• Acrylic Letters

Acrylic Letters

Weprofab is one of the leading OEM acrylic letters suppliers & manufacturers in China. We are competent to provide finish items by our advanced equipment and technologies. We can also custom your ideal acrylic letters to meet your basic requirements. We provide broad selections of high-quality acrylic letters here!

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3D Acrylic Letters

Have you been searching for 3D acrylic letters? You come to the right place! Weprofab efficiently produces acrylic letters in 3D designs.

Acrylic Led Luminous Letters

Are you wanting for an acrylic led luminous letters to add for business? Weprofab provide ultimate solutions! We are here to support your trade industry.

Acrylic Letters Manufacturer

Whether you are in need of acrylic letters supplier or manufacturer, Weprofab is providing both reliable services. You can forever trust Weprofab!

Crafted Acrylic Letters

Do you want an expert in making crafted acrylic letters? Good news! Weprofab has over 20 years of experience in this industry. All the solutions you need are provided for a low cost.

Laser Cut Acrylic Letters

Do you need a laser cut fabricators for acrylic letters? We got your problem solved! Here in Weprofab, you are taken care of well-experienced laser-cut experts.

Molded Acrylic Letters with Border

Are molded acrylic letters with border in demand on your business? Let Weprofab be your supplier! We will never disappoint you.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Letters Manufacturer

We, as a team working for acrylic letter fabrication, want to give the best for each and every customer we handle. We are a joint-venture company that offers direct-stop of acrylic letters for your trade missions.

As one of the best manufacturer & supplier of acrylic letters, Weprofab is strictly is getting base to ISO 9001 conduct systems. We want to offer an extreme quality of acrylic letters to exceed your expectations and reach your required finish.

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Custom Acrylic Letters to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Letters for Signs

If you want a trusted supplier of acrylic letters for signs purposes, Weprofab got you covered! A lot of selections are offered here for low cost.

Acrylic Dimensional Letters

Finding the most unique, trendy and eye-catching acrylic dimensional letters? You can find a lot of options in our factory.

Acrylic Flat Cut Letters

You can obtain different flat cut letters in Weprofab with budget-friendly prices. We are sure to provide your ideal finish right away!

Decorative Acrylic Letters

Do you need an urgent orders of decorative acrylic letters? Ask Weprofab for assistance. We will provide the guidance you desired.

Acrylic Letters Mounted with Studs

If you are searching for a manufacturer that can custom your favorite acrylic letters designs, Weprofab is the best choice!

Acrylic Letters with LED

Wepro acrylic letters with LED are ideal for modest to medium-sized signage. It has a softer illumination and finer details. These acrylic letters with LED can have several lighting types like front and side lit.

Acrylic Letters 3D Logo

The blue acrylic letters are widely used in various industries and are available at market-leading pricing. Innovative, powerful, and effective advertising tool. They are manufactured in cutting-edge technology.

Blue Acrylic Letters

The blue acrylic letters are widely used in various industries and are available at market-leading pricing. Innovative, powerful, and effective advertising tool. They are manufactured in cutting-edge technology.

Fillable Acrylic Letters Wall Hanging

These fillable acrylic letters for wall hanging are made of clear acrylic. They can store little goods such as sprinkles, beads, unwrapped candy, etc. In addition, they can be made to order.

12-Inch Acrylic Letters

From 200 feet away, the 12-inch acrylic letter may be seen. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and can be cut in any typeface. Each acrylic letter is precision cut by a computer-controlled laser.

Acrylic Letters 1.5-Inches

The edge of acrylic letters is 1.5 inches are smooth and polished. The signage’s high-density polyethylene used in the acrylic letters provides higher rigidity and tensile strength.

Acrylic Letters 5MM Thick

Acrylic letters 5mm thick come in a range of colors. It is made from finely cast sheet acrylic. Each word or piece of your logo is meticulously routed and machined to ensure that your design is accurately represented.

Backlit Acrylic Letters

These backlit acrylic letters feature a green, red, white, and blue background. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Excellent quality and simple to install. Features letters that are lighted by LEDs

Small Acrylic Letters

Our small acrylic letters are perfect for making personalized lettering on walls or as signs. With so many options, you’ll be able to discover the right notes for your budget.

LED Illuminated Acrylic Letters

The LED illuminated acrylic letters are frequently fixed directly on indoor and outdoor walls. They have high-quality cutting, premium materials, and creative production, which stand out from the crowd.

Acrylic Letter with Stainless Steel Side

Weprofab acrylic letters with stainless steel on the side are suitable for letters with a higher depth. They have a thickness of up to 5″. It has high-strength and non-leaded silver solder.

Radiance Fabricated Acrylic Letters

Radiance fabricated acrylic letters are made with advanced machinery and high-quality raw materials. It has a high level of finishing, quality, and durability.

Clear Acrylic Letters

Clear acrylic letters are perfect for making personalized lettering on walls or as signs. The size, height, and color can be customized. Each order is precision cut with a laser, resulting in crisp, clean edges and long-lasting effects.

1FT Acrylic Letters

Wepro 1ft acrylic letters comes in excellent quality. Thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 50 mm are available. Ideal for small-scale signage and reception signs, as well as nameplates.

Acrylic Painted Letters

Acrylic painted letters are both affordable and versatile. Available in several colors and can be cut in any font or logo. The front and back of the acrylic painted letters will be protected with a protective film.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Letters

For business, you must add the most profitable products to skyrocket your business! Weprofab is proud to offer high-quality acrylic letters that can be customized. We used acrylics for creating acrylic letters due to its low cost and superb clarity.

Great news! Weprofab is producing the finest quality of acrylic letters. Weprofab acrylic letters are widely use in different standard and custom applications. For your business necessities, we highly present a countless variety of acrylic letters. In any custom fonts, colors, and sizes, our range of acrylic letters are highly obtainable.

Acrylic Letters

For custom intentions, we create Weprofab acrylic letters with eye-catching designs to attract your own customers. Weprofab acrylic letters are lightweight and super durable to meet your business specifications. Our lines of acrylic letters are perfect for outside uses. It is flexible at the same time to fit near any designs. As a reliable manufacturer in China, Weprofab supplies tons of acrylic letters to help you finalize your trade missions.

Our range of acrylic letters comes in over a hundred styles. All the styles we offer are amazing for acrylic signs or advertising applications. These sorts of letters are constructed to last for years against all weather conditions. Also, you don`t have to worry about cracking, fading, or chipping because we used acrylic in making premium letters.

Acrylic Letters

For important applications, Weprofab acrylic letters get the nice sharp clean lines and amazing cuts for any business advertising applications. They are highly recommended to use in different advertising purposes because they are durable and can withstand weather conditions.

You can assume you`ll get instant quotes when you inquire about acrylic letters in Weprofab. Get in touch with us and we are sure to provide further information on how our acrylic is molded and processed into amazing letters.

Acrylic Letters

In Weprofab, we have ten sets of various acrylic letters in-house plastic fabrication factories and manufacturing lines.

When you deal with Weprofab, rest assured of our latest acrylic letters. As the best manufacturer worldwide, Weprofab are SGS, ISO 9001, and CE internationally certified.

Send now your inquiries for Weprofab acrylic letters!

Acrylic Letters: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for high-quality acrylic letters.

Or, you’d like to learn more about acrylic letters.

Whichever the case, this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about acrylic letters.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Letter?

It refers to alphanumerical symbols or characters relatively large and derived through a fabrication process of acrylic sheet material.

 acrylic letter

acrylic letters

Acrylic letters come in various designs and always arranged to create a meaningful word, name, slogan, or identity.

You can use them in different commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, and office-related settings.

These letters are available in numerous sizes, color shades, material thickness, and surface finishing.

What are the Available Types of Acrylic Letters?

Acrylic letters come in a broad range of types.

However, the common designs can be categorized into two major types as follows;

1) lat Cut Acrylic Letters

Refer to a type of acrylic letters commonly used in relatively conservative establishments.

You can find them in a wide variety, making it easy to select the ideal designs for your needs.

Furthermore, you can decide to make flat-cut acrylic letters of various shapes, sizes, and alphanumerical font styles among others.

The color option is also limited in this acrylic letter’s category.

 flat cut acrylic letters

flat cut acrylic letters

This is an ideal choice if you’re looking for classy yet professional letters for your establishment.

2) 3D Acrylic Letters

Quite a common type of acrylic letters found in a wide range of premises.

Currently, these types of letters are regarded as the most exceptional in the market for many applications.

They produce an eye-catching 3D effect, which is essential for grabbing attention.

Most of the time, 3D acrylic letters are integrated with LED lights to create a halo illumination making your premises unique.

You can also use this type of acrylic letter both indoors and outdoors in various sectors, both commercial and residential.

3D acrylic letters

 3D acrylic letters

Also, they are available in various categories to match your particular requirements.

3D acrylic letters are mostly manufactured using CNC machining process.

Nonetheless, some varieties of these letters include the following;

  • Painted acrylic letters
  • Decorative acrylic letters
  • Beaded acrylic letters
  • Clear acrylic letters
  • Vinyl acrylic letters
  • Backlit acrylic letters
  • Acrylic sign electrical letters
  • Polished acrylic letters
  • Decorative acrylic letters

How Useful are Acrylic Letters in Your Business?

Technically, an integral way of growing your business is creating awareness uniquely.

Use of acrylic letters allows your business to reach its optimum relatively fast since it enhances its various aspects.

Here are some of the ways these letters can help your business;

a) Provides a professional and lasting impression, particularly to existing and potential clientele.

In essence, it increases turnover and consequent sustainability, which is vital for business growth.

b) Exhibits incredible strength and resistance to impact.

As such, they create a safer environment for all users within the vicinity since they can’t break nor shatter.

c) They enhance the overall appearance of the business and making it look more upscale and ambient.

Essentially, this increases brand awareness and value of the business.

d) Quite lightweight, thus easy and faster for you to handle, fix or mount on your business premises.

You won’t need any meaningful assistance to install acrylic letters.

e) Relatively easy to customize since the surface material is soft and flexible.

This enables you to create different designs, shapes, font styles and even add other features like LED lights.

f) You can clean and maintain acrylic letters easily, which is vital since it shows you can use them for longer.

g) Acrylic letters have a solid construction with quality artistry and a professional durable finish.

As such, they can last for as many years as possible without degrading nor losing quality.

h) Reasonably versatile hence you can use them in a wide range of business branding labelling aspects both for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The advantage here is you can eventually cut on unnecessary costs.

i) Most types of acrylic letters are fairly affordable compared to other materials, which can offer a similar solution.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Letters?

Acrylic letters are used mainly for branding and identification of premises within the commercial, industrial, social and residential settings.

They also come in handy when it comes to labelling different elements and spaces.

Therefore, it shows you can use them widely in such establishments to create identity, awareness, and relevant information.

Examples of some of the common places where such letters are used include the following;

  • Hotel and restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Learning institutions
  • Business organizations
  • Shopping malls
  • Coffee shops
  • Convention centers
  • Department stores
  • Automobile bazaars
  • Religious centers
  • Sports facilities like stadiums, gymnasiums, etc.
  • Gas stations
  • Bookstores
  • Entertainment joints
  • Government premises

Do Acrylic Letters Crack?


The primary material used for manufacturing these letters is acrylic.

Naturally, acrylic is well-made since it has strong molecules often derived from various organic components.

This gives it exceptional resistance to impact hence cannot break.

Ideally, acrylic material is about 17-20 times stronger than fibreglass letters of similar size and thickness.

Also, acrylic letters can hardly shatter irrespective of the impact pressure they are subjected to.

This makes it a vital safety feature, especially when used in high-traffic premises or spaces.

Can Acrylic Letters Chip?

Not at all under ordinary conditions.

The material is reasonably soft, which makes it easier to fabricate without chipping.

However, you need to be meticulous as far as handling the material is concerned, especially when cutting and drilling.

You should never apply excessive pressure when drilling since it may result in unnecessary fragmenting.

Also, when cutting, always make sure you use sharp tools.

Blunt tools tend to cause more friction on the surface material; hence can easily fragment on the edges.

What is the Best Font for Acrylic Letters?

It is dependent on your taste and preference.

Ideally, you can create acrylic letters of any font design you’d wish to get.

The material is soft and supple hence can easily bend without breaking.

This allows you to fabricate it to an ideal font design, which suits your requirements.

As such, the best font for these letters is determined by your liking.

Acrylic Letters Come in Which Colors?

In several color shades.

olored acrylic letters

colored acrylic letters

Ideally, acrylic material is clear in its virgin form.

However, you can always inject with a wide range of color hues depending on what suits your needs.

In essence, it gives you the necessary flexibility as far as determining the best color of acrylic letters for your application.

Moreover, the variety is integral in getting the best theme in line with your business or corporate colors.

If you need to complement other elements within the surrounding, you can also easily choose suitable colors.

What’s more, is you can find multi-coloured acrylic letters.

These are ones with more than one color.

As such, you can broaden your options as much as possible to ensure you get the best color shade for your acrylic letters.

Are Acrylic Letters Suitable for Indoor Applications?


Acrylic letters are designed to suit different conditions, including indoor applications.

The material used for making these items allows a significant amount of light to pass through it.

As such, it makes the surface material of these letters relatively bright.

And this makes it possible for acrylic letters to be suitable for indoor spaces and applications.

Moreover, you can always integrate these letters with LED lights to enhance visibility.

Alternatively, you can use a backlit acrylic sheet to make letters for indoor applications.

Are Acrylic Letters Costly?

Not really.

However, the cost is relative depending on a wide range of variables.

In most instances, the price of this item is based on the exact variant that you are looking for.

Many applications where acrylic letters are used tend to be unique regarding branding, identification, and labeling.

Therefore, you’ll require personalized symbols to match the specific needs of the company.

Customization extent of these letters is what largely determines the precise amount you’ll pay.

Another price determinant of acrylic letters is the particular designs you are selecting.

These letters are available in different font styles, material thickness, color, and size.

Mostly, relatively complex font styles, thicker surface material, and bigger letters will always be a bit expensive and vice versa.

Additional features such as backlighting using LED will also inflate the price of these letters.

Also, the particular manufacturer you are buying the acrylic symbols from is a price determinant factor.

Some manufacturers are more expensive than others, depending on brand positioning and company reputation.

And importantly, the order quantity when procuring acrylic letters also influences the pricing model.

Most companies always provide reasonable discounts on bulk purchases and vice versa.

Therefore, you’re likely to save a significant amount of money when you buy a large volume than buying a few pieces.

The upshot is that acrylic letters are not necessarily expensive since the actual price is based on several factors.

How Do Acrylic Letters and Glass letters Compare?

In many business premises, offices, social places, commercial buildings, etc., glass and acrylic are the commonly used lettering materials.

 glass letters

 glass letters

They offer uniqueness, which is important in enhancing efficiency, practicality, and functionality.

Even so, they seem to vary in terms of features, and the comparison between the two involves the following;

Acrylic letters are shinier, brighter, and offer excellent optical clarity.

The surface material of this component transmits up to about 92% of light, making it highly transparent and colorful.

Glass letters are also somewhat bright with reasonable optical clarity.

However, the surface material allows up to about 84-88% of light to pass through it, making it less clear than acrylic.

Letters made using acrylic material are easy to fabricate.

You can drill, paint, bend, polish, scrub and cut the material to customize it to meet your specific needs.

On the other hand, you can only fabricate glass lettering material to a particular extent, which can be limiting.

In terms of weight, acrylic lettering material is relatively lightweight. It is almost half the weight of glass material of similar dimensions.

The edges of acrylic are also softer than for glass, which tends to be hard and sharp.

This makes it easier and safer to install or mount acrylic letters than glass letters.

You might require assistance when handling glass lettering material since it is a bit heavy and has sharper edges.

When it comes to strength, acrylic letters exhibit excellent sturdiness and resistance to many elements, including impact.

It can endure numerous conditions such as scratch, moisture, and corrosion among others, without quality degradation.

On the contrary, glass lettering materials have relatively poor resistance to many environmental and weather elements.

Glass is not as strong as acrylic; thus, it rarely endures such conditions, especially when subjected to the extreme.

For instance, glass letters are likely to bend or shrink when exposed to high temperatures, unlike acrylic letters.

This may happen because acrylic lettering material has better dimensional stability compared to glass lettering material.

In general, acrylic letters come out as a better alternative if you have to choose between the two.

How Can You Make Acrylic Letters?

Several techniques are used to manufacture acrylic letters.

The specific process is dependent on various factors, including the design, material thickness, and size among others.

However, use of laser machining is the common way most manufacturers use to make these items.

Intrinsically, you need an acrylic sheet material of an ideal thickness for your lettering.

You’ll also require relevant tools and items such as pencils, markers, rulers, and safety gear such as a face mask and gloves.

Use dummy letters to guide you in obtaining the preferable acrylic letters.

Most of the time, the laser machine has an automated function; hence will perform it on command.

It depends on the dimensional settings you feed in the laser cutting software and that of the machine.

The machine will create the respective acrylic letters from the large sheet according to the set size and other details.

Using a laser cutting machine to make acrylic letters is always ideal because it is versatile.

Essentially, you can use the machine to cut, engrave and polish the letters.

Moreover, it is fast and accurate, thus guaranteeing incredible efficiency when making these types of letters.

Can You Illuminate Acrylic Letters?


LED is usually incorporated in acrylic letters to make them visible, classy, and unique, especially at night for outdoor spaces.

The LED lights are bright hence illuminate the lights and enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the letters.

 illuminated acrylic letters

 illuminated acrylic letters

Can You Use Acrylic Letters to Customize Fonts and Logos?

 customized acrylic letters

Customized acrylic letters


Principally, acrylic letters are designed to fit the requirements of the business or establishment.

They have to be unique since they represent entities with varied values, products, and services.

Therefore, you can creatively use these letters to tailor the fonts and logos of particular establishments.

Customized acrylic letter is a fundamental way of separating businesses and establishment’s identity and brands.

Manufacturers of these items have the facilities to produce customized fonts and logos out of acrylic letters.

You can also provide your design blueprint for assessment and consequent processing of the letters.

What is the Durability of Acrylic Letters?

Generally, acrylic letters can last for many years.

The base material used for manufacturing these items is sturdy and resistant to various weather and environmental elements.

Even so, the specific lifespan of acrylic letters depends on a wide range of variables.

The weather elements it is exposed to are variables that determine durability of these items.

For instance, outdoor acrylic letters are likely to be exposed to direct sunlight, rainfall, snow, corrosive materials, and temperature changes.

All these and many more elements reduce the longevity of acrylic lettering material depending on extremities.

Nevertheless, acrylic letters subjected to relatively unfavorable conditions will have a shorter lifespan and vice versa.

Another element determining actual durability of these items is the quality of acrylic material used to make them.

Acrylic comes in different quality variations.

If you choose lettering made from superior quality acrylic material, you can be guaranteed a longer service and vice versa.

Moreover, the overall artistry quality is integral in determining how long these letters can last.

Substandard workmanship reduces the lifespan of the item.

In a nutshell, the actual permanency of acrylic letters is based on different elements.

But if all factors remain constant, they can last for at least 20 years, provided you carry out appropriate routine maintenance.

What are the Main Features of Acrylic Letters?

They include the following;

Excellent dimensional stability – Can withstand temperature changes without losing shape or deforming.

Lightweight – The weight of this letter is almost half the weight of glass letters.

It is important since it allows for easy installation, especially for DIY projects.

Strong – Exhibits incredible strength and resistance to impact, making it unbreakable.

It is solid and can also endure different unfavorable elements without degrading.

Incredible optical clarity – Surface material of these items allows up to 92% of light to pass through, making them bright, clear, and glossy.

UV resistant – Integrated with UV additive preventing sunlight rays from penetrating through the surface material of the letters.

Flexible – The surface material is reasonably soft and supple, making it easy to fabricate it using various techniques.

This allows you to customize it to suit your specific requirements.

Solid construction – Quality of acrylic letters is superior since it entails a high level of artistry.

It is vital because it improves the value, worth, and aesthetics of these items.

Can You Polish Acrylic Letters?


If you notice acrylic letters are fading, dulling, or yellowing, the best remedy would be to polish the surface material.

Polishing acrylic restores the glossiness and brightness of these items to the original state.

There are several polishing techniques you can use, such as flame, vapor, and buffing.

All these provide desirable results leaving a shiny, brighter, and clear acrylic letter surface.

Do Acrylic Letters Scratch Easily?


The lettering material is hardy thus has a better natural resistance to abrasive elements.

Moreover, most modern acrylic letters are coated with anti-scratch treatment, which enhances resistance to scratches.

However, for indoor applications exposed to abrasive elements, you can always remove the marks easily.

Polishing and cleaning are among the best ways to remove the scratches from this material’s surface.

How Do You Fix Acrylic Letters?

You can use a wide range of techniques to fix acrylic letters on various surfaces.

But it is also important to consider the specific surface for installing these letters.

For example, if you’re installing flat-surfaced acrylic letters, you won’t essentially need to fix them on an entirely flat surface.

There are two major techniques for installing these items and include the following;

Acrylic Flush Fixing

This technique entails use of commercially double-sided adhesive tape to the rear part of every acrylic letter.

A protective layer covering the adhesive tape is removed upon installation to allow the letters to cure tightly on the fixed surface.

The acrylic adhesive tape forms a solid bond between the letters and surface, ensuring they are fixed firmly for durability.

Acrylic Raised-Off-the-Wall Installation

It is also a common technique for fixing acrylic letters on various wall surfaces.

This method entails using a two-part wall bracket to secure these items tightly on the wall.

Ideally, it comes in two parts; male and female.

Male part is fixed on rear side of every acrylic letter, whereas the female part is pinned on the wall.

The male and female parts are affixed on the wall using a screw and a wall plug.

Upon installation, you’ll position the paper template on the wall to create marks on where female fixings are placed.

This method makes it easy for you to move the letters later on when there is a need.

But if you’d prefer permanent fixing, you can still use acrylic adhesive to fuse the elements to prevent detaching.

And if you’re installing somewhat complex designs, you’d need professional assistance.

What Can Make Acrylic Letters to Yellow?

Majorly, yellowing on acrylic letters is caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Ordinarily, the building units of acrylic material are relatively soft.

Once exposed to direct sunlight for long, these molecules weaken gradually due to attacks from UV rays.

This leads to eventual yellowing of the surface material.

However, it can always be restored to its original state through polishing mechanisms such as buffing and vapor polishing.

What is the Suitable Size for Acrylic Letters?

It is dependent on your preference and specific application where you’ll fix the letters.

In most instances, acrylic letters are used for branding and identity.

Therefore, ideal size is one, which is clearly visible and serves the purpose accordingly.

Technically, always ensure you select a reasonable size, whether for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Is there an Ideal Alternative Material You Can Use in Place of Acrylic Letters?


The most suitable substitute material for acrylic letters is polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate and acrylic tend to share relatively similar properties.

Some of these features include excellent strength, lightweight, incredible optical clarity, and resistance to weather elements among others.

As such, it becomes a perfect consideration for acrylic lettering material

polycarbonate letters

polycarbonate letters

What Factors Determine Turnaround Time for Manufacturing Acrylic Letters?

They are quite several, but the major ones include the following;

Order Quantity

It is simply the number of acrylic letters you are ordering from your respective manufacturer.

Ordinarily, the more the quantity, the longer the turnaround time is likely to take.

Customization Level

Complex customized designs tend to be quite involving since they require specialized attention and details.

Therefore, they may take more time to produce compared to simple standard designs.

Pending Orders

Many manufacturers usually fulfill acrylic letter orders on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Thus, the more pending orders, the likelihood of a longer turnaround time and vice versa.

Company Policy

Some manufacturers have strict guiding principles regarding order fulfillment time.

Such companies would adhere to such policies, whereas others tend to be a bit flexible.

Therefore, turnaround time may vary based on this factor.

Why Should You Import Acrylic Letters from China?

China is  the best marketplace to procure your acrylic letters from because of the following reasons;

1) Guaranteed high-quality acrylic letters, which meet the respective quality standards

2) Wide variety of suppliers to purchase from, thus broadening your options

3) Cost-effective rates across various suppliers enabling you to save a reasonable amount of money and increasing profit margin.

4) Reliable manufacturers and suppliers offering valid warranties and auxiliary after-sales services.

5) Flexibility in several aspects such as ordering system, manufacturing turnaround time, MOQ, and shipping.

What Techniques Can You Use to Check Quality of Acrylic Letters?

In many instances, these items are always subjected to various tests to determine whether they meet required quality standards.

These tests include the following;

  • Heat resistance test
  • UV resistance test
  • Dimensional stability test
  • Scratch resistance test
  • Impact resistance test
  • Chemical resistance test

These tests are often done in hi-tech laboratories under restricted conditions to obtain desirable results.

Moreover, there are other quality standard measures usually certified by different agencies, nationally, regionally, and globally.

The popular ones include ISO, RoHS, ASTM, CE, UL, and SGS among others.

Now, it’s your turn.

In case you have any question or inquiry about acrylic letters, feel free to contact the WeProFab team.

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