Acrylic Logo Block

Acrylic Logo Block

About Customizing Acrylic Logo Block

Acrylic logo block is made of plexiglass. It is often called lucite blocks or plexiglass blocks. Acrylic logo block is just like a captivating storyteller, which is beneficial for advertising your brand and leaving a deep impression on the audience. It is a good way to showcase and elevate your brand. Due to its durable, impact-resistant properties and its light-weight nature, it is suitable in a wide array of scenarios includingIt retail counters, tables or desks, art galleries, and museums, rendering a fantastic view to attract your attention. Here we provide both standard and custom acrylic logo blocks. If you are seeking for custom acrylic logo blocks, our products will be an ideal solution for you. Please reach out and let us save you trouble.

Basic Specification for Reference
Size4″ x 4″ /6″ x 6″ /8″ x 8″ /10″ x 10″ /12″ x 12″ /custom size
ShapeCubes/circular cylinders/special shapes/3D letters
Prototyping3-5 days
PrintingDigital printing, hot transfer, laser cutting, sticker, engraving, silk-screen
Clear Acrylic Logo Block
Clear Acrylic Logo Block
Colored acrylic logo block
Colored Acrylic Logo Block
UV Printed acrylic logo block
UV Printed Acrylic Logo Block
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Acrylic Logo Blocks for Effective Branding

Indoor and outdoor signage: Acrylic logo blocks can be placed prominently in both indoors and outdoors. As for indoor use, they can be used in retail counters, restaurants, museums, hotel lobbies and coffee shops to catch attention. In terms of outdoor application, they can be placed near entrances or on facades to render a professional and attractive look.

Event Displays: At some important exhibitions, shows or events, they can serve as part of booth designs to rouse visitors’ attention. Their personalized design can appeal to potential customers and leave them deep impressions.

Acrylic Logo Blocks for Effective Branding

Striking Features of Acrylic Logo Blocks

Striking Features of Acrylic Logo Blocks
Striking Features of Acrylic Logo Blocks

Affordable: Given that acrylic is not as expensive as aluminum or steel, it can render a modern and sleek look without draining your budget.

Recyclable: Different from other materials like aluminum and bronze, acrylic is more environmentally-friendly. Acrylic logo blocks can be remade into other products, thus reducing carbon footprint.

Lightweight and portable: Acrylic is lighter, but stronger than glass. Therefore, it is more portable and saves you trouble of breaking down.

Easy maintenance: It just takes clear water, mild soap and a soft cleaner to clean your acrylic logo blocks. It requires no specific cleaning agents.

Durable and impact-resistant: Acrylic can withstand the strength at least 7 times stronger than that of glass. That means it is not easy to shatter or get broken. 

Harsh-weather resistant: Our acrylic logo blocks can survive harsh weather conditions no matter in scorching sunshine or heavy rain. Meanwhile, it is coated with a UV absorption layer, which ensures its stable and long-term performance.

Excellent plasticity: Given that it possesses excellent plasticity, it can be transformed into different shapes. Therefore, it demonstrates endless possibilities for displaying in shape. 

Excellent visibility: Acrylic logo block is known for its good optical quality, for it allows high light transmittance rate. Acrylic can transmit as high as 92% visible light, rendering great visual effects.

  • Why Choose us?

    We can supply premium acrylic logo blocks at a reasonable price without compromising the quality. Meanwhile, we can supply customizable acrylic logo blocks to fulfill your diversified demand. You can customize the color, size, and printing to boost your brand. What’s more, we can not only provide samples, but also offer simple yet free designs.

What is the Difference Between Acrylic Logo Block and Glass Logo Block?

Acrylic and glass have seen a wide array of applications in our life. However, each of them possess distinctive advanategs. Glass is more scratch-resistant while acrylic features its lightweight and impact-resistant nature. Although the two materials look similar, they have different properties in weight, gloss, insulation, and optical clarity. If you want to decide which material is suitable for your needs, you can take their properties into consideration.

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