• Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Weprofab produces thousands of acrylic lipstick holder. If you want to purchase for your business, Weprofab is the right and largest manufacturer you should consider! We are experts in making acrylic lipstick holder with satisfying designs. Contact us for your acrylic lipstick holder orders!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Lipstick Holder to Delight Your Customers

You can avail our top selling and premium quality acrylic lipstick holder. It can boost your business up to the highest level.

Tiered Acrylic Lipstick Holder

You can get the finest quality of tiered acrylic lipstick holder only here at Weprofab. So you can gain profits to your business, add our acrylic lipstick holder products!

Rotating Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Weprofab manufactures different graded rotating acrylic lipstick holder for various purposes. If you want to order, we`re glad to help you.

Premium Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Here in Weprofab, you can assure that our acrylic lipstick holder has premium quality and made sturdy for any applications.

Multi-compartment Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Weprofab produce one of a kind multi-compartment acrylic lipstick holder for your business. We use our high-end equipment for the entire fabrication process.

Acrylic Lipstick Holder Manufacturer

If it`s hard for you to find the best acrylic lipstick holder manufacturer, feel at ease starting now. At Weprofab, we all have any types of an acrylic lipstick holder you may looking for.

Acrylic Lipstick Holder Display Stand

In Weprofab, you can select from our wide variety acrylic lipstick holder display stand selections. Whatever the design you choose, we`ll fabricate them for you.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Lipstick Holder Manufacturer

And as a leading fabricator of acrylic lipstick holders, Weprofab supplies satisfying services to our high-value customers.

We are doing our best in order to gain your trust and become our beloved customers. In the entire fabrication process, we assure you that all of our acrylic products are safe to use and credibly perform to any intended applications.

Whenever you require an acrylic lipstick holder for your trade industry, Weprofab presents the most stunning acrylic lipstick holder for you.

Contact us for further details regarding our products.

Custom Acrylic Lipstick Holder to Skyrocket Your Brand

Portable Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Weprofab can custom your ideal design of acrylic lipstick holders. If you need one for business, go for Weprofab!

Pink Transparent Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Weprofab serving our international customers with high-class pink transparent acrylic lipstick holder.

40-Space Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Feel free to choose what designs you want at Weprofab. When you need some for your business, Weprofab can manufacture for you.

24-Section Acrylic Lipstick Holder

In Weprofab, we have a lot of acrylic lipstick holder for you to select from. We offer acrylic lipstick holder with 24 sections.

9-Section Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Choose our best selling acrylic lipstick holder in Weprofab. You can rest assure the performance and the quality of our products.

Countertop Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Countertop acrylic lipstick holder has assembled structure. They are effectively used for displaying selling lipstick. These lipstick holders are available in various sizes to suit every countertop application. Their designs, logos, colors, and shapes are customizable.

High-Grade Acrylic Lipstick Holder

High-grade acrylic lipstick holders are designed with 24 cells. Their sections have square shapes, ideal even for round lipsticks. They enhance organized cosmetic displays. Acrylic-made lipstick holder maintains the glassy look and lasting quality.

Acrylic Removable Lipstick Holder Case

The acrylic removable lipstick holder cases are eco-friendly material, perfect for storing lipstick products. They are made with lightweight acrylic, making them easy to handle and customize. These removable lipstick holders are ideal at home, hotels, and supermarkets.

Dustproof Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Acrylic lipstick holder with lid prevents cosmetic products from dust. Using these unique lipstick holders lessen clutters and achieves organized-look belongings. They are more durable than glass. Their shatter-resistant feature secures users against damages and injury.

Custom Acrylic Lipstick Display Holder

Customized acrylic lipstick display holder firmly hold lipstick and other suitable cosmetic products. They have a clear, glass-like holder with a limited risk of breakage. However, their colors, sizes, and thicknesses are customizable according to customers’ orders.

Acrylic Lipstick Tower Holder

The acrylic lipstick tower holders can carry about 64 lipstick cosmetic products. These lipstick holders are spinnable and easy to organize. They are ideal for placing in living rooms, wardrobes, or bathrooms. Various sizes and compartments are designed to order.

Multi-Purpose Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Multi-purpose acrylic lipstick holders can also use for eyeliners, make-up brushes, and more. They have about 16 spaces for lipstick and one large compartment for other cosmetics. These acrylic lipstick holders are sustainable and never turn yellow for extended usage.

28 Grid Acrylic Lipstick Holder

The acrylic lipstick holder with 28 grids has a unique design with glossy surfaces. These materials are environmentally-friendly and safe to use as lipstick storage. Depending on the customer’s requested sizes, they can carry about 5 to 10 loads, depending on their asked sizes.

Acrylic Lipstick Storage Holder Box

Acrylic lipstick storage holder boxes have high hardness and unbreakable strength. Using this lipstick box ensure cosmetic products from dust and dirt. They save room space and maximize the clean, organized appearance. 

Double-Layer Acrylic Spinning Lipstick Holder

The double-layer acrylic spinning lipstick holders have clear or customized hues. It has a round shape with a spinning characteristic for easy accessing daily lipstick shades. They are more durable and have lighter weight than glass ones. Very handy and beautifully arranged your collections.

Big Capacity Acrylic Lipstick Holder

The acrylic lipstick holder with big capacity is an eco-friendly and durable material, perfect for cosmetic stores and homes. Their unique designs attract customers, are convenient to use, and save space. These products are open for sizes, styles, and capacity customization.

Non-Toxic Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Non-toxic acrylic lipstick holder displays the selling lipsticks attractively. They can hold about 35 lipsticks yet are customizable. They are made from high-quality acrylic that lasts for an extended period. This non-toxic material is available in various colors and styles.

Slant Acrylic Lipstick Holder Stand

The slant acrylic lipstick stand holds multiple kinds of lipsticks. They have an extraordinary style that catches customers’ attention. Their logos are also printed or engraved, especially for branding. They are commonly used in supermarkets, shops, and other suitable cosmetic areas.

Stylish Acrylic Lipstick Holder

The stylish acrylic lipstick holders are accessible in multiple designs. They are eco-friendly materials and safe to use as cosmetic displays. These acrylic-made lipstick holders feature anti-scratch, waterproof, and lasting quality.

Heart-Shaped Acrylic Lipstick Holder

The acrylic lipstick holders with heart shapes have high transparency and suitable thicknesses. They are also ideal for storing bottles, brushes, and more cosmetic stuff. Their compartments or sections are customizable, based on customers’ requirements.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Lipstick Holder

Don`t go far from Weprofab if you need some acrylic lipstick holder for the business.

Weprofab can be your ultimate supplier of a multi-functional acrylic lipstick holder. It is manufactured from pure crystalline acrylics which can ensure the product`s durability.

Weprofab acrylic lipstick holder has flawlessly no-glued looks. It has a clearer appearance more than you could imagine.

Designed to suit standard sized lipsticks and even for larger base lipsticks.

Our quality acrylic lipstick holder is a perfect solution for organized lip makeup products. It has the standard thickness and rounded edges that ensure a beautiful feel and look.

Acrylic Lipstick Holder

As an expert manufacturer working in China, Weprofab offers premium acrylic lipstick holder that comes from different numbers of individual spaces. Used for keeping standard sized lipsticks.

Our series of quality acrylic lipsticks holder is tailored to suit a broad range of décor. It effectively highlights and visually stimulates your beauty products.

As a most engaged manufacturer, Weprofab offers a large variety of tough & durable acrylic lipstick holders. You can avail our unique, lightweight acrylic lipsticks holder at very competitive rates.

Acrylic Lipstick Holder

For any applications, our acrylic lipstick holder works suitably. To keep your lipsticks presentable in place, the Weprofab acrylic lipstick holder is the best solution. For more intended applications, our acrylic lipstick holder is unbeatable in functions and quality.

And as a leading fabricator of acrylic lipstick holders, we supply satisfying services to our high-value customers.

We are doing our best in order to gain your trust and become our beloved customers. In the entire fabrication process, we assure you that all of our acrylic products are safe to use and credibly perform to any intended applications.

Acrylic Lipstick Holder

If you are not only searching for acrylic lipstick holder, Weprofab can also be your supplier of acrylic makeup organizer, acrylic cosmetic case, acrylic makeup brush holder, and many more.

Whenever you require an acrylic lipstick holder for your trade industry, Weprofab presents the most stunning acrylic lipstick holder for you.

We dedicate ourselves to provide the high-quality acrylic lipstick holders you need to run a business.

What is Acrylic Lipstick Holder?

The acrylic lipstick holder is a cosmetic makeup organizer for lipstick.

This can help your lipstick collection in place. It classifies your lippies, so you always find exactly what you look for.

What can You Use Acrylic Lipstick Holder For?

The acrylic lipstick holder is applicable for a variety of use. Not only for storing lipsticks, but you can also use an acrylic lipstick holder to store:

  • small perfumes
  • eyeliner
  • tweezers
  • brushes
  • liquid lip gloss
  • mascara
What is Standard Design of Acrylic Lipstick Holder?

The acrylic lipstick holder has stacked design.

They are also see-through with 9 standard partitions.

But, you can also request customized designs for your acrylic lipstick holder.

Where to Place Acrylic Lipstick Holder?

The acrylic lipstick holder is perfect when located in:

  • vanity
  • bathroom
  • bedroom
  • drawer
What Acrylic Used for Manufacturing Acrylic Lipstick Holder?

The acrylic used in acrylic lipstick holders has these properties:

  • excellent rigidity
  • superior strength
  • visual clarity
  • easy to fabricate
  • easy to thermoform
  • excellent weathering properties
What is Acrylic Lipstick Holder Advantages?

The finished acrylic lipstick holder offers several advantages, including:

  • stocks up to 40 lipsticks
  • high water resistance
  • extremely versatile
  • lightweight, easy to transfer
  • compact size yet has wide accommodation
  • provided with gift box
What is the Standard Dimension of Acrylic Lipstick Holder?

The standard dimension of acrylic lipstick holder is 7.8″ x 4.7″ x 3.2″.

Every slot is 1″ x 0.8″ x 1.5″.

They are suitable for a standard size of lipsticks.

What Ways to Consider for Your Acrylic Lipstick Holder Business?

Here are helpful points you should consider if you have a retail business. These points will help you boost your cosmetic marketing strategy.

  1. Combine your brand’s style

When you are displaying acrylic lipstick holders, consider your brand’s style.

This way, your target customers can familiarize your brand.

  1. Consider your store format

Thinking of your store format is crucial since it can affect your displays.

Check if people aren’t only passing over your displays.

To make sure your target customers can notice, put signage or have a store where people most likely can notice.

  1. Acknowledge your customers

Understanding your customers’ wants should prioritize your visual marketing program.

For instance, customers who want luxury brands will be interested in shiny, sleek displays.

But at the same time, customers who want anticruelty, organic items may partial towards more natural-looking displays.

  1. Sells inexpensive lipstick in acrylic lipstick holders

Store your lippies collection in acrylic lipstick holders. Your lipstick products will appear more visually attractive.

  1. Make use of space effectively

Consider using acrylic lipstick holders with risers designs to create multi-tiered displays. This is an effective way to give the display more space.

  1. Use your lighting productively

Don’t let your displays in the dark.

Think of using lighted pedestals and lights boxes to make sure your acrylic lipstick holders are eye-catching.

  1. Keep tracking your sales

Depending on how your acrylic lipstick holders are arranged, they are able to help increase sales.

Collect your business sales data always.

You should also resolve which displays strike the sales the most.

  1. Make sure your pricing is clear

Customers don’t want to be surprised at checkout, thus make sure your pricing is clear.

  1. Restore your displays regularly

Refresh your display by adding another set of lippies.

It is suggested that retailers restore their displays per month.

You can change different models and styles of lippies.

What are the Tips in Cleaning Acrylic Lipstick Holder?

Here are tips for cleaning acrylic lipstick holders.

  • First, apply a cleaner to eliminate any debris or dust

Apply the plastic cleaning solution to the acrylic exterior.

And then, wash the surface and enhance the acrylic kindly with the microfiber cloth until all the dust is gone.

Once you are satisfied with how clean the acrylic lipstick holder is, proceed to the next step.

  • Eliminate the scratches

Use your ideal plastic polish kit to remove the acrylic lipstick holder scratches.

But if the scratches are deep and huge, then taking it to a professional is much better. Professionals will use various ways to polish the surface.

  • Fingerprints and dust

If you notice any fingerprints on your acrylic lipstick holder, the microfiber cloth can help to remove that.

  • Eliminate lipstick stains

If there are any lipstick stains on the acrylic finish, soak the microfiber cloth with a detergent or liquid soap.

And then, use the wet microfiber cloth to clean the acrylic lipstick holder. This is effective to remove all the lipstick stains and marks.

What to Avoid While Cleaning Acrylic Lipstick Holders?

While cleaning acrylic lipstick holders, avoid using strong cleaners, like ammonia, trichloroethylene, and acetone.

Also, avoid ethyl alcohol since it leads to surface discoloration.

Definitely avoid any harsh solvents, cleaning powders, cleaners, rough sponges, steel wools, creams, and many more.

How to Maintain the Acrylic Lipstick Holder Quality?

Common acrylic lipstick holders have a scratch-proof surface. But still, acrylic lipstick holder needs to maintain.

Keep the sharp objects away from the acrylic lipstick holder, since it’s prone to damages.

Don’t put a hairdryer or hot straightener brush near the acrylic lipstick holder. Make sure first these tools are cooled.

Maintaining the quality of acrylic lipstick holder can help its lifespan to last long.

Why Consider Acrylic Lipstick Holders?

Consider acrylic lipstick holders to your business. It allows customers to see your lippies collection without any visual obstruction.

In addition, acrylic lipstick holders are very versatile, letting them to be remodeled over and over.

Are Acrylic Lipstick Holder Safe?

Yes. They are made of high-quality and non-toxic acrylic material.

They can help to keep your lipstick collection secured and easy to access.

The material used is high-quality, durable, safe, and environmentally protected.

They are also safe against any dust and debris.

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