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Acrylic Light Panels

As a well-known company and manufacturer of acrylic light panels, you can always count on Weprofab. We provide customized and personalized acrylic light panels to satisfy your needs. All of your ideal acrylic light panels are provided at Wepofab. Send us your queries now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Light Panels to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab presents exclusive styles and designs of acrylic light panels for the needs of your business. We are glad to offer a helping hand to expand your business.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Light Panels

Wepofab has the professionalism in cutting acrylic light panels in different sizes. It can help your business to boom unexpectedly!

Frost Acrylic Diffusing Light Panels

If you want a high quality of frost acrylic diffusing light panels, in China, Weprofab can provide your necessities.

China Acrylic Light Panels Manufacturer

In China, Weprofab is working seriously on producing high-quality acrylic light panels. If you want custom designs, no problem! We all have solutions!

Acrylic Premium Prismatic Light Panels

Free to visit Weprofab to find your ideal acrylic premium prismatic light panels. We are one of the best manufacturers in China to handle your needs.

Acrylic Lay-in Light Panels

At our factory, you can discover a complete selection of acrylic light panels, like acrylic lay-in panels. We produce different designs that match your taste and preferences.

Acrylic Ceiling Light Panels

Are you looking for acrylic ceiling light panels? Weprofab offers wide options to any related business. all of our products are quality-ensured before shipped.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Light Panels Manufacturer

In mainland China, Weprofab is a well-known manufacturer of metal and plastic fabrications, such as acrylic light panels. We gain approval of international standards like ISO 9001 certifications.

When it comes to your acrylic light panel necessities, Weprofab staff and engineers are happy to work with you. Whatever the sizes, materials to use, and styles you want, we guaranteed the worthier services and products

If you have further to ask about Acrylic light panels, go on! And please don`t hesitate to reach us via e-mail for precise answers to your concerns.


Custom Acrylic Light Panels to Skyrocket Your Brand

Colored Acrylic Light Panels

Weprofab is ready to provide your favorite colored acrylic light panels. We only produce high-quality acrylic light panels.

Ultra-thin LED Acrylic Light Panels

For over 20 years of experience in fabrications, we know what is most suitable for your business. Always count on us!

Acrylic Clear Cracked Ice Light Panels

Weprofab is providing extra durable, elegant, and classic acrylic light panels. These are attractive enough to catch customers’ eyes.

Silk Acrylic Light Panels Installation

Whether you`re distributor or retailer of acrylic light panels, we, Weprofab let you order in bulk ways. We are experts you must trust!

Acrylic Decorative Lighting Panels

Weprofab provides real-promising quality of acrylic lighting panels, perfect for decorative applications. Most used at hotels, residential, or commercial applications.

LED Acrylic Light Panels

The LED acrylic light panels can be used as a modern and beautiful light source in different areas. With high-quality raw materials, the panels can be made into desired sizes. Significant usage for counter lights, architectural, floor lights, retail displays, fixtures, etc.

Acrylic Light Panels 2X4

Acrylic light panels measuring 2×4 are a cost-effective, lightweight, and simple-to-use fluorescent lighting cover solution. Features break resistance and non-yellowing. Ideal for application in a range of commercial and domestic settings.

Acrylic Light Panels 2X2

The acrylic light panels 2×2 are high-quality acrylic lighting panels that soften harsh fluorescent light for a more pleasant viewing experience. Provides good visual comfort and a consistent surface look. It will fit the most popular drop-in fluorescent light applications.

Acrylic Light Panels Custom

The acrylic light panels are available in full custom sizes. All of the high-quality lighting panels have clear and opal white styrene colors. We can cut every panel to the exact size that is required.

Acrylic Light Diffuser Panels

The acrylic light diffuser panels are appropriate for usage in the workplace. In the direct glare zone, it provides excellent brightness control. It is constructed of acrylic that avoids glare and hides fluorescent and HID lamps.

Cracked Ice Acrylic Light Panels

The cracked ice acrylic light panels are available in various finishes and colors. It can be used in bath and kitchen fixtures, office buildings, basements, garages, schools, etc. For almost any fluorescent bulb cover requirement, this is a simple and lightweight option.

Acrylic Frameless Light Panels

The acrylic frameless light panels are attractive, have weather resistance, and have high mechanical strength. It also has good impact strength, non-toxicity, and opposition from scratch. Passed and approved by SGS, ROHS, and other leading standards.

Dual Acrylic Light Panels

The dual acrylic light panels design is essential and elegant, with a fresh feel. Energy-efficient, low-consumption, and environmentally friendly. Great for stores, offices, meeting rooms, supermarkets.

Customized Acrylic Light Panels

The customizable acrylic light panels create a comfortable visual environment and efficient lighting. It is less expensive, lighter, and more durable than other options. They come in several finishes and colors.

White Prismatic Acrylic Light Panels

The white prismatic acrylic light panels are non-yellowing and nearly indestructible. It is weatherable and break-resistant, making them an excellent choice for creating visual comfort in areas with overhead fluorescent lighting.

Acrylic Light Panels Landscape A3

The acrylic light panels landscape A3 is made of lightweight acrylic. Ideal for wall to wall or floor to ceiling. Great use as promotional materials, poster displays, menus, etc. It’s exceptionally bright and energy-efficient.

3MM Acrylic Light Panels

The 3mm acrylic light panels are weather-resistant and high impact-resistant. Other features include anti-UV, chemical resistance, and anti-scratch. It can be used for light diffusers lightboxes, among other things. It’s simple to color and clean.

F10 Acrylic Light Panels

The F10 acrylic light panels are available in prismatic, cracked ice, and Prisma square patterns. The top three features are weatherable, non-yellowing, and contractor-grade lighting panels.

Translucent Acrylic Light Panels

In places lit by overhead fluorescent lighting, the clear acrylic light panels enable exceptional efficiency and direct glare reduction. Its lightweight, clear plastic structure offers easy installation and high durability.It’s made to fit standard ceiling grids.

24x48 Inch Acrylic Light Panels

The 24×48-inch acrylic light panels are built of impact-modified Optix acrylic. The lens is non-yellowing and break-resistant. Because of their solid-state construction, these panels use significantly less energy, have a much longer lifespan, can operate in a wide range of ambient temperatures.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Light Panels

Weprofab Acrylic light panels are stable and strong since it was made from the finest acrylic materials. In Weprofab, you can rest assured about all of our acrylic light panels that won`t destroy nor break easily. And when it comes to longevity and solidity of acrylic light panels, you can trust Weprofab acrylic light panels. It has high fire ratings and magnificent safety proof to offer.

Acrylic Light Panels

Whoever you are, a distributor or a retailer, we will provide you these acrylic light panels with extreme quality. Aside from its appealing designs, our acrylic light panel adds radiance and elegant features to the environment without spending a lot of cash. However, your own customers can avail huge benefits of our acrylic light panels. Weprofab is happy to make your business roar!

In picking the best type of acrylic light panels, please consider Weprofab as a trading name. As #1 acrylic light panels distributor, we have the complete capacity in producing a huge volume of acrylic light panels for your large volume of orders.

Acrylic Light Panels

In mainland China, Weprofab is a well-known manufacturer of any metal and plastic fabrications, such as acrylic light panels. We gain the approval of international standards like ISO 9001 certifications. We are executives of fabricating acrylic light panels for over 2 decades.

Whether you run out of Acrylic Ceiling Light Panels, Acrylic Lay-in Light Panels, or Frost Acrylic Diffusing Light Panels, Weprofab is dedicated to producing the product based on your specifications. All the time, we provide every business an eco-friendly & eco-saving lighting replacement solutions at budget-friendly prices.

Acrylic Light Panels

When it comes to your acrylic light panel necessities, Weprofab staff and engineers are happy to work with you. Whatever the sizes, materials to use, and styles you want, we guaranteed the worthier services and products.

If you have further to ask about Acrylic light panels, go on! And please don`t hesitate to reach us via e-mail for precise answers to your concerns. Get immediate quotes from us!

Acrylic Light Panels: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing the best acrylic light panels can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why this guide will make everything simple for you by exploring everything you need to know about acrylic light panels.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Acrylic Light Panel?

An acrylic light panel is an electric panel, which contains fuses to protect the bench circuit serving light fixtures.

These panels enhance the beauty of your surroundings and add personality.

They are available in different colors, sizes, and designs. Custom–made designs are available.

Therefore, you could contact your manufacturer to design your light panel as per your specifications.

Installation, cleaning, and maintenance are easy.

Figure 1 Acrylic light panel

acrylic light panel

What is the Difference Between Acrylic Shower Panel and Acrylic Light Panel?

Acrylic light panels and acrylic shower panels serve a different purpose, thus resulting in varied characteristics and differences.

Figure 2 Acrylic shower panel

acrylic shower panel

They are as follows:

  • An acrylic light panel is used for lighting, while a shower panel serves as a bathroom divider.
  • Shower panels are installed on shower walls, while acrylic light panels are installed on ceilings or walls around your office or home.
  • No Adhesives are used for bonding light panels, while this is necessary for acrylic shower panels.
  • Electricity is used for light panels and not on shower panels.
  • There is a broader range of standard designs for wall panels than light panels.

Figure 3 Acrylic light panel

acrylic light panel

How are Acrylic Light Panels Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of acrylic light panels follows this manner;

Step 1

The buyer decides the size, thickness, color, design, and so forth for customized panels.

For non – customized panels, the manufacturers will produce as they planned.

Step 2

Acrylic is heated and placed over a mold in the shape of the light panel.

Step 3

Then, it is cooled and shaped as desired.

Step 4

Rough edges are polished, and leftover pieces of acrylic material are cut.

Step 5

The panels are cleaned, and protective coatings and necessary features are added to them.

Step 6

Lastly, assessment of the panels to determine and discard the faulty ones takes place in this stage.

While at it, packaging of the good commences for distribution.

What are the Common Acrylic Light Panel Designs in the Market?

There are a variety of designs. In most instances, light panels are square-shaped.

Nonetheless, the actual design of the panel is also dependent on your need and specification.

These are some of the common designs for light panels in the market.

  • Rhythm Light Panels

Figure 4 Rythm light panel

rhythm light panel

  • Hexagonal Light Panels
  • Triangle Light Panels

Figure 5 Triangle light panel

triangle light panel

  • Square light panels
  • Animal shaped light panels

Figure 6 Animal shaped light panel

Animal shaped light panel

  • Letter shaped light panels

Figure 7 Letter shaped light panel

 letter shaped light panel

How Does Acrylic Compare to other Materials?

You can also consider any of the following materials:

Polycarbonate Material

There are plenty of shared characteristics and differences with acrylic. Here are some features.

  • Polycarbonate is easier to customize than acrylic material.
  • It is non – corrosive. This means it does not wear out quickly and can withstand various chemicals.
  • 250 times stronger than glass
  • Easy maintenance – Aside from polishing, polycarbonate rarely requires intensive care.
  • Visually Appealing – It is more transparent than acrylic and glass, thus making it highly appealing
  • Great electrical insulation

Fiberglass Material

Its makeup consists of glass strings heated together to fit the desired mold.

After molding and shaping, a resin gel coat is sprayed on it.

Characteristics of Fiberglass:

  • Lightweight
  • Non- corrosive
  • Low costs of maintenance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Product versatility – a wide range of designs, colors, and shapes exist.
  • Fire resistant

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is made by heating and then quickly cooling it. Afterward, it is molded in the desired shape.

Characteristics of Tempered glass:

  • About four times stronger than glass
  • It does break into sharp jagged edges
  • Not as clear as glass or acrylic
  • Displays excellent thermal conductivity

What are the Advantages of Installing Acrylic Light Panels?

There are plenty of advantages to installing acrylic light panels. They are as follows:

  1. Chemically Resistant – It will resist chemicals and not emit harmful toxins in your environment.
  1. They are versatile –An array of colors, sizes, and patterns will be available for you to select.
  1. Visual Appeal – Given the various design and colors, it will add to the aesthetic appeal of the setting they are placed within.
  1. Ability to endure harsh conditions – Under intense pressure or impact, your light panel will not break easily.

It will not discolor when exposed to Sun or negatively react when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

  1. You can purchase customized products – Being able to dictate the color, size, and design makes it a unique option.
  1. It is lightweight – You can easily carry and move it as you wish without struggle.
  1. Maintenance is simple –Polish them to maintain their glossy nature.

Otherwise, not much needs to be done in the long run, thus making it very affordable.

How Can You Prevent Acrylic Light Panels from Scratching?

Tips for preventing scratches on acrylic light panels include the following;

  1. Avoid using sharp objects such as razors
  1. Keep chemicals which react negatively with acrylic away as they cause crazing in some instances
  1. Request to have an anti-scratching coating applied when ordering for the light panels
  1. Polish them constantly to maintain their luster
  1. Use a wet microfiber or cotton cloth to clean

Can You Get Customized Acrylic Light Panel?


Figure 8 Custom acrylic light panel

 customized acrylic light panel

However, it would require you to place an order as already customized light panels are not plenty.

Customization allows for buyers to be “designers” as they have a say.

Depending on the manufacturer you contact, you may get a chance to place a custom-made order.

For example, the color, shape, patterns, size, or thickness differ amongst individuals.

The preferences and needs of individuals differ. Thus, most companies have this option for clients.

If you need a custom-made light panel, it is crucial to provide a prototype to your manufacturer to produce the exact product you desire.

As a result, you may end paying more than the standard design because of the added details your light panel will require.

Some manufacturers may request a prototype that serves as a reference point to produce what you desire.

Nonetheless, the prototype must meet the specific minimum requirements as stipulated by the regulatory needs.

Are Acrylic Light Panels Safe?


First, acrylic material has a high tolerance to high temperatures.

You shall not be troubled by overheating, having melted light panels, or the possibility of them causing a fire.

Secondly, unlike glass, it rarely breaks easily when subjected to high impact or under intense pressure.

Hence, injury resulting from cutting or pricking by your acrylic light panels is unlikely.

Thirdly, acrylic light panels hardly emit toxic fumes irrespective of the environment.

In short, they are safe and not a hazard to your health or those around you.

What is the Suitable Surface Treatment for Acrylic Light Panels?

The most suitable surface treatments for acrylic are as follows:

  1. Anti – scratching – It prevents your panels from being scratched easily.
  1. Anti–Fingerprint – Fingerprints will be invisible to the naked eye when this coating is applied.
  1. Anti-reflective coating – Prevents excess light from bouncing and penetrating to your light panels.
  1. Anti-static –An electrically conductive surface coating applied on the light panels to prevent static-electrical charges.

What Factors Determine the Durability of Acrylic Light Panels?

Maintenance – Acrylic is a durable material.

Constantly polish, keep sharp objects and some chemicals away to maintain its luster.

Material grade – The primary acrylic material is available in different grades.

As such, the better the quality, the more durable it is likely to last.

Design construction – Workmanship also plays a fundamental role in determining the longevity of this component.

Of course, poor workmanship results in shorter durability and vice versa.

Application – The specific weather, mechanical and environmental conditions the component is subjected to also influence its overall longevity.

Coating – Applying a suitable surface coating on your light panel will contribute to its durability as it will enhance its function.

How Do You Clear and Colored Acrylic Light Panels Compare?

Depending on what you choose, there are plenty of options available.

Figure 9 Clear acrylic light panel

clear acrylic light panel

The resemblance to glass makes clear light appealing.

Contrary to this, colored panels are attention-grabbing.

Given both perspectives, you may hold either of the two. Thus, the decision is dependent on your preference.

Figure 10 Colored acrylic light panel

colored acrylic light panel

These are similarities and differences between the two:

  • Clear acrylic tables are transparent
  • Colored acrylic panels are in a wide range of hues
  • Both are durable, aesthetically appealing, and lightweight.
  • They can endure different environmental conditions.

What is the Suitable Color for Acrylic Light Panels?

The suitable color is what fits your needs and preferences.

There is a wide range of hues you can select and, in most cases, up to about 50 options.

You could purchase or order a multi-colored light panel instead of buying a colored one, thus having rainbow-colored panels.

If you cannot get the color you desire, you can order your customized light panel from WeProFab.

Can Acrylic Light Panels break?


Acrylic is resistant to impact, and it hardly breaks or cracks when it falls, gets subjected to intense impact or pressure.

The base material is derived from natural elements, which form a component with stronger molecular structure.

As such, it makes it difficult for the component to break unless it is subjected to deliberate attempts.

It is about 17 to 20-times more robust than glass, making it extremely difficult to shatter.

How can you Order an Acrylic Light Panel?

First, you need to note the design, color, shape, and size you desire.

To determine whether the quality and style would meet your needs, you could request a prototype from the consumer.

Ideally, communicating via email or the manufacturer’s website would be the best.

However, a visit to the factory can suffice.

Once decided, you can place your order depending on the minimum order quantity the organization offer.

Also, you will need to provide your address for shipping and delivery of your light panels once ready.

Some manufacturers may require a prototype from you when processing a customized order.

Lastly, you pay for your product and wait for delivery.

What’s the Ideal Material Thickness for Acrylic Light Panels?

An ideal material thickness will depend on what you desire.

There is a wide range in terms of materials thickness.

The best choice is what suits your needs and preferences.

You may want a thick light panel while other clients vice – versa.

Are Acrylic Light Panels Scratch Resistant?

Yes, but to a specific limit.

Most modern acrylic light panels come with an integrated anti-scratch surface treatment.

However, acrylic light panels can scratch easily when in contact with rough or abrasive objects/materials and chemicals.

It is essential to wipe off the dust particles before cleaning your light panels.

Secondly, keep the sharp object or rough materials away from your acrylic light panels.

However, if your panels get scratched, you can polish the scratches off, and it will be as glossy as when you bought them.

Constant polishing will help them maintain their glossiness and be scratch-free.

What are the limitations of using Acrylic Light Panels?

Limitations of Acrylic light panels are the following:

  • Expensive – The prices of acrylic light panels are higher than other light sources because of high production costs.
  • Voltage Sensitive – Light panels have to be supplied with a consistent voltage throughout; otherwise, they may burn.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Light Panels?

Cleaning light panels is not a complicated process.

All you should do is:

  1. Disconnect from the power source.
  2. If you can remove the panels, get them off.
  3. If it is impossible, gently wipe or dust the panels with a cotton or microfiber cloth
  4. Dip panels in warm water and gently wash them.
  5. Let them dry or dry them with a cotton towel or microfiber cloth.
  6. Use toothpaste to polish.
  7. Alternatively, you can use scratch removers when you have scratches.
  8. Finally, return your panels.
  9. Switch them on, and they should be as glossy as when purchased

Where Do You Use Acrylic Light Panels?

You can use these panels in multiple places.

Some of the common applications include the following;

Home – Add a decorative aspect to your home. They are beautiful and come in different sizes and shapes.

Offices – The low cost of maintenance would be best for a business environment to save on costs.

Hotel Lobbies – Due to the variety in design, light panels are attention-grabbing and exactly what you need at your hotel.

On-Set – They can be used when filming movies for proper lighting.

Are Acrylic Light Panels Eco-friendly?


These panels do not emit harmful toxins into the environment.

They do not rust and will not negatively react when in contact with certain chemicals.

Moreover, the primary material used for making these panels is 100% recyclable.

Thus, they won’t fill the landfills; instead, they can be recycled to create other acrylic products.

Do Acrylic Light Panels Need to be Fire Retardant?


Acrylic light panels which are fire retardant, will prevent or slow down fire from intensely spreading.

Electric failure could lead to a fire outbreak, thus the need for your light panels to be a fire retardant.

The fire retardant rating of acrylic depends on the material used.

According to ASTM, the E84 acrylic material does not meet the maximum flame retardant rating of 200.

What Factors do you Consider when Buying Acrylic Light Panels?

Although the price of a product may be one of the most fundamental factors, there are other things to consider.

These are some recommendations of what to consider when purchasing a light panel.

Cost of the acrylic light panel – Is the product too high or affordable. Is it within your estimated range?

Durability – Based on the use of the product, it is vital to check if they have the attributes to be functional in your environment.

For instance, U.V. coating would be helpful if you will have your light panels installed outside.

It ensures they do not yellow quickly.

Design –Do you want it to be round, circle, or oval? What should your panel look like?

Weight – How heavy or light would you like your weight panels to be?

Color – Do you want clear panels or colored / multi-colored ones?

Payment Options – Does the company you are purchasing from offer installments or a convenient way to buy your product?

This is an important consideration if you are purchasing bulk.

Specific material grade – Depending on your budget, you can always find acrylic light panels of various qualities.

What are the Best Maintenance Practices for Acrylic Light Panels?

Maintaining acrylic is not a complicated process. However, it requires you to be keen and diligent.

The best maintenance practices are as follows:

  1. When cleaning, opt for the use of non – abrasive soft cloths or sponges.
  2. Keep chemicals way. Chemical cleaning products can cause crazing and damage to your acrylic light panels.
  3. Do not use harsh cleaners or glass cleaners such as ammonia for cleaning.
  4. Wipe dust away with a dry microfiber cloth.
  5. Use scratch removers when you have scratches.
  6. Ensure you polish once or twice a week.
  7. Keep sharp or abrasive objects and materials away.

What is the Manufacturing Turnaround for Acrylic Light Panels?

The manufacturing turnaround varies because of some factors, but you can always negotiate with your manufacturer.

WeProFab, for instance, is flexible, and clients can negotiate a suitable timing for both parties.

The influencing factors are:

Pending Orders – Orders are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

 As a result, your order may take a while if there are other incomplete orders placed before.

The extent of customization –  A customized acrylic light panel will take more time than a standard design by the manufacturer.

This is due to the additional details and other factors.

Quantity Ordered – More quantity ordered means it may take a longer time to manufacture and have your goods delivered.

Manufacturer Policy – Specific regulations may be strictly followed by some manufacturers regarding the turnaround time.

However, you can always try to negotiate.

How Much Does Acrylic Light Panels Cost?

The price is never fixed due to various factors that may influence them including the following:

  1. The quantity you are purchasing – The more your purchase, the price will increase.
  2. Brand you will purchase your light panels – Prices will not be the same as each brand differs.
  3. Material thickness – Thicker light panels require more material, thus increasing the price.
  4. Purchasing custom-made acrylic light panels – Custom-made products cost more due to the modification.

For instance, an overly thick light panel will not cost the same as an averagely thick one.

  1. Freight – Shipping your parcel, especially if overseas, will affect the final price

Is there MOQ for Acrylic Light Panels?

Not necessarily. It varies based on the manufacturer as each company has its MOQ’s for its products.

Some may have an MOQ, whereas others are flexible; hence you can easily negotiate and arrive at an agreed quantity.

However, most companies have an MOQ for customized products as they usually cost a bit more than the non – customized product.

This is due to more details required.

When searching for a place to purchase your desired product, you can always inquire about companies minimum order quantity.

What are the Quality Standards Acrylic Light Panels Comply?

Figure 11 Acrylic light guide panel

Acrylic light guide panel

Quality standards ensure manufacturers are kept in check to produce safe and quality goods for the public.

These standards vary on the international, national, and regional levels.

These are the quality standards light panels have to conform to:

ISO 9001 – An authorization which proves a company manufactures products that meet the client’s requirements and regulatory needs.

C.E – The most common requirement in the European market.

It shows a company has met specific conditions such as environmental, health, and safety requirements.

ASME – Safety is the key concern of this certification.

Therefore when a manufacturer has this certification, it shows their products are safe for use.

Also , you can trust them as they are keen on your well–being.

Society Of Surveillance (SGS) – This agency verifies, certifies, and tests a manufacturer’s product suitability to the market.

Why Should You Order Acrylic Light Panels from China?

China has numerous advantages which set them apart and as the best place to order acrylic light panels.

High Quality Goods

Because of the advanced technology and quality raw materials in China, they can produce high-quality products.

Also, the strict measures and scrutiny by various bodies such as C.E. and ISO 9001 ensure their goods are at an international standard and safe for the public.


High levels of production ensure goods are constantly manufactured.

Given many companies are producing goods, the variety for consumers is relatively wide.

Buyers have choices from prices, designs, colors, and so forth.

Reliable Transportation and Communication Systems

China has fantastic transportation and communication infrastructure.

Therefore, they can serve clients from any part of the world.

Due to this, your product will quickly get to you once manufactured and dispatched.


Chinese manufacturers have access to cheap labor and raw materials. Consequently, the costs of production are lower.

The high level of production in China results in a wide variety and different prices. Competition drives each manufacturer to have reasonable prices to attract buyers. Because of this, you will get high-quality products at a low price.

At WeProFab, we offer the best acrylic light panels depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Contact us now for all your acrylic light panels needs.

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