Tray

What Can You Put Inside the Acrylic Letter Tray?

Aside from letters, you can also put other items such as:

  • Mail
  • Memos
  • Papers
  • Files
  • Important documents
  • Notebook or binder
  • Magazines
  • Calculator
  • Books
  • Crafts
  • Stationery items such as pen, paper clip, pen, stapler, and more

Acrylic Letter Tray

How Many Sheets of Paper Can the Acrylic Letter Tray Hold?

The acrylic letter tray has a capacity of holding papers up to 500 sheets.

Which is Better: Glass Letter Tray of Acrylic Letter Tray?

We will compare the qualities of the two materials in order to know which is better.

  • Durability

The acrylic letter tray is better when it comes to durability.

The glass letter tray breaks easily. And the acrylic letter tray is very durable.

It is very unlikely for an acrylic letter tray to break easily.

Moreover, the acrylic letter tray is 17 times stronger than the glass letter tray.

  • Weight

The acrylic letter tray is also better in terms of weight.

Why? The glass letter tray is about 2 times heavier than the acrylic letter tray.

The acrylic letter tray is very light so it is easy to move or handle.

That is why many prefer the acrylic letter tray since it is lighter than the glass one.

  • Safety

When it comes to safety, the acrylic letter tray is superior.

The glass letter tray is actually dangerous especially when it breaks.

When the glass letter tray breaks, the broken pieces of it might injure the skin of the people around it.

But when the acrylic letter tray is broken, it will not harm anyone. The acrylic letter tray will not shatter like the glass letter tray when it falls and breaks.

The acrylic letter tray will break into large pieces so it will not injure anyone.

Safety is very important, so it is better to use the acrylic letter tray.

To sum up, we can tell that the acrylic letter tray is better in the matter of durability, lighter weight, and safety.

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