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Acrylic Light Fixture

Weprofab is an outstanding acrylic light fixture manufacturers in China. We can produce and supply the highest quality of acrylic light fixtures in any surface of the world. We take pride in serving our customers with excellent and satisfying services. To avail our extraordinary acrylic light fixture, inquire to us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Light Fixture Delight Your Customers

Weprofab e specialized in fabricating various types of acrylic light fixtures. We can produce the highest quality acrylic product which can give more eye-catching to each customers.

Modern Acrylic Light Fixture

Weprofab has fabricated a modern acrylic light fixture that can be able to control the brightness of harsh lighting to create a soft lighting effect.

Acrylic LED Wall Light Fixture

Weprofab LED wall light fixture can help conserve energy by providing more even lighting that reduces the need for additional fixtures.

Hanging Acrylic Light Fixture

Weprofab acrylic light fixture does exhibit higher impact resistance, stiffness, moisture resistance, and increased heat resistance.

Orange Acrylic Light Fixture

Our orange acrylic light fixture provides extremely good strength ratios while offering tremendous flexibility and excellent light transmission and diffusion.

Third Gear Acrylic Light Fixture

Weprofab acrylic third gear acrylic light fixture has a high gloss finish and is more translucent than transparent, making it ideal for lighting fixture.

Decorative Acrylic Light Fixture

Weprofab decorative acrylic light fixture has a capability to increased durability against scratches and to improve flexibility.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Light Fixture Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

If you are are looking for the best and durable acrylic light covers, We are proud to offer our outstanding acrylic light covers that are made from high-grade kinds of materials.

It is ideal for your personal or business purposes, this product can offer this at very affordable rates.

Allow us to serve you, send us a message to get an instant quote!

Custom Acrylic Light Fixture to Skyrocket Your Brand

Hexagon Acrylic Light Fixture

Hexagon acrylic light fixture do increased light filtration, impact resistance, increased strength, and improved weight and viscosity flow characteristics.

Acrylic Pendant Light Fixture

Our acrylic pendant light fixture does not yellow over time. Weprofab offers a high-quality acrylic pendant light fixture.

Acrylic Ceiling Light Fixture

Using acrylic ceiling light fixture is generally a safe bet and when you purchase from Weprofab, you can always count on a high-quality product.

Acrylic Flat Light Fixture

Weprofab acrylic flat light fixture can fully produce excellent lighting for your indoor and even in your outdoor space.

Acrylic Remote Ring Light Fixture

Weprofab acryic remote ring light fixtures are resistant to weathering, meaning that your lighting fixtures are protected against heat and moisture.

Acrylic Ceiling Light Fixture

Acrylic ceiling light fixtures can be dimmable and the color temperature can be adjusted. Primarily placed on ceilings such as in the living room, bedroom, or entertainment room. Available in a broad range of styles.

Acrylic Dome Light Fixture

The acrylic dome light fixture is easy to fabricate, install, and looks good. Commonly used in domes and gorgeously blend in with objects in the background. Made with durable and long-lasting acrylic.

Acrylic Flat Light Fixture

The acrylic flat light fixture comes with a modern and minimalist design that makes the area look more stylish. Arrives fully assembled and guarantees an energy-saving solution. Also features a high-color LED light source.

Acrylic Pendant Light Fixture

Acrylic pendant light fixture enormously blends functionality and flair. Features a durable and single light fixture that directly hangs from the ceiling. Provides a bright, focused, and customized look in any setting.

Acrylic Remote Ring Light Fixture

The acrylic remote ring light fixture features a warm lamp body. Arrives with remote control for the dimming method. Features different lighting modes that add to the relaxing and charming atmosphere.

Clear Acrylic Light Fixture

The clear acrylic light fixture is simple, stylish, and adopts a modern ring design. Suitable in high-end hotels, apartments, and restaurants. Made with crystal-clear acrylic that creates an exquisite beauty.

Decorative Acrylic Round Light Fixture

The decorative acrylic round light fixture is decorated with glass and crystals. Round in structure and provides a grandiose dazzling appeal. Come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Features an improved design and types.

Diffuser Acrylic Lights Fixture

Diffuser acrylic lights fixture is made of high quality, tough, and lightweight material. Engineered to diffuse luminance with high light transmission. Also guarantees superior optical properties.

Hanging Acrylic Light Fixture

The hanging acrylic light fixture has no glare and offers a long service life. Typically hung on a ceiling with adjustable color, brightness, and color temperature. Well-known for having an unusual shapes and rigorous designs.

Hexagon Acrylic Light Fixture

Hexagon acrylic light fixture is nice looking, sturdy, stable, and durable. Comes with a hexagonal structure that is very cool and modern. Numerous color options are available and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Light Fixture

Impact-resistant acrylic light fixture features a simple installation and provides a stylish beautification experience. Offers excellent impact and damage resistance. Commonly used in outdoor applications.

Modern Wall Vanity Light Fixture

A modern wall vanity light fixture adds a modern touch to any space and is a popular choice for room upgrades. Can sustain frequent daily use without scratches and damage. Provides improved visibility for any applications.

Small Acrylic Light Fixture

A small acrylic light fixture comes in modern shades and many styles. Small in size and arrives with several surface finishes. Provides a chic, stylish, and minimalist look. Available with high-quality LED bulbs.

Wall Mount Acrylic Light Fixture

Wall mount acrylic light fixture arrives in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes that complement any area. Commonly mounted on walls that create a rustic vibe in various kinds of room.

White Acrylic light Fixture

The white acrylic light fixture has excellent heat dissipation, is anti-fading, and is easy to clean. Manufactured using white and high-quality acrylic with strong light transmission. Also offers longer service life.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Light Fixture

Acrylic Light Fixture

Weprofab is a popular acrylic light fixture manufacturer and supplier in China.

When a client purchases from a reputable supplier and manufacturer you can always count on a high-quality product.

Weprofab is one of the well-known that has a reputable and honest team.

Weprofab can highly recommend an acrylic light fixture to have the best lighting.

The acrylic light fixture is being designed to control the harsh brightness and to produce a soft lighting effect.

Acrylic is easier to shape than glass so you will often find more shapes available.

We have different features, shapes, styles, and colors of acrylic light fixtures available.

Acrylic Light Fixture

Our acrylic light fixtures can give you greater flexibility in terms of selection that are going to be the most appropriate for your different applications.

This product can allow more light to pass through than most glass lighting fixtures.

It is making for an enhanced lighting experience.

Acrylic light fixture does produce greater brilliance and better lighting.

Acrylic lighting fixtures are often stronger than glass and there isn’t any shattering risk.

With extreme durability, they can withstand high impact while being far less heavy than glass and other materials.

Weprofab has a wide selection for acrylic light fixtures like light fixtures for kitchen, offices, bathroom, garage, and other home and for any commercial use.

By applying high R&D and production standards together with the ISO9001:2000 strict quality control system, we obtained as the leading manufacturing company.

Acrylic Light Fixture

After many years of stable development, our company has grown to be a sizable factory that has workshops for acrylic production.

You can rely on Weprofab regards to acrylic products.

Together with our skilled team, we are manufactured products and ensuring the quality of each finished product.

Whenever you need an acrylic light fixture for home, commercial and any application feel free to contact us.

We love to serve and to help you.

What are the Features of Acrylic Light Fixture?

The acrylic light fixture has a lot of features such as:

  • Increased durability
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Enhanced light transmission
  • Superior optical properties
  • Excellent light diffusion
  • Contemporary design
  • Best light clarity
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Elegant design
  • Improved flexibility
  • Energy-saving
  • Easy to install
What are the Applications of Acrylic Light Fixture?

The acrylic light fixture has a lot of applications. It can be used in outdoor, indoor, architectural, industrial, and commercial applications.

The acrylic light fixture can be used in applications such as:

  • Showrooms
  • Galleries
  • Hotels
  • Bedrooms, Hallways, Dining Rooms, Bathrooms, or Living Rooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Corridors
  • Metro stations
  • Themed restaurants
  • Supermarket
  • School
  • Study rooms
  • Meeting rooms

Acrylic Light Fixture

What are the Different Colors of Light that the Acrylic Light Fixture Emits?

The acrylic light fixture can emit different colors of light such as:

  • warm white light
  • cold white light
  • red light
  • yellow light
  • blue light
  • green light
  • purple light
Where Do You Mount the Acrylic Light Fixture?

You can mount the acrylic light fixture on the walls or ceilings.

Also, the acrylic light fixture can be mounted in different methods such as:

  • Semi Flush Mount
  • Flush Mount
  • Surface Mount
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